Some people say that the most popular food in Europe and the United States is small meat like Bieber, not Muscle Mountain. This refutes that the love for small meat is the inferior nature of the East Asians or Ansa’s conspiracy to weaken us. Is that true? The European and American brawny stars I have heard of, such as Schwarzenegger or Dwayne Johnson, are indeed older.

Take my male god as an example. In the early days, the male gods who just entered the line also took some bad movies. The plot is not interesting and the acting skills are average. Isn’t the face like a small meat? I think it should be more in line with most people’s aesthetics, the face is not so square yet

But at that time there was still little fame, until the end of the wild flower began to become a little fame

This looks, this figure, the favorite of European and American girls, from this point on, the career has slowly risen and then slowly started to catch fire. Interviewing vampires at night, and the years of love (the years of love should be a big fire), Let’s go to the fight club in the back. I won’t give an example (I found that Pete is really good, and my appearance and body work has not fallen behind.) The same is true for Brother Tom, who also started with a youth campus movie that is not good in the plot movie itself.
Well, the appearance and figure are still very important factors. But for nearly 30 years now, it must have strength (pitt is old and handsome, and I don’t accept the idea that pitt is the ugliest in Puli Tangpi). Also, I think people in Europe and America are called actors and professional. It’s also an actor, not a star, and the appearance is just a bonus item. Some of us here are called stars at most, calling actors unworthy (Are they good at acting and works? Every day, they are hyping bloggers’ eyeballs)


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What is it?

There are people who don’t know that we in Asia are all playing what others have left, right?

But even if they have little fresh meat, they don’t have 5 layers of foundation, lip gloss, lip glaze, eyeliner, eye shadow, blush, nose shadow, eyebrow, and cosmetic contact lenses.
gay looking boy
This is the real man I love
Foreign aesthetics will be more diversified, but I think the mainstream aesthetics in Europe and the United States will still not favor the kind of white chicken meat in your impression… Bieber is mainly famous for his works, and he is really handsome, but he became strong afterwards. Up. His fame when he was young is a case by case, and the really outstanding parts of his work must be counted.

7 months ago

No matter which country is young and cute, at least everyone likes children, right? How can you not like the child that looks like a child? However, when the social wind is up, the people of the Ministry of Culture will be able to grasp the wind. Especially big countries. The little American plum has been on fire a long time ago, but Oscar hasn’t given it anymore. I will give it to you only after your vicissitudes of life. Is an award worth self-destroying beauty? Yes, Americans value these awards very much. But this seems a bit unfair, shouldn’t Oscars be given according to acting? There are a lot of good acting skills, can’t everyone share it? However, this model has made the United States pay much attention to its acting skills from the young to the young and form a culture. Regarding the first paragraph above, I would like to add a few more words. Not many people will dislike pure cuteness, but as people mature, the aesthetics of the face is not limited to the superficial level of loving humans and animals. But there are more stories that can be seen on that face, a kind of personality.

7 months ago

I lived in Australia for ten years, from 23 to 33 now. Let me tell you, you don’t have to look at the popular actors in their film and television literary circles. Even in places where Bai’o is overly adored by sports, ordinary boys who are most popular with girls are still the little white face type, especially the slender, handsome, flexible and vigorous little white face, which is more popular than the big guy. Whatever I think is cute, Bai Mei thinks it is cute. The aesthetic gap between east and west is really not that big.

7 months ago

Little fresh meat may be popular, but the key is talent. In European and American entertainment circles, talent is king. Having been in the European and American entertainment circles for so many years, the popular Post Malone, Drake, Travis Scott, etc., are not handsome, let alone small fresh meat. You can watch their live broadcasts of the most popular rappers. The stage is very explosive, but the pants will not wear well (half broken). The things Justin Bieber did, it should be said that China has been banned a hundred or eighty times, but he relied on an album to turn himself over, and he is still in the front line. There are also many gangsters, mainly those who play black music, and they are still very popular. Xiaoxianrou should be a Korean group in Europe and the United States in recent years. BTS is relatively popular, and others are not common.

7 months ago

Uh…probably it has always been like this…or the thing about “Little Fresh Meat” has never been interrupted. As long as it is not in the war era, Xiao Fresh Meat will definitely overtake a corner and raise his head sharply. If you are too lazy to read the words, skip the following content and go directly to the picture. Here is a brief introduction. People’s aesthetics also change with the background of the times. Take the United States as an example. For example, in the war era, women prefer muscular men or more masculine images. If the economy is in recession, men who are slightly fatter are more popular. Men who are not war-torn and whose economy is more stable and gentler are more leaner and women are welcome. The gentleness here is reflected in many aspects, such as the gentleness of speech and behavior, the gentleness of the body, or the men who prefer to dress themselves in appearance. (Tucao: These have even affected men. Look at some boys on American campuses. Now they don’t have a same-sex relationship and don’t dress up, they feel that they are not fashionable enough. If you want to say that the change of male aesthetics is a more complicated topic, what is transgender? You and Xianggongtang can both be taken out for a walk, but talking about this is basically cutting off the righteousness) and these conditions are in line with the breeding environment of small fresh meat. Relatively speaking, what women need more is gentle companionship. Fresh meat meets this demand at least in terms of appearance.

7 months ago

Xiaoli, Captain, Tom, Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, the big names from 8.90 to the present day, didn’t they all start to blush first? Not now, but in the past, the film and television industry did the same. The only thing in the music world is not to look at faces, but to rely on music, but we are the same. Nowadays, the top singers don’t have many faces. If you have to think of Cai Xukun, Wu Yifan and the like as top singers, then I can’t help it.

7 months ago

It is difficult for mainly Europeans and Americans to keep “fresh” after adulthood like East Asians do. They generally mature directly after the age of sixteen or seventeen. Even if they want to make fresh meat, they don’t have the conditions to do it. The few that can keep fresh can also be hot, such as the Dutch brother. Besides, what was popular in Hollywood in the 1990s and the early 20th century was not the kind of gentle gentleman Hugh Grant. Compared with the current popular reunion vote, they are regarded as the “fresh meat” of Europeans and Americans.

7 months ago

Not too many, generally more powerful. After the short video became popular, a batch of hot orders were created. The creators are basically young people, but I can’t talk about small fresh meat. I know a few that are similar to domestic small fresh meat. Yes, such as Shawn Mendes, Troye Sivan, the kid laroi and several members after the dissolution of one direction, but they all have creative abilities. Although the evaluations under different aesthetics are different, they still have strength. Domestic It’s almost. The little fresh meat in film and television basically started from child stars, such as Ash Butterfield, Logan Lerman, and the domestic equivalent of Wu Lei, Zhang Zifeng, Guan Xiaotong, etc.

7 months ago

Good-looking skins are definitely more popular, and their appearance is a bonus item, but how can they not be everlasting without the talent and connotation of “little fresh meat”.

List the 4 youngest young stars in Europe and America who are born in 1995. People with a discerning eye can see that they are not only good looks, but also talents.
Sean Mondez, born on August 8, 1998 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is an authentic little meat. Sean Mondez has won a total of eight awards at the MTV European Music Awards, four awards at the iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards, one award at the National Music Awards, three Juno Awards, and the Canadian Hall of Fame. Lunslet honors.

7 months ago

It’s actually very simple. Just look at who can resist the box office in the Hollywood movies of the past few years. No matter how you say it, the box office is the most intuitive standard that reflects the unpopularity. As for other data, it can be refreshed. Hollywood’s show operation is no less than domestic. I don’t know much. I personally think that Dashi Johnson is one of the few Hollywood actors who can resist the box office. It is not clear whether there is a small fresh meat that can resist the box office. A movie like Spider-Man that relies on IP cannot be regarded as a personal anti-box office ability

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