Cooking by yourself, although it saves money, is healthy, safe and full of fun, but it takes too much time. Cooking is very easy and it takes a few minutes. However, the preliminary processing is too troublesome and takes too much time. Every meal needs to be prepared. For more than hours, my mother prepared three meals a day that looked like home-cooked meals. I can only afford it when I am very free. A kitchen that costs tens of thousands of dollars can’t be used several times a week, and most of the time I can only eat at high prices. The cooking oil additive seasoning black cabbage.

I want to buy all the vegetables, meat, scallions and ginger for 7 days at a time, and process them into a state that has been processed and just waiting to be fried. They are stored in the refrigerator with plates and plastic wrap, and they are cooked like a chef. It’s quick and easy to grab the pot. Is this method feasible?

Do-it-yourself gourmets, what do you have to save time without lowering the quality standards of three meals a day?

There is a three-year-old girl in the family. Since she was one year old, her dear father has been transferred to work in the city next door, and will be back on weekends and Wednesdays. From a person with little housework experience, I quickly evolved into an almighty mother with a baby. When my husband is not at home, it seems that the number of times I took her out for dinner should be 1. I often take her to play in the early education center in the morning, take the bus home at noon, and I can cook a meat and a vegetarian dish for lunch for my baby within half an hour. Quickly praise me as a hardworking mother. In order to save a little time (steal) the interest (lazy), I really racked my brains. 1. The supermarket concentrates on shopping twice a week. In fact, one time is fine, but if you want your children to eat something fresh, so let’s do it twice. Green leafy melons, fruits, roots and vegetables are not missing. Mushrooms, soy products, meat, seafood, eggs, whole grains, fruits. 2. Prepare dishes in advance. Clean the scallions and put them in the refrigerator. (Update: In the past two years, the child has grown up, five or six years old, and doesn’t like to eat onions and garlic. Sometimes I don’t put onions and garlic in cooking. I found that my mortal tongue doesn’t make much difference, but it shows some dishes, some The food must have more onion and garlic to taste.) On weekends, my kid’s dad will prepare the meat and seafood for me and my kid during the week. For example, cook a pot of braised pork with cola, chicken wings, meatballs, fish balls, fried octopus with fish sauce, meat marinated beef, and meat sauce noodles, meat sauce, meat sauce, etc. With these, I can usually bring the fried pork noodles with beef noodles and braised pork rice to the table in a short time. The meat is pretreated, cut, marinated, and put in the fresh-keeping box in the refrigerator. Make some dumplings and wontons and put them in the refrigerator. Make steamed buns and buns in the refrigerator. These are not made every week. It is enough for me and my children to make steamed buns for three weeks. Quick-frozen peas and corn from the supermarket, put a little when cooking porridge. Make some yogurt peanut butter jam and seaweed crisps as a snack for your children. There are also quick-frozen French fries and glutinous rice balls bought in supermarkets, which are occasionally eaten by children. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, purple potato and taro can be steamed and eaten. Put them in a steamer and steam them in portions, put them in a fresh-keeping box, and put them in the refrigerator. Take one copy at a time. By the way, steam out a bowl of multi-grain rice, divide it into portions, put it in a crisper, and put it in the refrigerator. Soybeans were also soaked one night in advance, steamed in one piece, divided into portions, put in a crisper, and put in the refrigerator. Take out one portion every morning, heat it up, or mix it with some cooked sesame, cooked peanut milk, etc., put it in the wall breaker and stir, all kinds of rice-battered soy milk will be ready. 3. Manual cooking machine, good helper for dicing. Children love braised rice. Onions, potatoes, mushrooms, kidney beans and chicken breasts are all diced. The amount of work is amazing. When I first started making braised rice, it took almost an hour and a half. Later, I was lazy, and the manual cooking machine finally had a chance to play. First grind the onion, one minute, put it in a frying pan and fry, then grind the potatoes, put it in the pan, then mushrooms, kidney beans, chicken breasts are cut and marinated long ago, put them in the refrigerator and thaw them one night in advance, and put them directly into the pan when used. . In half an hour, the meal will be ready. There is no need to cut the onion with tears. When making vegetable pancakes for breakfast, I don’t chop and shred them anymore. I use a manual cooking machine to chop them up and finish it in one minute. If you want to add some sweet potatoes, yam and carrots to the porridge, it will save time to cook. 4. Make overall arrangements to prepare several pots and let them work at the same time. The soup pot is boiled first, and the soup is used more than the cooking. You can also fry two eggs before cooking. After the cooking is finished, use a kitchen paper towel to directly fry the vegetables, saving the time of washing the pot. For the next meal, you can wash the rice and add water in advance, and press the button to cook the rice. Rice that has been soaked in advance can still be cooked quickly. 5. Cleaning is more troublesome and time-consuming than the preparatory work of cooking, which is cleaning the battlefield after the meal. Tableware and chopsticks used for eating, pots and lids used for cooking, spatula and rice scoops, knives and cutting boards used for preparing vegetables, and sometimes scissors, garlic press, wall breaker, egg net, colander, strainer, scraper Knives, etc. It is inevitable that ordering water will spill out around the gas stove, and some oil will splash on the opposite wall, there are debris in the sink, the sink is wet, the countertop and the floor, and the crisper that makes people wash crazy. Lid…Listing these tasks is more troublesome and time-consuming than the previous work. Throw the dishwasher if you can throw it. Unfortunately, our kitchen is too small and we can only use a desktop dishwasher, so we have to wash the big ones by hand. In fact, the pots are quite good to wash, but the small ones are just so easy to wash. Crazy. In the stewing process of cooking and waiting, you can wash the things that need to be washed in advance to save some time after the meal. Wash everything by hand, put everything in the dishwasher, use a plastic brush, and put it in the dishwasher without using a sponge. Kitchen paper towels are such a good thing. Dip some water on the dry place, and wipe the wet place directly. There is no need to wash the rag. My kitchen is small, so I wipe the floor and fold a piece of paper twice. That’s enough. This is a daily cleaning job, only water is not very thorough. I have to scrub thoroughly with detergent once or twice a week. If every meal is thoroughly cleaned, I will probably have to take root in the kitchen. (Now it’s upgraded to a small spray can with a little detergent water, spray it, and wipe it with kitchen towels. It’s much cheaper than using kitchen wipes. Later, when eating out, I chatted with the waiter and found that they just used it. This method cleans up the tabletop. I really have the talent to be a housewife!) 6. Kitchen storage affects the speed of cooking. Weapon: Ikea’s 17 fresh-keeping boxes cost only 24.9 yuan (I can’t remember the names of their various products). Good storage should be easy to pick and place. I started to buy fresh-keeping boxes. I bought four-button glass fresh-keeping boxes like Locke. They are good for storing meat, but it is very troublesome to load multi-grain rice noodle snacks and dried fruits. There are only 8 buttons on the switch, and they are very heavy. , It takes up a lot of land. Later, I bought a food box from IKEA. Although the sealability is not as good as that of LOCK, it is no problem if it runs out in a short time. Large-sized rice noodles and steamed buns, etc., medium-sized multi-grain snacks, small-sized to separate cooked soybeans for making soybean milk and rice paste, cooked pumpkin, cooked multi-grain rice, take one portion at a time, instead of digging out a piece each time you thaw and put it back in the freezer Go out to bring snacks such as biscuits to the kids, no need to bring a bag, and no worry about being smashed in the bag. Seasonings such as salt, sugar and pepper should not be packed in bags or bottles that need to be unscrewed. It is inconvenient to use. I used a set of four glass condiment bottles from IKEA (I still can’t remember the name), opened the lid and sprinkled it directly. The airtightness is acceptable, the capacity is small, and it is not easy to get wet before it runs out. 7. Some time-saving experiences. For example, the main course of the whole meal does not need to be cut with a knife, but you need some chopped green onions. In order to cut a green onion, you have to wash a knife and cutting board, which is not worth it. Then use kitchen scissors. For some leaf vegetables, such as spinach, in order not to wash the kitchen knife and cutting board, I also use scissors, or just twist it into two parts with a click. Arrange the menu flexibly. For example, if you use a steamer, you can cook a dish that needs to be steamed by the way, and you don’t need to wash the wok. The steamer is made in one pot, which is very easy. I am used to eating mixed grains, porridge, and rice. Mix the common grains in a fresh-keeping box. You only need to open one box each time you cook and cook porridge. Otherwise, if you cook it once, take four or five fresh-keeping containers, open four or five fresh-keeping containers, and then cover four or five fresh-keeping containers, and then put back four or five fresh-keeping containers, it would be crazy. Summary: Centralized processing that can be processed centrally, saving time. Make good use of refrigerators and various electrical appliances. When storing in the refrigerator, you should divide it by the amount once, and you don’t need to defrost and put it back every time. Take the ingredients for the next day out of the freezer the day before and put them in the cold storage, and you can use them the next day. When cooking, you can think about what to eat for the next meal, and you can prepare the ingredients for the next meal in advance when you wait for the time to cook. After buying groceries, look at the refrigerator and list the menus for the next three days or one week in advance, so that you don’t have to think about what to eat for each meal, and you will also waste time thinking about it.


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8 months ago

When summer arrived, I didn’t even want to move the fire, so I tried my best to toss the microwave oven. Wash the shrimp, put in a bowl, add oil, garlic, light soy sauce, high heat for four minutes. It tastes similar to steamed shrimp with garlic. Oil + garlic + light soy sauce on high heat for two minutes, you can mix all vegetables, such as eggplant, lettuce, broccoli, etc. after high heat. Milk oatmeal, for the first test today, I put too much milk and sprayed it in a microwave oven in three minutes. Next time, try to put a little less milk in it, and mix it in a hot cup of milk when it’s cooked. It can also be served with dried cranberries. (Update, try not to exceed one-third of the bowl of milk oatmeal to prevent it from overflowing). The chicken drumsticks that my kid’s dad baked last time weren’t marinated. I tore it into small pieces and mixed it with some barbecue sauce. The fire was rescued for two minutes, and it was all eaten. Now, if I fail to make meat products, I will put barbecue sauce on high heat for two minutes to save it. You can also put other sauces, mainly you like them. My family loves to eat ground three fresh, but fried eggplant potatoes is too troublesome, the potatoes and eggplant are cut into pieces until they are cooked, and the rest of the steps are the same as the normal method of ground three fresh. The taste is slightly inferior to the ground three fresh food, but it is also delicious. Pierce a few holes in the fresh corn wrapper with plastic wrap and heat for 10 minutes on high heat. Just boil the corn. (Later, it will be updated to put it in a deep dish and then cover it with a plate, the effect is the same, healthier and more environmentally friendly) Pleurotus eryngii is torn into strips, mixed with oil, sprinkled with cumin, and cooked. Add salt out of the oven. Just grilled mushrooms. Enoki mushrooms and crab-flavored mushrooms are fine. Roasted tofu barbecue is more time-saving than the oven. Diced potatoes and marinated chicken breasts, bite them well, and then fry them in a frying pan. Both glutinous rice balls and instant noodles can be cooked in a microwave oven. Wash the pot less. Fresh kelp shreds with a little water and light soy sauce, cooked. Add vinegar and minced garlic or diced pepper. refrigeration. Never want to buy outside seaweed shreds again. Those who do not eat spicy food do not add chili and garlic mash. Mom will never worry about my iodine deficiency anymore. Roasted sweet potato, purple sweet potato, peanut, chestnut, steamed egg custard and fried eggs (update: roasted sesame seeds are better than using the oven and frying). Melt butter on high heat, mix with sugar, flour, cocoa powder, and high heat for one minute, and the “cake” is ready. Put some walnuts, it tastes better. Let’s cook some jujube mud and try jujube mud cake. People like me who cook three meals a day do not pursue the craftsmanship, the taste is close to 80%, and the workload is less than 20%. I can’t stand this temptation. Children don’t like to eat the flaky seaweed bought in the supermarket. Buy seaweed by yourself, wash it, add some oil and light soy sauce, stir-fry or roast it, it is very crispy, and children like it very much. But it is too time-consuming, try the microwave oven next time, the water will be removed faster and more time-saving. I also found a recipe for making rice cakes in 5 minutes, Xue Mei Niang, and try to buy some glutinous rice flour another day. There is also dried sweet potato and hawthorn cake with preserved fruit. (Update: I tried the rice cakes. It’s okay. Add some chopped dates or raisins. The kids like it.) Soy milk and rice paste can be beaten a few more points at a time, and packed and frozen or refrigerated. Just warm it up in the microwave. Can wash the cooking cup several times less. Try what else the microwave oven can develop and update it later. It’s summer, how can I miss ice cream. A few days ago, make chocolate sauce for children. Eating too slowly, I put a few boxes in the freezer. Wow, chocolate ice cream. Spike all the chocolate ice cream I have eaten, it is too rich. I found the recipe in the kitchen. The second time I made it, I reduced a lot of cocoa powder. But those who love chocolate think it’s too rich, and those who don’t like chocolate feel like they are gnawing a large piece of chocolate. Next time, try not to put cocoa powder, add some sugar and dark chocolate to the milk, it is estimated that the taste will be lighter. Next time you put it in the ice cream mold, you don’t need to scrape it with a spoon.

8 months ago

My daughter is four years old. My cooking history has increased by another year, and my experience has also increased by another year. However, there has always been only one center—nutrition, time-saving, trouble-free, and delicious. My daughter is in kindergarten, and I have breakfast and lunch in kindergarten. The old mother was worried that she would not be full of food in the kindergarten, and she wanted to concentrate all the sugar, fat, protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and trace elements needed for a day in a bowl of rice, and let her eat it without lacking anything. Especially children who don’t have any motivation or pressure, who have steamed buns, rice, bread dumplings, who would like to eat grass like a rabbit. Therefore, the cooking style at this stage is to mix the vegetable team into the restaurant team as much as possible, so that she can’t pick it out. In response to this situation, the next home menu has been updated. 1. Fried rice with vegetables + mushrooms + meat/seafood + rice, fried. I still can’t do without a manual cooking machine, it is too painful to cut a bunch of dices by hand. Vegetables: Celery, carrots, onions, potatoes, eggplant, kidney beans, kale, sweet pepper, garlic sprouts, they are all very suitable for mincing for fried rice, two or three at a time. Mushrooms: Shiitake mushrooms, Pleurotus eryngii bisporus, crab-flavored mushrooms, white jade mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, put two or three kinds each time. Meat: I usually use pork filling or cut marinated chicken breasts in advance. I don’t like beef very much and I don’t eat lamb at all, so I rarely buy beef and don’t buy lamb at all (the secret for adults not to be picky eaters). Seafood: Shrimp and scallop meat is used more. Others: Tofu that you can’t finish eating, put it in the freezer, it will become frozen tofu. It’s thawed and diced, and it’s also good to stir-fry. If you like to add some frozen corn peas, put the corn peas in a bowl, add a little water, put it in the microwave on high heat for two minutes, and then fry them more easily, so there is no need to blanch them in another pot. If it is just for the initial cooking of the ingredients, you can use the microwave oven instead of blanching. Stir the chopped green onion in a frying pan, add one ingredient at a time according to how easy the ingredients are to cook (first put the hard to cook), stir-fry, add rice at the end, add some light soy sauce, and stir well. This kind of fried rice is amazing. No matter how many vegetables you don’t like to eat, you can’t taste that kind of dish when you mix them together. All the dishes together form a new taste. Except lamb and coriander. In order to let the children eat more dishes, I put less rice, and the supporting role exists. A four-year-old child can eat two bowls. I am really worried about her weight in the future. Don’t blame my mother! 2. My daughter likes to eat it at least twice a week. Minced onion, minced shiitake mushrooms. Heat the pan with cold oil, sauté the onions and mushrooms until fragrant, put the minced meat, stir-fry white, add cooking wine, light soy sauce, appropriate amount of dark soy sauce, and stir-fry. If you are too lazy to stir-fry, you can stir-fry it slightly, add water and cook until the water dries quickly. Just cover the rice. The stewed meat can be made two or three meals at a time, put it in the fresh-keeping box and put it in the refrigerator, and take one portion at a time and heat it in the microwave. There is still a vegetable. Dice the bell pepper, put it in a bowl, put it in a microwave oven on high heat for one minute, take out the diced ham, add a little light soy sauce, mix well, and then high heat for one minute, it’s ready. My daughter eats one big sweet pepper at a time, which is attracted by the ham sausage, which is so small that it can’t be caught, and sticks to the sweet pepper. 3. The purpose of seafood, meat, vegetable and mushroom soup is to have comprehensive nutrition, just like fried rice, except that the step of putting the rice into hot water. Then, add flour and a little bit of water to the bowl, mix into lumps, pour it into the pot and cook. After boiling, beat an egg flower in. Vegetables, mushrooms, meat, seafood, soy products are almost available. Nutrition is very comprehensive. You can also try to put some vermicelli noodles or other seasonings, anyway, the home-cooked meal is not according to common sense, just suit your own taste. I usually don’t use leafy vegetables for fried rice, otherwise the rice will be a little sticky. Leafy vegetables are used in pimple soup. Complementary. The lump is small and thin, but my daughter really likes the big lump. Every time she eats a big lump, she holds a spoon and tells the world like she won a lottery —- Mom, look, big lump! Then eat it with great joy. Two bowls at a time, I was afraid to hold her. I will add some pepper to my own bowl. By the way, my daughter also likes cabbage clappers, hahahaha! Frozen tofu is boiled in the soup and has a gluten taste. 4. The meat sauce used to cook a pot of fried noodles with fried noodles does not necessarily have to be served with cucumber and radish, but also with blanched spinach and lettuce. Although it is not authentic, my daughter thinks it is delicious. Put the extra meat sauce in the refrigerator and use the microwave to heat it next time. 5. Various vegetable boxes evolved from leek boxes. The cook machine kneads the noodles and the manual cooking machine twists the stuffing. I roll the skin and stuff in as many dishes as possible. After it’s cooked, you can mix it with soy milk porridge. Because the skin is thinly rolled and the stuffing is too much, there are more dishes than you can eat with stir-fried rice. 6. Meat patties Make a lot of raw meat patties, separate them with oil paper or plastic wrap (more useful than plastic wrap), and freeze them. You need a large amount each time to take out and fry them well. It is so troublesome to mix noodles and stuffing every time in the province. 7. Let’s have a snack. My daughter recently liked to eat a red date oatmeal yogurt. Later, I copied it perfectly, and she stopped asking for it. Put a small spoonful of quick-cooking oats or instant oats in a bowl, the milk is slightly over the oats, put the microwave on high heat for one minute, stir, add appropriate amount of jujube puree (homemade, super simple, boil with water for pitting), high heat for one minute . After letting cool, it becomes a paste, add homemade yogurt, mix well, and eat. Not counting cooling time, it’s only three minutes.

8 months ago

First come to a conclusion, it is possible. The state of my family is two people. Buy vegetables three times a month. Eat fresh every day, no leftovers. If you want to solve the amount of three dishes and one soup in an hour, it must be a fast hand dish! Let me first share the common cooking tools of Kuaishou dishes. Tools: one gas, one induction cooker, one microwave oven, two Chinese-style woks, preferably non-stick pan, one steamer, one air fryer, rice cooker, multi-function cooking machine. Quick coordination: The induction cooker can be mainly used to stew soup. When you are cooking, he stews it, which will not affect your rhythm; the non-stick pot is really easy to use! The thick oil red sauce of this dish is really sticky. The non-stick pan allows you to just wipe the kitchen paper when you change to the next dish. It saves a lot of trouble; the multi-function cooking machine is also a good helper for fast dishes, ginger, Minced garlic, minced meat, and eggs can be done in seconds; air fryer, this product has definitely changed my kitchen life! Not only I don’t have to worry about him when he is working, I can do something else, but it’s also very fuel-efficient. You only need to pour a little bit on the food in advance! Common ingredients: green onions, ginger, garlic…buy a little more, handle it in advance, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the zero-degree preservation. When cooking vegetables, take it and use it immediately; you can put it in a convenient place for you, salt sauce, vinegar, sugar, dried chili, pepper, pepper, and various powders; of course, all kinds of sauces and spices are indispensable for Chinese food, just keep them properly. What kind of food to buy? Regardless of personal hobbies, if you buy vegetables for ten days and a half months at a time, you must buy some easy-to-preserve ingredients. If it is a perishable ingredient, you must eat first. Frozen meat, mushrooms, soy products, roots, frozen shrimps, tomatoes, eggs, noodles such as rice cakes and so on. The following are the dishes I bought one day. Introduce a few commonly used fast-hand dishes, each within 10 minutes. Stir-fried orange peel with fragrant dried: The small dried fragrant that I bought outside is cut into small pieces, and the old godmother and other ingredients are fried. I invented the addition of mustard and orange peel. The finished product is not only served with rice, but also fresh fish-flavored shredded pork: this recipe can be found casually, no said.

8 months ago

Personally, I don’t like the quality of semi-finished products in supermarkets. The semi-finished products in the vegetable market are filled with a lot of soda powder, meat powder, MSG salt, which is not tasty, unhealthy, and uneconomical. How to eat more vegetarian dishes. Washing vegetables is not troublesome, but it takes time to soak the pesticides. Not everyone can pass the food market on the off-get off work route, even if they pass the food market, they may not be open. Since I discovered that the farther vegetable market is better than the one at the door (no sprinkling, durable, more variety, and cheaper), I have changed to buying vegetables once every weekend. Eat green leafy vegetables (spinach, water spinach) on weekends, eat storage-resistant green leafy vegetables (Chinese cabbage, cabbage, celery, broccoli) around the end of the week, and eat more durable ones (onion, carrot, pumpkin, cauliflower) in the middle of the week and the rest ,eggplant). Centralized purchases of green onions that the vegetable vendor will give away. Wash and shake off the water, wrap it in aluminum foil and put it in the refrigerator to ensure it will not rot within a week. It is super convenient to cut directly into chopped green onion when you want to use it. Meat dishes are also purchased every weekend. Concentrate on steamed fish, live shrimp, and shellfish on weekends. Beef, mutton, pork, and chicken are interspersed on weekdays. The refrigerator always stocks bacon, sausage, homemade meatballs, and eggs. Planning is very important. Before putting it in the refrigerator, remove the bone, shred, slice, cut into pieces (some butchers will do it for you), and divide into pieces. The most important thing is to press it into a flat plate and freeze it to save space in the refrigerator and thawing quickly (especially for ground meat). My workday cooking process is to cook the rice quickly when I get home. Meat dishes are meat that has been thawed from frozen to cold storage that morning, and needs to be pre-marinated and mixed with seasonings. Or the semi-finished meat dish (spare ribs and brisket) that was simmered the night before. The onion, ginger, and garlic are handled well. Vegetarian vegetables are green leafy vegetables that have been washed and bagged the day before, or cauliflower beans and celery that can be blanched to remove pesticides, or onions, carrots and pumpkins that need to be peeled and diced. The rest is fried, stir-fried and braised quickly, and the basic rice is ready and the dishes are ready. After the meal, remember to plan the dishes for the next day. Stew the sirloin if you want to eat curry, and treat it with egg white if you want to eat the tender and juicy steak. Finally, wash the dishes and tidy up. In addition, on weekends, make some meatballs, dumplings, small wontons, freeze the noodles, prepare more seasonings and seasonings, emergency and not monotonous, 10 minutes can also turn into a meal with both meat and vegetables. Make some sesame oil for shrimp skin and seaweed soup (buy clean shrimp skin and seaweed separately, not the kind that puts a lot of salt in the soup), light and calcium supplement. If there are no friends who can help carry heavy things, there are also luggage carts used by old ladies. If you don’t have a friend who helps wash dishes, develop more rice bowl series.

8 months ago

Tmall’s fresh pork shreds, ground meat, gut-free shrimps, except for the asparagus without peeling off the old skin, it is a perfect substitute for the human love vegetable market! Packed and labeled. The family will never argue over whether the frozen meat is shreds or slices or pigs or cows. The Tmall express in charge of our community is very polite. Reliable to throw at the door for a long time, I can rest assured that my kitchen has tried several clean dishes, which are generally of better quality than the pre-cured meat in the supermarket. Finally, I chose my kitchen because his home is equipped with sauce packages to ensure that the quality of the product is above the standard. The taste is in my Between mom and dad’s level, is it equal to the quality control of hourly work, salty and light heat, stews such as a sour soup with beef and an extra 300g of beef slices, to ensure that there is no mistake between take-out and self-cooking One option, you can also use Hema as a teaching aid for cooking training for family members. Use Hema to order cooked dishes to the office in the city center to add food to your family’s dinner, breakfast, snacks, and sporadic purchases. There is no need to worry about no one at home receiving the goods. , The supplier is a supermarket, vegetable market, delicatessen and chain snack cake shop within a three-kilometer radius of the community. Orders are placed 1-2 days in advance according to the goods, and the freezer delivered to the door of the community does not need to be kept at home to receive the goods, and there is no need to worry about not being lifted on the road. There is no starting limit (and no discount), just plan early and place your order early

8 months ago

There are a few dishes that are easy to prepare and not time-consuming at all. Tear the cabbage by hand, shred the cabbage, stir-fry a few times, season it, and take it out. Tear lettuce by hand, or cut it twice, fry it a few times, season it, and take it out. The poached pepper is flattened with a knife, fry a few times in the pan, seasoning, and out of the pan. Boil the prawns with boiled water, push the lively lobsters in, add some ginger slices, pour some cooking wine, and bring them out when they turn red. Steamed sea bass, turbot let the fish seller kill the fish, go home and put it on a suitable plate, add some seasoning, tempeh oil to consume oil, steam the fish, and pour oil (seasoned) after steaming. Fish head with chopped pepper (lazy) People practice) Rub the chopped peppers all over the fish head, put it on the plate, steam it, and take it out of the pot. Let the boss chop up the fish head and take care of the gills. There are many, many simple dishes. Even if you want meat dishes, there are many lazy ways. For example, roast chicken. It is enough to buy a whole chicken and live a chicken. Let the boss kill it. Take it home, massage the chicken with cooking wine, stuff the green onion and ginger into the stomach. Marinate for about 1 hour. Turn on the rice cooker, put the marinated chicken in, and it will be out of the pot after 1 hour in the steaming mode. You don’t even need to add water. This roast chicken is guaranteed to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Lazy people must get the skill. Tomato sauce over rice with tomato cross knife, put a roll in boiling water, tear off the skin, chop it, fry it in a frying pan, and pour it on top of the rice. The sweet and sour is delicious. You see, so many lazy dishes are simple and delicious.

8 months ago

It was discovered that the 14-year-old article had been turned up again. At that time, I still took care of everything. Great changes have taken place in the past 7 years. First, I am vegetarian, and I basically don’t cook meat at home; second, because of the epidemic, my husband has developed a great passion for cooking and researches recipes on major websites every day. So cooking has become a business for two people. I basically chop vegetables and wash dishes. He is the main spoon. Men and women working together are not tiring, and the cooking time is not long every day, and the efficiency is very high. This is the fundamental way to solve the cooking problem. The following is the original answer: I cook for a family of four every day after get off work, and found that it is not troublesome, as long as I make full use of modern cooking tools and spare time on weekends. The basic steps are as follows: 1) One or two braised meat dishes a week, all with an electric pressure cooker. If you pay attention to it, you can use a casserole. The braised/broiled dishes include eggs, pork feet, beef, chicken legs, chicken feet, vegetarian chicken, pork belly, etc. Wait, make a big pot and put it in the refrigerator. Usually, when you go home, take out part and steam it in an electric steamer or simmer it in rice. 2) The most convenient way to use the oven is to grill the fish. Take out a piece of thawed salmon before going to work. After returning home, put it in salt, olive oil, and pepper, wrap it in tin foil, and put it in the oven without worrying about anything. Roasted chicken legs or ribs are a bit more troublesome, so they should be marinated the night before, and don’t care about them once they are in the oven. The easiest thing is to buy ready-made marinated eel, which will be cooked in 10 minutes. In addition, it’s easier to grill the steak. Brush the toppings and grill it for 5 to 10 minutes according to your taste. You need to fry it in the oven beforehand to seal off the water, and you don’t need to fry it when you grill it. 3) The leaf vegetables do not need to be cut, and the whole roots are washed and steamed or boiled directly. When they are green, they are served on a plate and topped with seasonings. They are healthy, easy and delicious. Broccoli can also be cooked similarly. 4) When making the above items, also boil soup or water on the fire. The soup can be bone broth boiled on the weekend, and water can be made without the broth. Make a seaweed egg drop soup, or add baby cabbage leaves, vermicelli , Seasoned minced meat, tofu, shrimp and shellfish seafood, etc. to make a chowder soup, in fact, it is also very popular. Dried shredded tofu boiled in broth is also a delicious and easy dish. 5) When you are too lazy to cook, chop sausage, bacon, greens or Chinese cabbage, green beans or corn kernels and washed rice in a rice cooker, add salt, olive oil and cook the rice in a pot. Not bad. A friend taught me a simple way to make bacon: put pepper, white wine, and ginger in the strips of pork belly, cook it until it is broken, and then put it in the refrigerator (without freezing) with salt, and want to cook vegetable rice or Take it out and slice it when cooking, it’s easy and delicious. In addition, there are more packages of minced meat in small packages in the freezer. The minced meat is almost all-match. It is defrosted in the morning and seasoned at home in the evening. It can be put in the soup, you can beat an egg into the steamed meatloaf, and you can fry all vegetables and beans Products. If the shredded meat is best fried on the weekend, it is best to use it as side dishes. It takes half a day on the weekend to prepare the meat dishes for the next week. The side dishes and the broth determine the efficiency of cooking for the week. On the surface, it is time-consuming, in fact Except for the fried shredded pork, it is placed in a slow cooker, an electric pressure cooker, or a soup pot on the fire. It does not affect your playing games and watching DVDs. I do not agree to cut the onion, ginger and vegetables in advance and put them in the freezer. I It’s better to keep the plants intact after doing this before. Besides, green onions and ginger need a small amount, so it’s not a hassle to cut them. The whole vegetable maintains better nutrition and does not need to be cut. Broccoli It’s a bit more troublesome, but I don’t like to eat frozen ones.

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Green peppers, eggplants, tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, zucchini ~ ~ All these round dishes are easy to make. Pressure cooker beef to smash, potato hob cubes, simmer in another pot, put some sugar, soy sauce or something. roast potatoes and beef. The eggs are fried, and the tomatoes are freshly washed and cut. Throw them in the pot and add some seasonings. Tomatoes and eggs. No preparation is required. Stir-fry the shrimp with a little oil, add some chopped green onion, pound the zucchini with water, cut the hob, throw it into the pot, add some salt, soy sauce, sugar, and simmer for a while.

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With the development of the food industry, in the future, if you are not enjoying the process of cooking, most people will outsource cooking. It is nothing more than a different form of outsourcing. Some people go directly to the store to eat, some people pack or Some people buy convenience store lunches, frozen foods, and fast food, and some people directly wholesale various cheap food packages. Nowadays, many people choose to cook their own food, but it is because of those commonplace reasons. The most common is that eating out is too expensive and they are too poor. The second is that they are not at ease about the food safety issues outside, and feel that the outside is unhygienic. In addition, some people worry that eating outside will cause nutritional imbalance. When these problems are gradually solved, I believe many people will give up cooking by themselves. I have participated in a project discussion before, and I was analyzing whether to develop a small apartment house in a land with a large amount of land, whether the kitchen can be directly omitted, or only a few parts can be kept. Part of the survey data at that time is that many people can accept this type of house. At that time, take-out was not so developed, and the various side dishes and cooking kits were not so rich, so many people did not want the kitchen. It is foreseeable that our various living facilities in the future will be approached to Japan. Take a look at the abundance of varieties in Japanese convenience stores. We will gradually develop into this way in the future. In the end, we will be able to ensure balanced nutrition even when we buy and eat. In the case of health, it is more cost-effective than doing it yourself, especially for singles. In the future, singles living in single apartments will be a huge mainstream group in cities.

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When you have a lot of free time, buy a lot of vegetables, come back and wash them and even cut them into different categories and put them in the fresh-keeping box, and then come back from work and put them in the pot to fry them. You can make a lot of dumplings at once, or make homemade meatballs. Quickly freeze and eat when you are busy. The key to cooking is to learn to use every fragment of time. For example, you can put the meat out of water when washing vegetables, and stew the meat for soup when cutting vegetables. Learn to cook some simple and delicious dishes. For example, noodles and noodles. Make some savory dishes, such as stewing chicken soup. Oil can be used to stir-fry green vegetables. You can eat chicken legs and drink chicken soup. Chicken soup can be the following. Tasteless chicken breasts fried with diced cucumbers and carrots. In fact, you concentrated on simmering chicken soup, but you ate three dishes. You can buy some cooked food to match with vegetables. For example, go to the vegetable farm to buy ready-made beef and pair it with Chinese cabbage or carrots, potatoes and the like.

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