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Post here a paragraph of “Three Body” describing the design of metaphors in the story: this is an extremely important strategic intelligence. Among the many scenarios of light-speed navigation, it has determined that the space curvature drive is feasible, which points out a clear strategic direction for the development of human aerospace technology, such as a lighthouse that lights up in the dark night sea. Equally important, this successful interpretation revealed Yun Tianming’s mode of hiding intelligence in the three stories, which can be boiled down to two points: two-layer metaphor and two-dimensional metaphor. Double metaphor: The metaphor in the story does not directly point to intelligence information, but to another simpler thing, and this thing metaphors intelligence information in a way that is easier to interpret. In this example, the princess’s boat, Helsingen Mosken Soap and Gourmet Sea, are all metaphors of a thing-a paper boat driven by soap, and the metaphorical goal of the soap boat is driven by the curvature of space. In previous interpretations, an important prisoner of people’s confusion is to interpret the story according to the habitual thinking of single-layer metaphor, thinking that the plot of the story directly metaphors intelligence information. Two-dimensional metaphor: This model is used to solve the problem of information uncertainty generated by text and language. After a double-layer metaphor is completed, a single-layer metaphor is added to fix the meaning of the double-layer metaphor. In this example, the curling and ironing of the snow-wave paper is used to imply the spatial shape driven by the curvature, which confirms the metaphor of the soap boat. If the story is regarded as a two-dimensional plane, the double-layer metaphor only provides a coordinate for the true meaning, and the additional single-layer metaphor is equivalent to the second coordinate, which fixes the position of the meaning on the plane, so this single-layer metaphor Also known as meaning coordinates. The meaning coordinates are meaningless when taken out alone, but when combined with double metaphors, the problem of ambiguity in literary language is solved. A large number of metaphors in the giant are two-layer metaphors and two-dimensional metaphors. Different readers may see Sino-U.S. relations, Sino-Japanese relations, cross-strait relations, Germany and the Jews; 226, 1212, the Glorious Revolution; the Russo-Japanese War For historical events such as the Battle of the Raba Fortress, the Korean War Lu Chaoran (the Battle of the Sraba Fortress), and the Battle of the Xiangjiang River (the Battle of Maria Recapture), the author’s metaphors are complicated and vague. This is also the charm of the giant as a realist work. Only seeing Japan from the giant shows that the subject does not know enough about world history, nor about the creation of literary works. In fact, after a comic is created, readers’ reading and comprehension of the work is indeed the continuation of the creation, but a conclusive understanding will obviously obscure the artistry of the work.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

According to the world map, the island where the protagonist is located is Madagascar. The Nazis once wanted to exile the Jews here, and Japan also considered solving the population problem this time, but they all thought it was shelved for various reasons. They are all Eldia, but the same ethnic group has the characteristics of different races. Because the Jews are wandering everywhere, they have no obvious characteristics, and it is more difficult to distinguish them by their appearance. There are also Eldia with armbands in the Malay concentration camps. The Eldia Restorationists are so similar to the Zionist movement during World War I and World War II in reality.

9 months ago

I am relatively slow, unlike your imagination and rich imagination, which can quickly understand this. I have no heart and lungs, I have always been thinking about problems under the giant’s worldview, and I can’t connect with reality. The Eldia are just the Eldia among the attacking giants, and Marais is a country among the attacking giants. It is too tired to always contact reality, and it will wear out my curiosity about animation. Of course, because I’m relatively slow, I didn’t think of the level you were talking about, so you said yes. After all, this is an area that I am not good at.

9 months ago

Now Zhihu’s discussion on the issue of giants is very interesting. Before the giant’s final season broke out, most of the giant’s related discussions focused on the content of the plot itself, and the disputes about the Yapai and Hanpai were only scattered. Into a climate. However, after the animation was broadcast, the issue of the author’s “butt” began to ferment again, and on the other hand, the supporters of Yapai have risen visible to the naked eye. In the current situation of the giant-related public opinion, certain conclusions in the circle that have already been conclusive, have been overturned by people with ulterior motives with some “great righteousness”. Perhaps this work has been used as a gun for gathering crowds and making enemies by a certain trend today. Son now. After all, people who are actively discussing “butt problems” and “historical problems” at the moment, before the works are released, it is difficult to see their voices in the discussions of the giants. In the current public opinion field, the once mainstream of the Korean school has a vague tendency to be top hated because of its disagreement with a certain zzzq trend. Of course, this is a guess, not necessarily true. Oh, do you want to ask me when do you think the Eldia actually refer to the Japanese? That was probably the time to brand yourself a double mind in Crystal Night.

9 months ago

I feel that what happened to the Eldia people seems to have happened in many civilizations in the real world. However, the Eldia civilization is different from all civilizations in the real world. Although all civilizations in the real world are independent of each other and affect each other, in the final analysis, one civilization does not have an absolute biological advantage over another civilization. Absolute disadvantage. The Eldia people are different. From the death of Ymir himself, to the time when the “people of Ymir” became the main body of the Eldia Empire, the Eldia people and other nations were biologically different from each other. With the difference, this is not only the difference between people, but the difference between people and monsters. Moreover, regardless of whether the spinal cord worms exist in the body of the “youmir people” in the form of genes or in the form of parasites, the trait of being able to become giants is dominantly inherited. Therefore, if you only look at the Eldia from a small perspective, many peoples in reality can “substitute” in; but if the Eldia can become giants, they will all be connected by the sacred “road”. From this point of view, they do not belong to any nation in reality.


9 months ago

Isn’t this the one who was scolded for deleting a few pages in nga’s post? Why didn’t he continue to know about it, but I really found a few followers, which was ridiculous enough. When watching “Attack on Titan”, when did you realize that Eldia actually refer to Jews? Don’t reply if you don’t realize it. Looking at the latest words, the author’s ironic “I haven’t seen it before, so it doesn’t exist” in the author’s ironic view of the history of counterfeit currency, isn’t it the current education thinking in Japan? In order to forcibly buckle the hat, nothing is seen, and everything is selectively ignored. We often call this kind of person a demon.

9 months ago

Jinju fans are the most contradictory fans I have ever seen. While repeatedly saying that the giants are anti-war, there are a large number of fans supporting Allen’s destruction of the world. Obviously this is a cartoon written by a Japanese for Japanese people. It can refer to Jews, ancient Rome, Norse mythology, but it can’t be Japan. When everyone subconsciously excludes the idea that “Eldia maps Japan”, it can explain the problem. Many people just pretend to be confused. I hope fans don’t spray me, spray me and you are right.

9 months ago

First of all, of course there is a mapping, but it can never be said. Among the giants, there have been many reflections of historical events in Japan’s modern history. The Yagerites’ behavior and style highly overlapped with the imperial officers during the nuclear recruitment period (bombing the president and destroying high-ranking officials), while Allen kidnapped the Corps. Initiating Lei Bei Liou is also very similar to the Japanese military’s kidnapping of zf. In the end, the phrase “give your heart” to the death of the islanders of Pa Island is also similar to the half-loaded charge. The key point is that many times, the bombing of the president, the assassination of high-ranking officials by the young military officers, and the characteristics of these historical events are completely unique to the nuclear recruitment of Japan, which other countries and political parties do not possess. Finally, what is interesting is that it is such a group of Yagers who have gained a high degree of support from readers of the countries that have won in World War II. In a work advertised as “anti-war”, there have been a large number of supporters of the anti-human behavior of extinction among readers. It is often said that one does not look at the advertisements to see the effect. Among the giant fans, there are so many readers who applaud militarism. What is the idea that Jianshan wants to convey?

9 months ago

You will never wake up and pretend to be asleep. Many people think that they have outstanding IQ and can find metaphors that others can’t find. Very superior. Just based on the phrase “the offspring is innocent”, it can be concluded that Aldia is the representative of the Japanese and the manga writer is the right wing. Isn’t it ridiculous? In the 145th generation, the king handed over the giant to live in seclusion and waited for its extinction. Didn’t he admit that aggression was a crime and a mistake in disguise? Isn’t it just telling everyone that what my grandpa and dad did before was too beastly, so I quit, I quit, and if you want me to pay my debts, I won’t resist. In the latest season, Rainer cried and knelt to Allen, saying that he had done something wrong in aggression against the wall, hoping to get Allen’s forgiveness. It is well known that Reiner is the “pro-son” of Isayama Creation. What the pro-son said and the pro-son’s attitude toward aggression can’t explain the problem? And the theory of “innocent offspring” mentioned in the comics is not based on the premise that countries such as Marais demand the destruction of the Eldia? If Marais and other countries only need to express an apology from the Eldia and only ask the Eldia to recognize history, will the descendants of the Eldia still say that they are innocent? What’s more, the Eldia have never denied their history of aggression, and they have always admitted to it. Everyone really shouldn’t be too persecuted. Jian Shan Chuang will probably want to laugh at our sensitivity and suspiciousness.

9 months ago

Your question is…. It seems that Isayama made an intention to write Eldia people as Japanese. First of all, Isayama made it clear in the interview that “does not contain any insinuations to the political state.” Secondly, I didn’t see it. What any Japanese and Eldia have in common (except for an ancient Akiyama, which is no way to create an idol in Isayama) Japanese: expand wildly, slaughter the people, rob and rob, hide from Eldia People: Being expanded, being slaughtered, being robbed by force, not afraid of sacrificing what they have to say, the Eldia are more like Chinese people… They are regarded as demons by the world (yellow peril, sick man of East Asia) and slaughtered by the world Humiliation was hostile by the world and then struggled with the whole world. Until now, I have been isolated. Then the Eldia were destroyed because there was no other way. And this is the will of Allen himself and the radicals who supported him. The high level hopes to let the ancestors. The power becomes a “hanging sword” to deter the world in exchange for peace. He doesn’t want to go to war, so I will ask less about this kind of preconceived questions in the future. There will always be opposing arguments.

9 months ago

Before I met Eldia, I knew that Eldia was Japanese. This is a Japanese manga, Japanese anime. The author is Japanese. I don’t need to know who Isayama is or what the publishing company is. Just take a look at the poster, and it must be a day-to-day comic. The style difference between National Man and Japanese Man is so big that you can see it at a glance. A Japanese, if he finishes writing, the country and the people in it are essentially British, I have never seen it before in the first place. Is this a sunbeam? If you come to a Chinese author, after finishing writing, readers will find that the inner core is all U.S.-style cooking, and the White Left Republic… It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t fire. If it does, the consequences will be disastrous. This red cent is a tsunami-like saliva. A Japanese, as long as he is not poisoned by foreign ink, everything he writes is Japan. Eldia is Japan, Marais is Japan, and Orientals are also Japan. You asked him to write about the spirit and style of Babylon. I’m sorry, he doesn’t understand. You don’t understand either. Works made up out of thin air cannot move people, and it is impossible to fabricate a culture out of thin air. You can only create based on the cultural heritage you are familiar with. So it is Japan. It is in spirit, but not in form. But since it has aroused widespread concern and resonance, it shows that it is not only some things in Japan that have something in the hearts of the people of the world. For example, some people insist on being embarrassed, saying that they are a manifestation of Japanese militarist aggression. I wonder if they are Chinese, or are they blind, otherwise, how can they not know how many people in China want Japan to sink? Marais ran to the island and caused nearly half of the land within the wall to fall. Is it consistent with some of the events you have in mind? Set Pearl Harbor, set 918, which one has to be Marais, right? Marais is the black model of despicable and undeclared war and massacre of civilians. Marais invaded the whole world as enemies, and went to the island to steal super weapons when he couldn’t fight. If the battle failed, I was afraid of being beaten back, so I turned to preach to the world that the demons on the island of Parady are extremely terrible, and I have already stabbed the hornet’s nest. They will come to destroy us soon, so we must unite and eliminate the island of Parady. ! Regardless of Marai’s wonderful culprit, Black Eldia, I really don’t understand the principle. When Ellen suddenly attacked when the Deba family called on the world to annihilate the island of Pallady, it was very similar to the historical environment of various events Big difference. But this is the case for people with ulterior motives, they are differently excluded, leaving the same material, and then he tells you that these two things are exactly the same! Genius~

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