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What does it mean that all five experts who went to Vietnam were infected with the new crown virus? A piece of news recently caught my attention. The governor of Chang’an Avenue reprinted the information disclosed by Guangxi last night that five experts who went to Vietnam were found to be infected with the new crown virus after returning to China. At present, except for one severe case who still has mild breathing difficulties, the rest of the current condition is basically stable. Sequencing and comparative analysis of the new coronavirus genome showed that the virus evolutionary branch of the five infected persons was B.1.617.2, which belonged to the variant strains circulating in India. Vietnam Express published an article “Chinese Expert Team May Be Infected in Quarantine Hotel”, arguing that Vietnam’s quarantine measures were not in place, causing Indian experts to infect Chinese experts. Chen Defu, an infectious disease expert in Vietnam, said, “There must be a problem with the quarantine measures at the hotel on Ruyue 2nd. Indians infected the hotel attendants. The patients infected by Chinese experts in Vinh Phuc province were also infected with the variant strains circulating in India. These two cases show that there are two cases. There is a relationship between people.” Experts can’t tell from the news, but looking at the scope of the investigation, I feel that it should not be medical. What does this message mean? First of all, this means that current vaccines may not be as effective for preventing Indian strains. All of our people going abroad have been vaccinated with two shots, and the time to produce antibodies has been ensured. They must have gone out during the protection period of at least half a year of the vaccine, and they must have been properly protected when they go out. If a few of the five people were infected, it might not be enough to explain the problem, but all five people were infected, and further human-to-human transmission occurred. It can be seen that the infectivity of the mutant strain has been greatly improved. This situation must be the result of exposure to a higher virus titer, and it is not just that our vaccines are not sensitive to mutant strains. After two injections of Pfizer vaccine, an American infectious disease expert in India was infected and died after taking strict precautions. This shows that the Pfizer vaccine in the United States is not necessarily effective against the Indian mutant virus. This also casts a shadow over the upgrade of vaccines. Second, a new wave of epidemics has accelerated. The World Health Organization said on the 12th that the mutated virus in India has spread to 44 countries. Nepal’s cases increased by 137% last week. The number of new crown diagnoses in Laos increased by more than 200 times within one month. 98% of new cases in Thailand were all from India. There have been many imported cases from neighboring countries in Chongqing, Zhejiang, Anhui, and other places in China. According to public reports, the confirmed imported cases of the Indian mutant virus were imported after complying with the epidemic prevention regulations. Quite strict protective measures, wearing N95 masks, goggles and gloves, and nucleic acid tests are all negative. This has added new difficulties to my country’s epidemic prevention and control, and foreign defense imports have become the focus of a new round of epidemic prevention. Finally, the new virus has higher deaths and may have a greater impact on children. Yesterday I wrote about the outbreak in Taiwan Province. The mortality rate of the new mutant virus seems to have increased. In Japan, as of May 14 local time, Japan has a total of 666,000 confirmed cases and a total of 11,000 deaths. From a geographical point of view, Tokyo and Osaka Prefecture are the most serious, both of which have now declared a state of emergency. A Japanese official said that according to the Japanese government’s statistics on deaths per million people, the number of people in Osaka Prefecture on the 5th was 19.6, far higher than 15.5 in India, 16.2 in Mexico, and 14.5 in the United States. Recently, the medical system in Osaka is on the verge of collapse, leading to a sharp increase in the number of deaths and mortality in the area. According to reports, hospital beds in Osaka are in a hurry, and the utilization rate of intensive care beds is even as high as 99%. At present, a total of 18 people have passed away unfortunately because they were not hospitalized in time. According to research in Singapore, the B1617 corona disease strain from India seems to have a greater impact on children, and it is easier to transmit between children. Therefore, Singapore announced that from May 19, all schools will change to study at home. Question: Is the vaccine completely ineffective? In fact, it is not from the current point of view. Although it seems to be effective in preventing infection of new strains in individual cases, the good news is that it is still good in preventing serious illness. According to statistics from Seychelles, a country with a relatively good vaccination situation (Source: Hanson Clinical Research), the above view is reflected. At present, 72.6% of the population in Seychelles has received at least one dose of the vaccine, and 63.9 of the population is fully vaccinated. However, according to information released by the Seychelles government, 37% of the new cases as of May 8 have been fully vaccinated. This means that the rate of virus escape is very high. According to a CNN report, Seychelles vaccinated mainly inactivated vaccines from Sinopharm (57%, mainly 10-60 years old) and AstraZeneca adenovirus produced in India (43%, over 60 years old). Of course, the situation in Seychelles is not representative of all countries. This is related to the local implementation of epidemic prevention policies and the protection of vaccines. According to a research by Stanford University: Compared with unvaccinated people, people who have been vaccinated except for the infection rate In addition, the rate of serious illness requiring hospitalization seems to be lower. I reflect on the judgment that the new crown epidemic may enter the “post-epidemic era” with the popularization of vaccines some time ago. Now I feel that human understanding of the virus is still too little and too shallow. It is still necessary to take every step prudently and solidly as our country is doing now, while still focusing on prevention and control, and gaining more time for the upgrade of vaccines, on the other hand, promoting vaccination as soon as possible. Let me tell you some good news. As long as the epidemic does not pass, the economy will not be able to recover well. The United States will release water for a day, inflation will become more and more severe, and the pharmaceutical stocks in the A-shares will perform better and better. (Recently, it has been very good), good fortune and bad fortune, the more cautious China is, the more “the scenery is unique” in China’s economy, and the better it can occupy a good position in the game.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The wording of this question is easy to misunderstand. The word expert is easy to be abused. In the news, it’s just a citizen. I saw “experts going to Vietnam” and contacted the recent mutation of the B.1.617.2 virus in India. The B.1.617.2 virus was quite raging. The first thing I thought of was that the medical experts sent to give instructions were infected. The dispatched medical experts have all kinds of protective measures in place, and they can’t help but feel surprised and feel that this mutant virus is difficult to deal with. However, when I looked at the text, I felt that I was caught up in habitual thinking routines. I suggest you change the wording of the subject. After all, these “experts” are just citizens who go out to investigate, and the Vietnam itinerary also involves irregular karaoke and massage shops, and it is easy to discredit the term “experts”~ This term has already been used. It was so dark that it was allowed to continue to suffer from unsuspecting disasters. Haha, we don’t have to sigh first-the Indian mutant virus is too powerful, and it has been infected after the vaccine. Because with this news, this conclusion cannot be reached at all. One is-this news did not mention that these five people had not been vaccinated, and the other-did not say how many people were in the same group, and the third was-even though only 5 people were visited and they were all vaccinated, 5 There are too few individuals to be considered an effective sample at all. Moreover, according to current research, the immune escape ability of the Indian mutant virus B.1.617.2 is not as good as the previous South African mutant virus. Of course, what the actual situation is, we have to wait for more data from large samples in reality to know. So, don’t panic just because of this news and feel that the vaccine is useless~

7 months ago

The current situation is that Vietnam has once again played super-sweetly, pushing this wave down. (Although it is full of bags…) Since Vietnam can flatten directly without relying on vaccines, there is no reason not in China. As for whether B.1.617.2 itself is poisonous? In Vietnam, there were more than 500 infections and 20 severe cases. The proportion does not seem to be very alarming. Although I died, one of them was a 80-year-old aunt with multiple underlying diseases, and the other was an unlucky ghost who was seriously injured in a car accident and was hospitalized (the direct cause of death was sepsis after head injury). Okay. There is also the effectiveness of vaccine protection…First of all, we don’t know whether the experts have vaccinated. And even if there are only 5 samples, there is no point in discussing it, right? Still wait for news from the UK. Now 20% of new diagnoses over there are B.1.617.2, which doubles every 7 days or so, and then the vaccination rate is very high. I believe that it will not be long before there will be a large sample of data from all directions and multiple angles (Thank you British guy for trying the poison again!)

7 months ago

The pandemic in Vietnam made me even more relieved. Although this wave of gangsters in Vietnam has reached an average of more than 150 in the last 7 days, the number of new cases on the 19th has reached a peak of 208, the highest in history, including our 5 vaccinated employees. be infected. Once again verified the strong communication capabilities of 16172. This shows that 16172 may have strengthened its ability to escape from transmission and immunity, which is also in line with our previous predictions. However, it has been more than half a month since the outbreak of the current round of the epidemic, and Vietnam has no obvious new death cases, which shows that the 16172 strain in India has not rapidly aggravated the disease trend and high fatality rate. At the same time, it also confirmed that so many deaths in India have little to do with the mutant virus strain. It is not a natural disaster, but a purely man-made disaster. And our infected experts once again remind everyone that it is meaningless to rely on vaccines for herd immunity. Vaccines are more life-saving.

7 months ago

From this incident, we can see: (1) 5 people went to Vietnam, 5 people were infected, and currently considering coming to the hospital as an Indian expert in the same isolation hotel, the transmission power of this variant strain can be seen from this. (2) If the quarantined hotel cannot prevent the mutant virus, then the Vietnamese people who came into contact with the five people in the cities visited in Vietnam, simple protection (masks, hand washing) are not enough to prevent the new crown, and may have been recruited. Only when Vietnam is isolated and connected by a large-scale transfer method like China can it be controlled first. If it cannot be controlled, more people will be infected. (3) 5 people must be vaccinated before going abroad (this is my guess, if you really did not get a vaccine to go abroad, then you are a warrior), there is currently a severe case, which is generally in line with the clinical trial of Kexing vaccine (preventing 80% of severe cases) Therefore, the infection status of these 5 people does not prove that the current domestic vaccine is not effective against the Indian variant. The vaccination should still be vaccinated, because not vaccinated is more terrible. (4) However, it is worth reminding everyone that people who have finished the vaccine, but the current examples have shown that the current vaccine cannot prevent 100% of infection, or even 100% of severe illness. So before reaching herd immunity, we cannot be paralyzed. Controlling the import of viruses is a very important measure. At present, my country’s vaccination ratio must be matched with strict epidemic prevention procedures to ensure safety.

7 months ago

The reporter heard the wind is rain. On May 8th, Sefton in Liverpool, England, measured 81% of the mutations in India. The 270,000 population detected more than 130 mutations in India in two weeks, but it didn’t happen. Recently, the incidence rate has dropped by half. Hospitality businesses will now be able to serve people indoors, while indoor entertainment venues will open up once again. People will also be able to mix indoors for the first time in many months. Statement on Thursday (May 13) In, city council leader Cllr Ian Maher warned people that bars and restaurants will reopen. Cllr Maher said: “Everyone of us who goes out regularly and has regular contact with others needs to take a quick test twice a week.” Now that the lockdown restrictions are relaxed, more and more people go out to work, go to bars or restaurants to drink or drink. Meals, or meetings with friends and family outside, regular quick tests are becoming more and more important to reduce the spread of transmission. “Many people have just been vaccinated recently. With the growing fear of Indian-born variants, people over the age of 20 can be vaccinated in Sefton at 14:15 on May 14, 2021. The human immune system is well-tested. A little more confidence OK?

7 months ago

The guess is verified. In India, almost herd immunity, the virus can still wreak havoc. The current vaccine may not work. The Americans of Ruihui Vaccine died, and the Taigan of Kexing had died. All five of them in the mainland were infected. Vaccines cannot be used to prevent India. Vietnam crosses the river by touching China, and the level of epidemic prevention can be regarded as excellent. It has responded quickly, and there are still more than 500 cases involving up to six generations. It shows that the dissemination ability of this version of India is extremely terrible. This version of India in the United Kingdom has repeatedly defeated the British variants. All the armed forces returning from India were infected, and the infectious ability was extremely high. The severe illness rate is not bad, and the two deaths in Vietnam are very special cases. (An old man, a seriously ill hospitalized, was unlucky in the hospital). Explain that if medical resources are not run, they can still be dealt with. The key is not to spread too much, and run out of medical resources for severe cases. If the vaccine cannot be prevented, it is still possible to look at the world in North Korea, China, Vietnam, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Iceland and other places. Other countries, including the United States, will be abused again. The United Kingdom has been popularized as a vaccine, and the country where the Indian variant has spread is the focus of observation. If there is a major outbreak in Britain, the whole of Europe and America will fall. If the UK’s Ruihui can guarantee that the rate of severe illness is low and the medical treatment is not run, then the problem is not big, and the poor countries are just a bit miserable.

7 months ago

Seeing this news, you know why we can control the epidemic in our country, but we always repeat it abroad. In addition to virus mutations, ineffective control of the epidemic abroad and perfunctory isolation and observation measures are all reasons for the abuse of the epidemic. Originally, Chinese experts and Indian experts went to Vietnam for inspection, and in accordance with Vietnam’s anti-epidemic requirements, they were isolated in the same quarantine place for 14 days. But the Chinese experts were fine. Unfortunately, they were quietly infected in the quarantine place, and they were infected with the latest mutated virus in India. In this way, it seems that the Indian experts have transmitted the infection to the staff in the Vietnamese quarantine site, and then passed on to the Chinese experts. Later investigations in Vietnam also proved this point. After that, the Chinese experts lifted the isolation and inspected in Vietnam. After the fever developed, fever-reducing drugs could be bought locally in Vietnam, but no registration was made yet, and no one was tested for nucleic acid at this time. The implementation of Vietnam’s anti-epidemic measures is not strict. It is really full of nuances and loopholes. On April 27, the nucleic acid test in An Phuoc Province of Vietnam was confirmed to be negative. Either the local detection technology in Vietnam was not good, or the Indian mutant virus was too powerful. However, when I returned from Pingxiang, Guangxi one day after entering the country, I was immediately tested positive by my eye-catching nucleic acid detection technology, and the customs’ closed-loop epidemic prevention management was immediately activated. Such a bizarre incident, and I have escaped nucleic acid testing several times abroad, but when I entered our country, I was able to find out by my strong testing capabilities. After that, strict closed-loop management was adopted to control the epidemic and no further development. Are you all impressed by our powerful anti-epidemic capabilities? Why do many foreign countries always fail to control the epidemic? There is always a rebound. Everyone sees the gap and sees the reason. During the epidemic, don’t go abroad for less if there is nothing to do. It is the safest to stay in our country now. Looking at these 5 experts, even though they were isolated in a hotel for 14 days, they were still infected with the virus. After entering the country, they would also spend a lot of national medical investment and human resources. It really feels that the gain is not worth the loss.

7 months ago

Isn’t the point that Tun’s vaccine is still useful? Will the subsequent patents be disclosed? Vietnam can be restricted, there are antibodies in Europe and the United States, and the first wave of antibodies is ineffective… this is the pill. Generally speaking, experts with high professional titles can be named, and three years of professional work experience with the same bachelor’s degree in the past is estimated to be a master’s degree. The streets are already rotten, and ordinary workers who don’t have common sense take the word “experts” seriously… Adding “institutions” is a bit useful, or adding “authority”, national large-scale project qualifications.

7 months ago

Five Chinese citizens who went to Vietnam for inspections were infected with the mutated new crown virus discovered in India in an isolated hotel in Vietnam. After returning to China through the Pingxiang Friendship Pass in Guangxi, they were successively tested positive and subsequently diagnosed. According to the Guangxi Health Commission, among the 5 confirmed cases, there are 1 severe case and 4 ordinary cases. After comprehensive treatment, except for severe cases who still have mild breathing difficulties, the other cases are currently in stable condition. Five Chinese citizens who went to Vietnam to investigate were infected with the Indian variant virus strains in quarantine. According to the headquarters of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s New Coronary Pneumonia Prevention and Control Work Leading Group, Chinese citizens Cao and Xiong who have been visiting Vietnam since April 28 , Liu Moumou, He Moumou, and Li Moumou returned to China via the Pingxiang Friendship Pass, and they successively tested positive for the new coronavirus nucleic acid upon entry. Guangxi attaches great importance to it and makes every effort to organize and carry out treatment. The current 5 confirmed cases are basically stable. It is understood that the above-mentioned five infected persons were all discovered by Pingxiang Customs during the process of testing for new coronary pneumonia on entry personnel, and were confirmed by the CDC of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. The closed-loop management of the whole process after entry did not cause infection of local people. Epidemiological investigations showed that five people left the Pingxiang Friendship Pass to Yen Bai Province, Vietnam on April 9 and were arranged to be isolated in a local isolation hotel. The nucleic acid test was negative on April 22 and the isolation was lifted on April 23. The onset time of the 5 infected persons was consistent with the incubation period of infection in Vietnam. Sequencing and comparative analysis of the new coronavirus genome showed that the virus evolutionary branch of the five infected persons was B.1.617.2, which belonged to the variant strains circulating in India. The flow survey found that the hotel where the five infected people lived during the quarantine period in Vietnam also had confirmed cases of Indian new crown pneumonia during the same period. According to a report from Guangxi Satellite TV on the evening of the 17th, an epidemiological investigation showed that on April 9th, Cao Moumou and other 5 people left the Pingxiang Friendship Pass to Yen Bai Province, Vietnam, and were arranged to be quarantined in a hotel on Ruyue 2; 4 The nucleic acid test was negative on the 22nd; the isolation was lifted on April 23; the business was investigated in Yong Phuoc, Laizhou, Yen Bai and other places from April 23 to 29; On the evening of April 26, Cao Moumou developed fever , Went to the pharmacy to buy the anti-fever medicine and took the body temperature back to normal; on April 27, the remaining 4 people experienced various degrees of sore throat and cough symptoms, did not see a doctor, and did not take the medicine; on April 27, He Moumou and Li Moumou were in peace. During the inspection in Pei Province, the nucleic acid test of the throat swab collected by the local disease control department was negative. The Vietnamese media disclosed the details of the spread and claimed that there were problems with the hotel quarantine measures. According to Guangxi Satellite TV, the Vietnam News Network published an article on May 4, “The Chinese expert group may be infected in the quarantined hotel.” Experts infect Chinese experts. Chen Defu, an infectious disease expert in Vietnam, said, “There must be a problem with the quarantine measures at the hotel on Ruyue 2nd. Indians infected the hotel attendants. The patients infected by Chinese experts in Vinh Phuc province were also infected with the variant strains circulating in India. These two cases show that there are two cases. There is a relationship between them.” It is understood that Cao Moumou and other five people have a wide range of inspection activities and many contacts in Vietnam. In order to help Vietnam take timely measures to control the further spread of the epidemic, the Chinese side notified the Vietnamese side of the test results as soon as possible, told the Vietnamese side to carry out traceability of the flow, strengthen the management of close contacts and closely-connected people, and feedback the investigation information to the Vietnamese side. The Vietnamese side helped the Vietnamese side discover possible loopholes in its epidemic prevention and control work, and took measures to correct them in a timely manner, reflecting China’s responsibility as a responsible major country. Pingxiang is located in the southern borders of the motherland and is managed by Chongzuo City. It borders one city and three counties in Vietnam. The border line is 97 kilometers long and is known as the “South Gate of China”. Among them, the Friendship Pass is located on the border between China and Vietnam. It is one of China’s nine famous passes and the only one of them still in use in the true sense of the border. Will the entry of the mutant strain found in India cause a domestic outbreak? At present, India’s mutated new coronavirus B.1.617 has spread to more than 40 countries and regions, causing the prevalence to rise rapidly in many countries. Among them, the United Kingdom is the country with the most reports of this strain outside of India. The WHO said that the B.1.617 mutant virus has become a global concern. Professor Liang Zongan, director of the Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine of West China Hospital of Sichuan University, said in an interview on the 17th that the mutated virus in India has three mutations. Strictly speaking, it is higher than the earlier mutated viruses found in Britain, South Africa, and Brazil. Only two points of mutation are more obvious. Early Britain was a “double” mutation, then India was a “triple” mutation, which was the most important change. Due to this change, according to public information, India’s mutant virus is more contagious, but there is no final conclusion yet. Will the variants of the new coronavirus in India cause a small-scale outbreak in the country? Liang Zongan said that there is such a possibility, but the possibility is very small, because the domestic foreign defense import work is very well done. Of course, the relevant administrative departments should attach great importance to the people returning from abroad, especially to strengthen the investigation and management of illegal immigrants to avoid community spread due to omissions. At present, can domestic vaccines resist the mutated virus? He said that judging from the current situation, it is only gossip that domestic vaccines cannot resist, and that vaccines are effective are more authoritative conclusions. Article author: Hua Feifei Article link: 5 Chinese experts who went to Vietnam, infected with mutant virus! Dissemination details disclosure article source: WeChat public account copyright belongs to the author. For commercial reprints, please contact the author for authorization, and for non-commercial reprints, please indicate the source. (Infringement deletion) Risk warning: The opinions mentioned in this article only represent personal opinions. The subject matter involved is not recommended, and the purchase and sale are carried out at your own risk.

7 months ago

Just talk about the seriousness of the problem. The root cause of the new crown pneumonia is actually the overall crisis in the United States. The debt crisis, economic crisis, dollar hegemony crisis, social crisis, epidemic crisis and so on in the United States in recent years have emerged one after another. ? complication. The new crown pneumonia virus combines the strengths of SARS, AIDS and other viruses, and is more aggressive against Chinese Americans. Most non-Chinese Americans have a cold. We no longer talk about conspiracy theories. But we must admit that objectively, if it is today’s China, if it is today’s India, the economic miracle achieved by our new China will undoubtedly be wiped out, crying and wailing, and corpses are everywhere. I cried and laughed. The United States will inevitably reap China’s vast wealth, so that it will linger for a long time. After all, China has fallen. Who else can challenge the United States? Japan? The European Union? Or is it Russia? No more. In fact, it is so full of drama. The United States hopes that China, which has fallen to the ground, will not fall, and India, which the United States has supported, has fallen into a mess. However, this is not the end, but just the beginning. There are still many cards in the hands of the United States. Stud is for stud, and the storm will be even more violent. One, the Taiwan brand may come to an end. According to news reports, Taiwanese people protested against the US military stationed in Taiwan. Step on the red line properly. China Yinbang was exposed on the cover of military magazines. Second, US financial hegemony will be hit hard. The central bank stated that the exchange rate of renminbi against the dollar should appreciate. Think about it, what era is the 4:1 ratio of RMB to USD? Isn’t it exciting? In short, it should be coming soon, and the Sino-US confrontation is always coming.

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