Judging from the current video material, does it constitute infringement? What responsibilities may Zhejiang Satellite TV bear?

The China Film Report column of the film channel today (May 20) issued an article saying:

A satellite TV launched the “520 Special Edition Star Sea” MV, which shocked us. The film channel launched the “Star Sea Young Actors Selection Project” in 2019 and released the promotional film “Star Sea” on January 1, 2020. The two videos with a difference of one and a half years between the release time range from creativity, form, scenery and even filming. Surprisingly consistent.

“The sea of stars” originally meant a bright future, but plagiarism and duplication would only bring regression. In this regard, we lodge a solemn protest and reserve the right to take legal measures to safeguard our legitimate interests. We sincerely call on all parties to establish copyright awareness, respect originality, and jointly protect the creative environment!

The current situation is that Zhejiang Satellite TV has deleted videos related to the MV. Six Princesses also deleted the Weibo from Zhejiang Satellite TV. This is in line with the six princesses’ usual style, no matter how big or small things are, if you want to be forbearance, forbearance and forbearance, forget about it, don’t want to be forbearance, I’ll let you open it directly without notice. But it is tolerant enough, so many terrible movies can be properly promoted in Six Princess, as long as you have the right content. How many times have taken the initiative to help promote the new generation of traffic actors in China, although people may not respect the word movie. The director said that this is not called plagiarism, because there is a misunderstanding, and will communicate with the six princesses. It seems that the communication is proper. Six princesses open one side. After all, Zhejiang Satellite TV’s specialty is to organize funerals. The sixth princess didn’t want to tear her skin, after all, this matter, those pictures. It’s really not worth the other person to end and tear the other side in person. Even if these pictures do not constitute plagiarism, as he said they are borrowing, what’s the matter, Liu’er’s face is pulled, the table is slapped, you say again, this is not plagiarism? Do you dare? When the clock strikes, I just tell you that I, Liuer, are not a fool. I don’t care how rubbish or rotten your works are, but if you make it clear that you are plagiarizing, then you try.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The MV that went live today, the creative form, the setting and even the storyboard were suspected of plagiarism. At 10:10 am on May 20th, Zhejiang Satellite TV released the MV “Star Sea” on its official Weibo with the theme of “Hundred Years of Fenghua Zhengmei”, and the video was launched. In less than two hours, the official Weibo “China Film Report” of the flagship column of CCTV’s movie channel issued an article questioning the plagiarism of the video, which caused heated discussions. “China Film Report” wrote in the article: “The news on May 20th, that day, a certain satellite TV launched the ‘520 Special Edition Stars and Seas’ MV, which shocked us. The Movie Channel launched the’Stars and Seas Young Actors Selection Project’ in 2019. And on January 1, 2020, the promotional film “Stars and the Sea” was released. The two videos with a difference of one and a half years are surprisingly consistent in terms of creativity, form, setting and even the storyboard.” The reporter noticed that although this Weibo is on Zhejiang Satellite TV was not named directly in the copy, but the attached screenshot still retains the words “Stars and Seas” of Zhejiang Satellite TV. “China Film Report” also stated: “‘Stars and Seas’ originally meant a bright future, but plagiarism and reproduction would only bring regression. We lodge a solemn protest and reserve the right to take legal measures to safeguard legitimate interests. We sincerely appeal to all parties. Establish copyright awareness, respect original creation, and jointly protect the creative environment.” Many netizens left messages in response to this, expressing support for rights protection: “It’s not irrelevant, at least it’s exactly the same”, “Support for rights protection! Even satellite TV is beginning to be fair and honest. Plagiarism, what is the protection of intellectual property rights, what innovation is being talked about! Oppose all plagiarism, and oppose all robbers that do not respect originality!” On the afternoon of May 20th, Lin Yong, director of Zhejiang Satellite TV, responded to the matter in an interview with the media. He stated that he has noticed the film channel statement. The team has made preliminary judgments that there is a misunderstanding about this matter and is communicating with the CCTV film channel. The report said: “Lin Yong said that after receiving relevant feedback, the team found the “Star Ocean” video released by the movie channel one and a half years ago on station B. He also suggested that the reporter combine the movie channel’s video with Zhejiang Satellite TV’s video. Compare and watch the MV. “They are all peers. We initially believe that there is a misunderstanding about this matter, and we are stepping up to communicate with the other party (CCTV Movie Channel).””

7 months ago

I remember something happened when I was a student. There is a big problem with a mathematics homework. Most of my classmates didn’t do it, but I barely did it, but I don’t know if I am right. Then a classmate copied my homework the next day, and I said I didn’t know if it was right, you want to copy it clearly. He said it was okay. After the homework was handed in, the math teacher was furious, because 80% of the classmates did exactly the same for the last question, even the wrong ones. Some people really know how to copy.

7 months ago

As soon as Kong Yiji arrived at the store, all the drinking people looked at him and laughed, and some shouted, “Kong Yiji, you are plagiarizing others on the hot search again!” He did not answer, and said to the cabinet, “Wen Liangwan Xingchen , I want a dish of the sea.” Then he gave out a lot of money. They deliberately shouted again, “This is not your first plagiarism!” Kong Yiji opened his eyes and said, “Why are you innocent like this out of thin air…” “What innocence? I saw you steal it the day before yesterday. The creativity of the movie channel is hanging.” Kong Yiji flushed, and the green stripes on his forehead appeared, arguing, “Stealing creativity can’t be regarded as stealing… Stealing creativity!… It can be counted as a matter of media people. Stealing?” It was a series of incomprehensible words, such as “gentlemen consolidate the poor”, “he is almost” and so on, which caused everyone to laugh: the inside and outside of the store were full of cheerful air.

7 months ago

Could it be that the “Jiang” Lang has exhausted his talents, and the Wentong Canjin? Shocked indeed! I let you “parrot”? , I let you “learn to walk in Handan”? …Now, I let you creep away! ! ! But… “Can you count as stolen about scholars…?” Some time ago, there was no reference to the copyright and other things jointly proposed by major institutions. Suspected of breaking the law! As usual, don’t panic and fly for a while. Look at the analysis of the big guys!

7 months ago

Refer to the Fubao incident, ran away? Didn’t ran, definitely did not ran. Oh, I ran away, I ran away last month, and I ran away three times. I can’t find one. You all forget about it quickly. Plagiarism? High imitation? No plagiarism, no plagiarism, anyone can use these words, and they will have such pictures. Oh, listen to my explanation, it’s just a coincidence, it’s just a coincidence, everyone’s level of business has been shouldered by CCTV. If there is a misunderstanding, remove it and it will be over.

7 months ago

Latest: Zhejiang Satellite TV stated that it has a misunderstanding and is communicating with the movie channel. Want to do something small? Zhejiang Satellite TV: The journey of the six princesses is the stars and the sea, mine is a tribute to plagiarism, what about plagiarism? Where is the infringement? Shocked, where did Zhejiang Satellite TV’s self-confidence come from, so blatantly plagiarizing CCTV? Don’t even have a minimum sense of respect for intellectual property rights? This is a top-ranked TV channel! There is no other way, so arrogant, severely punished!

7 months ago

I ran to see two MVs, which are considered to be two different works as a whole, except that a few of the movie channels were deemed plagiarized by the movie channel. Judging from the screenshots given by the movie channel, the actors’ positions, actions, and matching are similar, but they cannot be said to be all the same. And the MV has elements such as stars and the sea. There is no way. Who makes the name “Stars and the Sea”? The starry sky and the sea have to show their faces… Then I saw the picture below, I understand… It turns out that the moon is to blame for the MV of the stars and the sea. Why are you coming to join in the fun with the moon?

7 months ago

Judging from the quality of the film, Zhewei’s is a bit worse
Hue, atmosphere, and lighting look at the separation of people and scenery. The electric 6 has a cool color, and the lighting of the characters is cooler. The close-up of Zhewei is colder, but the background is forced to increase the area of warm colors. It’s very blunt. There is a big difference between cold blue and warm blue.

7 months ago

Every design is the painstaking effort of the designer. They don’t know how many days and nights they have done in order to make the audience shine. But some people know that they get something for nothing, and it is really shameful to turn the efforts of others into their own pictures. You should learn how to be a qualified person. They should be sued for infringement!

7 months ago

How should I put it, I used to be a late-stage film and television worker, and the name Xingchen Dahai is not said to be unusable. If I were to make it, even if I hadn’t watched the movie channel’s mv, I would still use the elements of stars and the sea. After all, that’s the literal interpretation! As for the mv position of such group portraits, groups of three or five are also normal. This is basically a common shooting method. Don’t get too excited. It’s not about washing the floor. A coincidence is indeed very possible. What’s more, the shooting of these two mvs are all work, not too creative. You find ten directors to shoot, and it is estimated that the plans of the five directors are almost the same.

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