Nvidia released a new model of graphics card 3060, the performance is almost the same as 2060s, 12GB of video memory, higher than 2060s, in some games, the frame rate is lower than 2060s, this wave of reverse upgrade has to make people confused.

There are rumors that the current 3060 is the template of the previous RTX3050Ti, and the previous news is that this specification is for 3050Ti. If this 2060S performance card is sold under the name of 3050Ti, I guess it will be easier to accept a lot, but the price is not Normally, with 12GB of video memory, I thought it would perform better in Da Vinci’s high-resolution editing. As a result, the test found that it was no better than 2070’s 8GB, which is very speechless. This wave of 3060 pricing is a big problem. In the official pricing, the 3060 is just the lower position of the 3060Ti, but the performance gap between 3060 and 3060Ti is particularly large. This knife cut directly from 4864CUDA to 3584CUDA. I even wondered if there was a 3840CUDA graphics card to wait. Is it called 3060Super? As long as the ROP is not cut too hard, the performance against the 2070Super is no problem. The 3060 ROP is cut too hard. Compared with the 3060ti, the physical scale is only cut by 36%, and the ROP is directly cut by 67%, directly from 80. It’s 48. I can’t get rid of the monkey game. Now NV is hopeless. Now NV’s attitude is that my card has already been sold. I don’t care who I sell it to. People want to take care of it. , I can only count on AMD’s 6700XT/6700 cards to save the field. Although it is no longer possible to sell at the original price, AMD has now given most of its production capacity to game consoles, and now there are also miners buying A cards for mining, but it should be It’s cheaper than 3060. As long as the price is right, I will delete the pile of second-hand N cards for the game configuration in this article.

3060 is a smart check card, 1060 compared to 960 increased by 80%, 2060 compared to 1060 increased by 60%, 3060 compared to 2060 increased by 10-20%, compared with 3060TI, the old yellow 3060 is a bit big. .The original price and 2060s level, including the price, is equivalent to no increase. Even if you sell it at the official guide price, buying 3060TI at 2999, or 3060 at 2499 is a bit of a pit, but now the premium is too high, which means that regardless of the premium or the original price, it is an IQ test card. In terms of performance, 3060 is just worth it. Two thousand yuan entry card. For playing games only, the 3060 is equipped with 12g video memory, and the 3080 is only equipped with 10G, which is more comfortable. According to the performance of this card, 8g video memory is basically enough. The materials used for the non-public 3060 can’t be discussed, some only have 2 U heat pipes, which is much different from the 3060ti’s 4 heat pipes, and the overclocking space is also very general.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

In fact, when the 3070 was just released, the 3070 did have the performance of 2080Ti. Such a large improvement was surprised. And the performance of the 3060Ti released later is also expected, but the difference between the later 3060 and 3060Ti is indeed large. It’s a lot. Most of the 3060 friends think that the performance is similar to that of the 2070Super. However, through this time, the knife is indeed a bit ruthless. However, in this case, the greatest possibility is that there will be a 3060Super in the later stage. If there is not much difference between 3060super and 3060Ti, it is indeed possible to wait for a wave of 3060Super. However, the performance of the 3060 version today is not as expected, and the price is abnormal, and even the top non-public original pricing exceeds For the beggar version of 3070, and the official recommended pricing of 2499, there are not many products in the basic brands, most of the prices are more than 3000, and you can’t get it even though it is half cut through software The performance of mining, I don’t know if it will be cracked later. In this case, at this point in time, the performance plus price of 3060 is really not worth buying. The performance of 12GB of video memory is indeed basically not used, so, At this point in time, it’s better to have nuclear display transition, and it’s not unavailable. Isn’t it good for mine clearance?

9 months ago

Graphics card performance cannot simply look at the size of the video memory. The difference in video memory speed, video memory bit width, and video memory bandwidth can also not be ignored, which is an important parameter that affects game performance. This is also the main reason why RTX 3060 Ti, RTX 3070, and RTX 3080 have a lower video memory size than RTX 3060, but their performance is higher than RTX 3060. RTX 2060 SUPER video memory size 8GB video memory speed 14Gbps video memory bit width 256-bit video memory bandwidth 448GB/s RTX 3060 video memory size 12GB video memory speed 15Gbps video memory bit width 192-bit video memory bandwidth 360GB/s compared to RTX 2060 SUPER, although the RTX 3060 is in the video memory size, The video memory speed is superior, but the video memory bit width and video memory bandwidth are inferior to the RTX 2060 SUPER.

9 months ago

Reverse upgrade? This is indeed not a reverse upgrade, but it is true that the magnitude of this upgrade is far from expected! The spiritual capitalists in the answering area used a variety of inductive language to wash the ground for nvidia, this time I am coming to slap the face fiercely! Lao Huang: This upgrade is for increasing the volume without increasing the price. Are you happy with the performance of the 2070 bought at the price of 2500? Spiritual capitalist: That is, you are not grateful to Dade. You have to thank my dad for being able to play the game. My dad does not sell graphics cards. Do you still want to play games? User: In the past two years, the game hasn’t been developed or optimized? Wafer technology is upgrading, architecture is upgrading, graphics card prices are rising, don’t you upgrade, are you embarrassed? Lao Huang: I have upgraded 12G video memory this time, and it is GDDR6, am I conscientious enough? Spiritual Capitalist: 9494, our users are no longer afraid of exploding video memory, my dad YYDS! User: This is just a deceptive game. There used to be a mad cow graphics card that lied to Xiaobai. Was it disgusting? 12G display users here have the same urination as the mad cow disease graphics card. Are they ready and wanting to gain a good reputation?

9 months ago

It is said that the 3060 has the performance of 2070 is earned by consumers. Actually compared with 2060, the performance of 3060 is more than 10% better than 2060. Games that cannot be played in 2060 3060 can not even think about having too good performance! At the same time, the game optimization in the past few years has become worse and worse. . . The demand of users is getting higher and higher (high resolution and high resolution). It’s disgusting that Lao Huang made this! The market is getting smaller and smaller, why not buy a host? This time, Lao Huang showed some kindness and gave a few injections of sweet jujube to upgrade the graphics card slightly. Some of the spiritual capitalists who took root on their knees scour the ground frantically, which is really ugly! If it weren’t for the new mine disaster 2060S, it would cost 2500 yuan. Someone would say how the old card can compare with the new card? Why can’t the new and old graphics cards be compared? Is the performance histogram not intuitive enough, or is it that the newly added features that are not very useful make you happy?

9 months ago

After reading a lot of evaluations, the data of 3060 is indeed miserable, and the old yellow knife method is too accurate. Yesterday, I just watched the evaluation of an up master at station B. The 3060 is even a bit higher than 1080 (of course, 1080 is not chased by light), and some games are weaker than two 1080 crossfires. The key is that this card is now 4,500+ for Jingdong’s self-operated, low cost and empty. The 12G video memory is really big, you can’t mine Ethereum, but you can mine other coins, so miners will definitely grab it. And once the driver is cracked, it is expected to be a mining card again. Conclusion: 3060 is an IQ test card. Now the price of 1080 is also up, and it is really too difficult to install at this stage.

9 months ago

Because there is really no card, low-cost 3050TI, plus 12G video memory, renamed 3060, the real 3060 is the 3060 on the notebook, it should be worthy of the name of the 3060. Who knows that the 3060 on the same model of notebook is better than the desktop Look at this look. Even if the desktop 3060 is unlocked, it can mine ETH, and the computing power will not be too high. Look at the vega56, which has been playing for 3 years, and open the small yellow croaker. The price of vega56 has risen to the one I bought on JD.com. Price, I can only roar A card to fight the future! ! ! !

9 months ago

Alas, industry-related, many things are eligible for cuda, and this thing does not have an A card, otherwise it would have called AMDyes like a CPU. Professional cards are expensive, and you can only use game cards, but now the game cards have risen to the sky again. I’ll be a wait-and-see party. I started with 1800+ when the 1660s just came out a few years ago. Now let’s check it out. Doubled, if it weren’t for me, I would have made a profit by selling second-hand cards.

9 months ago

I personally think that the 3060 is designed for gaming notebooks. Although the 3070 has strong performance this year, it has high power consumption. Huang cancelled the special graphics card for gaming notebooks and urgently needs an entry card to fill in the blanks. The performance of this 3060 is decent and predictable. It’s this year that 7000 notebooks like the rescuer will choose this

9 months ago

980 trembling, originally waiting for the law to say that electronic products will be reduced by half and half, but I never expected to double the increase
Monopoly is really strong, when will it be made domestically?
See this price. I’m going to send the Asus 980 to the outside, and let me fix it.
So 3060 under 2000 is worth buying, but that is impossible
It’s that nv’s food looks ugly and sold 3050ti as 3060

The original price is not recommended to buy. Now this card still continues to play monkey.

9 months ago

Mainly, the three graphics cards, 3070, 3080, and 3060ti, are squeezed too much.
Of course, the 3060 is indeed a bit stretched, but it can’t beat the 2070s or even the 2060s.
After all, the new generation of graphics cards has always been stronger than the previous generation of the same level. 1060 is better than 960, and 2060 is better than 1066.
The 3060 and 2060 are a little bit half-hearted
Last year, the wave of computers in the 618 group began to regret it in October. The new CPu and the new graphics card are so top-notch. . . Now I look at it really fragrant, my two thousand nine 2070s are too fragrant.

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