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Uncle’s classmates work in the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau. Uncle asked his classmate to do something. At first, the uncle went empty-handed. His classmate was talking in Mandarin throughout the whole process. Of course, things were not done. For the 2000 yuan shopping card, his classmate took care of the matter directly and said that he would not give it to me in the future, not as an example. 2. The child goes to school, his grades are not good, he is criticized every day, and the teacher doesn’t take the child seriously. I don’t give gifts to teachers, what teachers sell in Moments, what do we buy. The teacher doesn’t sell anything, so I invite the teacher to dinner. If one meal fails, I will have two meals. The teacher praises our children every day, encourages our children, and praises our children. Now the child has become more and more confident and likes to study more and more. Now he says that he is going to school, he is very happy. 3. I went to a friend’s house to play. It happened that my friend’s child had a birthday, and he paid 1,000 yuan to make a red envelope. The friend told me, XX is talking bad about you behind your back. Don’t buy a mobile phone from XX. It is refurbished. 4. Those who like to give gifts like to say: Let’s not take this as an example, and those who like to receive gifts also like to say: Let’s not take as an example. What does it mean to not take an example? Every time you have sex, your girlfriend always says no, no, what does it mean? do not you know? 5. Rich families have the same goals for the whole family, and poor families have their own ideas. 6. My friends never refuel when they use my car, and every time they come back, they won’t leave you with a little gas. One night, he called me and said that he still wanted to use the car. I said that my car broke down. I’ll give you a call and you will find him to use the car. I gave him the phone number of a taxi driver. The next day, I told me that the driver was too dark, only 30 kilometers. It costs 120 yuan. I have blackened him in my heart. 7. The holding cost of this relationship is too low, so he gave up when he said to give up. 8. He is a civil servant. He goes to Xiao A’s house to eat. Xiao A is always respectful and respectful. I am different. When I go to his house, he doesn’t need to respect me because I am not a civil servant. Civil servants are used for respect, and businessmen are used for entertainment, but if I have my next life, I will still be a businessman. In my opinion, freedom is more important than face. 9. He jumped off the building and left. His mother was a stepmother. After he left, this mother became extremely diligent. Why? Because everything in this family belongs to hers, what are the feelings in the face of interests? 10. After living for so many years, only earning money is right, and everything else is wrong. Earning money is to make ourselves comfortable and make others comfortable. We make money and we feel good, but the people around us are depressed. , So this money is poisonous. Make others hate you. 11. The relationship between people is maintained by feelings, but feelings are bought or exchanged for actual actions. Most people do business and habitually look at the cash flow, but the best people look at the “emotional flow”. The cash flow is cut off, but the emotional flow is still there, and capital can still be financed. The cash flow can be cut off, and the emotional flow can never be cut off. . 12. I don’t like living in small places. There are too many calculations in small places. Although there are calculations in big places, all calculations in big places are transparent. 13. If a person loves very humble, it is not love, it is humble, once a person becomes humble, no one cherishes you. 14. Experience is the best teacher, especially young people. Don’t be busy with learning. Experience all kinds of different lives. After experiencing everything, you will know what you want. Just like a girl who has experienced the life of a rich person and a boyfriend with good looks, she may find a boyfriend with good looks and earning money in the future. If a person has experienced everything, then he will always struggle, always struggle, always struggle. 15. The demolition was a welfare at the beginning, but if the cost of demolition and relocation is high, no one will engage in demolition and relocation. Then places where no one is engaged in demolition and relocation slowly become garbage dumps, because it is difficult to find takers for items with high holding costs. For example, the current Bitcoin. 16. No matter where you are, at any time, there is only one standard of greatness is whether you have money, if you have money, you will be great, and if you have no money, you will be rubbish. 17. People must meet the world. People who have never seen the world have a hard mouth. People who have really met the world have long been soft. Look at those who often travel. Is it very stable to speak in one mouth? See everything. After that, the temper will naturally disappear. 18. Whoever believes in love has a very low cost of ownership. This is why older men like to find little girls when they fall in love. 19. If you love someone without a rate of return, why do you still need a rose? If you are kidnapped by morals, you can get everything you want. Why would a person deny it when he gets rich? 20. People who love to learn, have a good life, there are really few, there is nothing difficult to learn, there is no threshold, and there is no psychological burden, that is, you just listen to the class and take notes. But people with good fate are people who do it habitually, from 1 minute to 3 minutes, then to 5 minutes, and then to 10 minutes. Because what you learn in practice is real money. 21. The chaotic people around you seem to be inspirational, but in fact they are all idiots. My neighbor is 63 years old and he is still working outside. He has worked in many industries: he can’t count with his toes or fingers. As the saying goes, hard work gets rich, more work gets more. But what is the reality? He struggled for a year and couldn’t even get 20,000 in cash. Then there is another person who has been working as a security guard before he was in his 60s. He has been working for more than 30 years and has been “free” for a lifetime. I am now retired and have a monthly pension of 3,500 yuan. I saw him walking from the west end of the village to the east end of the village with a dog every day. He looks much younger than his peers. He has been idle for a lifetime and was laughed at for a lifetime. But in the village, compared with him, his peers are better than him, none of them. why? He has done so, what is it? The target is locked, and it is easy not to change the runway. 22. If others help us, if they don’t give him a little benefit, they will not help us in the future. Everyone wants to get a rate of return. We can’t let people down. If people lose their hearts, no one will support us. 23. To satisfy customers’ psychological needs, customers will satisfy our material pursuits. 24. Everyone is a snob, everyone is insatiable, whether it is a person or a country, it is the same. 25. Why do you feel pain? Because you experience too little pain. If you experience too much pain, you will never experience pain again. 26. Why do you feel fear? Because you do fewer things that make you scared, if you often do things that make you feel scared, will you still feel scared? Are you getting stronger slowly? 27. Whatever she likes to listen to, just say what you want. In the end, you won’t just say it in bed. 28. When you make little money, you can’t understand many scenery, and when you make a lot of money, you can understand many scenery without reading it. 29. Poor people change their destiny quickly when they arrive in large places. Why? He hasn’t seen a lot of information before. In large places, he can see a lot of resources and a lot of information. But the people in the city are different. They look at it every day and they’ve got used to it, and they’ve been immune to it. 30. All All things are chatted. As long as you can chat, you can get all the resources you want. How did your girlfriend come from? Chatting, how does the job come, chatting, as long as you can chat and negotiate, you can talk about what you can, and talk about what you want. 31. As long as you have no money, no matter what kind of scenery you encounter, you will always miss, always miss, and always miss. 32. The most naive thing is that some people think that everything can be done without giving gifts. You don’t know how many roses you gave to your girlfriend? 33. A person is accustomed to eating shit. If you let him eat some meat, it will be harder than going to the sky. People have life, and dogs have life. Don’t think about changing others casually. 34. People who have no promise will be eaten by those who have promise. This is a high probability event and no one can change it. 35. I don’t want to spend money, but I want to solve problems. It doesn’t work in this society. Living in this realistic society, everything must be done in accordance with procedures. This in itself is that the superiors are weeding out us, resisting us, and rejecting us. 36. Many people want to find a shortcut, and many people want to find skills. There are too many impetuous people in this society, and the result is to make money from cutting leeks. 37. What color is the human heart, and what color is the wind. 38. There is no doubt that things are easy to do in places with many acquaintances, but places with many acquaintances can’t do great things. Although they all hope you will live well, no one wants you to live better than them. 39. Going to a friend’s house to play, bringing gifts and not bringing gifts are definitely two results. 40. Want to make money? Do you want a rich life? Want fame and fortune? You have to grab these things by your own strength. Whoever wants to say that this is a reward for food, he may want you to be a fool, and people who are still persuading you to work hard to get rich are usually the boss. People, the boss. 41. Reading does not allow you to read 100 books, but allows you to read a book 100 times. 42. To make money is to do what you are good at, do what you are not good at, and want to make money? You want to be crazy, the marketization of what you are good at is the kingly way. 43. Practice makes perfect. If you learn a technique, you will do it if you repeat it too many times. You always think about it. You can’t do it without accumulating quantity, and it’s nothing. , You only eat the fifth steamed bun to be full. Without the first four steamed buns, is the fifth steamed bun useful? 44. Will be fond of people, will give gifts, will share money, much better than you have studied hard for more than ten years. This society is originally composed of human affection and sophistication, and relationships are connected. 45. Many people feel that they are stupid and that they don’t know what to do. But I think this is just a trick. Since I’m a fool, I won’t be opportunistic for the rest of my life. I just go down and do it steadily, instead surpassing many smart people who think they are right. 46. ​​Within the system, there are only a few people going back and forth. If you thoroughly understand them and study them thoroughly, no one will embarrass you. In the system, generally don’t offend people, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offend people. Sometimes you get bullied, and of course you have to fight back. 47. The strong do not complain, the weak will only talk. The weak always say that this is no good, that is no good. The strong will only go upstream. I don’t like this, so I try to climb up and make the rules of the game by myself. I don’t sing tragic songs and do things with my head. After the fruit is cultivated, there are flowers and applause wherever I go. 48. Nothing to do evil, many people can forgive us. Often doing evil, occasionally doing good deeds and accumulating virtues, many people are grateful to us. A person never kills, no one respects him, a person kills frequently, but someone respects him, why? If I respect him, he won’t be killed by him. Life is different from what we imagined. If you don’t forget the knowledge taught in school, it’s hard to do anything in this society. What parents tell us, do you want to listen and see how their lives are now? 49. Some people, I gave him gifts, only to know that the distance between us is only the distance of a box of wine or a cigarette. 50. He said he admires you, so why doesn’t he give you gifts? He said he supports you, why doesn’t he pay for it? 51. If you have to do something that has nothing to do with making money, OK, I will outsource it habitually. Men only practice one unique skill: making money. In addition, no matter what you practice, it is wrong. 52. Parents must first invest in themselves and then in their children. Only when I have money can I invest in my children. I don’t have money, and all my investments in my children may be wrong. 53. The law is a tool for the rich to legally rob. In the eyes of the rich, morality is still a tool for making money. 54. People who don’t have bad hobbies have low incomes. People with a lot of bad habits have relatively higher incomes. Haven’t experienced anything, so there is no motivation. Experienced everything, so murderous, never give up. 55. How to eat the emperor? First get the eunuch next to the emperor, then get his beloved concubine, and finally get his minister. 56. What is the secret of health? Is to make money! Red wine advertisements say that people who drink red wine are healthier, but the reality is that people who drink red wine are richer. Why do many retired people die? Because he has begun to enjoy life and has no incentive to make money. Only those who study how to make money all day long live long. People who think about how to enjoy life all day long cannot live a long life. 57. If you want to live well, you have to give gifts habitually, you can save 30 years of struggle. I don’t want to give gifts, but want to speak with strength. I see many young people like this. Only after this, I never saw them again. 58. How to change destiny? It is to pay. To be more precise: wherever your money is thrown, pick it up wherever it is. To be down-to-earth and say: Whoever takes your money away, you can copy it. 59. If you hear too many shameless stories and read too many shameless stories, your psychological quality will become extremely powerful. Mi Meng’s previous works were too high in dimensionality. After reading some colored novels, the dimensionality dropped and it became popular. Everyone says that Wang Jing’s movies are not good, but no one in Hong Kong is as rich as Wang Jing. 60. Price is the easiest way to filter garbage traffic. Just like the high gift in some places, why is it so high? On the one hand, it is poor; on the other hand, there are too many men, fewer women, and more money, which can filter the traffic of garbage. What are the unspoken rules in interpersonal communication in the adult world?


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Getting along with ordinary people is just one thing: Can you bring benefits to others? If you can, it doesn’t matter where you are or where you are. Even if you are a prisoner, the prison guards will carefully compliment you as a corrupt criminal; but if you cannot bring benefits to others, even if you are a national moral model, ordinary people will not. Came here to make friends with you. To give another example: a young staff member of a county in Jiangsu Province met with the secretary of the county party committee of a county in Anhui Province. He would not “shorten” the county party secretary; but he met civil servants from the same county, even if it was only a section-level cadre, this young staff member. He would nod and bow and talk enthusiastically, because he knew that a county might be able to use it someday. The fundamental reason why county officials are inferior to current management lies in “whether there is value in use”.

9 months ago

Inclusive of all rivers and rivers, tolerance is great, while standing a thousand renowns are strong without desire. For young people who have just entered the system and have no hard relationships and are talented, I suggest this: first ask yourself, what kind of life do you want to pursue? 1. If you want to have an official and part-time job in the future, realize the value of life and realize your dream of being an official. Then you need to keep working hard, keep your head down, keep close to power, tolerate power, compliment power, suppress your own waywardness, have a word “stable” in your unit, let the leader notice yourself, appreciate yourself and not let other leaders dislike If I can meet a noble person, my future is boundless. 2. Just want to live a small life. In an environment where the ranks are parallel, it is indeed not uncommon to have one official and one-half position. So what you need to do is to stay away from power, and a clear explanation is to make the leader never remember you as a person. When doing work, you should pursue the middle and the upper side. Don’t compete for favor or merit. Directly to the Buddhism. Please pay attention: let the leaders and colleagues around you know about your Buddhism. If it is useless, others will think that you are hiding your powers and bidding your time. You have to make deeds and compete as soon as possible. When you start to work, you voluntarily give up or don’t sign up at all, and let your leaders and colleagues with your competitors know that from then on, your unit leader will be speechless to you, and your peers will tell you everything and treat you as a friend. Work is easy, just do your job well, you can put more energy on family and personal hobbies. Both methods are okay, but don’t be self-aware. The first mode was chosen at the beginning, but the mentality was unstable, lacking in ability, and unbearable. Then I was forced to choose the second mode. Embarrassed.

9 months ago

Speaking of a thing around us, there are more than 300 people in the company, and there are many intertwined nepotisms. One of them is his own daughter-in-law A who forcibly stuffed into the personnel department. However, the personnel manager is a relatively honest person and has never been seen. A, also did not give A any authority and position, it is equivalent to eating plain rice. In the personnel department, there is a very capable but no background civilian guy B, who is highly regarded by the manager and has good ability and character. However, afterwards, a certain president probably felt that the position of his daughter-in-law was too embarrassing, so he asked his wife to secretly find the personnel manager over and over again, and asked him to drive B away and give the position of B to his daughter-in-law A.

9 months ago

State-owned bank. 1. The branch manager said that he would help me find a way to transfer me to her (the branch has the best performance). My relatives first reacted after hearing this: “Is it implying that you want to give gifts?” 2. I was temporarily seconded to the human resources department of the branch. The branch manager asked me to help the department work well, perform well, and strive to skip the teller step and directly enter the human resources. unit. I asked: “There is no such precedent, right?” (I saw the personnel files of all employees during the internship) President: “It depends on the opportunities.” Family members: “Are you going to give gifts to the human resources boss?” 3. Know When I entered the bank, the most frequently asked questions from relatives and friends were: “Did you send money through the relationship?” Ծ‸ ԾMe: “No, I interviewed No. 1 in the city.” As a stingy girl, I am a penny. Also reluctant to give it.

9 months ago

I am now more worried about how the children after the 1980s will spend their old age. Without this, it makes me extremely scared to think about it. Before coming to work in Beijing, I didn’t know the specific definition of five social insurance and one housing fund, and which insurances included in the five insurances. When I got the Beijing social insurance card and the medical insurance package, I was really shocked. Every month Several hundred yuan will be transferred into my medical insurance package. I have 5 designated hospitals to choose from. The two most important insurances among the five insurances are pension insurance and medical insurance. Although BeiDiao is very hard to come by, these two Things have greatly enhanced my sense of security. Children in big cities may have become accustomed to the five social insurance and one housing fund in their salary. However, the five social insurance and one housing fund are widely used in China’s non-North, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities. Ninety-nine percent of non-institutional private companies in small and medium-sized cities outside the provincial capital do not have them, and most job seekers work in private companies.

9 months ago

I used to work as a reporter for a medical academic magazine. How can academic magazines make money by publishing papers and advertisements. The magazine is nominally state-owned, and the state subsidies can’t make money. So I transferred it to a medical equipment agent and started. “Sponsored by xx magazine and co-organized by xx company” to hold various conferences and award various awards. For example, to whom the ultrasound equipment innovation award is awarded, a group of people began to call GE Philips Mindray, a group of large companies, saying that there is an award here, awarded by XX magazine, and the judges include heavyweights such as the director of the Health and Family Planning Commission. , This award is very important, do you want it? Give money if you want. At first, these big companies flocked to them, and they would definitely want to win official awards. But slowly, other magazines in the industry began to follow suit. There were all kinds of bizarre awards, all of which were dazzled, and the company was not stupid and tightened its pockets. I can’t make money from awarding awards, so I want other ways, so the magazine started to find tertiary hospitals to find other institutions to join together to form a “XX Medical Association”, recruiting members, we will give you benefits after you pay the membership fee, and we will give you a platform to let you You sell equipment, and the people in county-level hospitals believe in our authority, and your sales will go up. What are the benefits of the association? If you want to hold a conference and award an award, it is a lot of weight. The organizer has to write five or six lines, which is rich in gold. So after staying in this industry for a short time, I found that various associations and conferences and various awards were dazzling. Nothing. The country has not fully liberalized medical treatment. This group of people uses the name of the government to make everyone able to see the disease. Make money for your own responsibility. Typing on the phone is a bit tired, so let’s write a little bit first.

9 months ago

When I was young, I was very playful and my academic performance was not very good. From elementary school to middle school, every class teacher paid special attention to me and often complained to my parents. Sometimes they would say to me earnestly, that you are a smart kid and it is really wasteful not to study well. At that time, I didn’t understand why every class teacher couldn’t get along with me. What’s more, I couldn’t figure out where they could tell me that I was smart. It wasn’t until one day after many years that my mother told me that she often secretly gave some small gifts to the teacher, and I was relieved.

9 months ago

I saw the leader sleeping with the company’s accountant, I didn’t say anything, just closed the door gently. Hey, the leader used to ask me to sleep, but I refused her. Now that I am old, no one invites me to sleep anymore. Hey, why did the opportunity pass before I knew it was an opportunity. They gave gifts, and as soon as they asked for leave, they approved, because I didn’t give gifts and I was still on duty during the Spring Festival. Willfulness can’t change anything. In the face of interests, personality doesn’t count at all. I used to be wayward and many people admire me because they are stupid like me. Now I am wayward. Whoever praises me and who appreciates me, I know, he just wants to watch a monkey show. He appreciates you, why not give you a gift? He supports you, why not pay the bill? You have been with me for so many years, but haven’t learned how to give gifts? Sorry, I delayed you. What’s the use of being a good professional? If you are good at professionalism, you will have a chance to get ahead.

9 months ago

I asked my old classmates to help my son find a job, but the old classmates said it was difficult to do. I said yes, this is not easy to handle, this is 20,000 yuan in pocket money, first put it here. As for how you deal with it, I don’t care. You can’t help but give me face anyway. The next day, the old classmate said: The work is done. Life is not complicated, but people’s hearts are complicated. The relationship between people is still relatively simple: isn’t it just sharing money, isn’t it just giving gifts? A landlord, there are a few poor people who are starving to death. So they gave them some food. The poor people are very angry these days: You have meat at home, why do you want us to eat food? These poor people cooked and ate the landlord. The landlord is the same. Haven’t you heard the lesson of Teacher Chen Anzhi: The resource lies in sharing, not monopolizing…

9 months ago

Don’t talk to yourself at will in the workplace, and you must pay attention to your speech. Especially for college students who have just graduated or young people who have just entered the workplace. It is very easy to transfer into a company with a friendly and friendly atmosphere. You feel that your colleagues and bosses are very friendly to yourself. It is very dangerous to open your heart and express your own future plans, your evaluation of other colleagues (even if you have a very good meeting with you at the same time), and your company and business evaluations. This is very dangerous. The company is very friendly to newcomers, which gives newcomers who are not deep in the WTO an illusion: everyone is approachable and has no air to communicate and express emotions at will. However, every conversation between colleagues and between superiors and subordinates may turn out to be detrimental to you or have a negative impact. When there is no collusion of interests, everyone is in peace, but once there is a word unintentionally, it can be distorted and used by others. For example, if you usually chat with the idea of ​​going abroad for further study (just the idea, talk about it), at this time the leader wants to promote the subordinate, you are the most likely to be promoted, but someone murmured to the leader: this person has the idea of ​​going abroad. Then the whole thing may be out of your control. Also, some colleagues didn’t deliberately discredit you, maybe he chatted with your boss occasionally. You see, maybe everyone is not malicious, but in the end you have somehow caused a negative impact. Everyone has different roles, positions, responsibilities, and goals. The angles and results of interpreting the same information are also different. Face-to-face conversations may lead to misunderstandings, not to mention that the intermediary transfers several pieces of incomplete information. Misinterpretation is very serious. Normal, it is abnormal to not misinterpret. In addition, if someone specifically talks to you about a topic, don’t answer easily if you don’t know the background of the topic and the reason for the topic. For example, your department was very busy at the previous stage and there was nothing to do recently. The hr department asked you if there was a lot of things, and you said that there was not much recently, but in fact they are preparing for layoffs. Your answer gave them the truth.

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