According to Taizhou police, on March 1, a woman robbed a gold shop in Gaogang District. The police rushed to the scene and arrested the suspect on the spot. It is understood that the criminal suspect Yang Moumou (female, 19 years old, from Lianyungang) was unemployed and had the idea of robbing a gold shop. On the day of the incident, she took the pre-prepared utility knife and hammer, and rode an electric bicycle to a gold shop on Jingang Middle Road. After entering the gold shop, he took out a utility knife to threaten the employees in the shop, so that the clerk did not dare to step forward to stop him, and then used a hammer to destroy the glass booth in the shop and snatch 14 pieces of pure gold jewelry (total value of about 13,125 yuan) from the booth. At present, the suspect has been criminally detained by the public security organs in accordance with the law, and the case is being further processed.

“Professionals do professional things” is true. The 19-year-old girl in a gray coat and pink helmet took out a utility knife and shouted robbery and knocked 16 times and snatched 14 “valuable” transfer beads. ! When I was going out to ride an electric bike, I was uniformed by three female shop assistants who responded!
This young woman has a clear-cut face, unfamiliar robbery tactics, and her own thinness. She was subdued by several female employees when she left the house. It is estimated that her panic while knocking on the gold store made several female employees feel confident. This robbery is a bit amateurish. I took a utility knife and a small hammer and entered the gold shop. I didn’t care if I robbed it. I was planning to ride a small electric motor and escape the scene. This is not too serious for the women in the gold shop. The professionalism is not strong, the insult is too great, no wonder he was subdued on the spot!
It is said that the woman was forced by life, and then she had the idea of ​​robbery. She was only 19 years old. She didn’t learn well at a young age and tried to lose her pie in the sky. This family education is negligent. I don’t know if it’s a rebellion A girl in the family, but she will have to pay a heavy price for this. The sentence for robbery is not low. Please reflect on it in prison. It is better to work hard to support yourself.


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7 months ago

Now you know why there is criminal psychology, right? From the perspective of ordinary people, her behavior of robbing gold stores is ridiculous, and there is no benefit at all, as long as people with normal thinking ability can’t do it. But the fact is that she did. Can her motives be guessed with common sense? The same is true for many violent crimes. You feel that a person will not hack someone “according to common sense”, but if he does it, you can infer that he must have issued a “desperate cry” on the “land where the flowers of evil bloom”. According to the same logic, can it be concluded that this girl has personal grievances with the people in the Jindian, persecuted by them, and mentally disordered, otherwise, she can’t do such a demented thing? This way of thinking will be inexplicable to anyone who is a little rational. The way of thinking of criminals is not exactly the same as that of ordinary people. It is a common sense error to substitute ordinary human logic into criminals to deduce their criminal motives. This person’s behavior cannot be explained by “common sense”. If there is a follow-up, see if the police will announce what this person said. It has never been a good habit to judge a case on the Internet and blindly make up for it.

7 months ago

I really don’t know much about it. At this young age, I can’t think about it. Is it possible to prepare a hammer and a knife? The new legendary server is waiting for you? It’s a brother, just punch me twice? The result is too hard, the hammer can’t be opened… ridicule returns to ridicule, seriousness to seriousness. According to Article 263 of the Criminal Law, anyone who robs public or private property by violence, coercion or other methods shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and a fine; in any of the following circumstances, sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than 10 years and life Imprisonment or death penalty, fines or confiscation of property: Robbery has always been a felony in our country. The beginning is much higher than many other criminal acts. So there are ten thousand things in life, don’t violate the first article of the law. Say a few more words in your heart, and don’t be impulsive in many cases. When you have an idea, if that idea is not good, wait for a while, maybe it will pass…Life is very long, don’t make a big mistake, hope all goes well.

7 months ago

Let me give you a popular science, what is the security of gold stores in general. Now, gold stores may not be equipped with young and strong security guards, but there must be two things, one is the camera linked to the local public security system, and the other It is a one-key alarm device under the counter. This is done by qualified companies that have been assessed by the public security system. If you open a gold store, this system is a must, at least in Shanghai. Therefore, as soon as this little girl has the meaning of robbery, the clerk must immediately call the police with one button. In the end, I robbed something worth more than 13,000, which was about 30 to 40 grams. Is this just a pack and just run? Therefore, this little girl either simply wants to solve the problem of including food and housing, or she is unemployed because her IQ is not enough.

7 months ago

This news made me appreciate the benefits of gun ban in our country. In European and American movies, they pointed their guns at the clerk, “Don’t move, hand over the things.” When the girl got here, she had to hit the glass with a hammer 16 times before smashing the glass to take out the jewelry. Forgive me for the unkind smile. Closer to home, what should we do when we encounter a robbery? If someone snatches a bag, throw it to him and run away and shout, don’t clashed at close quarters; don’t give a stranger on the roadside a chance to control you in the middle of walking at night; if there are two people standing still in front of you, turn your head and turn your head. Go in the direction and sing loudly while walking. The sudden stop of singing will give a reminder to nearby people. ——Li Meijin hopes that the above knowledge is useless for you and me.

7 months ago

Although it should not be said from the perspective of a legal person. But from the bottom of my heart, I have always felt that if it is only for money, robbery is really one of the most stupid and cost-effective crimes… Except for the low age of criminal responsibility and being killed, it is not considered excessive defense, and the conditions for parole in prison are even better. In addition to harshness, its sentence is generally higher. Robbery violates both “personal rights” and “property rights”, and belongs to the category of eight major types of felony (in the legal sense, it does not only refer to eight types of crimes), so it has been a severely cracked crime for a long time. Because this type of crime is very vicious, even if there is only one robbery, the starting point of sentencing will be determined within the range of 3-6 years of imprisonment. And even if only one dollar is robbed, it is also a crime of robbery. In the case of house robbery, robbery on public transport, bank or other financial institutions, the starting point for sentencing is generally 10 to 13 years. The girl was only 19 years old, and she was really robbing for money. What can you do if you get ten thousand yuan at the risk of staying in jail for many years? Moreover, the money caught will definitely be refunded. Although she is just an adult, she may be immature and have a shallow social understanding. But crime is crime. If the family is poor, the parents are seriously ill and other medicines are taken, and I really can’t raise money for a while, I think although I condemn the crime, it’s not that I can’t understand what she did. But if it’s really just because you don’t have a job, you want to rob and get some “pocket money”, I still find it hard to sympathize. If you compare other crimes here, there is a suspicion of instigating a crime, so it is inconvenient to elaborate. For a simple property crime of 10,000 yuan, it may even be sentenced to probation and reform outside the prison. And she chooses to rob, it is really difficult to get a chance to change with less impact on life. If it is for money, there are obviously many legal ways to make money. Even if the ghost is obsessed with the heart, it is a bit embarrassing to get into such a vicious crime in one step. The mentality of getting something for nothing is not necessary, and parents should also strengthen the education of the concept of the rule of law for their children. In addition: this girl gave people her heads so thoroughly that I even wondered if it was because she was unemployed, so she wanted to find a place where she could eat food in the country…

7 months ago

This reminds me of the guy in the village who was a few years younger than me. He was put in jail for robbery and has been thrown in prison. His method of committing the crime was holding a fruit-cutting knife, wearing a dust mask, and buttoning a down jacket hat on his head. The most important thing is that he robbed the same person three times. The first time and the second time may be due to the small amount of cash. This person was relatively cowardly and wanted to eat a dumb loss. However, when he took away the iPhone for the third time, plus a few extras. It was only a thousand yuan before the police was called. So I said, no matter what you do, you must leave some leeway for others, and that is to make way for yourself. The brain is really a good thing, but unfortunately, not everyone has it. I found that all crimes around the age of 20 think that they are still small in their hearts, and they still don’t realize the importance of complying with the law. Moreover, these people must have suffered too much indulgence on many similar things when they were young, and they themselves lacked too much education. What do you think of this matter? Let me say that she hasn’t had time to grow up. She always thought it was the same as stealing an eraser and a pencil sharpener when she was a child, because she fell in love and had a fight with her classmates. Those mistakes were not punished when they should be punished, and they will be aggravated in the future. They never realized the seriousness of this matter, because they didn’t hit a ghost on the night road, thinking that everyone would indulge her like she did when she was a child. Just like when I was a child, my mother met a kid who stole grapes from our house. Because he lived in the same village and his age was so young, he smiled and said: Don’t climb the wall, come in and eat. Although he ran away dingy, his mother still gave him a bunch of grapes and said: Don’t steal it in the future, come over if you want to eat it. The sweetness of the grapes made him forget his mistakes. A little bigger he might think that as long as he takes advantage of the loopholes, many people in the world will forgive his sins due to various emotions and reasons, even the sinful upper body. You will get the punishment you deserve. However, human favors belong to human favors, and the law is indeed cold. Although a small number of people make the rules, the general public is restricted by the rules. In fact, most children who were naughty when they were young can go on the right track in the future. Even if I miss the youth that I should study hard, I still live vividly and plainly in ordinary positions. Only a small number of people have their straight edges and corners sharpened into sharp thorns. They continue to pierce people and themselves throughout their entire lives. They have not been able to accept the correct guidance since childhood, their mistakes have not been punished, and sometimes even those cowardice and kindness nourish their motivation to do evil, so they always think that they are still young and the world will always let her . Many people seem to be too late to grow up compared to their own age.

7 months ago

In fact, this girl is very pitiful, I don’t know why she had this idea. To rob the gold shop, at least the work needs to be done. The basic work has not been put in place. It is still too young and not experienced enough. This escape route is obviously not done by a serious robber. No matter what, this girl is ruined in this life, at least the stains in this life can’t be washed away. According to the Criminal Law, those who commit this crime shall be sentenced to more than three years but not more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment and a fine; in any of the following serious circumstances, they shall be sentenced to more than 10 years of fixed-term imprisonment, life imprisonment, or death, with a fine or confiscation of property. According to the “Guiding Opinions on Sentencing of the People’s Courts” (for trial implementation): (1) For one robbery, the starting point of sentencing can be determined within the range of three to five years of imprisonment; (2) In any of the following circumstances, the starting point can be determined from ten to five years. The starting point of sentencing is determined within the range of twelve-year imprisonment: house robbery; robbery on public transportation; robbery of a bank or other financial institution; robbery three times or the amount of robbery reaches a huge starting point; robbery causes serious injury to one person without causing any damage Disabled; robbery posing as a military or police officer; robbery with a gun; robbery of military supplies or rescue, disaster relief, or relief supplies.

7 months ago

The 19-year-old woman is a woman. This is a normal robbery, I don’t think it is special. It may be that the words “19 years old” and “girl” are not compatible with “robbing”. I don’t know why the title emphasizes the words “19 years old” and “girl”. Could it be said that crime also has the age of entry, 19 years old should not be committed, 29 years old should be committed? Could it be said that crime also has gender discrimination, men should commit crimes, women should not? Let me say it! No matter how old you are, no matter what your gender, or what other reasons you have, you should not commit a crime, and those who commit a crime should bear corresponding legal responsibilities. Article 17 of the Criminal Law: A person who has reached the age of sixteen who commits a crime shall bear criminal responsibility. The woman in this case is 19 years old, and she is more than enough in age to assume criminal responsibility. Article 4 of the “Criminal Law”: All crimes against anyone shall be equal in the applicable law. No one is allowed to have the privilege of going beyond the law. This article refers to the principle of equality in the criminal law, whether you are a girl or a boy, you have committed the same crime. Besides, I have never understood the definition of “girl”. How old to how old can you be considered a “girl”. Some girls, when they are 28, call themselves girls, which is really confusing. However, Article 236 of the Criminal Law divides women into two categories based on the age of 14. Those who are under the age of 14 are young girls, and those who are over 14 are women. Therefore, the 19-year-old girl in this case is already a woman in law. Another aspect of this case that seems funny is that the girl was arrested as soon as she went out after the robbery, giving the impression that she was giving away her head. There is nothing wrong with this. The suspect is brought back to the case in time, and the victim’s losses can be recovered in time, which is very good. Many of the robbers mentioned in the news are Gang Yang, who has rich experience in robbery. During the robbery, he used thunder and thunderbolts to cause deaths and injuries, taking away huge amounts of wealth, and then fled away. There was no news and the victim had nowhere to sue… Do you want to see this girl also look like this?

7 months ago

This is a story of an innocent girl being deceived by a scumbag. After graduating from high school, the 19-year-old girl met a boy through the Internet. Boys claim that the place where they are located is well treated, rest on time, take care of meals, wrap up, and the threshold is low. When a girl listens, how can there be such good things in the world? So he asked the man how to find him. The man said, you take a hammer and a utility knife to the gold shop and destroy it, symbolically grab some jewelry, and you can see me. So the silly girl listened to the slander and really went to rob the gold shop, and then she was arrested as a matter of course. But after he came, he found that the scumbag was not there at all, it was a scam! Police: Is this your motive for committing the crime? Girl: Yes. This scumbag lied to me! Police: Pouch Girl: What are you laughing at? Police: I think of happy things. Girl: What happy things? Police: My wife gave birth today. Girl: Uncle police, your hair is all white. Are you an old cow eating tender grass? Police: It’s a good old man. Girl: I was cheated! You can still laugh! Police: I have received professional training. No matter how funny I am, I will not laugh unless I can’t help it. Girl: You must help me find that scumbag! Police: All right, you go through the formalities first. You still broke the law. You must squat for a while. Girl: Okay. Girl inmate on the third day: I heard that a police officer went to the hospital. Girl: Which one? Cellmate: It’s the one who interrogated you, the one whose hair is all white. Girl: Isn’t it? What’s up with him? Cellmate: It seems that he laughed too much and his jaw was dislocated. Girl: This… Cellmate: Do you know what happened? Girl: I don’t know. Cellmate: By the way, what do you think of this place? The girl was fascinated as soon as she heard it, her glasses lit up and said: Oh, the feeling here is much better than at home! There are no friends to play outside, no friends to play with girls, everyone inside is talented, the kind that speaks nicely, the food is good, the bed is good, and I don’t want to go out!

7 months ago

At present, this kind of thing is still an isolated case, and I don’t have too much information reserve to over-interpret. Just write a little bit according to my own thinking inertia. The security of the gold store is not sufficient. This crime was solved cleanly, but the pressure on it was still too small. The main security of Jindian is not security, but the camera of the networked public security bureau, which is the current legal system. A huge Leviathan system is a crushing advantage for personal crimes. At this point, even if it is not young women (girls who use it all day, but a group of big men), it is also weak. And why did I say in the previous article that the security of the gold store is not adequate? Because just like the new crown epidemic, a single disease is actually not worth mentioning in the face of a modern system. The real horror is the fact that the new crown penetrates the critical point of medical capabilities. Judicial resources such as police force are powerful and even invincible in the face of every criminal, but what happens once the judicial resources are penetrated? Then maybe even trivial crimes can’t be stopped. Then we have to ask, are there sufficient judicial resources? Groups of policemen and lawyers who showed up to speak out lamented the hard work and the lack of spare capacity. Therefore, our choice should not be to continue to squeeze and make the judicial system more bloated and complicated, but to face the occurrence of contradictions and change from the root cause. The disappearance of road tyrants and road tyrants in the 1980s and 1990s is not a result of severe torture. Meritorious merit is to share the fruits of development to the poor, and to give basic dignity based on people-centeredness. This is the path to goodness.

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