In a long-distance relationship, my girlfriend wanted to play in a room to escape, but I didn’t let it. Because she and I were not boyfriends or girlfriends nor were they particularly familiar with me, and went to the secret room to play together. The horrible kind, led me to hug me the whole time, and I was afraid that she would do the same when she went to play (even though she didn’t mean it). Is it too harsh or too much?

It’s not too much, but it’s really wrong that you are a boyfriend and girlfriend, and you will definitely have a certain degree of possessiveness towards each other, so it is normal for you to worry about feeling uneasy. You can positively express your emotions and attitudes about this matter, but you cannot make decisions for your girlfriend and restrict her freedom. But your worry, I think it is unnecessary, you are not boyfriend and girlfriend, go to the secret room together, hug and hug you again! This is normal! At that time, you should be in the ambiguous period. Your girlfriend is either anxious that your elm head still doesn’t understand her intentions. So when playing in the secret room, through the darkness and horror atmosphere, it is natural to get close to you and get your relationship with you. When you have to go one step further or take a step back, you will become a double when you advance, and you will lose yourself when you retreat. Either she is really scared and has a good impression of you, so she unconsciously/forces to rely on you and seek refuge with you. In either case, it shows that she hugged and hugged you in the secret room because she liked it. And you worry that if she plays secret rooms with others or alone, she will hold and hug other people too. This happens, 1. Either she is really timid, and she unconsciously approached the person next to her in an involuntary situation with extreme fear; 2. Either she is willing to approach herself People beside. Since your girlfriend is taking the initiative to report the itinerary with you, even if the first situation arises, there is no need to worry. Or in view of the fact that your girlfriend took the initiative to report the itinerary with you, the second point may appear very small. Even if it does, you are in a long-distance relationship, you may not be able to find out in time. If she really has other ideas, she can completely agree to you, and then continue to play with another opposite sex happily to escape from the room. So if you don’t stop it, it won’t do much. I’m afraid that your girlfriend has nothing to think about. Once you stop and limit, you become rebellious. After arguing with you, you really go to an appointment with the opposite sex to play in the secret room. Then only you will be sad. Even if the above is not true, you are in a long-distance relationship. I think she told you to go to the secret room, one is to share or report the itinerary with you, and the other is to express: I want to play the secret room with you, I want to meet you. There is no other meaning, and it is not here to ask for your consent. You can see that you also like her, but because of the long-distance relationship, there are some uneasy emotions. But she is just your girlfriend, not your pet, she should have her own entertainment. If you are upset, you can express it positively, and you can say it well, instead of restricting her. Finally, if you like each other, you must stay together!


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7 months ago

Isn’t it? Room escape is a serious activity. Your girlfriend has taken the initiative to report to you. It can basically rule out the possibility of her being careful. And maybe she hugged you because you were not boyfriend and girlfriend before. Interestingly, the girl can make it clear if she doesn’t want to tease. If you are really worried, just tell your girlfriend your thoughts in advance, remind her not to hug teammates casually, or suggest her to play some common themes. The most important thing for long-distance relationships is to trust each other.

7 months ago
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vary well

7 months ago
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7 months ago

meeting. You still don’t see through things like girls. She is like this in front of you because you are not satisfied with your Friend or other lovers or have thoughts about you. If you are not there, she will keep the boundaries no matter how scared she is. There is also a horrible escape room, but going alone or with your girlfriends must be different from going with your boyfriend. Don’t underestimate our girl, my ex and I will hang on him no matter how horrible the game is. One is to satisfy his protective desire, and the other is to promote feelings. Because when my best friend and I went to the secret room for the first time, she was lying in my arms all the way, and I kept my arms around her to soothe it, so Sudoku or something was not a problem. But my boyfriend and I went to the secret room and I just didn’t know anything. do you understand? Of course, some girls are really scared (such as my girlfriends), but I remember that she had a conditioned reflex and caught someone in front of him and hid him. When she saw that she was a man, she quickly came to me, and when she found me, she dragged me directly. She used to block her in front of her, and now she is ignoring you, not only mad at you, but also at herself. You are in a long-distance relationship, and she respects you when she reports to you, but you don’t respect her thoughts. One, since she has already reported to you, it must be because she has made up her mind or made an appointment with her girlfriend. You didn’t talk about the process that you didn’t allow her to go, but I guess she must have been so coquettish in the process. However, you insist on not allowing her to go. She has no choice but to change the plan. Second, the result you want has been achieved. Although she can go with you behind her back, she hasn’t. So not only was she sad that you didn’t respect her and didn’t trust her, but she was also sad that she didn’t insist on herself. A woman will become a fool when she is in love, but there must still be something rational in her mind, that is, she must hope to have her independent personality and her own self. In her heart, she certainly didn’t want to become a grotesque that listened to her boyfriend. And because of you, she became a stranger who listened to her boyfriend in the matter of escape from the room. So when she finds that she has no ego for you, she chooses to ignore you temporarily, stay away from you, to open the psychological distance between you, in order to find herself. I would also like to tell the majority of male compatriots that girls who are too cute and showing weakness are all to please when they like you. Since two people are together, don’t want others to please you, you will always regard yourself as her manager and dependant. You two should be equal in all respects, or the girl will leave you sooner or later. Can’t help but say a little bit more. My appearance looks sweet and cute. Obviously my ex-boyfriend mistakenly thought that I was really his exclusive kitty because of my appearance and the weak orientation shown by the man who usually satisfies him. With the same existence, I can be satisfied as he usually does, because I also have a small sense of security that needs to be satisfied. However, when the senior and senior sisters and I played the game “I Have You Don’t” when the team was founded, everyone suggested that everyone put a glass of beer in front of them and take a sip if both hands are down. The game has already started at that time, but after I reported to him He stopped me from drinking in various ways. Appropriate stopping would make me feel that he cares about me, but he firmly refused to let me touch alcohol, and let me lie to my seniors and sisters that I was allergic to alcohol. I said I took a sip, how do I say? He said that he would lie and say that he can’t drink enough. I explained, I said that not only the seniors and senior sisters are drinking, but the freshmen of my same level are also drinking. It is not appropriate for me to drink alone, and I can’t stay without alcohol for the rest of my life. My goal job also requires socializing ( This is the first time I am not acting cute and obedient). Then he said harshly and told me to let me figure it out. I ignored him. I didn’t report to him that I was in the dormitory until the group building was over and I arrived at the dormitory. As a result, he spent the whole day in the cold war with me the next day. result? The result is a breakup. There is no choice. He does not accept reconciliation and is not prepared to change his attitude and respect me. Then I have nothing to insist on. I can be his cutie during our leisure time, but I don’t want to put it for him when it’s serious. One point low posture. I believe that although your girlfriend is not as hard and determined as I am, but she must be sad that she gave up herself for you

7 months ago

It depends on what she thinks, does she really like the secret room itself? Or is it just to get in touch with more people of the opposite sex in the name of the secret room? If it’s the former, the money is on her, she spends her own money, and cares about what she does… After communicating with her girlfriend, she can dislike it, but she should also allow the things she dislikes to exist, right ^o^If yes The second one, emmmmm, there is nothing to say about it. But it still depends on what she thinks, especially the long-distance relationship. If a person really wants to do something, you can’t stop it by blocking it. Even if it is blocked this time, she will have more ways to do it next time. Even forcing you to not let you know or lie to you.

7 months ago

Answer: Don’t believe in answers that have been brainwashed by political correctness. People’s moral standards are uneven, and there are only two possibilities if there is no brain to advocate freedom and respect. Either stand on your own ground, pretend to be fair and raise the banner to speak out for your own benefit, and think about what this means. Either you have never seen a routine in the ivory tower. Bad, stupid, or skeptical. At the same time, people’s consciousness is not so free. It is originally affected by various laws of the material world and influenced by various events. If people’s consciousness were so firm and autonomous, the subject of psychology would not have appeared at all. This matter still requires a specific analysis of specific issues, and the information you provide alone cannot give an accurate answer. Give you a usable analysis method. First of all, your lack of possessiveness and sense of security in this matter is completely okay. This does not mean that your girlfriend may want to betray you subjectively, but if someone else is interested in your girlfriend, then the offensive of various routines will be launched, and the average person may not be able to catch it. Even if there are no problems in the end, the process itself is quite responsive. Escape room itself is indeed a normal entertainment project. But at the same time, it is also a very good routine scene, with a natural ambiguous environment, and at the same time it can trigger the suspension bridge effect and show its charm. I guess the warming up relationship between you and your girlfriend also contributed to the escape from the room, so you will resist this. So if you don’t want her to go, there is no problem at all. It’s really hard to say whether it’s the right way to deal with it hard. Generally speaking, if you force her to restrain her, it will give her a very negative feeling, but it is still hard to say whether you give too little information. The point is your purpose, and the reason why you have it. As I said above, you are most likely to act like this out of normal security needs and possessive desires. Then the key to whether this matter is right is whether the things you forbid her to do are really threatening to your relationship. Think along this line of thought. In case one, if she plays with a group of same-sex male girlfriends and there are no other moths at the same time, then you are wrong. It’s not because you are wrong to forbid her to do something that threatens the relationship, but you misjudged something that is not threatening. In the second situation, if there is a member of the opposite sex, or other moths that may be conspiring, then it is very subtle to go to the secret room to escape together. This can be said that you are right, but irrational compulsory prohibition is not a good way. Judge for yourself which situation is the case. How to refuse it is very complicated. Eliminating threats is okay. However, it is difficult to find general terms of thinking when it comes to delicate emotional communication. You should consider this for yourself. In the context of situation two, if you cannot prohibit her from doing this, you should know what it means. Of course, from the point of view of the question, the situation is far from that bad. What needs to be done afterwards is to calm the emotions of the girlfriend. After all, he will definitely be unhappy. And this time it was out of trust for your girlfriend, but got enough negative feedback. It’s not surprising that she won’t report to you after this kind of mess happened a few times. The first is to apologize. After all, this behavior does have a negative impact. It is necessary to repair the negative emotions you have created. after that. If the dog is a little bit more, you can play and tease her, expressing to apologize next time, take her to have fun, make the atmosphere relaxed and happy, and then explain why. If you are sincere, just tell her your anxiety directly. Of course, this suggestion is to call or talk in person. The sooner the better, you can directly let her feel your anxiety. Most likely, she is willing to tolerate your emotions. The two routes can only be said about it, and emotional communication is really hard to talk about. The point is that in the end, you must explain the reason and say that it is non-toxic. Make your own discretion.

7 months ago

The big speechless incident happened. Let’s not talk about it, let’s talk about my experience of playing a horror-themed room escape with someone I like. I decided on this theme. I already know what I want to do. I understand myself. To be honest, if there is no NPC, I am really not afraid at all. All black flashlights and high-energy sound effects are small scenes. After all, it is also a person who has seen the chainsaw scare and evocation. But when I escaped from the room, I went straight to Oscar. At that time, we and a group of junior high school students (it seemed to be) played together. The door was completely black when we entered. We each had a flashlight. He is really the kind who is completely unafraid. Watching horror movies is like watching a food show. So as soon as I walked in, I quietly grabbed a corner of his clothes, and from time to time, I pretended to be frightened and turned my head to look around. Among them was a part who made a grimace in the mirror, and I put my head directly on his shoulder. But if I am really afraid, I am not afraid.

7 months ago

You know how to reflect, very good! But now is not the time to consider not overplaying too much, the main point now is that she wants to play! She wants to play, you don’t let her play. She obediently didn’t go, she complied with you, but she still wanted to go. The escape room is right there, no matter you let her go, she wants to go. Now the best way is to make time to find her, and then accompany her to escape the secret room. You refused her request to escape from the room, you are very happy, she is not happy. If you refuse and promise her to take her back one day, then she will have a little expectation when she is refused, and she won’t be so unhappy.

7 months ago

Don’t listen to the nonsense of the big-breasted brother. If you take the initiative to report, you have already respected you if you report, and the other party has already been very particular about it. It sounds good, pure nonsense. There is a prerequisite for filing, that is, the matter must be within the control of people before it is called filing. For example, if the old man and the old lady want to hold a walking meeting, they should inform the relevant departments in advance, and the relevant departments will approve them according to the situation, so that the local police force can’t control the number of thousands of people. If the scale is too large and beyond the controllable range, it can be directly rejected. This is called reporting! You are a long-distance relationship, what can you control, you will teleport? Can I use the word “report” casually? This is called notification, notification, notification! Besides, why are people angry? Because people are not prepared for the psychological expectation that you will not let them go, in their opinion, you shouldn’t have any opinions. Is this respecting you? Why didn’t I see it. Unilaterally notified, and then refused to say no, and finally said it was respecting me. This obviously doesn’t make sense. If you want to look at this matter objectively, you have to filter out those nonsense answers. It is obvious that a small contradiction has risen to such a high latitude of reporting and respect. I am embarrassed. If you make a fuss, don’t blame me for looking. You loopholes. Finally, answer the question. Long-distance relationship is not easy, and it is not easy to manifest in all aspects. Not only can you endure not being able to see each other, but also tolerate various problems based on not being able to see each other. Many normal activities are designed to keep you far away. The other half can’t be satisfied with peace of mind. If you don’t have this awareness, don’t have a long-distance relationship. Maybe it’s still decent to make a disagreement now.

7 months ago

If you can ask, it shows that you know how to change positions and make sense. This is the major premise. With this premise, the answer you need at this time is not whether you should agree to your girlfriend to play in the secret room, but to figure out how you should get along with your girlfriend. This is a single point problem. Your passionate and intimate relationship has begun to have some contradictions. This is a relationship that belongs to you. Do you feel troubled? Want to learn a solution as soon as possible? To listen to other people’s opinions? If you follow any of the yes or no options in these answers, no matter what the final result is, you may regret it in the future, and if this happens, your question may become your emotion of angering unrelated people. Exit. Dealing with emotional problems is a compulsory course in life. Regardless of whether the answer is right or wrong, and the score is high or low, you can do it after you think it through. PS Love is not a business, but maintaining a relationship is a business, and it needs to be managed. As for whether to maintain it, it also depends on whether two people share the burden together or one person carries it.

7 months ago

Yes, because this is something that should not be interfered with. If your girlfriend will not be moved by men outside, then your distrust will make her dissatisfied. If your girlfriend will be moved by a man outside, then there is no shortage of this room escape experience, and a few more romantic encounters are enough to pry the corner. To put it bluntly, I have always insisted on the saying “a long-distance relationship is good for four people”. So, if she escapes in the secret room, you let her go; then you also report to her, saying that you want to go shopping, watch movies, and go to KTV. Everyone trusts each other, does not make their own promises, does not give up, and then maybe they will find better people soon. How great.

7 months ago

In my opinion, that is very excessive. Because you two play escape room and she leads you the whole time, do you think she will lead others when she hangs out with others? How do you distrust her? Besides, maybe the girls playing with her are all girls? Maybe she is not so scared? Maybe she just took the opportunity to promote your relationship? The most uncomfortable thing is that some people who don’t let you do this or that in the name of being good to you, have you ever thought that when you two have a long-distance relationship, she was not accompanied by anyone at first, and now it’s hard to come by Someone asked her to go out together, and she promised others happily, but when you refused or agreed, she had to run out and explain to others that she couldn’t go. Have you ever thought about her mood when she explained to others? Have you ever wondered how you want her to explain to others? Say your boyfriend won’t let me? ? What do you think her friends would say about her, what would they think of her? Think about it in another way. You want to go out for dinner with your friends. Your girlfriend will not let you go. What do they say about you when you talk to your friends? How do you feel? Besides, since she has discussed with you, it proves that she has a clear conscience. If there is anything, do you think she would be so stupid to tell you? Wouldn’t it be better to go directly? Anyway, you don’t know how far the emperor is. Since she has discussed with you, it proves that she cares about you, but you are fine, and directly disagree. As a girl, I really feel wronged for your girlfriend. When she wants you to accompany her, you are not there, and even when she hangs out with her friends, she thinks about asking for your opinion, but you directly disagree. Brother, I just want to ask, you can’t accompany you, you don’t let you go out with friends, do you want people to cut off all your circle of friends in the world, there is only one you separated by thousands of miles? Does it make you happy if she spends her time alone? Your girlfriend is not your personal belongings. She has her own life. If you are the only one, she will give up her life completely, and take your words as the imperial decree all day long. What are you doing? If you don’t let it, you will not do it. Do you think she will be happy? If you are not at ease, go to her to accompany her. If you don’t believe her, you can’t accompany her. Can you blame her for her fault? To be honest, if it were me, I would not accept it. The most important thing in love is trust. Obviously, you didn’t believe her.

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