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Last year, 41-year-old Ms. Wang from Suzhou, Jiangsu Province met a man online and was cheated of 220,000 yuan by an investment platform recommended by him. Ms. Wang was unwilling to talk with each other for nearly 8 months. In May of this year, the liar Wu was arrested when he rushed to Changshu to see Ms. Wang. It turned out that Wu was engaged in telecommunications fraud in Southeast Asia. After he succeeded, he saw that Ms. Wang looked pretty and was not willing to delete it. Currently, Wu has been detained.

In September last year, Ms. Wang (pseudonym) reported to the police that she had been defrauded of more than 220,000 by an unfamiliar man. However, due to limited clues, little progress has been made. Ms. Wang was quite unwilling in her heart, so she pretended to talk about “love” with the liar, and after talking for nearly 8 months, she actually achieved a shocking reversal. In May of this year, Ms. Wang came to the police station again, saying that the man who lied to her last time was coming to Changshu to look for her, and showed relevant evidence. Subsequently, the police arrested the man. At present, Wu has been criminally detained by the Changshu Public Security Bureau on suspicion of fraud, and the case is under further investigation.

I couldn’t help but think of this news: People don’t traffic me, I’m not traffickers. I was abducted by a girl who backhanded the traffickers and traffickers were raped. But because he was under eighteen years old, the court was not guilty in the second instance. The girl who was almost abducted was called Liu Hui, who had just graduated from high school and was just one day away from turning 18 when the crime occurred. After she went to play in the city, when she was about to go home, she found her wallet had been stolen by a thief. In desperation, the little girl shouted from the crowd: “Who stole my wallet. At this time, a woman in her 30s squeezed out of the crowd and walked to Liu Hui’s body and said, “Where did the little girl go?” Liu Hui said she was going home, but lost her wallet and couldn’t buy a ticket. The woman then asked, “Where is your home?” “Liu Hui said about the location of her home. Who knows the woman said after listening: “This is a coincidence. I want to go there too. I will buy the ticket for you and return it to me when I get home.” “This woman called herself Liu Mei. After returning to the county town, after getting out of the car, Liu Mei said that her uncle’s house was in a hurry, and she asked Liu Hui to accompany her to go home. After arriving at her uncle Liu Mei’s house, Liu Mei arranged for Liu Hui went to the room to rest, saying that she and her uncle had something to say. After a while, Liu Mei brought back a dirty man, pushed open the door of the room where Liu Hui was, looked at the door for a while, and then closed it again. Liu Hui didn’t know what he was doing, but she also became suspicious, guessing that she might have encountered a human trafficker. When she was about to push the door to go out, she found that the door had been locked. Liu Hui put her ear on the door. , Vaguely heard: The dirty man asked Liu Mei how much money, and set 4000 yuan after bargaining. Liu Mei said that it was not easy to send it in daylight, but waited to send it at night. Liu Hui lay on the bed and pretended to sleep, Liu Mei came in , Said to take her out to visit later. Liu Hui took the opportunity to tell Liu Mei that she had three classmates, none of them were admitted to the university, and the four of them had spoken well, and they would share the blessings. So they discussed the four of them after returning home. Let’s go out to find a job together. Liu Mei heard that he could earn three more people’s money, and quickly said that her uncle just happened to be working in the city and could be introduced to work. Liu Hui said that Liu Mei would take her home first and call her three classmates Let’s go together and come out again when the time comes. Liu Mei, who is fascinated by money, agreed without thinking. She also sneaked out to make a phone call and told the man just now to send the little girl over in a few days. Then the two returned to the place where Liu Hui’s house was. Liu Mei moved into a guest house. Liu Hui went to find her classmates. After Liu Hui left the guest house, she wanted to call the police immediately, but thought there was no evidence. While hesitating, she saw a one-eyed man on the side of the road. Picking up the tatters. Liu Hui ran over and talked to one eye: “Why is the uncle alone in such a cold day, your child? “One eye said, I don’t have any children. I don’t have a wife yet. Liu Hui said, you can buy it if you don’t have a wife. I know a woman in her thirties who is very beautiful. If you want to introduce it to you. One eye said that’s great, how much do you want, Liu Hui said, five or six hundred yuan is fine, but what if she sees you and doesn’t want to do it? One eye said, you take her to my place. You don’t need to take care of the rest. Liu Hui went back to the guest house and saw Liu Mei said to her: Auntie, I met those classmates and they all wanted to work with me, but the parent of one classmate was worried. Let me take a look and talk to them about the situation. Liu Hui led Liu Mei directly to Yiyan’s house. The tramp took 500 yuan and turned around and locked Liu Mei in the room. Liu Hui hurriedly Ran home. After seeing her parents, Liu Hui cried and told her parents about what happened today. After hearing this, her parents felt that they could not let the traffickers off, so they went to the police station to report the case. The police heard Liu Hui’s speech After I told her, thank you for reporting the crime to us, but if you sold her, we will also detain you. The police rushed to Yiyan’s house, but Liu Mei was not there anymore, only one eye was there alone. It turned out that one eye was also a personal trafficker. He raped Liu Mei and sold it to Li Daguai, a bachelor in the same village. The police later found Liu Mei and the others. The procuratorate filed a prosecution against this series of security checks: Liu Mei specializes in trafficking. Women and children have been abducted and sold five or six and were sentenced to life imprisonment; “uncle” and “aunt” were sentenced to ten years in prison for abducting women and children; one eye was sentenced to 18 years for rape and trafficking in women and children; Li Abducted abducted women was sentenced to two years. Liu Hui was also sentenced to three years for the crime of abducting women. His parents refused to accept it and went to the court. A judge explained that the minimum sentence for abducting women and children is five years. It has been three years, and it has been lenient. Liu Hui’s parents still dissatisfied, so they found a lawyer and filed an appeal. At the hearing, the lawyer listed three items. First, Liu Hui was not satisfied with the eighteenth anniversary of the crime, and it was only her tenth day that Liu Hui committed the crime. On her eighth birthday, she should focus on education and punishment; second, she is not subjectively malicious, just for revenge, not for profit; third, she has performed a major meritorious service to help the police catch the four traffickers. Finally, the city intermediate level After trial, the people’s court decided to criticize and educate Liu Hui and no longer sentence him.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Liars are also humans, they also have emotions and desires, and they want to get married and marry a wife to live a stable life. However, the main thing is that the 41-year-old Ms. Wang is beautiful and well-maintained, which has beaten the liar’s IQ by more than 50%. It seems that being beautiful (dressing) is more important than IQ. The article mentions Southeast Asia, which is terrible, so I will stay permanently in Southeast Asia to remind my compatriots in Southeast Asia to stay away from illegal activities and do business in a serious manner. If you do something bad, it’s not that you don’t report it. The time has not come. Maybe sometime you will be killed by the IQ of the 41-year-old beautiful woman you want to do. In Southeast Asia, don’t coffee shops have many 20-year-old mm who can drink coffee? As follows: Actually, I think this liar is trying to cheat more money to take the risk. I lied to 220,000, and I was thinking about 2.2 million.

7 months ago

What this case shows, don’t blindly trust others in a field you are not familiar with, otherwise you will be deceived if your IQ is not online~ In the investment field, Ms. Wang’s IQ is not online, and the fraudster Wu defrauded 220,000 on the grounds of investment. In the social field, the liar Wu’s IQ is not online, and he actually believes that a person who has been harmed by him will fall in love with him. I don’t know if he has blind confidence in his looks or IQ. Such cases are really alive. It’s been seen for a long time that a scammer can be countered by a scammer, and it’s rare. This case can get public attention because the scammer can use his own strategy to return the scammer to get it arrested. But in addition to this case, there are also There are many deceived persons whose property has not been recovered. Moreover, this Ms. Wang’s funds may not be able to recover too much, and the catch is not the mastermind, but only one of the criminal gangs, which also involves transnational In the case, when the police follow along, maybe the gang has already escaped. Having said that, investments need to be cautious, especially those invited by strangers. If there is such a profitable project, how could it be your turn? Will he not earn it himself? So keep a clear mind and don’t do it on your own. Familiar areas to easily trust others and invest~

7 months ago

As one of the common scams, everyone may not be unfamiliar with it. Although the protagonist successfully killed the suspect with his “beauty”, he owes a lot to the other victims. Foreign debts and the dissemination of wives and ions are their true portrayal. Because the scam gangs not only want to empty the victims’ current wallets, but also their future wallets. Why are so many people fooled? Why is the amount defrauded so large? Why do some victims prefer to take a loan and insist on transferring money to a scammer? The answers to all these are hidden in the routine of killing pigs. The first type of killing pig: gaining trust usually scam gangs will package themselves into the image of Gao Fushuai (Bai Fumei), and create people who are not bad enough to disarm the victims. After that, they will get into the relationship every day when they are victimized. The writer thinks that when love falls, the story has just begun. With the deepening of the relationship, the other party will always “unintentionally” reveal their secrets of making money in the chat, which is not only easy but also high in return. When the victim’s curiosity is aroused, he has fallen into the trap and fraud. The gang will wait for you to take the initiative to ask this question, in order to introduce their fraud tools-wealth management platforms, betting sites, etc. In order to defraud trust, scammers usually show their profits, and even give their account and password to the victim to check, telling the victim that he has found a “gambling website loophole” or “inside information”, to invite you to make a lot of money. A search on WeChat mini-program for “Online Dating Rollover Scene, Script Killing”, few tough guys can get to the last level. The second type of killing pig: Encourage investment victims to think that the opportunity to get rich is right in front of them, but they do not know that what is waiting for him will be a bottomless abyss. Initially, on the platforms recommended by the scam gangs, you might really make some money, but this is just a bait released by the scammers. When the victims continue to invest more, the fish will be hooked. The third type of killing pig: increase investment. Some scam gangs will use investment losses to guide victims to continue to invest. When victims’ funds are not enough, they will provide information on online lending platforms so that victims can be affected. While cheating, he was also burdened with debts with high interest rates. Many victims are also deeply involved because of the way of taking a fight to get their money back. In the end, what awaits them is naturally lost. The fourth type of killing pig: Can not withdraw the higher the input of the victim, the higher the “profit” on the platform, but the only thing that will change is the string of numbers on the platform. When the victim wants to withdraw, the scammer will try to squeeze the victim’s final value. The platform prevents withdrawals for various reasons, or further defrauds the victim’s money by paying a withdrawal fee. The fifth type of killing pig: disappear until the scammer feels that the victim is of little use value, and tells the victim that “we” is doing something illegal. In an emergency, it needs to delete the data and destroy all the evidence of being deceived. . Ms. Wang can pretend to fall in love with a liar after being scammed and trick him into returning to the country is really rare. Not everyone has the opportunity to fight the scammer, because he was cheated of all his savings and entered. There are countless extreme victims. This is a good example for anti-fraud propaganda. However, in addition to personal experience, the police from Wuhan Anti-fraud Center showed up, and the students from Wuhan University jointly sang the rap song “Routine”. The role of anti-fraud propaganda. I hope that there will be less personal experience and more hearsay on the road of anti-fraud propaganda.

7 months ago

There is still an advantage to being beautiful. Moreover, this Ms. Wang is still a 41-year-old young woman. It can be said that the milfs still have the charm. Can also deceive a liar. After the liar lied to others, he didn’t rush to delete the business object, but he still wanted to continue to develop. This business is also unskilled, and he is not an old liar at first glance. Moreover, this liar would not protect his privacy, and even let Ms. Wang know his appearance and private contact information. Not at all vigilant, really embarrassing a liar. However, it can also be seen from this incident that a smart woman plus a stupid liar still has a chance to avenge herself. However, such a case can be said to be one out of ten thousand surviving cases. Victims should never take a fluke and think that they can deceive a liar like Ms. Wang. The vast majority of victims will only be deceived twice or even three times. For example, there was a case in which a victim fell in love online, was tricked into gambling by an online dating partner, and lost money. After finding out that he was cheated, he went to the Internet to find a hacker to get his money back, and was cheated by a fake hacker for the second time. Then he went to the Internet to find the police, and was deceived by the fake police. Then he went to the Internet to find a lawyer, and was deceived by a fake lawyer. Finally, I remembered calling 110 to the police. Internet financial management needs to be cautious, and beware of fraud.

7 months ago

Good-looking and thoughtful girls are invincible, routine operations. In Chengdu, a female colleague’s iPhone was stolen, and the thief was tracked down to ask the other party to return it and was rejected. The police station also felt that it should be accepted. This female colleague asked our secretary sister to add the other party’s WeChat to chat online. How should I put it, the charm of our secretary sister made this dear friend instantly fall so much that he forgot to think about whether he was worthy or not. Three days later, he rushed to the police station. Several colleagues who had been waiting in Champagne Square were caught in one fell swoop and sent to the police station.

7 months ago

There is a sentence written very classic, and I saw that Ms. Wang looked very beautiful and didn’t want to delete it. However, the vast majority of telecom scams will block you after they lure you to invest, which does not have typical significance. If I have to say a warning, I can only say, if I want to look beautiful too.

7 months ago

Lawyers interpreted from the perspective of economics, this is a vivid and realistic case of game theory. Fraud itself is a one-shot deal. If you have troubles, hiding your merits and fame is the best strategy for scammers. For the victims, it is difficult to counter scammers, because fraud is a one-shot deal, and there is a prisoner’s dilemma. The fundamental way to solve the prisoner’s dilemma lies in multiple rounds of games to form a Nash equilibrium, that is, this time you stabbed me in the back, and the next time I have the opportunity to stabb you. Form a stable game form that respects each other’s interests—namely, Nash equilibrium. The nuclear balance formed between two countries that have each other’s secondary nuclear counterattack capabilities can also be seen as a manifestation of the Nash equilibrium. The cleverness of the heroine in this case lies in the clever use of beauty tricks to turn the unsolvable prisoner’s dilemma into multiple rounds of games, and the opponents of the game are uncooperative (stabbing a knife in the back). There is a price.

7 months ago

The key point of the circle is “Seeing that Ms. Wang is beautiful, I can’t bear to delete it.” If a person is not beautiful, he may not even have the opportunity to fight back after being deceived. So I have always felt that people who are not beautiful should never have online dating. Especially those with average conditions who want to use online dating to get a marriage counterattack must be sober and sober. In reality, they can’t be found, and it’s just a waste of time and energy on the Internet. At the same time, it gives crooks the opportunity to commit crimes. It is better to go on a blind date in a down-to-earth manner, at least know the basics, and at least have a lower risk. You may not be able to find an object in reality, but the biggest risk is just being rejected, but searching for an object on the Internet makes you run out of money in minutes without even seeing the other person.

7 months ago

Warning: Be cautious when making friends online. After all, not everyone can fool the scammer back like this girl, especially this kind of scammer in foreign countries. The police will still have some difficulties in handling the case. After all, the scammer in this case only needs to treat the victim. Deleted, or as long as you do not return to your country, the possibility of arrest will be relatively small. So online chat is okay, but be careful not to be tempted, you can solve your boredom, and you must be careful when it comes to money! No matter how much money is, do you think that giving little by little at the beginning is prudent? People may just put a long line to catch a big fish and call the police in time if something goes wrong, don’t drag!

7 months ago

After reading Ms. Wang’s story, the editor only wants to say two words: admire! If you can’t eat the hardship of lying down, you won’t be able to make back the money you’ve been deceived! I hope that friends who are engaged in “online dating” will open their eyes and see the Internet clearly. What I chat and confide in every day is whether a person is a ghost or a big liar who cheats money and affection. In fact, there are too many cases of online emotional fraud, and most of them are in the end. Very few people can reverse the story like Ms. Wang did. Today, I want to talk to you about “being deceived”. Someone asked me, who is most likely to be deceived? My answer is people who are willing to be deceived. Would anyone still be willing to be deceived? ! some. When our inner needs are not met, being deceived is our choice. Two examples of being deceived. Recently, a friend told me about his anxiety. He said that every time his mother came out of the countryside to live in the city for a year or a half, she would be deceived, and the amount of lost property was not much, only a few yuan or ten yuan, but he was very worried. However, this kind of thing would not happen when his mother returned to her hometown in the countryside. I met his mother, a very shrewd woman. Seeing him so anxious, I said “being deceived may be her need.” He immediately opened his eyes: Why? I said, “Perhaps it is because of guilt.” Every time she comes to the city, only when she is defrauded of some small possessions can her heart be at ease, as if she needs to be punished. Still in the country. She thinks she should live the same life as everyone else in the countryside. After his friends got to know him, he began to understand why his mother had to help the neighbors in the village and the uncles and brothers so hard. When appropriate, he also offered a helping hand. The discomfort caused by the urban and rural differences between the mother and child has gradually improved. Open the historical scroll, let’s pick up an example. In 1938, British Prime Minister Chamberlain and Hitler signed the “Munich Agreement”, which led to Britain’s passivity in the Second World War. At that time, Hitler lied that there was no war plan and demanded that the borders of Czechoslovakia be re-delineated in accordance with his requirements. The fact is that the German army then aggressively attacked Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain felt deceived because of this. If we look at the entire incident in the context of history, we will find that being deceived was not for no reason. Chamberlain’s gullibility came from his inner desire: he hoped that his appeasement policy would be successful and that British interests would be protected. This undoubtedly “helped” Hitler’s success, because if he expressed distrust of Hitler’s promise, it would be equivalent to admitting the bankruptcy of the appeasement policy. For him personally, this consequence is more terrifying than the outbreak of a war. It can be seen that on the surface it seems that Chamberlain was deceived, but the actual deception is not wishful thinking. The PUA (Pick-up Artist) that everyone talked about before, the core is to point to the inner desire of the deceived. If you don’t understand this, it can be said that it is impossible to guard against. People who can fully understand their unmet inner needs will at least not be confused and deceived. Being deceived is a kind of self-deprecating-am I a liar if I am not worth a lie? Not necessarily. In the hearts of many deceived people, they themselves are the liar. Women who grew up in a patriarchal culture generally have low inner self-worth. Especially in families where parents place older brothers or younger brothers first, and despise or devalue girls, girls will unconsciously identify with the projections of their parents and plant the seeds of “I am inferior” or “I am the second choice” in their hearts. This seed will be deeply buried in a small corner of the inner world, waiting for the time to take root and sprout. In order to keep themselves out of the secondary position, in order to get attention, in order to allow mom and dad to see themselves, and to fight for a sigh of relief, many people in this group often work hard and make progress. The hard work of overcoming obstacles and starring all the way, often results in not only reading well, but also finding a good job and gaining a good social status, and the whole person’s spirit is completely reborn. The material satisfaction of the parents and the leading position in the society make the parents feel that this daughter is promising and reliable. However, what remains unchangeable is the first choice in parents with strong patriarchal consciousness: no matter how bad it is, it is still a good thing. The daughter’s faint resentment grows, and all the “difficulty of thinking”, like a black hole filled with dissatisfaction, like a mulberry leaf that has been eaten away, all need to be “affirmed” one by one, and “being concerned” again and again to continuously fill in . But I still haven’t got the approval of my parents, no matter how hard I tried, I haven’t been really recognized. No matter how good a life I lead, it doesn’t seem to belong to me, because I’m not worth it. The little girl who was born many years ago knew that because she didn’t “bring a hand”, she was worthless. But she didn’t know that no matter how hard she worked, she would never be able to meet the expectations of her parents-“bring a hand”, nor would she be able to get the welcome and blessings at the first moments of coming to the world. No matter how hard you work, it will only be “high imitation”, and the feeling that you can never become a “genuine” is deeply rooted in your heart, making yourself a “liar”. The experience of not being cherished and not being valued makes the girl full of flattery and obedience at the stage of love. You don’t need a handful of sugar, one can coax you home. Hidden under “Kochi” is a fragile heart, a strong inferiority complex, and a hesitation with nowhere to rest. It is often seen that good girls fall in love with bad men. She is a top student, how could she be deceived? Her “conditions” are so good, how can the criteria for choosing a mate be lower and lower? Did she meet a liar? Yes, even if deceived, she is willing. Here, she is safe, she ranks first, she has a sense of superiority, and she can satisfy her inner desire to be valued and paid attention to. During this time, everyone is talking about PUA, how to prevent it, and how to recognize it. Don’t know this is the second step. The first step is to look back and see if there is a black hole in your heart that can be broken with one attack. PUA is hard to guard against. What can be prevented is to go back to yourself, find the unsatisfied black hole left by your childhood, find the forgotten seed that thrives in the small corner of your heart-find the little girl whose existence value has been devalued, find the beloved Put the cutie in the second place, treat her carefully, take good care of her, allow her to grow up, and make her your first and favorite.

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