May 24, Cangzhou, Hebei. In a hacking incident in a middle school in Renqiu City, a man was taken away by the police on the spot. In the video, a student wearing a school uniform fell to the ground with blood stains beside him. According to media reports, the killer has been taken away by the police and is suspected of being mentally ill. At present, the case is being processed, and the details are subject to official notification.

Mental illness is to avoid death gold medal? Mental patients who cause harm when they cannot identify or control their behaviors are not criminally liable if they are identified through legal procedures, but their family members or guardians should be ordered to take strict care and medical treatment; when necessary, the government shall force them Medical. Intermittent mental patients who commit crimes when they are mentally normal should bear criminal responsibility. Intermittent psychosis is a legal concept, not a psychiatric concept. Medical psychosis can have different levels of remission: it is completely relieved and the psychiatric symptoms have completely disappeared before it can be considered normal and rated as full responsibility; although it is in remission, there are still residual symptoms or personality changes, mentality The state is not completely normal, and when harmful behavior occurs, its ability to identify or control can be significantly weakened, and it should be assessed as the ability to limit liability. If a mental patient who has not completely lost the ability to recognize or control his own behavior commits a crime, he shall bear criminal responsibility, but may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. The incompetent persons specified in the Criminal Law refer to minors under the age of 14 and mental patients who are completely unable to recognize their behavior. Mental illness refers to serious mental illnesses recognized by medicine, excluding some relatively minor ones. Mental problems and abnormal psychology. Whether the mental patient bears legal responsibility depends on whether the person’s mental illness has been confirmed by the forensic doctor, and whether he was in a state of illness when he was acting, and whether he has completely lost the ability to identify and control his own behavior.


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7 months ago

Suspected of mental illness? Many hacking incidents seem to be the case for the perpetrators, so why do they choose weak students instead of strong tough guys? This shows that when committing crimes, he is sober-minded to seek benefits and avoid harm, and he specifically chooses the location of the crime instead of temporary indiscriminate killing. It shows that he has self-awareness when committing the crime. In addition, mental illness hurts people frequently, especially those with intermittent neurological conditions, which are difficult to judge and convict. It is necessary to do a psychiatric evaluation in time. Otherwise, wouldn’t this kind of excuse for “mental illness” deliberately hurt people more frequently? Also, where’s the guardian?

7 months ago

Such incidents have occurred 4 times in the past two months. The current global economic turmoil will definitely affect the stability of domestic social security. However, our current society is insufficiently prepared to deal with such emergencies. An hacking incident occurred in a middle school in Renqiu City, Hebei, causing two students to be hacked and injured. Such things are often a step too late when the police arrive. At present, the society has some shortcomings in responding to emergencies: 1. The general public lacks emergency plan training for such incidents. Many people encounter this situation and don’t know how to deal with them. They are panicked and overwhelmed, fearing that they will be harmed and retreat. . Relevant departments can refer to firefighting and provide regular training to people working in public places. At the same time, explosion-proof equipment should be placed in a suitable place. 2. There is a lack of adequate publicity and reward mechanisms for those who do what is right. On April 6, Dr. Yuan Feng successfully saved the woman’s life in Jinsha County, Guizhou Province. But there are not many people who know it, and it is estimated whether the local government has given substantive rewards. If good things do not go out, bad things will spread for thousands of miles. During the Spring and Autumn Period, according to the law of the Lu Kingdom, the people of Lu were concubines and concubines to the princes, and those who could redeem them took gold from the mansion. Zigong redeemed the people of Lu to the princes and gave them money. Confucius said: “Give and lose! The actions of the husband and the saint can be changed, and the teaching can be applied to the people, and it is not the only way to suit oneself. Today, the rich and the poor are many in the Lu country. The gold is not detrimental to the deeds. If you take the money, you won’t redeem people.” Confucius always advocated: “repay your grievances directly, and repay virtue by virtue.” He meant: “Zigong, you are wrong! What the saints do can change folk customs and customs. Using this as a teaching can be taught to the common people to learn, not just for their own behavior. Nowadays, there are few rich people in Lu State and many poor people. If you receive government bounty, your reputation for behavior will not be damaged; and you refuse to receive it. Bounty, in the future, other people will ransom someone back. If you go to receive the bounty, some people will say that he is not as good as Zi Gong, and he will be ridiculed by others, and he will be regarded as a greedy person. In this way, no one in Lu will redeem him. Let’s return to the compatriots who died.” When you are rewarded for doing good deeds, everyone will imitate each other, and the whole people will rise up to act bravely. Let the heroes who see righteousness and courage have no worries.

7 months ago

Mental illness has become a gold medal for immunity from death, and is regarded as a “life-saving straw” by many heinous people. Maybe he really has this disease, but he appeared at the school gate with a knife. I deeply suspect that he was not mentally ill at the time or that he was a purposeful act of revenge, which means that he was likely to have a clear head He should have full behavioral ability at the time and should be able to recognize or control his own behavior, but he had a mental attack afterwards, so he was considered to be mentally ill. According to Article 18 of the Criminal Law, if a mental patient causes harm when he is unable to identify or control his own behavior, he shall not be held criminally responsible if he is identified through legal procedures, but his family or guardian shall be ordered to take strict care and medical treatment; When necessary, the government will compulsory medical treatment. Intermittent mental patients who commit crimes when they are mentally normal should bear criminal responsibility. Intermittent mental patients have the ability to identify or control their own behavior when they are mentally normal. Therefore, they should be criminally responsible for their criminal behavior. Mental patients who have not completely lost or controlled their behavior commit a crime, and shall bear criminal responsibility, but they may be given a lighter or mitigated punishment. The key to whether a mental patient should be held criminally responsible is whether he has the ability to recognize or control his behavior during the behavior; whether he has the ability to recognize or control his behavior during the behavior can neither be determined based on the confession of the perpetrator nor the subjective judgment of the investigator , But must be confirmed through legal identification procedures; for mental patients who are not criminally liable because they do not have the capacity for criminal responsibility, they should not be left alone, but their family members or guardians should be ordered to take strict care and medical treatment, when necessary Medical treatment can also be compulsory by the government. For those with mental illness and potentially violent tendencies, at present, society has not yet formed the means and degree of assistance for such mental patients, and there is a gap. How to better strengthen the identification, management, treatment, and shelter of mental patients is a long and systematic social project. It is necessary to strengthen the determination and management of the responsibilities of the guardian of mental patients, and do a good job of the duties of the guardian, so as to strengthen the guardianship responsibility that the guardian needs to bear, on the one hand, to restrain the mental patient from being completely or indirectly disabled from dangerous behaviors that may be harmful to the outside world .

7 months ago

Is it mental illness again? ! In such cases, will mental illness become a “death-free gold medal”? ! Everyone is paying attention. Mental illness is indeed the cause of liability in my country’s criminal law. If someone is identified as having no or limited criminal capacity at the time of the case, he will “escape” the penalty to a large extent and ultimately decide on compulsory medical treatment. Will you be saved from death this time because of mental illness? Don’t worry, even if you are diagnosed as mentally ill, you are not immune to death. Let’s take a look at the Huang Yichuan murder case in 2018: On June 6, 2018, Huang Yichuan thought that he was bullied and hurt by others, resulting in the murder of innocent children in order to vent his personal anger. He conducted repeated field observations in Shanghai and finally decided to target the students of Shanghai Foreign Language Primary School. At 7 o’clock on June 28 of the same year, Huang Yichuan took a pre-prepared stainless steel chop and spied around the school, waiting for an opportunity to commit crimes. At 11:30, Huang Yichuan followed the students and their parents of the school. When they were about 130 meters from the south gate of the school, Huang Yichuan took out a stainless steel chop to kill them. Caused Tan Moumou’s neck spine, cervical spinal cord and vertebral artery to be chopped off by a sharp instrument, resulting in central nervous system damage combined with hemorrhagic shock and death; Fei Moumou was chopped off by a sharp instrument to cut his head, face and left palm, etc. The cranial cavity was opened, the left hand was severed, and other craniocerebral injuries were caused, combined with hemorrhagic shock and died; the head injuries of Jin XX and Zhang XX constituted minor injuries. Huang Yichuan was immediately controlled by the masses and security personnel after the attack. After identification, Huang Yichuan suffers from schizophrenia and has the ability to limit criminal liability in this case. The Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court found that the defendant Huang Yichuan’s actions caused two deaths and two minor injuries, which constituted the crime of intentional homicide. Huang Yichuan was prepared to commit serious violence against innocent children near the campus. The criminal motives are extremely despicable, the criminal methods are extremely cruel, the criminal consequences are extremely serious, and the social impact is extremely serious. Moreover, his mental illness has no obvious impact on his ability to recognize and control his behavior when committing a crime, so he should be severely punished in accordance with the law. On May 23, 2019, Huang Yichuan was sentenced to death and deprived of political rights for life for committing intentional homicide. In accordance with the execution order issued by the Supreme People’s Court, the Shanghai No. 1 Intermediate Court has executed the criminal Huang Yichuan in accordance with the law. my country’s criminal law stipulates that if a mental patient who has not completely lost the ability to recognize or control his own behavior commits a crime, he shall bear criminal responsibility, but it may be lightened or mitigated. The law clearly states that it is “may” instead of “should”. The specific judgment shall be decided by the judge. The first-instance judgment detailed the reasons for not imposing lighter punishment on Huang Yichuan: “For those who have limited criminal responsibility…generally they are given lighter or mitigated punishments, but they cannot be generalized… Although Huang Yichuan suffers from mental illness, he is not Retaliation against delusion subjects under pathological reactions is not indiscriminate violence to others. Rather, after repeated weighings, we consciously choose weak students as the targets of murder…Only by severe punishment in accordance with the law can we maintain public safety and advocate Social justice plays a role in punishing and preventing crime.” In the second instance, the public prosecution agency used four “extreme” to describe the viciousness of Huang Yichuan’s crime: extremely despicable motives, extremely cruel criminal methods, extremely serious criminal consequences, and extremely social impact. bad. Thus the death sentence was upheld. To sum up, in such cases, whether the perpetrator’s criminal behavior is the loss of prosecution ability caused by the onset of mental illness, or does whatever he wants under the guise of mental illness, contempt for the law and human life, must be combined with forensic identification, objective case evidence and other evidence. Consider. An explanation to the deceased and to the common people!

7 months ago

Schools, slashing people with knives, indiscriminate attacks…Similar vicious and violent crimes happen frequently. Whether the slasher is actually in a state of mental illness when committing the crime is believed to be of the greatest concern to the public. In many criminal cases, criminal suspects often apply to judicial authorities to appraise themselves after the incident. Can mental patients become a “shield” from responsibility for people with ulterior motives? the answer is negative. There are strict regulations for the initiation of judicial authentication procedures, and not all cases require the initiation of this procedure. Moreover, in the criminal cases of mental patients handled by the procuratorate, the final appraisal conclusions of many cases show that the criminal suspect can identify and control his own behavior when committing the crime, so he has full criminal responsibility ability and needs to bear criminal responsibility. In this type of case, the suspect cannot determine the circumstances for mitigation or mitigation, and some are identified as limiting the capacity for criminal responsibility. In this type of case, a lighter punishment was imposed at the time of sentencing, but criminal responsibility must also be borne. As for crimes committed by the mentally ill, compared to punishment, the prevention of crimes by the mentally ill is a problem that needs to be solved urgently. Only in this way can the frequent occurrence of wounding cases by the mentally ill be curbed. The group of mentally ill patients is not far from us. Unprovoked panic and blind rejection or ignorance will not solve the problem. The society should pay attention to mentally ill patients in advance to their daily life, medical treatment, and disease status, rather than waiting for some serious illnesses. Of patients brandished knives in public. For such a large group of mental patients, the supervision of the family alone cannot guarantee the stability of the social order; the social disorder that it may cause should be included in the social governance system as soon as possible, and the judgment should be made as soon as possible. The consequence was decided to impose restrictions on it.

7 months ago

It was after 7 o’clock in the morning, which was the peak time for school. The abducted were the third and first grade students. This matter undoubtedly left a shadow on the students and their parents. There seems to be a commonality in the repeated incidents of hacking people in schools. The hacking people are basically suspected of being mentally ill, making people feel sad… Why do mental patients always love to reach out to schools? Weak fortifications around the school? Or are schools prone to stimulate criminals? …… Apart from the pain, I can’t stop thinking about it, but I’m still suffering from it. It’s so sad!

7 months ago

In these days, whoever made mistakes used mental illness as an excuse. Co-authoring is still an umbrella? Yesterday, in the class meeting, talking about recent news reports, the students sighed that there were people who retaliated against the society due to investment failure, people who killed innocent people because of love frustration, and people who drew their swords because of impulse. Because “mentally ill” extended the hand of evil to innocent elementary and middle school students… The students talked a lot after hearing them, most of them were fighting injustices for those innocent people. Unexpectedly, I got it right after class was over. This news and hot search, this time, it’s not kindergarten children or elementary school students who are hurt, but a little older, but still a child’s middle school student. Therefore, these kinds of incidents have taught us the following blood lessons time and time again. Item 1. The school should strengthen security measures. This point has to boast that the security guards of our school and the two security guards are more conscientious. Generally speaking, except for students and faculty members (and superior leaders), basically other unrelated people When you are not allowed to enter the campus, and during normal working hours, from 8 am to 4:20 pm, the school gates are basically closed. The guardian will also observe carefully in the duty room. If there is a teacher or student coming in and out of the guard, the school’s gate is basically closed. The gate will be opened and closed immediately. Basically, there have been no major mistakes. In addition, there are traffic police and policemen on duty at the school entrance and school time. On the one hand, the existence of traffic police can reduce traffic congestion at the school entrance and also make Everyone reduces the speed of the car and reduces accidents. The presence of the police can also play a deterrent effect. Basically, everyone will not directly hit the gun. So, relatively speaking, our school is relatively reliable in this respect. . 2. Teachers and students must learn a certain degree of knowledge of self-protection and self-help. Nowadays, various social cases that arouse public outrage emerge in an endless stream. It seems that all cases will pick the weak to start. As the saying goes, “Persimmons must pick the weak.” Mental patients also understand this. The elderly, children, girls and even pregnant women have become the “target group” in the eyes of these people because they have low vigilance, weak resistance and resistance, excellent control and easy action, so I I feel that it is necessary for everyone to learn a certain level of self-preservation knowledge. The community or school can regularly carry out some self-preservation awareness courses and trainings to properly teach us some self-preservation knowledge. Otherwise, with my combat effectiveness, we will basically be Once a criminal has caught a person, he must not have a sense of harm, and he must have a sense of defense. In addition, everyone must have a certain degree of self-help and first aid knowledge, whether it is a classroom or a classmate, when something happens, you must not panic. , I think proper drills and timely training are necessary for teachers and students. 3. The soundness and perfection of laws and regulations. I remember in which TV series the criminals actually spent money to buy the relationship in order to escape their responsibilities, did a psychiatric evaluation, said that they were suffering from mental illness, and finally whether they were relieved or acquitted. In real daily life, this kind of thing may have happened. So in the face of this kind of thing, can the crime be cleared only by the identity of a “mentally ill person”? Therefore, regarding the definition of mental patients and the results of handling such incidents, I think it is necessary to further improve relevant laws and regulations, at least to enable family members to take care of the “mental patients” in their own homes. In addition, although the current material level, most of them People are relatively rich, but we cannot ignore the spiritual level of people. I think whether it is a company, a unit, or a school, we must pay attention to and guide people’s psychology, and find that people’s psychology is abnormal or bad You must pay attention to your mentality in time, and prevent all kinds of bad things that may happen in advance. Hope that this kind of news will not appear, and may the world be full of love!

7 months ago

It was an incident of injury to students. Knife at the gate of a crowded school shows how serious the damage is. Fortunately, the police promptly subdued the hacking man, otherwise the consequences would be disastrous. It is reported that the man is a mentally ill patient. So, does it mean that mental illness has become his “death-free gold medal”? According to the “Criminal Law,” mental patients who cause harm when they cannot identify or control their behavior are not liable for criminal responsibility. In other words, the mental state of the mental patient at the time of the crime is crucial to whether he can be exempt from punishment. However, this mental state cannot be determined solely based on any census or case or diagnosis, but must be determined through legal identification procedures. Whether the man committed the crime outside or inside the school remains to be determined. If this case happened on campus, should the school be held responsible for the incident? If there were no security personnel at the school gate when the incident occurred, causing the man to enter with a knife and maliciously harm the student, then the school did not fulfill the corresponding security obligations and was at fault. Schools should bear corresponding responsibilities. If the incident happened outside the school, shouldn’t the school pay for the man’s behavior?

7 months ago

When I first saw the news, I was shocked. Because Xiaomengxin’s current coordinates are in Hebei. I opened the news and saw Hebei Renqiu No.1 Middle School. Although it is not Xiaomeng’s new locality, the distance is not very far. As a teacher, I am very worried about the situation of injured students and parents. (Currently 3 people are injured, 1 parent, and 2 students). During this period, it seems that there have been endless hours of murdering students with violence. Like the previous incident of hacking and wounding in a kindergarten in Guangxi, it seems that this piece of pure land in the world— -It is also difficult for schools to guarantee the safety of students. Moreover, it is said that if you have a suspected mental illness, can mental illness harm other more innocent people for no reason? It seems that once they hurt someone, many people will show evidence that they have a mental illness to show that all their hurting behaviors at that time were completely unconscious and uncontrollable. It seems that having a mental illness has become a “death-free gold medal” for harming others and avoiding punishment. But is mental illness true or false? Obviously, the target area of ​​the assailant in the video is the school. With such a clear target choice, it is difficult to prove that he is mentally ill. Just like the video of a private car rushing across the sidewalk in Dalian two days ago and hitting a pedestrian to death, when Xiao Mengxin saw it, her scalp was really tingling. Just a few lively lives, maybe they are preparing to pick up the children after school; some people may have the best hope for the future… But because of this catastrophe, they lost their lives. At that time, I thought why this driver would make such a move, drunk driving? Brake failure? Wait… But I am worried because the driver suffers from mental illness. If for this reason, those innocent pedestrians lose their lives, wouldn’t it be too ridiculous. The end result is that the driver loses hope in life, upholding the mentality of “pull a few backs” and wantonly hurt those innocent lives. In addition to having a target location, general mental illnesses do not know what they are holding and what they are doing when they are really sick. But obviously this person knew that the knife he took could hurt others. Moreover, if he really suffers from mental illness, then why would he find a group of students who are vulnerable and difficult to resist? Of course, it is now “suspected” and cannot be determined. If it is really determined to suffer from mental illness, then this behavior must be fundamentally stopped. So as to avoid more people wantonly hurt others for this reason. Once such behavior occurs, check out that they cannot control their behavior. Even if they cannot bear the legal responsibility, they cannot be taken care of by their family members directly. Even if the family members take care of them well, there is no professional person who has the right way. What’s more, everyone has to live, and they cannot devote all their energy to caring for patients. If you really pretend to be mentally ill or can consciously control your own behavior, those who maliciously harm others should be severely punished. Fundamentally put an end to this behavior. As the school that should be able to protect students the most, it should raise awareness of prevention. For example, step up investigations of people entering and leaving campus. As a teacher, I have seen many people pretending to be “parents” to come to students. Before our school starts, the teacher on duty must guard the students at the door. At that time, I remember that a male student came to campus with another tall boy. The tall boy had a flowery arm tattooed on his arm and a cigarette in his mouth. He was about to enter the school. At that time, a male teacher on duty stopped him and asked the male student who he was? The male student said, this is his brother, who came to give him a quilt. Fortunately, their head teacher was beside him, and he kept an eye on him, and said he wanted to call his parents to see if his brother would send it to him today. The tall boy said, forget it, don’t fight, I won’t go in. Let XX send out the quilt. Later, we learned that this boy had a conflict with his classmates, and he asked people to want to beat the classmate. At that time, we were fortunate to stop the boy outside. For the school’s access management, we really need to be strict!

7 months ago

I think there are some loopholes in the current domestic management of critically ill mental patients, especially dangerous mental patients who have a history of attacks and aggressive tendencies. 1. The responsible person and related responsibilities are not clear enough? For mental patients who are under the care of a guardian, what responsibilities should the guardian shoulder? If the patient causes an accident outside, does the guardian need to bear certain joint and several liability? If the guardian is unable to take care of it, is there any social organization to share the responsibility? For mental patients who have no family to look after them or whose family members have given up to take care of them, who will take care of these mental patients? Remarks: It is not an isolated phenomenon that the patient’s family members give up taking care of the mentally ill, because of age, energy, expense, fear (the victims of mentally ill are mostly family members around them), etc., it is everywhere! Otherwise, where do a large number of street mental patients come from? 2. Judgment on the mental patient who caused the accident? If a mentally ill person causes accidents during the onset of illness, theoretically, he does not need to bear legal responsibility! If there is no illness at the time of the crime, then you need to bear the corresponding legal responsibility. But how to accurately determine whether the patient has the disease when the accident occurs? Will there be patients who commit crimes when they are awake, but when they are later identified as disease? 3. Regarding the punishment of the mental patient who caused the accident? This is currently controversial! Although the internationally accepted principles do not require punishment. However, emotionally speaking, this will make it impossible for the victims, their families, and the public to vent their emotions, and it is easy to produce some bad social emotions and discrimination against all mental patients! 4. About compulsory detention? This is also a more sensitive topic. Many mental illnesses cannot be completely cured in medicine. In theory, patients who have had dangerous behaviors are likely to have similar behaviors again. Similar cases are not uncommon! How to treat these patients? Placed in the family, let the family face this danger! If it is allowed to flow into society? It is an untimely bomb, and I don’t know when it will explode. Can the government establish a compulsory containment mechanism to provide unified containment for patients who have had “harmful behaviors” in the past to avoid possible harm in the future? However, this mechanism will face moral and humanitarian challenges! Finally, I think everyone needs to change their mindset. As a special group of mental patients, their affairs are not only the responsibility of a certain family or a certain community, but also the responsibility of the entire society! Because the mentally ill cause troubles, the whole society will ultimately bear the cost.

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