I don’t need to lend to someone I’m not familiar with. It’s equivalent to having meat buns hitting dogs and it’s fun. As far as the situation around me is concerned, my close friends never borrow money from each other before. Because everyone who understands things knows an incident, once the relationship is related to benefits, it is very likely that not only the benefits will not be recovered, but the relationship will be broken. A true friend does not need to speak, often when everyone learns that the other party is in trouble Will take the initiative to help each other through difficulties, instead of borrowing money at every turn. When you meet such a person, just stop it and think about it. If there is any situation or emergency in the subject’s home, the subject immediately thinks that the person who can ask for help is a stranger? Obviously not, when you have any emergency. Of course, the first time I think of my friends or relatives in my family, how could I think of borrowing money from strangers? This is totally unreasonable. Therefore, if you encounter such a thing, you don’t need to pay attention to it, and you just block it. .

You have to know that someone you don’t know must borrow money from you after he borrowed money from your parents, relatives, friends, and people around you. Not to mention 100%, but most of them are lost in gambling or something. Because his parents, relatives and friends have been deceived or borrowed by him and learned a lesson, they are unwilling to borrow money from him. A person on the Internet said that he was scammed of money and desperate, abandoned by his parents, and the grandmother who took care of him died. He asked me to lend him some money to eat, and then asked me to borrow him money to find a job. Later, he said that he was beaten. I was fooled by my boss, I was fooled by others, I was sick, what happened to me. This period lasted for three months, and later he seemed to be threatening me that only if I was lending him money to find a job, he could survive and pay me back. I just wanted him to die. Finally, I told him that I really didn’t have any money, and I didn’t even have the money to eat. I really can’t borrow him. He told me that he was gambling and everything he said was lying to me. What’s even more disgusting is that he pretended to comfort me and said, don’t take this matter to heart. , I forgot about it, and when I looked back later, I found that it was nothing. It was really disgusting back then. He lied to all his relatives and friends, and his parents lost patience with him because he gambled many times. He also has no humanity at all. He didn’t tell me early or late. He told me when I told him that I really didn’t have money to eat. He also told me to kill him and sell him for money. I have never felt such a disgusting person. I found that I was the stupidest and the most thoughtless. So don’t lend money to people online, never, and consider it in reality. After all, if you can borrow money from someone you don’t know or someone you don’t know, most of them won’t be a good reason. Sympathy for others can only drag yourself down. I used to want to contribute to society, do good deeds, support education, and save the lost people, but now I find that I am just a joke. After borrowing money, the best result is to exchange money. I can’t finish writing bad results. It’s not equal at all.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Unless my brain watts. Don’t talk about people you don’t know, even if you are a familiar person, you have to think carefully when borrowing money. In real life, we often meet some people. When borrowing money, they say that they are in a mess, but when they are paying back, they push around. For this kind of people, we can only say that after the money is coming back, we will decisively pull the black out. As the saying goes, borrow money to look at your friends, and pay back to look at your character. If you have the courage to lend money to others, you must be prepared for the money or not. Some people borrow money from you, perhaps because they feel that you will not let him pay back the money, and they want to kneel down when they start to borrow money, but avoid seeing it when paying back the money. What is said in that sentence, when you borrow money, you are your grandson, when you pay the money, you are your uncle, and you are your benefactor when you pay the money. Therefore, you need to be cautious when borrowing money. Don’t save the poor if you are in emergency. People who are reliable will lend to him. People who are unreliable will get blacked as soon as possible, let alone strangers. Don’t even think about it.

7 months ago

I met a policeman on the Internet before (really, in reality, I have seen him stand guard with a gun), before and after the meeting, I used different excuses to ask me to borrow 50,000 yuan. It was either that the patrol hit something and lost money or the family father died. No money, anyway, there are many excuses. I think public officials can’t be bad guys, so I will lend them to him. Good guys, the excuses people don’t pay back vary, and they haven’t paid it back for three years. This is considered to be the case with public officials who have ever seen borrowing money like this. Would you still dare to borrow money if you don’t know it online? Long snack bar

7 months ago

The question you asked reflects how simple you are, and you really think that this society is so beautiful and uncompromising. Don’t borrow unless you are rich and don’t care about the reason: since you asked, then you still care about the money, but Due to the level of your own inner understanding, you can’t get along with your own inner heart (kindness). The amount of 2000 is still very large for the average person. We do not rule out whether the other party is really short of money and needs help. We can only say that you choose Believe, don’t regret it (the money may not come back, but you are a pure and kind person for your own way of life) choose not to borrow and do not have to blame yourself (after all, the social personality is complicated and there are good and bad. How can you see the true heart in a few words? This society has no obligation for everyone to empathize with you.)

7 months ago

I really know this question! Since my Zhihu recently became popular, more than 10 friends have come up without saying anything and started crying and selling badly. The next step is to borrow money. What are the parents who have died and are displaced? What are the rural college students who cannot afford the tuition? What is the first time to enter the society and be deceived. For this kind of confidant, I will do nothing about it. Am I your parents or your brothers and sisters? Not to mention borrowing money when you come up. Even if you are familiar with it, you are unlikely to borrow. Don’t talk about netizens anymore. Whoever borrows money will know. When you borrow money, you will be thankful, and you will become your grandfather after you borrow money. To be honest, when I was young and ignorant, I successively received more than 100,000 from four friends around me, two of them paid it back, and the other two became enemies. So, to borrow money, don’t borrow if you don’t, unless it’s really a good brother or relative, and it’s a life-saving purpose. Forget everything else. You are not a rich second generation, you are not a big local tyrant, every penny of yours is hard-earned money, why should you borrow? ? ? Please ignore the rich second generation of local tyrants, you can play as you like~

7 months ago

I have borrowed it and paid it back two years later. It was about 2008. I met a friend in Qzone. He was a teacher in a certain county. I forgot how I met him. I pay attention to him from time to time because of him. I have the habit of writing a diary. I learned from the diary: I used to be a high school Chinese teacher, once was the leader of the college entrance examination composition review group, and later withdrew from the front line of teaching to do teaching research. 0 About 2009, during the National Day, our family of three drove 1,500 kilometers to the county where he was located. His diary said that a boy was bitten by a snake, had his limbs amputated, and needed a prosthesis. The child’s family took the child to the county. The Education Bureau asks for help. At that time, my child was still young, and I wanted to take her to have a look, and support some money by the way. Thousands of dollars were left for the boy. The netizen teacher received and took us, stayed for two nights (the county where we arrived in the middle of the night, the road was too difficult to walk), played a place, and then returned. A year later, I saw in the diary that his mother was sick (cancer). I asked him if he needed help, and he told me that he needed money. I mailed him 20,000 yuan. At that time, it was really difficult for him. The workplace was far away from his parents. He could only run between two places frequently, and his income was not high. Later I got sick and told him that he returned the money to me. Last year, he called me and said that his income is much higher now, nearly 10,000 yuan in salary. He said that it was a crime back then, but now it’s much better. His daughter gave birth to a second child and can retire in one or two years.

7 months ago

“Will you borrow money from someone you don’t know online?” I have really encountered such a thing. Today, when the current world is declining, human relationships are as thin as paper, and there are guards against relatives and friendships, helping a stranger and lending money to a stranger is indeed an incredible thing. The root of the problem is that there are too many swindlers, too few fools and kind-hearted people, the contradiction between supply and demand is very large, and fools and kind-hearted people are simply not enough. I’m not going to talk about helping strangers when I go out. I lend money to people I don’t know. I have done this too, more than once. In those years, I encountered a person who evaded the fare on the train. At that time, the ticket inspection on the train was very strict. The person also went home for the New Year. There was really no money. I bought the train ticket for that person. There have been cases where I lent money to people I didn’t know on the road, and I repaid all the money I borrowed at that time. I never even thought about not paying back the money below one hundred yuan. Regardless of whether the loaned money can be returned, my heart is always happy because I helped a person in need. In this process, it is inevitable to help professional beggars, but most of them are really troublesome or liar, and they can still tell the difference. Most of the professional beggars stay there and ask for a small amount of money, and they are very calm and not a bit shy. People who really encounter difficulties are always hesitating and unspeakable, and they must still have doubts about begging before he pays back the money. Lending money to someone you don’t know should also be based on your own situation. Under normal circumstances, you believe that the person is indeed experiencing difficulties and you want to help him. You still have to look at your actual situation. I have also had the experience of being deceived. After all, being deceived is very rare. Very rare circumstances will not affect my persistence in my beliefs. I am not a saint, the world of ice and snow is too big, I am just a match, with only a little warmth and negligible light.

7 months ago

It seems that borrowing money from abroad has become a forbidden zone. They are all telling each other that they don’t want to borrow money, and they don’t want to borrow money… I am the one who is willing to lend money, and I lend money to many friends, up to ten Ten thousand, as small as several thousand. Only one person did not repay the money I borrowed. What’s interesting is that many friends take the initiative to pay interest when they repay the money, usually three to five hundred. Quite fun. I have been in the circle for a long time, coupled with the fact that there are many customers in the online store, and there are many people who add me to WeChat. It is true that some netizens asked me to borrow money. One of them was a female student. Let’s borrow 1,000. My dad treated her badly and borrowed money to make up for the tuition. I agreed, but I didn’t borrow it later, and I didn’t ask. There is also a netizen who lost money after doing a small business. I haven’t talked a few times before. He told me a lot about his situation when he borrowed money… I borrowed 3,000 and repaid 100 a day.

7 months ago

will not. First of all, he does not borrow like his relatives and friends, either because his character is too bad, no one lends him, or he has borrowed all, or not enough. Secondly, he can borrow online, but not online. Either he is not willing to pay interest, or his credit information is too bad. Then, he and I are strangers, and there is no restriction. The money lent is the water that was thrown out, or we won’t come back. Finally, I don’t know his true situation, and I don’t know if he is a scam, splurge or urgent use. There is no motivation to lend him money. In summary, I will not borrow money.

7 months ago

I borrowed it! If she doesn’t play Zhihu, she won’t be anonymous. I met a netizen on QQ in October 2019. She was a student. She talked a lot at the time and she trusted me. She shared everything with me in daily life and told me all personal information. Later, she said that her family’s living expenses were not paid in time, and she was too embarrassed to urge, and she had no money to eat. I also had this experience when I was a child. I could understand her feelings, so I voluntarily said to lend her 50, and then repay it the next week Gave it to me. Later, there were loans and repayments one after another, but slowly accumulated to 700 or 800. In 2020, there was an epidemic, and she did not go to school and had no living expenses, so she said to pay slowly. Later, I needed to take online lessons, but her mobile phone was broken, so she asked me to log on to her QQ and WeChat, and help her reply to any news in the class. When she occasionally used her mother’s mobile phone to go to class, I told her. Her family asked her to repair her mobile phone, and she wanted to replace it with a new one, so she had no money in her hand, so I helped her to pad it again. After school started in the second half of the year, the relationship was not as close as before, and it paid back three hundred in half a year. Until now, I still owe it, say I will pay it back slowly.

7 months ago

When I just graduated to find a job, a netizen asked me to borrow money, saying that the electric car was detained by the traffic police, and he was anxious for 700 yuan to go through the procedure. I looked at WeChat and Alipay. The total net worth is only 1,200. I am still sorting out my portfolio and preparing for an interview. I borrowed from a friend’s house for two days, and I still have no money for food and accommodation. I said I didn’t have 700 yuan, he didn’t believe it. Begging repeatedly, it means that the day must return it to me. I said you want to ask your parents, he said he didn’t want your parents to worry about it. I said seven hundred yuan, really no, I will transfer three hundred bucks to you, I have all the money on WeChat, remember to return it to me tomorrow. He said, um, ok, thank you very much. The next day, WeChat was blocked.

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