I really hate that I don’t bring the goods. This question is just a ready-made embryo for a link to a noise-cancelling headset advertisement! By the way, what I want to say is, your leader can’t sleep for a long time next to him, and suddenly your snoring affects your work. You just wear the headset and no one loves it. He can drip whatever he likes, even if the leader curls his tongue to give you a rhythm of B-Box snoring and playing the shakuhachi clarinet saxophone, it is not your turn to fuck him. You said it’s not the noise-cancelling headphones. You want to wake him up just because everyone is watching him. Are you embarrassed by the leader? Then you can’t even shout. You used to shake the leader awake. While the leader wiped the corner of his mouth, he asked you what disturbed Lao Na’s dreams. What do you say? Do you ask him for advice on the pretext of being ignorant at work? Have you ever heard of a mental illness called waking up? It’s scary. He will ask you if you are stupid, how can you ask for instructions if you would do this little thing before? Or let me tell you that you can send an e-mail to the scraps of the scraps and wait for the approval to be over. Which way do you want to tell you about the process? In short, he definitely won’t mention that you disturbed him to sleep, but every attitude he turned to tell you that disturbed him to sleep. You saved him, he pitted you. You still dare not pick out that it is to drag him back from the shameful version of Pirates of the dream space, suffocated and not suffocated, you! Then you just wake up and say that snoring is unsightly, making the brothers’ department a joke, OK? It’s even more trouble. After all, the people around are looking slantingly, covering their mouths and smiling. You can really taste the taste in your mouth, but no matter how precise you guess it, it is just a subjective assumption. You told the leader truthfully. , This person is like me, a rough person with a stinky face, it is estimated that he will pass by with a smile. If this person is a seven-orifice exquisite glass heart, and if he can’t make his face blush, he will be embarrassed, and instead he will use you to vent his anger. Or look like a needle nose, turn around to talk to you, and ask you overtly and secretly who laughed at the time and how you laughed, and the one who smiled with her mouth was still the stern stewardess smiling? If you say that he plays this role, you shouldn’t say anything…So look, go to work, the utilitarian market, just let the interests dominate the behavior and it’s over. Wrong, non-leader talked in sleep when he was sleeping, whispered and whispered about the last time you two went on a business trip, and talked about the big boss on the plane as a shark arm. You have to rush over and round your big mouth to wake him up. … His other behaviors don’t deduct your bonus, don’t give you C performance, and don’t get rid of you in the last place. What do you care about him, streaking will not interfere with you, let alone snoring. Of course, there is an extreme situation that may affect your interests. For example, you are the confidant of the leader, and he does favor you when he does things that are good for you. When he snores, there are indeed competitors in the audience. Everyday he finds him evil and goes to the big boss to complain to the inner seed. At this time, if you refuse to save Cao Cao because of Wei Wei, your faction, Wei Wei will be cold. But even in this case, getting up and waking up by yourself is not a cure. Who doesn’t know that you two are grasshoppers on the same line? As soon as you lifted your ass, the opposite immediately told a story, saying if you saw it, the emperor went to the kiln and the empress for rounds, the father-in-law rescued the scene and it was really rainy! The play is not easy to act. You, lift your ass, walk out, walk out of the company 200 meters, find a no one to call the leader to wake up is the best. I’m already a member of a faction. Are you telling the truth or pretending to be a job? Tell him whether you two are close and close or you are still worried about the embarrassment of the leadership, so come out of the company to find a coin-operated phone booth and sweep a dollar to make a call. In the past, hang up when you answer the phone. Even contact a friend who has zero relationship with your company, and instruct him to call the leader, saying that it is a friend of a subordinate, calling for the bed on behalf of the friend, a kindness, and the strength to guard against the pan. No matter how you do it, you will be generous. But having said that, this leader is snoring at his work station, and he doesn’t have his own office, so he is probably not a big part of the company. This kind of non-trivial, today you help him… call the bed, and maybe there will be other faults if you don’t snore in the future, fart and grit your teeth, you can’t wipe his butt again and again, right? So I think that if he snores at him, if you escape into the void, you should ignore it. Letting him be scolded by the big boss may not be a bad thing. I haven’t seen any abbot chanting scriptures to enlighten the bad guys; I have seen the bad guys who came out of detention for fifteen days are humble. It is enough to show that the power of irritability is much better than the power of compassion to teach life!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First of all, this leader is just your leader, or is he all other colleagues and your leader? If it’s the former, then I suggest you leave the office quickly, go to the bathroom, or go to the stairwell. Anyway, find a place where no one is there to call your leader, and just make an excuse. Anyway, don’t say it’s because of snoring. I’m looking for him! Then return to the office casually~ If it is the latter, this needs to be vigilant. Why do other colleagues look here? Do they want to see the leader’s joke, or your joke? But no matter which one it is, I don’t think it’s appropriate to be the first person to eat crabs. From your point of view, I feel that it is for a good image of the leader, but in the eyes of others and in the actual heart of the leader, this is not necessarily what I think! Unless it’s a higher-level leader, don’t even think about waking up the leader! Even if possible, it is best not to let him know that you know that he is sleeping and snoring. Even if there is a higher-level leader coming over, it depends on the situation. If everyone comes in, you will remind you to wake up. This is the most failing approach. It is best to find a place to hide from the head, and get busy if you can’t leave, do whatever you want, concentrate on doing your thing, and treat it as if nothing happened!

7 months ago

No, you leave the work station to find something else to do. If he fished and was not seen by a higher level, you wake him up, the other party will think that you are “surveilling” him; if he fished and was seen by the higher level, you are not on the scene, perfect interpretation “I have no pit You”; if you have a good relationship, and you think he might be seen by his superiors doing this, just walk out of the office and find a fixed phone to make an office call. If the ringtone is loud, he will naturally wake up. In short, unless you really have a great relationship and trust each other to the extreme, you should not give the other person a feeling of “you are in charge of him”, that’s fine.


7 months ago

No matter how enlightened the leader is, don’t wake up. The shady leader? Wake up once and start your fucking countdown. Let me ask you a question first: Can the leader control snoring? Can’t, right? This means that the leader did not make a mistake, but you are going to wake up. Aren’t you slap the leader in the face? The leader is awakened by you, everyone is looking at the leader. At this time, he can’t wait to find a place to get in, and can he not anger you? At this time, he would rather continue to fall asleep… From another angle, if you snored while sleeping, was woken up by a colleague, and was watched by people, would you feel irritated? Remember a few legal systems in the workplace: 1. Do not do anything that does more harm than good; 2. Do not do anything whose pros and cons are unknown; 3. Do not do anything that has pros and cons. 3. Consider doing things that do more pros and cons; 4. The cruelty of the workplace is beyond your imagination. The subject must not be naive…

7 months ago

The key point of this question is that the leader is asleep, but other colleagues are watching, so he cannot be awakened. Because if you didn’t wake him up, then how the leader sleeps, how to snore, or how many people watch him sleep and snore, then the leader himself doesn’t know. If you wake him up, and when he wakes up, he finds that everyone around him is watching him sleeping and snoring, then the leader will definitely be very upset. At this time, he should also want to find a seam to get into the ground. Everyone thinks so! And at this time, the leader discovered that it was you who woke him up, and there is a high probability that he will be angry with you! Because of such an embarrassing moment, he would rather fall asleep…So the key to the above two questions is whether there is anyone around. If there is no one, you can remind him or wake him up in private, he has nothing at all. problem. If it is in a public place and there are many colleagues nearby, then it is better not to rush in this kind of situation, because there may be an outbreak at any time, and you will become cannon fodder. And the essence of this thing you reminded is: it has already happened, and salvation has no meaning! ! You saved the leader and still feel like you broke out…

7 months ago

I actually know my problem, it’s amazing. My answer is: not recommended. Because this is as long as he takes a lunch break, it will inevitably exist. This is an objective fact and is beyond his control. He can’t sleep in another place, right. If you are a colleague, you can also jokingly remind you, although there is no effect, this is not known. But when you lead him to sleep during lunch break, you actually want to wake him up, don’t you want to get mixed up, kid. As a result of waking up the leader, the leader was interrupted during the lunch break, and then fell asleep again, and the voice fluctuated again. On the other hand, his mood in the afternoon was destroyed by his lack of rest during the lunch break, so where is his point of venting, it is not your side to bear it. Fighting workers is hard, saying, it’s hard for you, and it’s hard for you if you don’t say it.

7 months ago

Chen Sheng is one of the few bosses in my personal career who has made long-term preparations, but has a short cooperation time. Before deciding to go south to City S, I saw the finished product, and Chen Sheng assured me that it would be shipped in batches within one month. For this reason, I spent several nights to prepare for market analysis, preliminary planning, product marketing plan, etc. When Chen Sheng took me from the airport to the office, I gained some confidence out of thin air.   may be a factory renovation, the office is very large, even if it is divided into several rooms with glass, each room is also very large. The largest of them was already crowded with a lot of people. Several guys were carrying a conference table in the back row. When I learned that it was my desk, I couldn’t help but glance at the notebook I brought with me. It doesn’t need to be so big. There is a relatively small independent room to the left of the large office. It is Chen Sheng’s office. The bookcase, desk, coffee table, and sofa are clearly visible through the glass. There seems to be nothing special, so let’s start.   Chen Sheng came in at about ten o’clock every day. After walking around several offices, he lay down on the sofa and went to sleep. Until three or four o’clock in the afternoon, I went out to eat and do other things. When I came back at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, I called several department heads for a meeting. It didn’t matter to me. Anyway, it would be best if I was alone and the progress could be achieved as soon as possible. At nine o’clock in the evening, everyone went out for supper together. I usually return after eating, and they continue to wander outside. Basically, after twelve o’clock, the other people returned. Chen Sheng was walking outside by himself. He had to eat the early morning porridge and then went back to sleep for a while, and then went to the office at ten o’clock to go to sleep.   In the first month, I was very patient. I needed to recruit people, and I needed to prepare. I didn’t have any complaints when I watched him sleep there during the day, except for the weird feeling. After the beginning of the second month, I was a little bit unbalanced. The main products were not released in batches as planned, and you fell asleep. Starting from the third month, I became a little annoyed, can I even release the product? You just sleep, don’t you? You take care of your own affairs. Halfway through the third month, the partner of the product design department in the office on the right next to him had a fight with Chen Sheng during supper, “Can the product come out? Can you go back to sleep? Everyone is busy, just watch You slept that day, can you let the people below work well?”   Three months, the deadline I set for myself came, but the product still failed to come out. On the last day, Chen Sheng and I talked from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon and made a summary of the three months. Chen Sheng did not have to sleep in the daytime that day.

7 months ago

This question is too magical! ! I feel that I don’t want to wake him up, let everyone keep quiet, and create a comfortable sleeping environment for the leader. When other people look at you again, you will say that the leader has been too hard lately. I am afraid that he stayed up all night or was a little tired yesterday. Let him get a good night’s sleep. If a supervisor or colleague from another department sees it, you will also take the initiative to explain it, saying that the leader is too hard, and the body is a little overwhelmed. We will not be willing to wake him up after seeing him sleep easily. The leader might have heard you when you said this. Even if you didn’t hear it at the time, afterwards, you will feel that you will do things and help him get things done, and avoid the influence of the team’s working atmosphere.

7 months ago

What are the consequences if you wake him up? He will be very angry, so I slept well, who asked you to wake me up? You might say, I am so kind. Therefore, you might explain to the leader: Leader, you just snored too loudly when you slept, which affected everyone, and everyone looked at you sideways. You may say that you speak tactfully, but this basic meaning will not change. You think that after the leader hears your explanation, he will feel that he has misunderstood you, and then thank you, lead your favor, and reuse you. You think too much. This kind of behavior of you is tantamount to a meeting where the leader shouts slogans, sings high-profile, and draws big cakes on stage. You stand up and say, leader, don’t talk about these useless things. Everyone treats these fake things. Everything is disgusting. You are the little girl in the emperor’s new clothes, who let the air freeze so that everyone can’t pretend to be stupid and must be embarrassed. Do you say that the leader will be happy? It’s strange that although the emperor’s new outfit is absurd, everyone in such a ridiculous scene is in peace with each other and retains their own face. But if you pretend not to know, as if you didn’t see it, didn’t hear it, or even the leader who snores like a pig who laughed at the same joke, there is no negative loss. This is really funny and helpless. You think you are kind and did a good job, but no one takes your affection and even makes things worse.

7 months ago

Hurry up and stay away from the scene of the incident. The leader is snoring. You are by the side. You are talking embarrassed. Are you watching the leader’s joke? Do you still think that the leader has quarreled you and want to wake him up? “Hey! The leader wakes up, you have quarreled me, can you go to sleep elsewhere, I hope you don’t know how to promote.” How dare you, after waking up, it’s not the leader’s joke, that’s you That’s a joke. Sleeping Zhengxiang, was dreaming about something incredible, and was suddenly awakened by you, and it was not because of some particularly important things, but because the leader was snoring too much, so you woke up. In the impression of your leader, you are an employee who is not sensible. Not only can you not wake him up, you have to tolerate even your other colleagues at the same level. If you can’t bear to wake him up, you have to stop and say: Go, the leader may be too tired to work overtime last night, let him rest a little longer. “What if your leader is already awake? If you help him speak nicely, you have already left a good impression in his heart. You must remember that the only person who can wake him up is his superior. Don’t be nosy.

7 months ago

Think about it, as a leader, he can even lie down at home to sleep, and then come to the company to visit the company when he wakes up. Even if his leader is not the greatest leader, he can still enjoy the privileges of leadership—visiting customers, socializing, outing for research, etc., as a pretext for sleeping at home. But he didn’t do this, he insisted on sitting at the desk before falling down. What a remarkable spirit, this is simply the spirit of beating workers. Such a leader, shouldn’t you be sympathetic and give him a blanket? Not only did you not plan to do that, but you also wanted to wake him up. It was too inhumane. It was like Zhou screaming in the middle of the night.

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