1. Unit: CNY, and legal assets after tax. It cannot be used to spend money in Zhihu Universe.
  2. Only you can do the transaction (so it will not cause inflation), and you will die if you do not pay the money after one year. People who live for less than two years cannot trade.
  3. People who live in Zimbabwe’s days of inflation will love this deal! Zimbabwe still maintains an inflation level of several hundred. It is normal for the annual inflation rate to exceed 10,000 during the peak period. You only need to replace it with a value-preserving product, and then return the money to the devil. So for our economy where average inflation has remained in single digits for decades, this path will not work, but other opportunities are not ruled out, such as Hefei in the expansionary currency period (15-16 years). Many real estates can be doubled. However, it is difficult to realize the real estate under the pre-sale system and the tax holiday period of four or five years. If the devil recognizes the value of the house, it may be possible to do it. There is also the global Internet bubble in the early 2000s. As long as you can draw a big pie, the price-earnings ratio of a technology Internet company has exploded high. Even some companies have never made a penny from establishment to listing. The pie is drawn fast enough, for example. To break the miracle of Luckin Coffee’s listing, it was not without a chance that it would double by 100 million a year in the context of the Internet bubble around 2000. In addition, it is related to finance. In reality, there is such a company that can easily do it before. It is the joint loan model of Ant Financial. It invests 2% by itself and 98% by others. The income is half of each person. Leverages a large amount of funds, 100 million. Leveraging 5 billion loanable funds, even if the average interest rate is calculated at a relatively low consumer loan of 8%, 100 million can earn 200 million a year. Combined with the principal, 200 million can be returned to the devil and 100 million in vain. It can still be listed, the income is far greater than that of the devil, and the tears of the devil have fallen. It is still hard for you to make money! It is basically impossible to achieve 100% of the net profit by doing business steadily, but as long as it is stained with financial attributes or financial innovation, everything becomes possible. For example, Ponzi, the originator of the Ponzi scheme, promised to give 40% of the income in three months. Ligunli can also achieve more than 100% of the income in one year. At that time, this kind of “innovative products” was also very controversial. Ponzi talked about confucianism, and the most commonly used phrase was “you don’t understand my investment products.” Those who invested in me have obtained extremely high returns.” Although the Pontz scam has only lasted for more than a year, its core gameplay and the language used to refute others’ doubts have been absorbed and improved by people from all walks of life. The premise that this kind of game makes a lot of money must be the interests of the majority as the cost. Returning to the original answer, will those who dare to make a deal with the devil care about the majority as the cost?

By zhiwo

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7 months ago

1. My friend Xiao Wang got rich recently, and I heard that he borrowed all his money from the devil. I borrowed 100 million from the devil, and I had to pay back 200 million in the next year, otherwise people would die. 2. I asked Xiao Wang, what do you plan to make a living with this 100 million investment? Or set up a factory and do something practical? I thought to myself, Xiao Wang dared to sign this devil contract, it must be a way to get rich. A return rate of several hundred percent. If I also follow in a few rounds of investment, or enter a new industry, the deposit must not be increased by ten times or a hundred times? Who still works with so much money? I was filled with durians directly in the boss’s office by that time! It’s so smelly, it’s so hard, it’s so thorny! After listening to Xiao Wang, he smiled slightly and said, “Investment? Still running a factory? Where can I make money?” I thought to myself that Xiao Wang would die if he wanted to be refreshed. It seemed that there was a banquet to eat. 3. Later, Xiao Wang really lived a life of luxuries and wine. Single, he is the bridegroom every night and enters the bridal chamber every night. I heard that later he only used Maotai even in the bath. What is a drunk gold fan? Before he resigned, he specially bought Musang King durian, which filled the office of the personnel supervisor. The HR supervisor just wanted to lose his temper, but after thinking about it, a house of durians is also very expensive, and there is a lot of money in second-hand sales, so the matter is just fine. 4. A few years later, I saw Xiao Wang again, this time at the fruit stand opened by the former Minister of Human Resources. I saw that Xiao Wang was alive and kicking, and my heart was suddenly shocked. Why is he still alive? Does he really have a way to get rich? It’s understandable that they didn’t tell me. But why should he lie? Saying that I didn’t plan to do anything, it made me wait for the banquet for a year in vain. When Xiao Wang saw me, he was unambiguous. Instead, he bought a good durian and asked me to go to his house to drink Moutai and eat durian together. Hope it’s not the rest of his bath. 5. In the alcohol fumigation, I asked Xiao Wang, how many years are you still good to live? Xiao Wang said that he was afraid that he would not die, and he would live forever. I said, huh? Co-authored demons are doing charity and public welfare? Not to mention the money, but also the life span? When Xiao Wang waved his hand, the wealthy people engaged in charity to avoid tax and make money, and there was no such bargain. Then I don’t understand, how did Xiao Wang fool the devil? 6. Lie? Who lied? Xiao Wang said that he really didn’t want to live any longer at the beginning, so he took one hundred million dollars a year. As the result is approaching, I am scared. The hardships I have experienced in the past as a worker is nothing if I die. Now my life is so crooked, I really don’t want to die. Or the emperor would have to serve gold and swallow white jade, I really want to live another five hundred years. Xiao Wang just considers how to make money? But it is too difficult for one hundred million to produce two hundred million. I am an ordinary person, without a prominent position, and no well-informed news. Moreover, a year is too short, and there is no time for any investment. At this moment, he had an idea, anyway, his life span is limited, so continue to borrow! 7. In this way, Xiao Wang first borrowed 100 million from Devil No.1, and when the day was about to come, he borrowed another 200 million from Devil No.2 and No.3, and then returned the money to Devil No.1. Then he borrowed money from Devil Nos. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9, and returned the money to Devil Nos. 2 and 3. Then borrow money from the demon No. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, and 20, and return the money to the demon No. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. and so on. , Now more than 20% of the entire Demon Realm’s assets are in the hands of Xiao Wang. Of course, Xiao Wang still owes more money. 8. I said, why does the devil lend you money? Xiao Wang said that the devil is greedy, with a 100% return rate. Which devil can resist this temptation? I said, the demons don’t know that you are tearing down the east wall to make up the west wall? Xiao Wang laughed and said that they pretended not to know if they knew it. Everyone thought they could run away with a lot of money, and the thunder would blow up in the hands of others. Xiao Wang was talking and he hiccuped. Moutai is mixed with the smell of durian, which is probably smelly. 9. Finally, I asked Xiao Wang, what about now? What are you going to do in the future? Xiao Wang laughed loudly this time. He said that he holds more than 20% of the Demon Realm’s wealth and owes more than 50% of the Demon Realm’s wealth. Who dares to call him dead now? He is dead, who will bear this debt? If he had a thunderstorm, wouldn’t the whole Demon Realm still be overwhelmed? Now even the Demon King came to him in a low voice to discuss, asking what to do in the future, do they want to invest in the world together? Xiao Wang said that investment is not important. The key is to give the demons confidence and tell the mine to explode later. Now they plan to call Demon No. 1 as a legal person, and then establish a company for Xiao Wang, and then the valuation says that this company has a great prospect. It is a human transaction with a particularly high market value, and then sells the company’s stock to all the demon. After speculating on the stock price of Xiaowang’s company, when the demons spend money to buy it, won’t the money come back? 10. Later, Xiao Wang got drunk and pulled me to talk a lot. Then he vomited, vomiting in the wine pool full of Maotai. When leaving Xiao Wang’s magnificent palace, I think I forgot to ask him something. What do the demons look like? Is it the same as me, him, and them? Do they love Moutai? Do they eat durian too? Do they also work hard every day?

7 months ago

Can I introduce people in the ICU and terminal cancers to the devil? I only charge 2.4% of the intermediary service fee so I can ask questions and patch them. If the life span is less than two years, I can’t trade. I think of another way to make money: Or introduce ICU and advanced cancer customers to the devil. If the devil is unwilling to trade, it shows its lifespan. It has been less than two years. If the devil who provides services such as wills is willing to trade, it means that his remaining life span is greater than two years, so that I can give customers good news and better news.

7 months ago

I don’t know if the one hundred million accords given by the devil is illegal. In fact, regardless of the illegality, this game will be the most exciting game in human history. What is the difference between a year and a life of 100 years, maybe there is, maybe there is not, but this one hundred million of the devil can bring me great motivation and hope, I will be able to experience the unprecedented view of life in the past and the only one in the world The sensory experience, because even the richest person in the world has never gambled against the devil. Let’s play a game. What if you lose? I hope the demon deity can appear in front of me, because then I can compare the middle finger with him

7 months ago

Let’s say it another way. One, can this demon only trade with me or anyone in the world? You must know that money does not generate value out of thin air. If that devil appears, it will only dilute the current world currency value. Soon the value of two hundred million will be close to the value of one hundred million at the time. You only need to use this Buy a lot of things for 100 million and wait for other people to trade with the devil and then sell the things in a year. Second, this demon can only give me money. This one billion is an entity similar to gold real estate, etc. or is it US dollars? If the renminbi is generated out of thin air without any value, the bank will not admit it. Only when someone else loses 100 million to your hand will you have the value of money, but if you lose 100 million out of thin air, you will have more than 100 million. Maybe the police will find you . Three, the devil gave me something worth 100 million. The devil gave me 100 million yuan in gold, and it is not difficult to do things. You can learn Wall Street, but be careful of Chinese aunts, and 100 million yuan is not much for the entire commercial market. Fourth, the devil will give me this one hundred million, which means that the devil has the ability to create items out of thin air. Can I let the devil create one hundred million worth of technology and then sell it for profit using technology that has not been developed by human technology? The cost price of all the items is not expensive, the expensive is labor and technology, I can completely let the devil work for me, without the need for employees. Fifth, since the devil wants to make a transaction and can give me a hundred million in vain, then he must value the human soul. I will use one hundred million to buy many people to serve me and then trade to the devil soul in exchange for a lot of one hundred million. Sixth, the rules are made by the devil, and the purpose of the devil is for my soul. If it curses me, no matter what I do, I can’t make these two billion. Is it possible that I can get one billion in vain? This is an illusion in itself. It means that my ascent space is blocked by the devil and I can’t make any money. What I exchanged for a hundred million was originally the funds for my soul’s future generations to work for the devil, and the devil released one hundred million immediate benefits and blocked your ascent. Is the original purpose of the devil trying to harvest your soul? Hey? ? It turns out that the devil is a capitalist.

7 months ago

The biggest bug is not money, but the devil itself. Isn’t it fragrant to meet and open a live broadcast? Is the country unwilling to spend a hundred million yuan in contact with the devil? Even if it’s only a little bit possible? Moreover, how did this one billion be given? Direct cash or a source of logical reality? If it is cash, you can directly find the country for this matter. How many countries are required to print how much. If it is a reasonable source, you can still find a country. The reasonable source will affect the reality more, and it also involves people. It may be a better study than the devil. Object. In short, the demons are here, don’t you make a big one? Just staring at a billion? The pattern is too small.

7 months ago

You underestimate the routines of modern finance. Compared with some borrowings, this is equivalent to sending money. Have you heard of “routine loans”? There are a lot of people who borrow 15% monthly interest rate. I’ll give you a calculation of how much you actually need to repay this kind of “routine loan” with a monthly interest rate of 15%. Assuming a loan of 1 million, 100*15% = 1.15 million in the first month. In the 5th month, 100*15%*15%*15%*15%*15%=2,011,36 million. Note that this has doubled. In the eighth month, 3.059 million will be returned, which is already three times as high by this time. In the tenth month, it was 4,045,580, which was already four times as high. In the twelfth month, a repayment of 5,350,25 million is required, which is five times the repayment in a year. It is this kind of 15% monthly interest that a large number of people still borrow for emergency, real estate, currency speculation and so on. In contrast, one billion in cash only needs to pay back twice the principal in a year, which is too trivial. You act as an agent for the devil to make the difference.

7 months ago

Does this matter still need the devil to appear? Isn’t this the daily work of loan sharking? Isn’t this the basic logic of leveraged stocks and coins? In contrast, the value of this one hundred million is far less meaningful than “proving the existence of the devil”. All theistic groups will be willing to spend more than 100 million dollars to buy the appearance of the devil. Yes, there are “theistic” groups. Because gods and demons are two sides of one body. Miracles always accompany the devil. In the same way, as long as you prove the devil, you prove God. The appearance of the devil is equivalent to “miracles.” This is the “proof of existence” that religious groups all over the world want to achieve. This is the most ruthless slap in the materialistic and scientific world. And if you are more ambitious, you can present the process of “the devil leaving” after the repayment is successful, and then interpret it as the manifestation of God to repel the devil. They will agree to let you be the next pope.

7 months ago

Don’t say one hundred million, even one million will be accepted by a lot of people. Most people don’t know that there is a profession in society called “cannon fodder.” Some organized groups find a person who is willing to sell their identity, and then use forged application materials to allow this person to obtain loans from financial institutions or platforms. The upper limit is about 1 to 1.5 million, and this person can be allocated half of them, 50 Ten thousand to 700,000, and the remaining gang took away, this person is called “cannon fodder”! This person is burdened with all the loans, but will never pay back! With the 500,000 that we got divided, go to nightclubs, buy luxury goods, rent luxury cars, and stay in five-star hotels. Basically, it will not take half a year, and all the money will be spent! What should I do if I can’t repay the loan? Never thought about it! Why doesn’t this person take a loan on his own? Because no one helped organize the materials and collude internally and externally, he could borrow up to 30,000 or 50,000 yuan! This person actually thinks very clearly, 500,000 may be money that can’t be saved in this life. Instead of struggling in the visible muddy future, it is better to have a good dream and live the life of your dreams! After all, no matter how much the blame is held, it will be sentenced to several years at most! What is the deterrent effect of the so-called blacklist of credit information and restrictions on high consumption for people who have never even been on a train? You simply can’t imagine how many people are willing to be “cannon fodder”! One hundred million, I definitely accept it, it’s not cannon fodder, it’s atom bomb dust! Spend 20 million to buy two big houses with their own gardens next to each other and live in them for parents, wives and children; then spend 5 million to bring the whole family around the world, eat delicious food from all over the world, and ski All mountaineering and skydiving are started, leaving countless videos and photos! The last 20 million will be left for wives and children, and 5 million will be left for parents to support them! With 50 million left, I went to Macau Casino on the last day, betting big and small, all at once! If you win twice in a row, you can pay off your debts, go home happily and sleep with your wife, and have financial freedom from now on! Even if you lose, it doesn’t matter, it’s worth selling yourself for 50 million! It is recommended that I start a business, venture capital, stocks, futures, and coins. When I have not lost money?

7 months ago

Yes, this topic is that if there is a bug, you will be given 100 million this year. It is unrealistic to guarantee that it will become 200 million after one year. 99.99% of the people in the world can’t do it but give you 36.5 billion. ? I am looking for the devil to borrow 100 million every day, so after a year, I will pay him 200 million every day. But this year, at the end of the year, you already have more than 30 billion in your hands. Please be professional. The wealth management team can’t do it with a daily interest rate of 0.007? And next year, you can continue to use this BUG, borrow 100 million, and then return 200 million next year. That is to say, only 100 million is paid back every day, and 30 billion is invested to make 100 million a day. To put it simply, 300 yuan is the principal and earn one yuan a day in interest. This should not be too difficult for some people. Take 10,000 steps. Say, tens of billions will give you a good year, and people will be content if they live here.

7 months ago

Isn’t this the loan shark? One year later, it was 100% dead. What are you doing with 100 million to reward the anchor? Borrowing usury is a good time for the crematorium next year. Experiencing life and squandering as much as you want. That’s what many people think. In fact, they have the heart to squander, what you can do with 100 million, you can’t do anything. I went to the casino and owed millions. Take investment, investment is risky, it is better to be drunk.

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