In May of this year, the Pentagon’s recruiting official website and its oil pipeline account “GoArmy” released the “The Calling” series of recruiting advertisements.
This series of advertisements consists of five two-minute animated short films, which respectively introduce the growth stories of five U.S. soldiers and their experiences in joining the army.
Comparison of China-US-Russian conscription advertisements, netizens called out to join the military
The protagonists of these five stories are the white female Emma, ​​the African-American male Rich, the African-American female Jianing, the Latin-American female Jennifer, and the Asian male David.
But more than 20 days after the YouTube release, the most watched video was only 1.5 million, and the number of likes was less than 5,000, and the number of clicks was…100,000+…
Another result of the number of dislikes reaching more than 20 times the number of likes is that the comment section of this video has been scolded to close…
Many people also said that compared with the conscription advertisements of China, Russia and the United States, the US version really makes people want to join the army in China, Russia…
You know, the US military’s recruitment advertisements have not been so broken all the time.
For example, in the “What’s Your Warrior” series of conscription advertisements released in November 19, the number of tubing broadcasts was tens of millions.
To sum it up in the words of the evaluator, it is “Forced political correctness, which is detrimental to the U.S. military’s reputation, and the storyline is old-fashioned and basically has no resonance.”
Promotional image of the latest U.S. recruitment advertisement “The Calling”

An ocean-going freighter was on the way from Cuba to transport sugar and caught fire. The crew was terrified. The sugar fire was too difficult to save. I was afraid that the conventional methods such as pills and fire extinguishers were all used. The chief mate who was addicted to the second dimension thought about it. The solution is to throw the tablet with “Bo Ren Biography” into the fire. The flame is a bit smaller, but if it burns everyone on the boat, it collapses. The fire that “Bo Ren Biography” can’t extinguish is definitely not saved. At this time the captain stood up, the US military conscription advertisement was lost, the fire was instantly extinguished, and the cane sugar turned into rock candy.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Despite being stepped on for more than 10w, but after the transfer to the oil pipe steward, it was not discovered that the content was abnormally opposed. Although Taiwan’s recruitment advertisements sang and danced, they were all performed by real people at any rate. Although there were cries and laughs at the recruitment scene in Thailand, they were all true feelings. But the American cartoons will not be complete for me. I I wonder if you just shoot a poster of a muscular man than it is now, right? Just tell the people, it’s cool to be a US military! Can buy cups for the Pentagon, go to Afghanistan to roast goats, go to Japan every night to sing songs, and go to Park Chang every day in South Korea, guaranteeing that a group of men, women, and children will sign up as if they were beaten up. Now, the army is enlisted, but not fully enlisted. It may also be that this year I really don’t want to conscript… how to put it, let’s keep going, maybe we can witness world peace in our lifetime.

7 months ago

The last time President Biden carried out the LGBT rectification of the US military, it really had an effect. The US military has become more rigorous in this regard. This is a great achievement of President Biden. Politics makes the existence of the army meaningful. In the words of Zhao Gang in “Bright Sword”, that is, “If you don’t know why the war is being fought, then it is a blind fight.” LGBT and BLM, as political correctness that is increasingly valued, are the army. Values ​​to defend. In the past two decades, the U.S. military has completely evolved from a rigidly screened and rigid army to a politically correct team with the steel-like spirit of the Democratic Party. Since 2006, they have successively promulgated conscription tolerance regulations: do not discriminate against people with criminal records and allow those with illegal records to join the army; do not discriminate against fat people and allow overweight people to enlist; do not discriminate against tattoo soldiers and homosexuals; open green card soldiers and visa soldiers, Expand the base of enlistment. In this way, by 2018, the proportion of minorities in the U.S. military has exceeded 50%, and those with a record of breaking the law accounted for about 15% of the military. Such an army led by the Democratic Party, from Iraq to Libya, has been abusing food all over the world. This is a model of civilization.

7 months ago

Hmm…I have some questions about the story of the two lesbian white daughters. TomBoy’s mother was paralyzed when Emma was 6 years old. Later, she tried to rehabilitate and was able to go. So she married Emma’s mother, so Emma was born out of wedlock? Did Emma’s mother date a scumboy to get pregnant, and only dated TomBoy after the scumbag ran away? You think they talk about homosexuality every day for the sake of pluralism and openness. In fact, they are playing stereotype discrimination. In their eyes, one of the lesbians naturally has to be TomBoy with short hair and full of muscles. Our Emma is standard. The image of a white girl, a sexy curvy figure, has less muscle than the new version of Laura. Joining the army is to take risks and prove yourself. Hahahahaha I think of the teaching levels of the game Total War: 1. Control this Xiahoudun 2. Control this team of Tiger and Leopard Cavalry 3. Let them attack that team of Yellow Turban militia 4. The Yellow Turban militia broke up. Good job 5. Now you can start to Kuangfu Han room, bullying and bullying Afghan civilians, even qualified U.S. soldiers

7 months ago

The three paragraphs of Russian, Chinese, and American recruitment propaganda in the video should reflect the basic situation of the three countries: Russia, at the bottom of the decline period, wants to rejuvenate, coupled with the bear’s consistent national characteristics, the recruiting video gives people the feeling that they are doing it. , Doing, doing, a lot of sports, training, shooting, parachuting, combat shots, playing is sturdy, adrenaline soaring. Damn, it’s really exciting to watch! In China, I think of a passage made by Mr. Wang Xiangsui when he talked about “Unrestricted Warfare”. It roughly means that modern warfare usually strikes a certain point in a coordinated action by multiple departments thousands of kilometers away. Therefore, we must pay attention to cooperation, coordination, and discipline. In addition to our tradition, we must let the soldiers know why they are fighting. Therefore, the video is more like a short story that tells you about recruiting new recruits, training, multi-arms combat, forward, Many scenes in the rear emphasize mission, value, cooperation, and coordination, and the mission must be achieved. I have to say that it is magnificent, has a sense of science and technology and a sense of the future. What is the mission of a soldier, what is its value, what efforts are required, and what I need to recruit is such a trustworthy and trustworthy one that conforms to modern warfare, defends the home and the country Good fighter. And this, our soldiers have always had the best performance in the world, even in peaceful times, they are guarded by them. Like the previous conflict with Ah San, our soldiers’ performance is the best, worthy of respect, and In emergency rescue and disaster relief, they will be on the front line wherever they are most needed. In the United States, the population is fragmented, and the propaganda film is a combination of different races and different genders, and it is about personal growth. However, soldiers have the needs of soldiers, and modern warfare has the needs of modern warfare. It’s nothing to put these things in. Well, the future can be expected. Maybe an order is given to debate male, female, neutral, partial male, partial female, black, white, yellow, bisexual, homosexual, heterosexual, etc., and then execute it. Now, with so many categories, this combination has risen exponentially, my brain hurts, and I don’t understand it.

7 months ago

In different fields, the difference is very big. In some areas, you make a mess. You can open one eye and close the other, and spray at most two sentences. Some don’t work. For example, you study a homosexuality problem. In order to reach the conclusion you want to see, you secretly throw a few questionnaires and turn positive correlations into negative correlations. After everyone reads them, you will not be sanctioned if you disagree. You can only argue with you, regardless of whether you are positive. Correlation or negative correlation, all are weak correlations. Talk about the big day and waste some money. But building a building will not work. The number of steel bars is the same, because the law of mechanics won’t argue with you. If you take away two, the law of mechanics will kill people to show you. From the top to the bottom, you have to grab them and sit in prison. Whether it’s in your colleges or government departments, it’s okay to engage in cultural diversity, because it won’t have much impact anyway. You do this job, and I do it, whoever does it. They are all working as water tankers. But the army can’t. There is a good song: There is a truth, the soldiers should go to the battlefield without telling them. What is the nature of the battlefield? To put it plainly is to kill or be killed. All military work, either directly or indirectly, must serve the war. Whenever you have a little energy spent on things that have nothing to do with combat, the laws of the battlefield will not argue with you, but will use blood and death to tell you the truth. I don’t believe that Americans can’t figure this out. Even officials in the United States will not fail to understand this truth. They are just forced by the situation, and they are here. It’s not that they don’t know what kind of conscription propaganda film should be made. They can’t make it, and they don’t dare to make it. The politically correct dump truck has been launched and can only rush into the abyss without anyone trying to stop it. Once you have calculated this, don’t blame the tigers for starting to lean on.

7 months ago

I think this recruitment advertisement is very good, especially good, at least not worse than China and Russia. First of all, you have to figure out what the recruitment advertisement is for? Used to recruit soldiers, right? Why are you recruiting? Be a soldier! Why be a soldier? In order to defend the core values. China, the United States and Russia’s military recruitment advertisements all obey this law. They are all recruiting young guys for their core values. There is no difference in lens language and artistic techniques. If there is a difference, the US military’s artistic expression techniques are even higher. Some are worthy of being a country with Hollywood. Of course I don’t know how to make movies. It’s complicated anyway, and Americans are pretty good. Relatively speaking, the Chinese and Russian recruitment advertisements actually have to pull the hips a little bit. The lens is far less powerful than the US military. You think it’s pretty bright, but it can do better. So I say that the US military recruitment advertisement is actually better. However, the core values ​​of the United States are just a little bit more hip. Of course, the true core values ​​of the United States do not stretch the hips, but the true core values ​​cannot be told, especially not to let those soldiers know, but to hide them in every possible way. This core value is that the interests of capitalists are above everything else. The United States is a capitalist company. As a company, the security team will be devastated. The essence of the U.S. military is mercenaries. It is fair and honest to do things with money, and how much money you do with big things, it can be regarded as public buying and selling of young men and women. It is a pity that the nature of capitalists is to chase profits. As a large number of employees, it is inevitable to exploit surplus value from them. Now it is very unfair, and they are not willing to be the top soldiers. At this time, the advertisement has to be strong, especially strong, and if it is not strong, it seems very crotch. On the other hand, a fake “core value” must be used to cover up the true value, at least to be able to justify it. For example, the banner that was first played out was “freedom.” This banner collapsed in a mess during the Vietnam War. The big guy discovered that this banner was fake, which made the Americans feel disgraced. Later, “Freedom” + “Prosperity” was fought. This banner also collapsed under the attack of the Japanese. It was finally suppressed by the Plaza Accord. Later, when the Soviet Union collapsed, it stole the banner of “democracy” and played the banner of “freedom” + “democracy” + “prosperity”. It has been very successful for several years. As a result, the Middle East world proved that “democracy” did not exist, China proved that “prosperity” was an illusion, and the fierce pursuit of Russia after its disintegration proved that “freedom” is not worthwhile. Now the United States is facing a situation where it is useless. . Emperor Chuan played the banner of “MAGA”, but it didn’t work. Now changing the banner of “LGBT”, it also looks like Fira is in a state of discomfort. Looking at it, the true values ​​behind it are about to be exposed… China and Russia are different. China is very simple. “Listen to the party’s command, serve the people, and be brave and good at fighting.” The people’s army is the essence. National rejuvenation requires you to be able to fight and win wars, defend your country and serve the people. All this requires the leadership of the party, frankly and frankly. Just tell it clearly. It’s not surprising that there will be a little yin and yang, and the people just need to approve it. With this as a starting point, and dignified advertisements for conscription, it is natural that some enthusiastic youths signed up to join the army. Russia is also simple, it is to fight for living space for the Russian nation. Although this concept lags behind a bit, it makes sense at any rate, “Why don’t men take Wu hook and charge Guanshan Fifty States”, right? The simple concept of a nation-state has been like this since ancient times. Therefore, the Chinese and Russian conscription advertisements are upright and righteous, each with its own military and national characteristics. China’s “socialist punk” style has a vague meaning of “late firepower phobia”. It values ​​collective strength and is solemn and majestic. It’s a big scene, from flying to Luding. From the bridge to the millions of heroes crossing the river, to the majestic and energetic crossing the Yalu River, to the body building the Great Wall, the temperament is the same. The picture is full of the heroic and majestic verses of Chairman Mao, “The golden sands are watered by the clouds and the cliffs are warm, and the Dadu Bridge is cold and the iron is cold.” Now, we are stepping forward from the beginning”, “keep going, count the romantic figures, but also look at the present”! It is a mighty teacher, a civilized teacher, and a victorious teacher. How can a good man not be excited and impassioned for this? Can this not recruit good soldiers? The old Maozi’s also conform to their national personality. The “battle nation” is not enough, but bravery is still there. Worshiping power and advocating force can at least attract a group of great boys. As for the United States, hehehe, the breath of a weak person… Values ​​are not afraid of your weirdness, but you are afraid of confusion. It’s just like China, and the strange flowers are like old hairs. There is no big problem. I am afraid that I am afraid that I am twisted and confused like the Americans. The whole thing is obviously not convincing, and it will not be attractive. Even if it is a strange flower like the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom? The values ​​of the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom are strange enough, right? In the same way, the Qing soldiers scrambled with their heads, because it is a strange thing, but it is not messy. The American values ​​cannot be said to be weird, of course they are indeed weird, but there are many more weird than it, and it is fatal and chaotic. The entire value of the United States is chaotic now, and you are unfair to it if you grab a conscription advertisement and say that it pulls its hips. It’s not advertising, but American values.

7 months ago

As always, I’m here to pour cold water. An empire’s control of the world order is often constructed by violence. This is true, but this does not mean that its maintenance of this control depends entirely on violence. Violence is the basis for this maintenance to exist, but the basis is not. Equal to all. Just like a house, the foundation is important, but people live in the room, not in the foundation. The foundation supports the room, but the foundation itself does not produce the function of living for people. These are two different things. Historically, violence is the basis and important means for the United States to maintain the world order under its rule, but it is far from all its means, and even the priority of violence in the main means of the United States is very low. It is One of the tools, but not the only tool, not even a commonly used tool. For example, when the United States officially launched a full-scale offensive against the Soviet Union in the 1980s, its most deadly method was to use its dominance in the world food market to strictly control food exports, while using its huge political influence in the Middle East to join forces with Middle Eastern countries. Suppressing oil prices, by destroying the Soviet Union’s import and export structure to exhaust the Soviet Union’s economic activities, and then strangling the Soviet Union. The U.S.’s dominant control over the world food market and its tremendous influence in the Middle East itself were acquired through violent means (the Westward Movement and the Middle East War), but the violence itself did not play a role, but what was acquired through violence played a role , There is a difference. Not to mention the United States in the first 20 years of the Cold War. Its main opponent was the British Empire, which had been fighting hard. The confrontation between the United States and the British Empire did not have too many violent factors. The United States used more political intervention and offensive. Diplomacy and industrial policies smashed the resistance of the British Empire by virtue of their mass advantages. Similarly, violence was the basis of all these methods, but it did not directly play a role in itself. Violence is the general reserve force of an empire to maintain its ruling order. It is used to plug the gap when other methods fail or are broken. It does not mean that the empire can only resort to the challenge of its ruling order. To violence. The most effective violence does not mean that violence can only be used. The current situation is that the basis of violence in the United States has indeed seen a serious festering visible to the naked eye. This festering has reached the point where it cannot be covered, covered, or blocked. This is a fact, but we should also see that the United States is in history. The abilities acquired through violent means have not undergone fundamental changes. For example, as I mentioned above, the United States relied on the Soviet Union’s dominant control over the world food market and oil industry, especially its control over the world food market. The dominance of this field does not even show signs of loosening. Its dominance over Japan and South Korea depends to a large extent on this. For this, we must maintain a calm and clear understanding of this. The collapse of the foundation will lead to the collapse of other capabilities. This is true, but on the other hand, we should also see that first of all, the foundation of the United States is really too big. The so-called rotten ship also has three thousand nails. Even this kind of unprecedentedly huge violent foundation If it is rotten, it must be rotten for several days, and it will be rotten in a day or two. Even before it is completely rotten, it is still crushing most other countries in the world. Secondly, there is a delay and delay between the collapse of the foundation and the collapse of other capabilities. The two are not rigidly linked in terms of timeliness. After the collapse of the foundation, the collapse of other capabilities may take a long time to achieve. In 1894, it officially surpassed the British Empire to become the world’s largest industrial country, but the disintegration of the pound sterling area was already in the mid-1970s. This is still a continuous blow in the United States, and the iron-headed baby of Germany has crazy assists. It was caused under the conditions. Therefore, the basis of violence in the United States will not finish for a while. Even if it is finished, the control of the world order will not disappear overnight. This is a basic fact that does not depend on our will. We must Therefore, make full ideological and material preparations. On the other hand, the problems embodied in this conscription advertisement are mainly the ideological turbulence and festering of the violent machine in the United States. Of course, this will have a major blow to the ability of the violent machine in the United States. This is a fact, but by virtue of this point. It is unfair to think that the U.S. armed forces are over. Because historically, the U.S. military has never been an armed force known for its unified thinking and good mental outlook. For example, the most successful foreign expansion war in the history of the United States. The US military during the Spanish-American War, from the perspective of only its mental outlook and internal organization, is not an exaggeration to say that it was a mob, such as the recklessness led by the famous old Roosevelt. The cavalry unit. This unit was made up of old Roosevelt at his own expense and found a group of homeless people, gold diggers, vagrants, cowboys and even criminals. Although known as the “First Volunteer Cavalry Brigade of the U.S. Army”, it was actually a follower of the regular army. The rogue gang that went on the expedition did not even have a formal establishment. How chaotic is the organization of this force? Specifically, although they are known as “reckless cavalry”, they lost all their horses due to the mistake of the shipping documents, so that the entire army only rode Roosevelt, and the others were on foot, and the weapons were not complete. Some people There are even only two revolvers as weapons. Volunteer troops are like this, and the regular army is not much better. At that time, the U.S. military’s logistics organization was extremely chaotic, and the army lacked mobilization. The newly recruited volunteers had no equipment or training. Soldiers were rude like a flock with their empty hands. The non-commissioned officers came and went. The maintenance of morale and military discipline basically depends on whether the non-commissioned officers are interested in maintaining morale and military discipline when the soldiers are in the sight of the non-commissioned officers. Just like how it is, the military discipline is useless, and the management methods are corporal punishment and beatings. Sometimes duels and gang fights occur when encountering veterans. The entire US military is chaotic like monkeys on a monkey mountain. There were not enough tents and food. Some American soldiers even killed horses and ate meat. Others drove around the station to do business. What’s more, they smuggled weapons between the two armies during the confrontation between the American and Spanish troops. This is still chaos at the organizational level. At the ideological level, the aftermath of the Civil War at that time has not completely disappeared. The North-South division of the United States still exists on the social and political levels. Many soldiers and officers of the Confederate States of the year are still serving in the US military. The soldiers and the northern soldiers usually do not urinate in the same pot at all. They even do their own food. When they set up camp, they hear each other, but they don’t interact with each other. The lack of direct fire is already the maximum between them. The goodwill shows that the traces of the Civil War are open in the army. For example, the Roosevelt’s reckless cavalry unit mentioned earlier had many southern veterans. In the Battle of San Juan Mountain in the Spanish-American War, when the Spanish army retreated across the board, the southern veteran general of the reckless cavalry unit Willer (nicknamed “Fighting Joe”) exclaimed happily, “Look, see, the Yankees retreated, we beat these damn Yankees away.” That is to say, deep in his heart, the Civil War has not ended at all, as long as he is excited, this kind of hostility towards the North will show up. Margaret Mitchell, the author of “Gone with the Wind” (also known as Gone with the Wind) published in 1936, also said that when she was young, the main content of the family’s social and chatting adults was about the southern army dealing with What are the glorious and great victories the Yankees have won in the war? Even though the war has been over for decades, they are still repeating the battles that the South has won endlessly. When they mention the victory of the South, they are excited and full of red. At one point, the young Mitchell thought that the war was still going on and victory was about to come. Then one day she suddenly realized that the war was over, and it had been over for decades, and that the South had failed. She was very surprised at the time. Feeling that the sky is falling and the worldview is broken, he wrote “Gone with the Wind”, the greatest scar literature in American history. Seeing Weizhi’s works, you can see how divided and chaotic American society was at that time. However, such a mess of an army, such a divided and chaotic country, has won a huge victory on the broad front from the Philippines to the Caribbean. It not only completely shattered the Spanish empire, but also made the Pacific Ocean almost an inner lake of the United States. A series of Western Pacific strongholds captured by the US military in the Spanish-American War, such as the Philippines and Guam, still threaten our country’s security today, and the cost of capturing these strongholds by the US military is negligible. For example, when the US military captured Manila, the casualties were only 119, while San Diego The Gulf battle was even more excessive, with only 2 American casualties. If you compare our blood and fire in modern times, we have paid a miserable and tragic price, but only to keep the only little thing, you will find that reality is so unreasonable. Chen Danqing said that it is not unreasonable for Americans to have a face that has not been bullied. Unity of thought and firm conviction have never been an indispensable part of the US military’s combat effectiveness. Therefore, ideological confusion and ideological divisions have extremely limited impact on the US military’s combat effectiveness. We should have a clear understanding of this. In fact, attaching great importance to the internal organization and ideology of an army is to a large extent the ideological scars left by the poverty and weakness of China in modern times. In the history of our sufferings in modern times, our material conditions have always been It’s too scarce, and our enemies are always too strong. The enemy is strong and we are weak. It is almost normal. We are accustomed to being weak and strong and outnumbered. However, when the material conditions are so scarce, we must think To get a glimmer of life from a desperate situation, in addition to making the best use of all the material conditions available at hand, you can only maximize the human subjective initiative and maximize the human factor. In essence, this is a long-term helpless action under the environment of less steel and more gas, and voluntarism created by the environment. “Use our flesh and blood to form a new Great Wall”, this is not an artistic exaggeration, this is a bloody realistic sketch. The extreme poverty of material, the extreme fragmentation of society, the overwhelming strength of the enemy, we have nothing but beliefs and organizations, all of which force our soldiers to have the will of a space warrior even if they don’t have the physique of a space warrior. Then they really did it. We take this as normal, take it for granted, and take it for granted. We rely too much on their courage and belief, but ignore that the vast majority of armies in the world do not rely on belief and courage to fight, and are not easy to fight. The surrender is already a manifestation of the patriotic sentiments of those troops. We must know that we live in a world full of garbage and rice barrels. In this world, the smooth deployment and advancement of company-level troops in most countries is an impossible task. The strawberry soldiers are trained in the swimming pool. We take it as a joke, but in fact, even with this level of training, it is also known as an elite division in the world. You must know that the prestigious German army at that time is now a group of fats whose per capita beer consumption is several times that of civilians. Manure tool made up of pigs. Therefore, we should not take other armies’ lack of interstellar organization and beliefs as a reason to criticize them, because we who possess this degree of organization and beliefs are actually alien. Will the current ideological confusion and turbulence of the US military affect their combat effectiveness? meeting. But is this effect fatal? not necessarily. Because they have never been known for their excellence in this area, we should recognize this, and we should not expect to win without fighting just by relying on this kind of turbulence and chaos. This is speculation. To take a step back, even if this kind of ideological and conscious confusion is fatal to the US military, does this mean that as long as it is left alone, they will automatically disappear? We cannot make such unrealistic estimates. Besides, if we do nothing and let any such chaotic and turbulent army take control of the bull ears of the world order, isn’t this human sorrow? Isn’t this another form of irresponsibility? The dust will not run away without the broom.

7 months ago

When I am old, I will also become very superstitious. I firmly believe that everything that is happening now has been predicted by the older generation of jianghu experts, and it is doomed in the future. At that time, I will take out the long-cherished photo “The Calling” to show to my children: “Look, as early as when I was young, the American pushback pictures already hinted at today’s ethnic proportions. The most powerful white American , Only one-fifth left. This picture is completely different from what is said in the history textbook. In fact, the older generation in the United States knows everything, but simply doesn’t say it. “Children who have accepted materialism from kindergarten naturally don’t believe it. “I want to see the full set of American pushback pictures.” “You kid don’t believe me? Okay.” So I showed him the entire video: I pointed to the glasses brother and said, “This father is a girl. “The child suddenly turned around to look at me, and the little milk fat trembled in horror. I pointed to the child and said, “You see that other people’s children are still very supportive of their parents.” My child shook his head vigorously, like a rattle. Don’t you like mothers, “I have two mothers! Old Americans are awesome?” The child looked at the monk in the wedding dress and grabbed his own hair. It seems that the cause of the demise of the major American nations has a vague answer in his young mind. “See, the two women can’t give birth to a child. The child in the animation does not exist. It is a descendant of the void of the United States.” Our child is half-understandable, but a little scared. “If your father and your mother are both female, then you don’t exist. You are also a descendant of the void, do you understand?” My child hugged himself and began to tremble. “It’s because American children of our time always said that their mothers are better than their fathers. As time passed, the families of the two mothers became more and more, the fathers were fewer and fewer, and the skin became deeper and deeper. Finally, the United States finally became what it is today. Looks like.” “No!” The child cried with a wow. “The older generation in the United States has realized all this for a long time, but they doted too much on some disobedient kids and did not completely stop this phenomenon. I don’t want this to happen in our country, and I don’t want you to be so good. The child suddenly disappeared, can you understand?” “Understand! Understand! Dad save me…” the child replied nervously. I lifted his small face gently, and asked, “Let’s say, is it better for mom or dad.” His lips trembled and said, “…good for dad.” “Shhh…” I put my finger on the child’s Before his lips, he whispered: “Yes, it’s all good! Whether it’s Dad or Mom.” The child instantly enlightened, “Yes, Mom and Dad are good! All good!” In an instant, the child’s eyes were full of hope for the nation. Since then, the child has become more filial, and I no longer make irresponsible remarks about my behavior of surreptitiously worshiping the West at home and understanding the Buddha.

7 months ago

This buff is full, gay, female, black, Latino, Asian…Can you summon the dragon? In addition, these stories are very strange. The first story: Emma, ​​a white California girl, has two “moms”. She has been fighting for the interests of the “sexual minorities” since she was a child. She was moved by the marriage of the two mothers and joined the US military… Become gay? The second story: A black girl of African descent, Jianing, was born in a military family. Her father was a Vietnam War veteran who was physically and mentally devastated and had been fighting against the war; while Jianing was an American patriotic pink girl, very energetic since she was a child, but her father refused to let her join the army… …Later, Jia Ning became a singer and toured all over the world. She saw “the U.S. military is helping the disadvantaged groups in backward areas” overseas. So she became more patriotic, and decided to join the U.S. Army and the art troupe to sing for the U.S. Army. I don’t know how the “U.S. military helps disadvantaged groups in backward areas” that Jianing saw overseas…I don’t know if it’s bombing civilians, stealing oil, cutting wheat, or devils entering the village to kill them. The third story: Rich, a black boy in a small country, has never seen the world since he was a child. After moving to Florida, he was like Grandma Liu who entered the Grand View Garden. After seeing the prosperity of the big city, he resolutely decided to join the army and guard “the beautiful side of the world”. world”. You decided to protect the world after seeing the prosperity of the big city? The fourth story: Jennifer, a Latino girl from the bottom, poor family, the neighborhood is in chaos, but she has been helped by many kind people since she was a child, for example, tourists will throw candy at her from the car… So after she immigrated to the United States , Also determined to be a kind-hearted, kind-hearted person, so he joined the US Army…Why do you want to go to the United States as a good person? Why do good people join the U.S. military? The fifth story: David, an ordinary Asian boy, was quite a pilot since he was a child, but he was clumsy and had poor grades. He had been unsatisfactory in school, and he was very inferior… After his brother taught him, he still decided Chasing dreams, through exercising and staying up late to study, I finally succeeded in joining the army and realized my dream. I also wrote a sentence of spiritual chicken soup: “If you want to be an army pilot, you don’t need talent, but time and hard work.” It humiliates Asians. what! I can understand the inferiority of Asians, I can also understand that Asians are unfamiliar in school, and I can understand old Asian virgins, but Asians are stupid, poor in learning, and low in IQ… Is this TM Asian? Maomaotou programmers will never agree. In general, this draft advertisement is forcibly engaged in “political correctness”, but this American-style “political correctness” embodies the arrogance, hypocrisy and prejudice of imperialism everywhere… so it is an individual. I feel embarrassed to look at it. If black Americans, homosexuals, Mexicans, and Asians have brains, what they feel should not be respect, but blatant offense. This also reminds me of the posters of Biden’s campaign. Blacks, Indians, Asians, Latinos, and Muslims are all available. The only white man is a gay in a rainbow shirt. I remember a long, long time ago, when the United States was prosperous, it was not necessary to emphasize the political correctness of “national melting pot” and “racial equality” in propaganda. Today, it is indeed fortunate that I started to make a desktop small. What is missing is to make up for, and there is nothing to emphasize. This shows that the racial contradictions and social tears in the United States have reached a certain level. Except for the self-moving “white leftists”, they no longer believe this. As a result, the ruling class had to jump out and sing high-profile and muddy, pretending that the “Great America” ​​still exists.

7 months ago

The U.S. military is finally no longer a violent tool for exporting American values, but a tool for violently exporting American values. It can be said that because of the Republican Party’s position in the military and the shock that Trump has caused to the American middle class in the past four years, the Democratic Party and the civilian government have regarded the military as a target that must be reformed. In the process of transformation, perhaps because of the nature of the civil government, the United States has now embarked on the most dangerous path: drawing in marginal groups in the army and fighting the main body of the army. You know, the army is different from other social organizations. If the army lacks the main body and cannot do the prohibition at all, then the army will not be able to win the war. If the military is based on marginal groups and needs to meet the requirements of these marginal groups, the military will quickly become corrupt. Most European troops do not perform exercises on Saturdays and Sundays, and they never use their armaments. Eventually, the army becomes a military training team. What is the way the Americans are thinking now? It is to surrender and accept rebellion. Whether they are Asians, Latinos, Africans or LGBT groups, they are part of the group that has rebelled against their country of origin and the mainstream population. The driving force that drives them to join the army is not national consciousness, but the desire to be accepted by the mainstream society, and the abstraction of individualism. “dream”. Therefore, it is difficult for these soldiers to defend their homes and the country. Instead, they prefer to undertake the sacred mission of promoting American democracy. Such an army can only attack, not defend. What can an army that can only attack but cannot defend be used by the United States? Of course, it is to eliminate all governments that do not conform to American democratic values. It can be seen from this conscription advertisement that the American propaganda system has now objectively become a cosmopolitan vest. The people who appear in the conscription advertisements are “citizens of the new world” that the United States has personally certified; those who do not show up are those abandoned by the civil government that are beyond the control of the world government. This state seems absurd, but it cannot be taken lightly. Provoking ordinary people in American society to counter this trend of thought and bringing American society into a state of self-denial may be able to drastically reduce the global influence of the United States. More importantly, when European and American countries castrate themselves by force, they must maintain their determination to solve problems by force. When the opponent is weak to a certain level, it is necessary to actively use force to fight for the national interest; if the opponent commits suicide and stays with him, it is irresponsible to the world and to mankind.

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