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My first job was in a state-owned enterprise. At that time, the boss of HR kept instructing our newcomers: Before doing work, remember that HR has an official seal on the mouth—many, many employees think so—some things must not be messed up. Say, what you can’t say, and you can’t leave a written record. In HR work, it is still necessary to think carefully, speak carefully, and act cautiously. Don’t let the fragile personal or company brand and trust that have been established before break down because of a word or action. Once the trust is broken, it is very difficult to re-establish it, more difficult than to build it from scratch. So HR must keep your mouth shut. Regardless of the role of the human resources department in the company, management, support or partners, the role of HR will cause employees to mistakenly expand our personal image to corporate cultural values, and take personal views as true The official conclusion is that HR often has to come into contact with a lot of things that are as small as the company’s strategy and employees’ privacy, so shut up, that is, professional ethics and personal cultivation. In addition, pay attention to the sense of proportion and boundaries. When it comes to personal morality or character, many times there is no single standard. Some people have high moral standards, some have low moral limits, some have rigorous personalities, and some have large scales and like to joke. There is a truth to learn from: If you don’t know if you can do this, then ask yourself: If this matter will be sent to the company tomorrow, or if you want to talk to your mother about this matter/substitute into it In your mother’s body, you think there is no embarrassment for you, that’s okay. This is the sense of ethics and boundaries. When it is bigger, HR is the link between organization, business and people. When it is smaller, HR is the bridge between managers and employees. A lot of information is collected and disseminated by us, especially the sense of sense of proportion and boundary between people and information. sensitive.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This incident seems to be a personal unintentional fault, but for a while, it caused a big mistake. In fact, one person has swelled to the top, and as an HR, he does not know that every word and deed represent the corporate image. To a certain extent, the company’s Kouhi will eventually be paid for by the company. With all due respect, some HR’s own identities and resources are granted by the enterprise platform, which has little to do with their own ability and quality. It only needs an email to change individuals. What’s more, some HR ranks low and have weights, but the weights are not worthy of virtue. Zhihu has repeatedly discussed the adverse consequences caused by some HR in the society because of their moral unworthiness to talk nonsense. I hope to take it as a warning and share a few words at the end, saying: If you are born in chaos, words are considered to be the order. If you are not secret, you will lose your minister, if you are not secret, you will lose your life, and if you are not secret, you will be destroyed. So the gentleman is careful not to go out. Everyone has gloom in their hearts, but don’t let the gloom swallow yourself.

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7 months ago

What do you think? It’s a big or small thing. To get bigger, you are an HR. Anything you say outside that is related to your work or company will be infinitely amplified and used as a topic of attacking the company. Yet). Immediately, “Huang Yi”‘s nickname, which is almost forgotten, may be picked up again. It’s not a matter of a day or two for employees’ personal behavior and the company’s employer brand to pay the bill. Knowing that this is still a conscience, the questioner also made a mosaic. The screenshots I saw on Weibo and Maimai carried the real name of this buddy. Let’s talk more seriously, don’t say that the female colleagues of your team are not angry with you, other colleagues see you, and they have to mutter in their hearts regardless of your estimates. In the short term, you won’t have a good reputation in the HR circle, which is very small. If I want to change jobs recently, it might be a bit difficult. At a lower level, it may be just a “sweet joke” posted in a circle of friends. Those who like this tune may even laugh with a knowing smile. However, for me personally, I find it vulgar and unacceptable. Recruitment work, from the lowest level, is to meet the company’s recruitment needs, find the right people, and solve positions. Essentially, it is the establishment of an employer brand. From issuing positions, to attracting candidates, to touching each other, every detail of the whole process (from the company’s promotional materials, negotiated offers, to the interview and not pour you water) is without exception. Demonstrate and build the employer brand and reputation of this company. The threshold for recruitment is actually not high. As long as you are proactive, willing to work, and willing to deal with people, you can become a recruiting intern. You can understand and learn how to recruit people. It is not difficult to become a recruiter, but it is difficult. Is to become a qualified recruitment HR. You are not only the tool person who posts positions, makes appointments, and finds resumes. Your every word and deed represent the company’s employer brand and corporate culture. Netease Interactive Entertainment also touched me (of course, I didn’t continue to talk for personal reasons), and I am considered a big company. The difficulty of recruiting is much better than those of small companies. Actually, the job of recruiting has to be like this in the circle of friends. Attract candidates? What kind of bird can the candidate attracted in this way be? (I think no one in the domestic workplace can look at this separately). In the early years, there were indeed many companies that regarded such things as “beauties” and “annual welfare hints” as the selling points of their employer brands. In the early years, the recruitment and headhunting industries really preferred to find young and good-looking boys and children. , It’s almost anything that can better match the candidates, especially those who do technical skills. These are all a portrayal of the barbaric growth of the Internet industry. It’s still so neat today, it’s a bit of a drop. And further speaking, this kid can say this as an HR in Moments, even if it is a joke, it is enough to show that the company is not in place to cultivate corporate culture, employer brand and PR public opinion risk, as an HR (especially, He is still the most external recruiter) insensitive. Think about the Shanda incident and Xiaomi time back then. Are there few companies that overturned cars? Moreover, take a step back and say that everyone is just a colleague, and colleagues are not familiar enough to make a joke, right? I took a closer look. In the group photo, there were only three boys. In fact, most human resources departments do have only a few male counterparts. Moreover, in this environment, it is not the so-called “going to heaven” at all, okay? To be true, pay more attention to your own words, deeds, and behavior. A bunch of boys work together and talk about bad jokes; and you talk about bad jokes among a group of female colleagues, these are two different things. Of course, it might be found out later that this buddy is an intern.

7 months ago

Nowadays, there is often a popular term called private domain traffic. In fact, this is a typical private domain traffic rollover incident. Believe it or not, this is not a public circle of friends, but a grouped circle of friends. The grouping objects are all hr’s own circle, and in this circle, he often posts some things that are not very popular on the table in exchange for his darkness The pleasure. Really, why are there those small videos, bad jokes, sneak shots, immorality and even illegal rumors against various social phenomena? Because many such people have this need. They can’t bear that spam only stinks in their heads. He is eager to send it out, to be seen, and then to leave the scene safely, making himself look like an extrajudicial lunatic with hands and eyes open to the sky. Like this HR, he obviously often sends some sideballs and sexually suggestive “jokes” showing female colleagues in the company as merchandise in his group circle of friends, and the previous ones are fine, no one reported, nothing happened. . This kind of silent spiral made him believe that the people in this group are all his own people, and they should be fine. The worst result is only a small area of ​​complaints. I like the way they can’t understand me and can’t kill me. Unfortunately, it exceeded his expectations this time. Maybe an insider who couldn’t understand him for a long time decided to expose it. Maybe it was a five-second withdrawal of his friend from a large Internet company WeChat group. Deleted, no matter what, he was sent to a group named “Visible to All” to accept the trial and punishment that should have come long ago. Does he really want to hire people? He just wanted to show off the many beautiful girls in his unit, and he has the resources. While this was a rollover, it was also an unprofessional that shouldn’t have happened. I don’t want to analyze the psychological activities of such bad people, but I still want to remind the gutter mice who have a lot of information about colleagues because of their job: This is a light-speed response, the Internet age where light travels. Hide it well, obey the law, don’t show it out.

7 months ago

There is a problem with the company’s corporate culture! There is a problem with the company’s recruitment standards! There are also problems with business management! The biggest problem is gender discrimination and disrespect! This circle of friends is definitely not just for kouhi. His language expression and behavior pattern must be the result of consideration, otherwise he will not add another sentence to the comment after posting to the circle of friends. He further elaborated and clarified his ideas. As HR, the basic professional ethics and standards of life are gone. If there is one of your relatives, would you say these things? Do not engage in discrimination against women in the workplace. It is boring and unnecessary. Fair competition, voluntary participation, a good corporate atmosphere, and a clear development direction will better promote development and employee cohesion. It doesn’t matter whether it is a small company or a big company. Talent is the foundation of the company, and HR is the guardian and referrer of the company’s talent introduction. The overall quality of HR also determines the company’s possible or perhaps overall future growth and talent reserve. Let this HR resign, a person who does not respect women, what else to talk about, don’t talk about anything.

7 months ago

Young people are young and energetic, and they dare to say anything. It is good to learn a lesson and have a long memory. If it is really done, the law must be punished severely, and the impact will be too bad. I guess it was simply showing off what I was eating, playing in special meetings, and openly “sexually suggesting” in the circle of friends. As a result, it turned out to be a big deal. “Crack” I’m too familiar, but I never expected it, oh my mother, why did I get hot! I have to remind you that you must be cautious in your words and deeds on the Internet now. Don’t say anything that is beyond the scope of public acceptance, and don’t do things that are beyond the tolerance of the public. Even if you don’t approve of it, respect the mainstream values, especially if you are not just You yourself, representing many people behind you, have to be responsible for yourself and others. I’m still too young, I don’t know people are afraid of being famous because they are afraid of being strong. Like this one, you usually say something nasty, talk a little bit of jokes and make a joke. If you see too much, you may not care about it, but it’s not good to put it in a public space. You have to respect everyone’s ideas, yes. Too many people don’t want to watch your ignorant show off at all. It’s like throwing shit into people’s mouths. Who can be angry? They reported it to you, and you have to admit it. It’s like the pair in the classroom yesterday. They love how they are in their homes and hotels. They do it in public spaces, but they don’t have a sense of boundary, privacy, and principles. Don’t you know that there are cameras? Although the spread of people is extremely immoral or even illegal, but it spreads, where do you say this face put your parents’ face and where do you put it? I have to say that the “moral precepts” floating in the public space are still worthy of awe. Even if you look down on it, at least respect the huge energy attached to him. The method of triggering is wrong, it is a big explosion. If public opinion is a big explosion, then the society will undoubtedly die.

7 months ago

If it is true, it is recommended that the human resource manager be immediately dismissed and included in the blacklist for hiring human resource managers in all industries and not hired for life. Sure enough, NetEase’s management had a clear idea and felt that the problem was serious, so it was disconnected early. Give them a thumbs up. In addition, will the blacklist of peers also spread? There are two bottom lines in society: one is law and the other is morality. According to the law, his remarks about drugging people have obvious criminal tendencies. Drugs themselves can easily lead to death, and drugging women has a strong direction of sexual assault. This kind of lawless circle of friends who regards life as horrible is too terrible. Morally, he is extremely disrespectful to women. He openly regards female appearance as the first element to attract new employees, and he nakedly implies sexually, and morally discriminates against women seriously. This kind of insulting circle of friends with huge prejudice against women is too terrible. Up. This person does not pay attention to the legal red lines and moral red lines. He has a dirty and dark heart, potential criminal tendencies and hatred of objectified women. This kind of person is actually an employee of a large factory and is stunned. Who said this is a joke? Would normal people make jokes like this? That’s what people think in their hearts.

7 months ago

As a Xiaobai who switched to HR, he was really furious when he saw this news. Are female colleagues a bargaining chip for recruitment? ridiculous. Substitute myself, I’m already angry. A recent record of po. Recently, I am busy recruiting and selling. When facing job seekers, I have to solve the target first. On my side, I would rather hire one less person, failing to complete the target, and would not cheat my colleagues in order to complete my own target. This kind of job seeker, I directly black out. I hope hr can stick to his bottom line and don’t use “joking” to make excuses for his sordidness.

7 months ago

Don’t say that this is a joke that can be forgiven. Look at the id, position, department, and real name. Generally speaking, such a detailed id is not a remark, but an account for work. Even if someone else remarks, it also means that the social position of his id is very official. A little bit of social experience knows what such an account means. Such an account has been recruited in Moments and marked as a team photo. Saying anything is no longer a personal statement. The fear and humiliation brought to female employees by his remarks are also doubled. Moreover, where he has the confidence to use this number to talk nonsense, he has to study and study. The impact on the company’s image is not just as simple as a pest. This makes people question what kind of power the company’s HR usually enjoys to have such a brain circuit. If it’s just a moral issue, it’s okay to say that if you fire him today, next time I see who dares to be alarmist. But if too much power and convenience corrupt this position, then moths will continue to emerge in this position in an endless stream. It is recommended that NetEase pay attention to the position of HR. Don’t treat everything as a black swan. If it’s just a few people who can’t speak human words, that’s great. If there is a terrible rent-seeking space, such as “Any female employee needs to please HR in order to mix well”, then it must be strictly investigated. Even if he didn’t dare to really administer medicine, he would always dare to really tease. If only because of his own personal charm, he would avoid using his company account to say it. What is the scumbag doing? Isn’t it good to prove that you are charming, just to prove that you are the same as those middle-aged bald uncles who take money to engage in compensated dating? No, scumbags will even compare who spends less money, and they will never say it even if they use their positions, which is shameful. Use the company’s HR number and use the topic of recruiting people to say which one you want to pick up. What is this picture? This is showing off power to you. These demented words and deeds will occur only when they are overwhelmed by power. As for the crime declaration of drug, it may not be a show of power at first glance, but it is also a show of convenience. Convenience is a derivative of power. Outsourcing of cleaning and security, these ladies are invited to drink water, can they be 100%, and can they avoid being discovered afterwards. Even if all is done, can the lady be handed over to you after the medicine is given? This HR wanted to show off the convenience of contacting, inducing, and controlling female employees to a certain extent, and even had the confidence not to be held accountable after the incident. Hot search is not the same as hot search. If the nature of this matter is that one person is hilarious, no matter how harsh the whole network is, it will not have much material impact on Netease. But if there is indeed a system defect behind the HR position, and if something happens in the future, even if it is not on the hot search, even if it only spreads in the workplace, it will be a substantial damage to the company. When did the company’s brain drain start? Is it a hot search? Don’t be funny, as soon as there is a consensus among talents, the loss begins. When there are discussions on the Internet, the company has chilled early.

7 months ago

Let me talk about this from another angle. This incident is actually a typical example of the company’s management failing to keep up with the times. I was invited to participate in an employer brand and employee welfare summit before. I talked about “How to Be an Employer Brand in Zhihu” and shared this point of view: In the traditional concept, HR is not external and serves the business team, often lacking in response. Some PR is sensitive. But now it is the era of self-media for all people. HR recruiting candidates have become an important window for displaying corporate image, and there is an urgent need to increase PR sensitivity. This is a typical example. The recruiting HR said to himself and thought he had a sense of humor, but he never considered his own words, which represent the values ​​and image of the company. If your company’s values ​​are “you can sacrifice the hue of female colleagues in order to recruit people,” then what illegal things can your company do? The behavior of the HR apology letter transmitted on the Internet not only makes friends and business passers-by unhappy, but also makes colleagues, especially female colleagues, unacceptable. For him personally, this negative impact is very difficult to eliminate in the short term. When I was in Mercer, I was often educated on compliance: you represent Mercer in everything you do. Do not use illegality as the bottom line, but “see the newspaper” as the bottom line. What is “in the newspaper”? It’s what you do, if it’s in the newspaper, it’s not negative for you and the company. For example, if you ask your customers to wash their feet, it is a very simple type of foot washing, which is completely legal. However, if a newspaper reports that “a company employee takes a customer to wash the feet city”, it sounds negative, but in the eyes of compliance colleagues, it is a violation. I hope that all HRs will also keep this in mind, whether it is: promising candidates an offer that cannot be guaranteed; candidates who say that they don’t want to work overtime are rubbish; that their children do not speak Chinese; teasing girls are very beautiful, and foreign students are very good Happiness Qingti anonymously criticizes the company’s employees who work overtime…all will be exposed online and will be countered by the Internet, and the company will spend more money at that time. Be cautious in your words and deeds, and start with me.

7 months ago

Criticizing this HR’s three perspectives for being incorrect or reluctant to speak is one-sided. The key point is that there is a problem with the implicit way of doing things behind his rhetoric. Some guys said that we often see other people talking about things other than specific salary when recruiting, such as good holiday benefits, the company has snacks, and many beautiful/handsome colleagues, etc., as part of the competitiveness of the job itself, this is not bad . Specific to the HR of Netease, his starting point may be the same. However, this does not mean that it is right, because: as HR, publish things related to specific job responsibilities (recruitment) in public places (publicly readable circle of friends), or use company-related materials (work photos) ), then this is a work behavior. What is promised in the recruitment work behavior should be regarded as an element of a type of offer. In other words, HR should not release this type of information without cost. If the above statement is more convoluted, let me give a few examples: the company said that it would provide free lunch when recruiting, but it was cancelled after a certain period of time without explanation and other forms of compensation. Then this is a breach of the recruitment conditions. . Employees [can] do not hold accountable, but have the right to hold accountable; similarly, when the company recruits, the team says that the team has a high proportion of the opposite sex and good looks. In terms of actual results, both the recruiter and the job seeker default to each other’s will As part of the attractiveness/competitiveness of the position. That is: HR defaults that applicants can be impressed by beautiful colleagues, and job applicants also default that the company allows office romances. Then the problem is here: when HR’s behavior (posting gender differences and corresponding specific conditions as recruitment conditions), it did not obtain the authorization of the right holder (that is, the so-called beautiful employee). Then this will lead to two problems: 1. For employees who are already employed and regarded as elements of sexual attraction, the company regards them as elements of the recruitment work, and this process should be regarded as the application of their personal resources. From the labor agreement, I believe that no agreement will include this as a job responsibilities (except for improper business premises), so there is no doubt that the employees involved have the right to recourse for the company’s corresponding income. , In the form of remuneration or benefits; 2. For job seekers, if he feels that his colleagues of the opposite sex do not meet his expectations after entering the job, or there is no result in the pursuit of colleagues of the opposite sex, he can Offer help to the HR who posted this information? If HR refuses, the job seeker believes that the company has breached the contract and proposes an irresponsible termination of the labor agreement. Is it a reasonable request? So on the surface, this matter is objectified and lawless, but in essence, HR lacks professionalism. Many of our companies often attach importance to certificates and past work experience in the recruitment of functional positions, but ignore the most basic point, that is, the logical thinking ability of employees. There are some things that can’t be said and cannot be done as a job, otherwise it will eventually become a disaster for colleagues in the company’s public relations department.

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