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What your friend said has a little truth, just look at the structure of the game itself, the difference is not big. But the source of gameplay is completely different from the business model. The creativity of Pokemon comes from the life of Japanese elementary school students: they go to the wild to catch bugs, raise them, and then the boys in the class bring their own collections, which is the rarest species and who has the largest bugs. This is also the reason why Pokemon stood out when the entire game industry was not optimistic. Generations of elementary school students have liked this set. In the industrial era, it is better than the unicorn, and in the cyber era, it is more than the digital unicorn. SEGA has done a more straightforward thing, “The Beetle King”. It has been popular for a few years, but he is too straight, and he doesn’t like to play when he grows up. Collecting and breeding exchange has never been the reason for the success of Pokemon. This has been proved by countless other losers in the Pokemon LIKE boom in Japan in the late 1990s. Although plagiarism such as DQM has made a lot of money, they have not survived for a few years before they have fallen. Instead, it was a monster watch that couldn’t be beaten by eight poles. Because it aroused the interest of elementary school students, it almost became the second Pokemon. Collection and breeding among the three major elements of collection, breeding, exchange, are not invented by Pokemon, and even Pokemon is not the best. The most famous masterpiece of this type of game is “Thanksgiving”, capture + breeding + evolution three The big element was culminated by the goddess and the later Yiwenlu series. The “Xuanyuan Sword” series copied this set of settings and changed it to a demon-making pot. In other game series, there is no shortage of features that feature one or two of the elements, such as the hatching pet in “ZERO”. As for exchange, it is not so much gameplay as it is part of the commercial law. Compulsory exchange of version differences has also promoted the popularity among elementary school students. As for adults, it’s different. They prefer the dark pleasure of spending money to kill their opponents. The professional name of Japanese-style mobile games is “social games”, which well illustrates the source of gameplay. If we remove the skin from Pokemon and the current Japanese-style mobile game, and only look at the core driving force, the two are highly consistent-the core driving force is to show off to others. It’s just that adults show off horse racing, warships, and kids show off Pokémon. The essential difference between Japanese mobile games and Pokemon lies in the step of collecting. The entire collection of Pokemon is the traditional game, and if the mobile game wants to collect, the most important thing is to spend money. No matter how to beautify it in circles, this is all gambling. In other words, apart from showing off comparisons, most of the gameplay of Pokemon comes from the process of the video game itself, and exploring combat training is its main course. In addition to showing off comparisons, the card drawing mobile game actually comes from gambling, and the battle exploration process that belongs to the game itself is more like killing time.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s just to change the concept…the game types are completely different. How to compare back and forth? This is not the same as Guan Gong vs. Qin Qiong. What is changed to drawing cards and anthropomorphism? How can this be changed? What is the relationship between the team series and the card drawing game? Just saying that it is related is to steal the concept. In this way, Pokémon and moba games are the same, passive features, four skills, attack, special attack, physical defense, special defense, hp speed, props and equipment. Different game types are simply not comparable. Besides, Pokémon originally had the krypton gold draw card mobile game pokemonmaster. Although the gameplay is based on the traditional work, it doesn’t really matter at all.

7 months ago

The Pokemon Sword and Shield has a design similar to drawing cards. It is the extremely chemical cave. The development of Pokemon comes with its own brush attributes, individual value, characteristics, and even personality. Although more and more props are now supported to reduce liver strength, it still retains some of the fun of brushing. The development of Pokemon is very purposeful. The supermodel monster is there, but it is not linear. The supermodel needs the combination of personality + traits + individual value, and attributes and race values. In other words, the same pet must meet the above conditions to be a supermodel. The extremely chemical cave is an important place for supermodel pets. Need to pay a fee to get a chance to draw pets, and then defeat and conquer. So you see Pokémon’s draw card is like this, as long as you have been to the cave, you can get 200 yuan, if you can draw it directly and give you 2000 yuan. After you draw all the drawable caves, some caves will be refreshed and become drawable. You can also draw an item that can be purchased for 3,000 yuan into the non-drawable cave. Converted to the card drawing game, the card pool can directly receive 200 diamonds, some card pools can be drawn for free, and 2000 diamonds can also be obtained. When there are no free card pools, some card pools will randomly enter a state that can be drawn to achieve a diamond output consumption process. If you don’t want to spend money on props, you can only draw randomly with the card pool. You can spend money to eliminate the randomness and draw on a certain card pool until it is shipped. If you have no money, you can go to the random card pool to work everywhere to make money. You understand, it can be said to be completely different from the two-dimensional card drawing. The two-dimensional drawing card is produced by card resources. How often you draw and how many times you can draw things are almost considered good, and you can’t know. In fact, the real tyrant knows it, so you can be full of expectations. Feelings and surprises come out of the experience. The core fun is that the supermodel monsters are there. If you want to smoke, spend money and time. When you get it, you have to raise the value. It is money and time. Pokémon means that you know all the probabilities, you also know that you will be able to draw, and you also know where to draw. As long as you have time, you can not be drawn infinitely because of the buyout system. So the core fun of Pokémon is: Calculate what is a supermodel monster, how do you use the supermodel monster to build a lineup, and then take a form to get all the necessary favors. Of course, this form sometimes takes a long time to walk. For example, incubation of eggs is often not shipped for a week. Once shipped, it is not a problem to reach the level in one day.

7 months ago

1. Gameplay related to maps and mazes. Game games are about gameplay. Throwing a lot of money in for coupons and randomly drawing, and rushing around on the map to find encounters with Pokémon. In contrast, can the former’s behavior be regarded as a “game”? 2. About the exchange concept of Pokémon. Let me put it straight, card-drawing mobile games cannot have the concept of exchange of main characters, because if players can exchange what is needed, there is no need to draw such a large number of cards, and the game company will not make money at all. 3. In addition to the development of combat system. Pokémon has the most mature turn-based pvp combat strategy system available today, which enables Pokémon to attract a large number of players even if it is separated from the collection, cultivation, and exchange of signs. The sign of the card drawing mobile game is mainly an illustration attraction. As for the battle strategy and the like, it is basically an addition. You can have it and don’t take it too seriously.

7 months ago

In terms of choice, the Pokémon master series, StarCraft, Big Pineapple and the like are of the same type: which Pokémon you choose to use, which race, which class, is a matter of intensity and hobby. Who to train and who to use is a question of “who do you have”. For example, Pokémon was complained in 15 years that “My grandma can get points on the Los Angeles team” because everyone can use the Los Angeles team. For example, I play fgo. You tell me that double caber is cool, the era of the blue card surfing team has come. but? Is the caber you can get if you want? On the other hand, Pokémon, if you want to say true love, I have practiced one or two desert dragonflies in each generation from xy…In terms of strength, if you buy a Pokémon shield but find that the sword and dog are better for fighting, then You just go to home and change a sword dog to feed the golden crown… Or, even if you have a double version and double dlc, plus the annual fee of home for one year, the cost is only one thousand yuan. This is not a small amount of money, I know. But this little money is put in fgo, and your face is darker. You don’t have a treasure at all… this is just a limited pool. Really, the most feared thing about playing krypton gold game is to play krypton gold game as a Pokémon. It defaults to the full picture book, and whoever wants to use it… the whole picture book is ruined, my friend. Of course, some people will say that you have to include the cost of ns… this is no bottom, my friend. Besides, whoever plays the game has no terminal cost…Anyway, the actual service life of my game terminal is longer than that of a mobile phone…

7 months ago

1. Pokémon is essentially an RPG with “capture” as its selling point. 2. Two-dimensional card draws are often RPG 3. What is the fundamental difference between RPG and RPG? Remove the difference between “capture” and “drawing cards”, and then emphasize that they are both RPGs that can cultivate many characters, the difference is only the character image. The logic of this sentence is similar to: close my eyes and add 0 to my account, and I and Ma Yun is all human, and the difference between us is that I am more handsome than him. Then came to the conclusion that Jack Ma is no different from me? To talk about the essential difference, drawing cards and capturing are both “character acquisition methods.” It’s just that drawing cards makes the method of acquisition a paid entry for soft gambling. And Pokémon gave him a set of matching gameplay related to it. Isn’t this called fundamentally different? The bad topics like buyout system and card drawing are skipped.

7 months ago

Of course there are essential differences! The most special thing about Pokemon is that the official very carefully created a world of trainers and Pokemon. Can other card-drawing mobile games achieve this super powerful immersive experience? (Later after thinking about it, maybe there will be it, but it’s really not as impressed as Pokemon) Let me give an example: the following screenshot was saved by NNN in the post bar a year ago. I was really moved when I saw it. A brief summary is: in the game, there is an NPC who will tell you the special memories that the elves and you have experienced together. Just look at the pictures for the specific memories. Anyone who has played should be able to understand: in this virtual In the game world of Pokemon, there are not only the strengths and weaknesses of pokemon, the official also added a lot of ingenuity to enhance the interaction between the player and the elves. In addition to the npc settings mentioned above, the display of map skills has been optimized. You can really see you riding the elves walking around on the map, interacting with the elves, and it will be different when you first encounter them. Personality orientation, each seemingly the same elves is actually different. The fetters settings of the player and the elves in battle, etc., more and more optimization, will make the player have a more immersive experience. And the whole big world, real map modeling, etc. are also incomparable to ordinary mobile games. If you have to say that you can’t see these interactions, there are only 6 players who want to intensively train… Then I’ll assume that I didn’t say… And even if it’s a character development system gameplay, Pokemon It is also different. First of all, it is definitely an ancestor-level player who developed this kind of cultivation system gameplay. The consumption point of krypton gold is completely different from ordinary card drawing mobile games. Orthodox Pokemon is a one-time buyout consumption, and it is completely different from the krypton gold which relies on constantly producing new characters. In other words: Nintendo’s revenue point is not at all because of the increasingly new and stronger pokemon, but the attraction created by the entire game ecosystem! Whether it’s animation, derivative works, or the most popular GO, they all make you believe that there really is a world of Pokemon. Ordinary mobile games can’t produce new characters, do not engage in new activities, how long can it last by relying on native map gameplay? The ultimate goal of most characters is to develop new liver activities, get new rewards, reinforce card roles, and save some resources by the way. But Pokemon is different. Players basically don’t have to worry about so many boosters when they spend a week. They can enjoy the joy of the game honestly, and they can easily pass the level with more levels. No matter what kind of pokemon you cultivate. Can experience the fun of the game, not at all involute. (To talk about the recent Pokémon Adventure, I think the volume is very powerful, although the “drawing card” action is not very difficult, but the attracted pokemon has many talent problems, obsessive-compulsive disorder It means that this is more uncomfortable than ordinary card drawing games. I have to draw the value after I draw this wizard, otherwise I always feel uncomfortable.) You will not consciously want to hatch the eggs until the second week is turned on. The basic value is 6v 5v. What, bred more talented elves. So as to challenge some activities or fight with players. But even if you become the strongest elf in the later stage, the team that will accompany you to clear the level in one week is still your treasure. And and more! ! Players can exchange elves through the Internet! It can be exchanged directly! It’s not the whole piece, you can also send the previous elves through the bank to strengthen the sense of bondage! As a result, the difficulty of breeding is really not that high, the interactive experience between players is also very good, and the human touch is very strong. Although the egg incubation process is a bit boring, it is also very simple to operate, but it will be a little harder for Variety Weird. It only represents a lot of nonsense from my personal point of view. Finally, I love Pokemon for ten thousand years!

7 months ago

Key words, the sense of substitution starts with the subject of changing the collection of catching pets to the collection of drawing cards. In fact, there is an essential difference. What is the draw card collection? Different card pools have different cards. When drawing cards, your purpose is clear, and your possible gains are also clear. You will only stare at the cards you want. In essence, drawing card collection is a kind of gambling. What about catching and collecting? Pokémon itself has provided a complete world since the first generation. Each pet has its own habitat. The player does not know where those pets are from the beginning. Only when they encounter it will they know it, every time in the grass and water. Encountering Pokémon in the cave may be a surprise. You never know where you might encounter any Pokémon. This kind of gameplay is closer to exploring treasure hunting. The exploration process itself is quite interesting, and what kind of treasure (Pokemon) can be obtained in the end is also unknown. Can gambling and treasure hunting be the same? From the perspective of substitution, the use of pokeball to catch pets has been integrated into the entire game setting. The player acts as a trainer, and the trainer is to capture Pokémon, train Pokémon, and challenge the Gymnasium League. And the drawing card collection is completely separated from the settings of all drawing games. You can’t explain why players need krypton gold to draw cards in the game story. What the hell is the so-called card pool in the game story? These can’t be explained at all, because the system itself is out of the game plot. You can’t even explain why the character who accompanies you to fight together is a card. Let’s talk about the difference between the two from the game design. What was the original design idea of ​​Pokémon? It originated from Tajiri Tomo’s childhood play experience, capturing the exchange beetle. He hoped to make this experience into a game, and then the original Pokémon was born. From the first few settings of the Pokémon game, we can see what kind of design ideas Tajiri Tomo had when designing Pokémon. Pokémon originally had five dominant attributes: attack, special, defense, speed, and HP. This is not special, all RPG games have similar designs. The most important thing is the three implicit attribute settings, race value, individual value and effort value. In the real world, there are thousands of types of animals. How to distinguish Pokémon in a game? The answer given by Tajiri Tomo is the race value, the same type of Pokémon has basically the same trend in terms of attributes and specialties. In the real world, animals of the same type are also strong and weak. How to distinguish them in the game? The answer is individual value. So is it useless for Pokémon that is inherently weak? There is also effort value, and reasonable effort can also make weak Pokémon stronger. And a very important point is that these three hidden attributes are obviously so important, why are they not mentioned at all in the original games. That’s because game designers always believe that those Pokémon should not be just data, each Pokémon is unique, not because of the difference in racial value and individual value of effort, but because they are living in another world and players Partners in joint adventures. In the most subtle Pokémon settings, the game has always tried to be similar to the real world, the purpose is to make the player have a sense of substitution. For the player, a Pokémon game is more than just a game, and what the player likes is more than just a specific Pokémon. The Pokémon game is a combination of Pokémon and the Pokémon world, which players like It’s an adventure where you meet your favorite Pokémon inadvertently and fight together in that world. The design of card drawing games is completely different. Its final game design purpose is to allow players to continue to pay and draw cards. The basic logic of game design above this is as follows: the plot provides character charm, the player likes the character, pays for the money, and gets the character. The design logic of the two is also essentially different. Finally, returning to the original question of the subject, why is Pokémon so popular? Simply put, the times make heroes. At the beginning of the initial release of Pokémon, there were three fantastic events that had to be mentioned. As mentioned above, when playing Pokémon, every time you encounter Pokémon, it may be a surprise. And dream is the ultimate surprise, rare and mysterious. This accident greatly improved Pokémon’s reputation. Nintendo’s failure in the console field. This forced Nintendo to turn its attention back to GBA, and at this time, the Pokémon, which made GBA’s renewed fire in his later years, naturally entered Nintendo’s eyes. With the support of Nintendo, Pokémon also entered a state of full bloom. The 3D dragon incident gave Pokémon a reputation in the field of animation. Pokémon itself is a pretty good foundation, but without the above three events. Pokémon will definitely be submerged in the history of the game and be buried with GBA. As of now, Pokémon is still popular because it is not just a game, but a cultural symbol, a feeling. Who has never imagined that in that world together with his Pokémon to adventure and fight together?

7 months ago

What he said is exactly the same as what you said. Collecting, developing, and tactics are almost impossible to play extra tricks. To the death, Pokémon is not a game without a mobile game, is it… The difference between Pokémon and card draw games is: 1. Pokémon does not draw cards. The first thing Pokémon does after obtaining the game is to collect. The card draw game requires krypton gold first, and the zero krypton party uses the second element. It’s nonsense to use card games to satisfy the hobby of collecting. 2. Pokémon has exploration elements. Since it is a one-time sale, Pokémon can fully incorporate the exploration elements into the game, and then use the map environment to consume the player’s game time. And because the two-dimensional mobile game must continue to attract players to recharge, it often needs to disclose the information to complete the work of attracting players. 3. Pokémon preferentially sells the “whole game”, and the draw card mobile game sells “individual characters”. This thing led to more changes in the game environment.

7 months ago

Their core fun points are very similar. The main difference is the fun of paid collection (all cards are found) fun of cultivation (upgrade, evolution, learning skills-upgrade, awakening, skill upgrade) strength display (beating the gym) , Collect medals-arena, fighting skills, boss battle points) interact with others (exchange-card fragments gift) You see, their fun is very similar, but the biggest difference is the payment method, and the resulting sense of substitution Difference Pokémon means that when you come to different regions, you will encounter different Pokémon to enhance your sense of substitution and guide you to explore more places. Onmyoji will put them all in the draw card in order to pay. Has the gap between clearing different plots and unlocking different shikigami narrowed?

7 months ago

In my opinion, this problem is relatively simple. Your friend just wants to replace the way of obtaining the elves, that is, capture the corresponding draw cards, the trainer presents the corresponding activities, the hatching corresponds to the construction, the legendary elves correspond to the activities, and the exchange corresponds to the exchange. At first glance, it seems that there is not much difference, but your friend has overlooked a very important process. The Pokemon battle system is substituted in the capture. There are many articles, such as chain, but these are not the key, because it is I’m talking nonsense. Because now in my eyes, with the low quality of the main series and the dividends accompanying the cultural circle, the quality of the main series is no different from one or two popular card drawing mobile games. (In particular, FGO, relying on animated movies and high-profile fandom, has maintained a good revenue) I just want to answer why Pokemon is so popular, and the default is that you want to know why the main series is so popular (actually Go… forget it). My answer: Because Pokémon has not only the main series, but also its huge branches, including animated movies, cards, side games, linkage authorization and various activities, not to mention a large number of fan creations, such as novels. Picture magic change game and so on. Pokémon can go to the present, and his business strategy is inseparable from the relationship, other types of Pokémon on the market are not good at living except for the demon watch, and they are also inseparable from the management. Pokémon has come to the present, relying on a strong culture to survive, because Pokémon has been a game that encourages social interaction since its inception. You can also understand it as a pioneer of social mobile games, but there are more stand-alone parts. There are fewer online parts. I can swear that the main series of games are very average, or even poor. There are basically no things that are particularly worth playing for players for a long time (players on ladders and regular pits). You want to see the elves you like and don’t stick to the description of the illustrations. Look like? Go to watch anime or movies. Want to know the personality behind the alliance card? Go to see the doujin. The main series of games are so cruel, he could have done better (after BW2), but he did it badly. No matter when and where, there are powerful animated movie cards and other side branches to feed back the main series, and the main series can set up venues for the side branches to develop new elves and people. One of your friends’ catches is pretty good, that’s to see through the current Pokémon is essentially a super social game. It relies on cultural circles to promote it. It’s becoming more and more rubbish in the stand-alone part. Say it’s the same as the current one. There is no essential difference between social mobile games and nothing is wrong. Write and write casually, a little angry and a little calm.

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