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There is consumption when there is leisure. It is necessary to ensure that the majority of employed workers do not work more than 44 hours a week. This is the best way to ensure domestic demand, employment, and growth. In the past two years, economic growth has slowed down. Under the premise of ensuring key industrial upgrades, strategic scientific research projects, and important infrastructure construction, we can consider reducing the accumulation rate of the whole society and releasing more benefits to the masses. The rise in asset prices represented by housing has become an important factor that widens the gap between the rich and the poor and undermines the sense of gain of the masses. First-tier cities would rather smash the market and cut off loans, but also reduce the living costs of the masses, especially the new citizen groups. It is recommended to carry forward the advanced experience of sniping the “two whites and one black” when the RMB enters Shanghai, and initiate a new round of urban housing reform characterized by “living rights and property rights divestiture” to restore the pure residential properties of housing. Adopt various channels to increase the supply of urban public rental housing. By 2050, it is a foregone conclusion that the nation’s elderly population will exceed 500 million, and the total number of dependents will exceed the total labor population. You should consider how to “soft land” as soon as possible. A fall is sooner or later, and you should be prepared not to fall too painful. Guarantee the increase of labor productivity, improve the automation level of all walks of life, liberate laborers from dull and repetitive labor, and ensure that my country’s global production center status will not be shaken in the context of a decline in the labor force in this century. Improve social insurance as soon as possible, increase the types of care insurance, and promote and promote the improvement of home care and various types of old-age care services. It is necessary to accelerate the development of a multi-level and multi-pillar pension insurance system to better meet the diverse needs of the people. Promote industry innovation in the fields of life service robots, elderly residences and home furnishings. Adapt to launch a new round of deepening medical reform characterized by free basic medical services and symbolic charges. By improving disease prevention measures and chronic disease management methods, people’s healthy life expectancy will be extended. Through the construction of transportation and communication infrastructure, the adjustment of the national industrial layout will be promoted, and the balanced development of the coastal and inland regions, the eastern, central and western regions, and the southern and northern regions will be achieved. To avoid the emergence of megacities with too large a single unit, large cities and megacities should be developed in groups to shorten the transportation distance of citizens in daily life. Continue to promote the construction of urban agglomerations and urban belts, and build a group of small and medium-sized cities and functional park cities that are full of vitality and opportunities for young people’s entrepreneurial development, with a population of 300,000 to 500,000. Combining with the revitalization of the countryside, we will promote the distribution of industries in the lower counties, and realize the “citizenization” of rural labor force through industrial distribution in county towns and larger towns.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

Can the labor law be improved? Can the clauses be specified in more detail? How precious is the labor force in our country, how important are labor rights, how many dozens of workers are passively working overtime without compensation, and why the labor law should be an extremely important law? But it is not important. The laws and regulations must be clear and detailed. There must be no loopholes in the implementation of supervision. The channels for petitioning and reporting must be transparent and convenient. This is my most sincere call as a worker. Do something that is really good for the workers. Since it is time to retire Can labor security keep up with benchmarking foreign countries?

9 months ago

As ordinary people, they are most concerned about food prices, vegetable prices, and housing prices. Especially since the epidemic, supply and demand have changed greatly. Eggs that have been eaten for 4 yuan have also been bought for eggs that cost more than 6 yuan, and the price of vegetables has been one price a day. Housing prices have stabilized recently, but young people are still under great pressure to buy houses. In a second-tier city, with an average salary of 6,000, the average price of my house is 20,000. The houses of 13,000 and 4 are already very close to the outside, and work very hard. It is not convenient. If you buy a house of more than 80 square meters, the minimum cost of a house is 1.2 million, and the down payment is 30%, which is 400,000. This data is an impossible task for rural families. I saw a few new openings nearby, and one of them is already 29,000. I hope that the house price can be more stable. Information security is also a concern. Nowadays, various kinds of software are frequently released, and there are many small programs, such as WeChat small programs and Alipay small programs, which can get personal mobile phone numbers and even ID numbers. Now Ali and Tencent are almost monopolized, consumption and itinerary are all exposed, people are almost transparent, and there is no privacy at all. In addition, there are often harassing calls, and I don’t know what channels they used to obtain the calls. I hope that some effective measures can be taken for Internet security to reduce the appearance of some unscrupulous software and strictly supervise existing software. supplement:

9 months ago

As workers, our rights and interests cannot be fully protected. When signing a labor contract, the content of Party A is often blank. The personnel department will ask us to sign the word first. The salary and contract period are blank. Some companies do not have the five social insurances and one housing fund during the probation period, and most companies will split their wages into basic salary, performance, bonuses, benefits, etc., and finally only pay the five social insurances and one housing fund based on the basic salary, similar to the same thing too. In order to avoid taxes, companies pay less than five insurances and one housing fund. They have come up with various methods. They have no right to speak, either sign or bye bye. Regarding overtime, it is difficult to distinguish clear boundaries, but unpaid overtime does exist. I have contacted a company and stated clearly that overtime within 996 is not counted as overtime before entering the job, which is annoying.

9 months ago

The year 2020 that has just passed is an extraordinary year in the history of New China. my country has won all-round victory in the fight against poverty, decisively achieved decisive success in building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way, and won the battle against the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This is also a force contributed by the vast number of overseas students. 2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the beginning of the new journey of building a modern socialist country in an all-round way. The upcoming National Two Sessions also carry more expectations. Unabated popularity “Social Security” ranks among the top three for three consecutive years As one of the livelihood hotspots, “Social Security” has been ranked in the top three of the most popular words for three consecutive years. During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, my country has built the world’s largest social security system, with basic medical insurance covering more than 1.3 billion people and basic old-age insurance covering nearly 1 billion people. Looking forward to the future, netizens leave messages focusing on the areas of people’s livelihood, such as elderly care, healthcare, and education. It is recommended that more policies to benefit the people be introduced to benefit the people’s livelihood and alleviate people’s livelihood worries, so that the people can “learn to be taught, get medical care for the sick, and provide for the elderly”. For many women, it is often difficult to balance work and childcare. Tire is likely to affect career development and increase employment pressure. It is hoped that relevant departments will improve policies to eliminate female employment discrimination and give women more protection.” The social security topics that netizens are most concerned about in 2020 cover many areas, including “Basic pensions for retirees.” The upward adjustment, raising the minimum standard for basic pensions for urban and rural residents, “during the epidemic, policies such as the introduction of social insurance reductions and exemptions in many places across the country,” have received more attention from netizens. The “comprehensive two-child” policy has been implemented for 5 years. In terms of childbirth and childcare, 62.4% of netizens are concerned about “the cost of raising a second child is high, and their living standards are affected”. Educational services need to be improved” and “some employers are absent in protecting women’s rights” troubles 37.1% of netizens. In “How to further improve the level of elderly care services in the whole society”, “focus on solving the problem of long-term care for the disabled and disabled elderly”, “improving the level of’medical and elderly care'”, and “improving the community home-based support policies” and other options accounted for a relatively high proportion. Regarding the question of “Which groups need further protection,” groups such as “disabled, orphans, and elderly people who have lost their own alone”, “orphans, children who are actually unsupported”, etc. have received high attention.

9 months ago

As a post-80s, in their thirties, there are two key stages in the critical stage: one is medical care and pension issues. The four elders in the family are all in their 60s. Today’s mother-in-law’s body is abnormal and there are some bad signs. She has just been checked in the hospital for a day. Fortunately, no major problems have been found. In 2014, his father had an operation for cerebral hemangioma and his heart was still I installed a pacemaker, but fortunately the operation was more successful. But medical care is only one aspect. If the elderly have further physical problems, the children will have to go to work after all, and it is impossible to take care of them full-time. However, the current pension system in China is still very problematic, and the quality is really not reassuring. It is costly for nursing staff. And without quality assurance, the problem of China’s aging population is imminent. Pensions and medical care require the state to provide huge manpower and material resources to ensure it, otherwise the population declines and the population is upside down. The second is education. My mother is an old teacher for more than 30 years. She told me that the entrance rate of high school entrance examination is very low. Taking our small city as an example, about 60% of students can go to ordinary high school, which means that 40% of students are in high school. After the high school entrance examination, I can only go to a vocational high school or a technical secondary school. Nowadays, if parents want their children to be admitted to a good university, they must start at an early age. Basically, they can be admitted to a good high school. Generally, undergraduates are guaranteed. Therefore, children nowadays have a tight grasp of learning from elementary school. Elementary and junior high schools are the key. Who is not afraid of their children losing at the starting line. Therefore, children and parents are under great pressure, and they hope that there can be some reforms in education.

9 months ago

Abolish the “multi-regulations” of “retirement wages” and “medical insurance”, and all equalize the retirement wages and medical insurance benefits of workers, farmers, and administrative and public institutions, and achieve de facto social justice and fairness! The national finance should guarantee the expenditure of medical and education units, and realize free medical treatment and truly free education as soon as possible! Significantly improve social welfare, and form a system with socialist characteristics! It is completely forbidden for any unit to privately set up “small stoves” and “small treasuries” and distribute various forms of internal welfare, concentrate national financial resources, and do practical and good deeds for the people across the country! Carry out effective and effective methods to investigate and thoroughly investigate corruption, thoroughly investigate the corruption in the serious loss of state-owned assets that has caused “the masses of workers in bankrupted enterprises to resent continuously”, and use the assets to be used for the development of the country’s real economy!

9 months ago

Concerned about the house and income, graduated for one year, ordinary people, ordinary occupations, this is in line with the status quo of most people. If you don’t rely on your parents, you really don’t see the hope of buying a house. Don’t envy the indigenous people who can enjoy the benefits of urban development at a low cost. And do not blame the dislocation competition of high-level workers retreating to the second line. Every city wants to retain young people. Housing prices do not agree. The rented community is next to the apartment. The average price of talent apartment 2w4-2w6 policy does have a preference for users who just need it, but it is new. Most of the houses are all large-scale houses, and they are really aimed at the 6 wallets of ordinary families. Yes, I just want to live in the city, and I want to buy a house by myself. The house can be extremely small and a decent transitional house for young people. The future of the city is young people. Only a house can retain people. Young people who do not have to bear huge mortgages can also release more consumption power. Recently, they are always thinking about other possibilities not to buy a house, but they lack that kind of sense of belonging. A sense of belonging worth a million always emphasizes relying on oneself to gain a foothold in the city, because the parents have worked hard for half their lives, and should not only make wedding dresses for their children. It is contrary to my pursuit of maximizing family happiness for the rest of my life.

9 months ago

Two days ago, a junior high school child near his colleague’s home committed suicide by jumping into the river because of his winter homework. The problem of school violence and the psychological problems of adolescents are worth discussing. To understand the student’s family situation, to provide help in study and life, this must be a heavier burden for the teacher, but I have always believed that a person’s morality, conscience, and sense of responsibility are far more important than learning. Learning can be done after graduation. It is carried out independently in time, but due to the lack of psychological reasons in important periods of life, it is difficult to change the rest of life. Therefore, should the real education reform start with the basic salary of teachers? Shouldn’t it start with the assessment of teachers and no longer stick to scores? People’s lives are getting better and better, but there are more and more rules, and less and less human touch. There is never a shortage of extreme-minded young people, but good teachers who are willing to behave in a good way should not be forced to a dead end by salary, assessment, and performance. . PS: I am not a teacher, but I know how important the kindness and care of a good teacher are to Zeng Jin. In addition, that good teacher is no longer a teacher, probably because the ideal is not well realized in the system…

9 months ago

The topic of greatest concern is the development of the private economy. The private economy is an important part of the market economy and one of the main characteristics of socialism with Chinese characteristics. The high quality and healthy development of the private economy is related to the country’s social and economic stability and the success of deepening reforms. And the realization of national rejuvenation. It is hoped that the judicial protection and property safety of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs will be more protected, so that the perseverance of those who have a lot of assets will ensure that entrepreneurs can operate and produce with peace of mind and serve the people wholeheartedly. This is also an inevitable requirement for comprehensive rule of law.

9 months ago

What I am most concerned about is the issue of pension. The aging of the population is becoming more and more serious. Young people have long emptied six wallets at home in order to be able to stay in the big cities. For the hollowed-out old people, the problem of old-age care is directly in front of the young people. The young people are not enough to support the elderly. The pressure on young people is not small. Although the average income is increasing year by year, consumption expenditure is also increasing year by year, and the increase is faster than income. Mortgage must be repaid, children must be raised, and the elderly must also be managed, but the financial ability is limited. The elderly in China are the greatest and most selfless elderly in the world. They have dedicated their lives to the education and life of their children and have endured development for social change. In the future, we will continue to undertake the embarrassing journey of young people who are unable to provide for the elderly. The world is for the public. Choosing talents and ability, stressing faith and cultivating harmony. Therefore, people do not only kiss their relatives, not only children, and their sons, so that the old have the end, the strong have the usefulness, the young have the growth, the stubborn, the widowed, the lonely, the alone, and the disabled have the support, the male has the share, and the woman has the return. If you are evil, you don’t have to hide in the ground, you don’t have to hide yourself; if you are evil, you don’t have to be yourself. It is because it is planned to close but not happy, theft and thieves do not do it, so outsiders do not close. It is called Datong[1] The old age has the end, the strong has the usefulness, and the young have the support. This is the foundation of happiness that many people want.

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