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not worth. If a pair of shoes is fried to 7.8k, the whole process is particularly worthless at the price of 700 or 800. When it comes to fried shoes with shoe rings, there are always people who talk to me about their feelings. What feelings? Jordan, rap, culture, black people, but the above four elements must be mentioned in the stir-fried shoes. I ate this set at the beginning, so I also bought sneakers, but it was far from crazy. At first, I thought it was to pay for my feelings, but then I found out that it was to pretend. When the shadows were cheap, everyone looked down on them, but when the price was well-fried, they eagerly wanted to start, so they boasted that the shoes looked good. Why don’t you buy coconut ice cream? Everyone knows that ice cream butter is not valuable, so rich people don’t buy it, and at worst they have to take a sesame. Four-color mandarin ducks were only a few hundred pairs when I started buying shoes. How ugly are those shoes? Who bought it then? To be honest, I was so poor that I couldn’t afford shoes and I wouldn’t buy that pair. It was really ugly. But now Douyin brushes two sentences: girls must have sneakers, a gift that male gods must give…the price is easy to add a zero. In such a market, the price is like a joke. Now everyone likes to clearly mark the price no matter what they do, but the sneaker market is different. The price is fictitious. When MeiLi just came out, it was 99999… I didn’t even dare to count how many nines. I have a friend who bought MeiLi at 7999. What price is it now? I bought it at 3k, which is not cheap, but it is in a state where I am willing to pay. Are these shoes really worth it? There is also the inexplicably floating Converse (now completely abandoning this brand), a pair of canvas shoes dare to thousands of them is really for the face, and give me a play with the goods? ! (Personal behavior in the store), I can understand hunger marketing, but don’t go too far. The price floats like this, and you don’t have any points in your heart? ! Rebar may want to say: I’m sorry I didn’t ask you to buy it again, I really don’t play with shoes anymore. At present, I don’t want to grab a spot with a bunch of bots. Just visit Nike and Adidas stores. If you have something suitable, you can pack it and take it away. If you don’t have it, you will be pulled down. He would not spend an extra point for a pair of shoes more than his value. It’s not worth the money. Isn’t it good for me to buy a double McQueen?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Have you ever heard of such a thing as Yu-Gi-Oh? When I was in elementary school, it was especially popular to play this one, and then all the breakfast money was contributed. Just for the whole awesome deck. At the beginning, everyone sought after some very strong cards, such as the Three Gods, such as some magic trap cards with abnormal effects. Everyone is purely competitive. Because every time you lose, you can draw a card from the opponent’s deck. For this matter, there are often people who are unconvinced and eager to move. Later, in order to grab business, the owner of the small shop started to sell a deck of cards, so he would be fascinated. (New card) Suddenly, the duel lost its meaning. So, it began to develop in another direction. Some people start to say that old cards are valuable, new cards are pirated, and it is shameful to play pirated. In addition, the big bosses who used to play the old cards lost their sense of superiority, so they all spoke up. Under the pressure of the word “pirated”, the new card has become worthless. No one will play the new card. Everyone started buying old cards all over again, and then the owner of the commissary heard it and was forced to start selling old cards again. Then, in order to grab business, the old card also began to produce a magic card for each set of cards. How do you play this? At the beginning, some people compared the priest card, rare card, or the same card, and different shapes became rare cards, and everyone recognized the value. In the end, what kind of card is awesome? First meet the old card, then meet the rare, and then meet the beautiful. So a whole set of logic was formed. It was only in junior high school that everyone thought it was naive, and fewer and fewer people started to play it. Then, those rare cards that were purchased with a lot of money became a pile of waste paper. . . . Let’s take a look at the so-called fried shoes now. The same is true. Some people with the right to speak began to guide others and tell them what kind of shoes are worth money and what kind of shoes are good-looking. When there is a leader, plus the leek to follow suit, the system is formed. Shoes, it’s not important at all. What’s important is the right to speak. For example, Li Ning used to be no one cares about it. When someone suddenly takes the lead, it can also rise. This kind of logic can be understood as everything. As long as the rarity is satisfied, (short-lived is fine) + the right to speak + the so-called culture + leeks can form a “fry”. For example, there is a kind of dog that can pull out golden shit, so a master said, this golden shit, the name Said Jinkela So, at first everyone only knew that this kind of dog can pull Jinkela. Therefore, when the dog has not increased breeding, the output of Jinkela is extremely low. At this time, adding Jinkela on the face is a trend, a totem, and supplemented by cultural endorsement. This is the case when the gold on the face can bring a sense of superiority. When people with the right to speak take the lead, leeks will follow suit. When the dog starts to breed, the output of Jinke waste increases, what should I do? First-hand pedigree, to ensure the scarcity of Jinkela, and the first-hand shape of Jinkela, to ensure the price and first-hand culture of Jinkela, and to hit the back of Jinkela. Shoe-fried shoes satisfies the vanity of consumers, and at the same time, it will not lose money when it is bought. After all, someone helps you advertise the price every day. Which shoes are you buying? It is a symbol of identity and face. It is a combination of culture and trend. What can you lose? Why is it just an adult and can still be arranged by a pair of shoes? When you walk down the street, except for those “fired” shoes, you have no shoes to buy? To say it is ugly, no one pursues it, how much superiority can you have with these shoes? Of course, except for rigid needs, will anyone really become rigidly needed because of a certain brand of shoes? (Because I used to talk about this shoe, but some people said that you must get xx shoes, and they said that domestic shoes are garbage)

7 months ago

The original sneaker culture is distorted into expensive equal to good-looking, and there is no reason. When we substitute this behavior of frying shoes into other products, it will feel extremely absurd. Take the current pork as an example. The brand business first tells the story and tells everyone that this is not just a simple piece of pork, but behind it is the legendary history and our feelings! Let’s take a look; this piece of pork is called Black Red Banned. In the era when the WeChat Moments health article was brainwashing, it was banned because it was pickled products containing some nitrites, but the brand spokesperson Still under the pressure of public opinion, this bacon must be ordered every meal! Now people realize that eating in moderation, the harmful substances in it will not harm the human body, but the story of the year also gave this black and red banned legendary color. Let us look at this black and yellow. ;At that time, the spokesperson was eating this color-matched pork chop, because only three mature, the front teeth were broken, so this commemorative color matching is also called the broken front teeth, referred to as the broken color matching six crown kings to commemorate the spokesperson. In the Guinness Book of World Records, he brought six hats. To commemorate him, this six-time crown color scheme was launched. Of course, we also have the joint name pork; tenderloin X lemon and the famous fruit lemon together to make a delicious delicacy, the entrance is refreshing and pleasant. Lean Pork X Donburi incorporates our pork in the design language of Donburi, which is tantamount to the finishing touch and truly blends with each other. Okay, the story is over. It’s time to start a limited edition of the pork from the Shantun series that started today. There is a limit of 3,000 pieces of pork per year. This kind of cultural meat that grasps the trend of the trend should be supplied in a limited amount, mainly to increase the brand’s power. However, in addition to our backing Shantun High, we will also launch mid and low. The Kaoshantun High series is the pork cultivated on the top of the mountain. It breathes the best air, eats the tenderest grass on the mountain, and is exposed to sunlight, so the meat is the best. Mid is at the mountainside, and low is at the foot of the mountain, so the price is in descending order. Some people have said that we eat meat to meet the nutritional needs of the body, not to eat feelings! So in addition to the Kaoshantun series, we also have the more people-friendly Nansanzhai series. The pork in Nansanzhai is not limited to the kind of Kaoshantun. Although the price is still higher than the market, it can make people full. At this time, the ultra-limited Kashantun series of pork, because the supply is scarce, there will be traders on the market who will only buy but not eat, and they will be crazy. The limited quantity is a relatively good monopoly. After the monopoly, the pricing power can be obtained, and the high price can be bought at a high price. Sell. Most people on the market don’t know why this is so expensive. They just think it’s good to be expensive. When a piece of stewed black and red is placed on the breakfast table, it is forbidden to eat it. At noon, it is chopped with two large steamed buns. Dinner is tenderloin. Meat X lemons, only when you post on Moments can you gain face. As for why these meats are so expensive, they shouldn’t think about it. After all, this meal has earned face.

7 months ago

Many people still don’t understand. They think that the shoes are made by the dealers. In fact, the dealer behind it is the brand. Supply is not demanded and then demand is not available, which makes people unable to let go, and makes people lose their minds and make the right choice. However, when sneakers have become a trend indicator, young people all over the world like sneakers. When zooming in, and finally adding some commercial tools that allow the price of sneakers to float freely, frying shoes… has become one of the most profitable side businesses. Many early partners in the industry, based on their own channel connections, could not stand the temptation of money, and joined the big family of traffickers. There was no way. The profits were really too big. Now they are all mixed up very well. Some people who have known it for a long time and who understand trend analysis better make more money. There are really not many people who understand the development trend of sneakers, really not many. Just like two or three years ago, I asked everyone to buy more AJ1 low and Dunk. A friend scanned hundreds of pairs of Chicago Low for this, and indeed earned a car. The car comes back. These all happen to young people under the age of 20. Compared with the complexity of the stock market, speculating on sneakers is even cooler in the hearts of young people. The most important thing is that many people don’t understand this and don’t know how to participate. A closed loop is formed. How easy is it to get in? I have always said in previous articles that the dealer is the brand side, the closed loop already exists, and the market is becoming more and more transparent. New participants only need a little buddhism, and don’t fight for themselves. It is indeed a very interesting thing, the so-called “Small Gambling Appreciation”…

7 months ago

This is a good thing, you think, it is good for the rich to store up their money, or it is good for us to find a reason to spend it? He spends it, and the money is in the circulation market again. Is there more money in our ordinary people’s pockets? If he is a real estate speculator, would we not buy a house at a high price? What if he fry fruits, vegetables, grain, gasoline, education, etc. just need it? Are we victimized? He fries shoes, similar to famous watches and bags. What impact does it have on us? On the contrary, because of their consumption, the market circulates. Stir fry hard, fry hard, this is a good thing. As for the person who has no money and pretends to be compelling, he is overbearing, following the trend and stupid, what can be done, it will not affect me anyway. I would rather the rich people make vigorous speculation. Think about it, if Ma Yun and Ma Huateng used all their money to buy shoes. So they have a pile of shoes at home, and there is a lot of money in the market. We will also benefit from this. Think about it and we are very happy. How to treat fried shoes? Behave normally and turn shoes into luxury goods. Anyway, the production capacity is sufficient now, and I will not have to increase the price of my shoes just because they fry shoes. Come on! People who buy these expensive shoes, you are the best! You are rich! You are so capable! You are nobles! I really envy the expensive shoes you wear! Come on, buy hard!

7 months ago

Shoes are for wearing, not for frying! It can be seen from the behavior of frying shoes that young people are quite lacking in financial knowledge nowadays! Shoes are different from other commodities (oil, iron ore, precious metals), they have strong timeliness and great substitutability. Petroleum is the lifeblood of industrial development, and there are currently no effective substitutes, such as specific needs, long storage time, etc. However, shoes lack these characteristics. When a new shoe is launched, the value of the old one will immediately depreciate. Moreover, these The shoes are very replaceable, and you don’t necessarily need aj, Adidas, Nike, and other brands of shoes. So shoes lack financial attributes. Different from the house, although the house is gradually getting old reinforced concrete, the land under the house has financial attributes, but the mother-in-law cannot bear it. If you don’t have a house, don’t even think about marrying a wife. Therefore, the value and irreplaceability of the house lies in the value of the house. Well, there are many people who take the offer after the speculation is high. Although the bubble is large, there will be people who will take over. So speculating on shoes is purely speculative. Thinking about getting something for nothing, you can make a fortune after a wave of speculation, but the “bookmaker” behind it just caught the mentality of young people to cut the IQ tax, and was the first to stock up. The dealer makes a fortune, and then let the fools play the game of drumming and passing flowers to see who is the last one to take the game! I hope everyone will resist this kind of shoe speculation. Let’s not say whether you will be the last one to take over. It is this kind of capital power that uses young people’s lack of social experience and financial knowledge. These capitalists have made a lot of money, which is serious social harm. Yes, these people can do everything! If things get worse, sooner or later they will be taken care of by the iron fist of socialism.

7 months ago

Everyone is a master if you wear shoes or not fry shoes. If you love sneakers, you can rush to sneakers. What I hope is for those who really like sneakers to rush, rather than the kind of people who don’t understand anything to make quick money with things of this culture. Sometimes we play shoes. Sell ​​the sneakers that we rushed to, but we use them for fun! After all, the sneakers I like are also expensive. We are just forced to help. I love sneakers and sneaker culture. I hope that the shoes are not fried! If you like it, you can draw lots. If you don’t like it, give people we like some opportunities. This is my sneaker. Attitude is also an attitude of most people who play sneakers. If you don’t like it, don’t spray; the two pairs of aj3 are sold less than one month apart, and they are also large in volume. Personally feel that the appearance is crushed, but because of the current market downturn, the price difference between the two shoes is not too big, and most of them The bro that bought the road rolling will not be stingy with the difference of several hundred dollars, so this is no longer a choice, but the reality of buying North Carolina, so the current red cement is not waiting to be seen. However, North Carolina can still stabilize at 1.6k7k in such a sluggish market. Those guys who ridicule North Carolina’s bankruptcy and bankruptcy every day, I want to ask, have you really understood the market, or is it just because you can’t win the lottery at the original price? What about retaliatory remarks? Personally, I feel that a pair of good shoes is already very low at 1667. I don’t want to be greedy enough. I would take the liberty to ask, if one day the price drops below the original price, I would say it was a pack of votes. Will the buddies who wait for this shoe to be lower than the original price really pay? The price of sneakers is too expensive. You have to calm your mind when playing with shoes. I am lucky to lose my life. I also hope that everyone can buy their favorite shoes at the original price. I entered the dream of sneakers in 15 years. At that time, I wanted to buy Barkley but the shoe store was sold out. I saw this pair of aj6. This pair of mine has been given away, because it took too long and no photos were left. To be honest, the aj6 feels very ordinary, but until now I still think these shoes are cool and clean. At that time, there were no fry shoes, and the sneakers were bought at the original price. Recently, I have entered aj6 Paris. Don’t wear shoes, but treat them wisely. I will continue to love it, and hope that every friend who really loves sneakers will not get lost and forget the original intention of sneakers.

7 months ago

Take a closer look at the discussion about the most fierce one in the discussion of fried shoes or the people in the currency circle. Why? It’s the same logic. There are so many leeks. If you cut my leeks, what shall I cut? The most hate of stocks is to play with coins, and those who speculate in stocks probably hate those who sell shoes too! Some people say that the currency circle does not have the effect of making money. I heard that those who fry shoes have already made a lot of money. It is time to turn to the shoe circle. However, there is also another group of people who say that the fry shoes are too small in terms of circle and playability. Now, the value of real play is not much? So does the money-making effect of speculating shoes really surpass that of speculating coins? In fact, making money from frying is not absolute. Who will make leeks if they make all the money? Under normal circumstances, those shoes that are over-limit, heavy-duty co-branding, and hot sales will be relatively high in a short period of time. However, speculation of shoes is not subject to state control and belongs to a gray area, so shoes can be doubled several times in a short period of time, or they may continue to drop in price. If it is Xiaobai, the leeks will still be cut. In addition, the size of the shoe market is still quite small, and the threshold for entry is even higher than that of speculating coins. Because if it’s just a simple experience, a few hundred dollars can flop in the digital currency market for a long time, but the more popular shoes start at a few thousand dollars. I can buy 0.0000001 bitcoins for fun, but I can’t buy them. 0.00000001 pairs of shoes to experience life, because there is no detachability in the standard of fried shoes, the flexibility of this market is quite low. In addition, the current currency has a relatively mature and safe leverage mechanism. In addition, derivatives are becoming more and more abundant. The ability of leverage and two-way profitability is obviously impossible to achieve at present. Generally speaking, the mania period of specific styles of shoes is very short. Once it enters a relatively stable stage, the money-making effect of this style itself basically disappears. Although shoe speculation is so hot now, whether it can become a stable and long-term investment market is still hard to say. Looking outside the shoe ring, shoes are actually a relatively standard “alternative investment” market. If you take a more intuitive benchmarking market, it is more like the cultural collections market. The shoe ring has existed for a long time, and there is demand in this area. It will not disappear suddenly one day, so this market may exist for a long time, but then again, if you come in with the mentality of making money or even getting rich in this market solely relying on the entry and exit of the secondary market, that’s true. Just think too much.

7 months ago

Frying shoes is also an investment. However, it is a bit different from other methods. I think that when a thing is tied to value, it is tied to feelings at the same time. It is worthy of vigilance. I don’t know if he thinks his wave of leeks is not strong enough and was not cut off by a sickle, or thinks he is a sickle. First of all, what things are worth being fired? 1. Scarcity. Natural or acquired. Such as various minerals, such as commodities, such as antiques. Extend further down, virtual currency! At least I bought a server during coin mining, which wasted a lot of electricity. Where are the shoes? Ask me to say that Putian fake shoes is to save Dabo leek. The more true the imitation, the more leeks will be saved. 2. The authenticity can be disputed. Whether it’s true or false, it’s easy to identify, for example, crude oil and minerals. False ones are definitely not used for production and processing. Only the batch quality is slightly different, and there is basically no question of authenticity, let alone stocks; or There are very authoritative identification agencies, such as antiques (but auctions also have a black heart industry chain), and diamonds. Of course, diamonds are also a monopoly scam, but at least monopoly has created scarcity, and the market remains steadfast. Where are the shoes? Will the counter inspect the goods for you? Some platforms hope to facilitate transactions and earn commissions while helping you identify the authenticity. Do you believe this? So stripped of these, the shoes still have a unique value, the “brand”. However, the brand is originally a kind of “premium”. It is valuable in the eyes of a specific group of people, and does not mean that it has universal value; it is valuable in consumer goods, but it is useless in hard currency. And when shoes become a kind of securitized commodity, even if it becomes hot again for a while, the end point is to return the price to value, the bubble will fall behind, and the brand will ignite, and it may be worthless. Besides, what kind of people can make money here? In fact, no matter what the speculation is, there are only two kinds of people in each circle, those who make money and those who do not. In the futures stock market, in addition to ignorant retail investors, there are also many real profitable professional players, commonly known as traders. They are professional and stable, “not necessarily earn the most, but they must live the longest.” People are responsible for client funds, not gamblers who do whatever they want. Taking the futures market as a chestnut, “speculator” is not a derogatory term. Instead, it promotes price formation and discovery, increases liquidity, and enables large hedging companies with heavy positions to quickly find a suitable sell/buy. The incoming rival prices not only did not disrupt the market, but increased the stability of the spot market. In some circles, especially the shoe circle, there is no room for “speculators” to survive-the plate is too small, and small transactions can disturb the price. Market makers (some well-known shoe circle apps) are good at black box operation and technology The flow of the gods is unable to return to the sky. Here, the gameplay is simple, with only leeks and sickles. How is it, do you think that you are cut off so cutely and lovingly? What’s more, no matter whether it is a brand, a celebrity endorsement, a platform for speculating shoes or a player, of course no one is willing to drop the price of their shoes. Even some real sellers voluntarily bid low prices in order to ship goods quickly, and they will be spurned by the entire market. In this way, a perfect bubble is produced. Maybe a few decades later, later generations will be named “XX scam”. One afternoon a year ago, I was wandering on the street after the market closed and rode an xx fruit brand shared electric bicycle. After I finished the trip, there were a few more fruit coins in my cycling app. After careful study, I found that as long as you accumulate mileage, you will receive the corresponding fruit coins. Fruit currency updates the latest price in real time, can be operated in two directions, can stop profit and stop loss and place orders in the cloud, which is the same as the futures market. Walnut bracelets can be fried, virtual coins can be fried, blind boxes can be fried, and shoes can be fried. Even your mileage can be scrambled. If there is a day when everything can be securitized, it may not be a bad thing. The leeks either learned to gamble rationally after rushing. Or just after harvesting, you finally know that you are not a sickle, so you can be a fat leek with peace of mind!

7 months ago

Recently, there is a popular saying, “post-70s speculate in stocks, post-80s speculate in real estate, post-90s speculate in coins, post-00s speculate in shoes”. It turned out that currency speculation has long since ceased to be popular, and young people have all gone to speculate shoes. How hot is fried shoes? For example, on the first day of the opening of the Shenzhen Vientiane World AJ flagship store, hundreds of people lined up in the rain to grab a limited edition. For example, there are various legends in the circle: “Boys have a wall, comparable to a house”, “College students earn 500,000 yuan per year in frying shoes”, “Fried shoes earning a down payment”, “Big guys in the currency circle sell coins and fry shoes”… More Allen Kuo, a 20-year-old young Chinese of Chinese descent, earns millions of dollars a year by making shoes. For another example, in March of this year, a sneaker named AJ6 cherry blossom powder was sold using the online “lottery lottery”, and 300,000 people participated in the lottery lottery for this pair of 1399 yuan sneakers. Limited editions have always been available, and were only popular in a small circle before. Nowadays, buying shoes is comparable to buying a house, buying new shares, and applying for the Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen license plates, which is generally full of ceremonial feelings. Moreover, shoe speculation has spread from offline snap-purchase spree to online large-scale trading, and even many apps have launched market charts and real-time trading quotes. The minibus opened the “Poison” App and searched for a pair of “Air Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black Toe Women’s Red Silk”. The sale price of this shoe is 1299 yuan. In just 4 days, the highest transaction price reached 12,000 yuan, an increase. Up to 4-9 times, the price now stays at 5000-10000 yuan. The prices of different sizes are quite different. The cheapest size of 38.5 size is 5289 yuan, and the most expensive size of 42.5 size is 9889 yuan. The difference between the two is 4600 yuan. Among them, the page updates the transaction data in real time, and the price fluctuates continuously. On the “DoNew” App, the market is more intuitive, even adding ups and downs and K lines, and the page layout is very close to traditional exchanges. In addition, there are platforms that have compiled three major indexes of “fried shoes” based on 24-hour trading volume: AJ index, Nike index and Adidas index. Under this crazy feast of fry shoes, the world’s first exchange for fry shoes-55 Exchange quietly went online, introducing blockchain technology into the tidal circle, realizing the cross-border integration of the currency circle and the tidal circle, and launching the trend Brand token. This is the world’s first physical asset token. When a user purchases a fashion brand token, that is, a part of the fashion brand is purchased, the tradeable token can also be exchanged for real objects. At present, the street fashion pass AJOW (abbreviation of Air Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago) has been successfully issued in three rounds on August 1, August 8, and August 15. The tokenized items are all Air Jordan 1 Off-White Chicago sneakers, with a total circulation of 190,000 AJOWs, corresponding to 100 pairs of sneakers in physical assets. Crazy shoe speculation. Brands, retail investors, bookmakers, and shoe speculation platforms gather together. Is this an opportunity or a bubble? Come and see the big head analysis. On the whole, no matter what the speculation is, real estate speculation, land speculation, stock speculation, futures speculation, speculation in literature and calligraphy, etc. are all speculative behaviors. Of course, different groups of people have different incomes, preferences, familiar scenes and environments, which leads to different investment targets that they prefer. It’s not surprising that young people fry shoes, and it is mainly related to the current trend that young people love. For them, shoes are a kind of target that they are more familiar with, easy to value, and more convenient to trade. Of course, the brand’s hunger marketing or the sale of limited products also played a role in fueling the flames. But in general, no matter what method is used, industrialized products are still mass production line products. The way of hunger marketing can only create psychological scarcity effects, and it is impossible to create real value scarcity. Therefore, although some shoes and bags have received a premium due to their uniqueness, they may have been fully reflected in the pricing. The large amount of price increases in continued transactions are mostly based on emotionally disturbed bubble prices, which cannot last for long. In fact, the wave of shoe speculation and the previous high asset bubble in society occurred almost simultaneously. In the bubble economy, the spending power of young people is often greatly enhanced, and the trend of wealth rejuvenation is obvious. Therefore, the rejuvenation of investment speculation targets and the generalization of investment speculation will appear. When the bubble subsides, you will naturally see what the real value is and how it is. The shoes themselves are depreciated, why can they be fried? I think it is-“Leave the scarcity to the secondary market.” The so-called primary and secondary market, taking shoes as an example, the primary market refers to the transaction between the brand and the buyer, and the secondary market is the transaction between the buyer and the buyer. There are no absolute buyers and sellers in the world. There are only two parties to the transaction. The party that holds the scarce resources is the dominant party. Scarcity means pricing power, and the difference lies in whether it is in the hands of the primary market or the secondary market. The scarcity of the luxury goods market lies in the primary market. For example, Hermes platinum bags are sold for more than 300,000 or more expensive, mainly because the number of bags is small and the number of people who buy them is large. The brand strictly controls the quantity, raises the price, and makes high profits. This is called “Leaving scarcity in the primary market.” On the other hand, mass-market brands are a buyer’s market, and they obtain the market through large quantities and low prices. There is basically no pricing power. However, shoes, cosmetics and other categories are quite special. Brand owners can create a sense of scarcity and gain attention through co-branding and limited release. Frying shoes is one of them. The brand side promotes the less expensive but scarce products to the secondary market through co-branding and limited release. The brand side does not make much money, but because of the scarcity of products, there are transactions between buyers and buyers. Each transaction brings about price fluctuations and at the same time allows new buyers to make profits, which in turn stimulates the spread. This is “leaving the scarcity to the secondary market”, and this is a win-win logic. Buyers get profits, new buyers get scarce products, and finally products and brands gain attention and influence. In fact, it is not surprising that a small group of people trade limited shoes and make a small price difference. But now they are actually starting to play asset securitization, sneaker appraisal APP engages in shoe exchanges, and even provides a magical cloud-fried shoes behavior of completely storing shoes and only speculating the ownership of the shoes. A product has the value of hype, at least there must be a guaranteed value there, which can be exchanged for money or production materials at any time. Many people say that shoes are valuable because of the limited number of pairs in the world and the basic price. These people know nothing about sneaker manufacturing and sneaker identification. Speaking of offending the industry, you can’t tell the authenticity of the shoes. The shipment volume is only a limited edition of N pairs. You never know how many pairs of genuine products will appear on the market. Note that I am talking about genuine products. Because the official counter does not provide authenticity identification, because the official is unable to distinguish between true and false, and even the boundaries between true and false sneakers are blurred. In theory, a pair of real shoes should be designed by A, produced by A, packaged by A, and purchased through A’s channel. But the reality is that the major footwear brands basically only design their own, and all others are outsourced or commissioned to produce. Even AJ is also commissioned to produce, which means that the production process is uncontrollable. In a market where output cannot be controlled, the hype value is zero. All kinds of so-called scarce items are nothing more than that they have not really attracted the interest of the foundries. Once they are willing, it is definitely not a joke to make the world not difficult to buy AJ, and you have not been able to identify the fakes. After talking about true and false, let’s talk about the matter of frying shoes. It seems that many young people can become their idols as long as they put on a pair of shoes. I don’t mock young people. I just want to remind them that the typical feature of consumerism is to advocate that consumption equals social status. This is a typical consumerism trap. Of course, most people who fry shoes don’t wear shoes themselves, and they don’t even own shoes, mainly to make some money by cutting a wave of leeks. In the end, the shoes are still on the exchange. Like futures, the speculation is only an ownership. Nowadays, shoes are so popular, and everyone still plays various air-to-air operations (only the ownership is speculated, and the actual object is not seen), then in the 100 inventory, there is an additional 100 inventory, who knows? It’s all a number game anyway. You can even put a variety of shoe speculation loans, allowing players to take credit, but only credit for ownership, not for real objects, and a large amount of handling fees, at a cost of zero. In general, the market for fried shoes from supply to evaluation to trading is full of the smell of market makers cutting leeks. If you want to make money by frying shoes, you will often become that bubble in the end. The huge profits of “speculation shoes” are not the result of their own value, but the result of crazy speculation. The price of limited-edition brand-name sneakers has skyrocketed or because of their scarcity, but it is unreasonable that hundreds of thousands of ordinary models have also been smashed. Price has already deviated from value. It reminds me of the earliest recorded speculative activity in human history-the “tulip bubble”, which revealed all subsequent speculation activities in human society, especially the various elements and links in financial speculation: Fanatic pursuit, herding effect, complete loss of rationality, the final burst of the bubble, and the ruin of millions of people. The real shoe market is like any speculative market. Some so-called “big men” or dealers stock up a lot of goods and create the illusion that “shoes are about to rise in price”, enticing others to follow suit, and then selling them at high prices. Most people become the takers. In fact, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a bookmaker or a genuine acquisition. Therefore, the real market for shoes speculation is often ten speculation shoes and eight losses, and financial violations are not even ruled out. In general, there is no future for speculating shoes. Even Bitcoin, which is highly speculative, is fundamentally different. Cryptocurrencies can be used as a new type of safe-haven asset. Obviously shoes are not good, but as a purely speculative commodity. The current bubble in the shoe market is already very large, and the scarcity premium brought about by factors such as the non-normal limit can be explained. The shoe is like a bubble, which will eventually break.

7 months ago

Before answering this question, let’s take a look at a shoe ring phenomenon. After stocks, real estate, and coins, shoe trading has become the most popular business at the moment, which leads to how many pairs of shoes you have and how many houses do you own. Or the amount of savings has become a symbol of wealth. Doesn’t this sound a bit dreamy, but the fact is. According to the poison APP data, in May of this year, the trading price of hot-selling sneakers on the market increased by more than 100% compared with the selling price, and some super-hot shoes increased by 430%. In such a big environment, you ask me how I look at it. I can only say that it has been normal to buy Putian shoes for several years now. During this period, I have also bought special counters. I bought them in a mixed manner. There is no way. I can’t buy them all the time. In particular, the price of some shoes has been fired up, but I like it again, but I know that many big brothers who know I will say that I buy fake, not a person who really loves shoes, so I can barely count it as half. It is not easy to buy a good pair of Putian shoes. It depends on the quality and reputation of the business, and also depends on your own luck. Some are sold at high prices and low quality. Some people around me have bought this kind of shoes. In fact, many people now wear Putian shoes, and the price of thousands of them is not affordable for everyone. Now Nike Adi is full of streets, you can tell which is true and which is Putian, at least by my side My friend is like this, mixed wear, who will lie on your shoes to see your shoes. The problem is that most people can’t tell. This pair of toes is very classic, right? I bought it not long ago. Anyway, I have a soft spot for the aj1 series of shoes. This pair of shoes is also the highest version. At the time, I asked if I could be poisonous. . The following is the original words of the boss I copied, it is very classic: you can’t live, you can’t guarantee 100%, you can’t live, it’s boring to say that there is a chance of being poisoned, you haven’t, I say you are not in the probability, right. I suddenly felt that the boss might be an upright boy. I don’t talk much about going straight to the shoes. I have bought a lot of the aj1 series, and there are also special counters. Occasionally, you can also afford it. The line and style of this shoe are indeed very correct. For leather, the introduction is the first layer of leather. I carefully touched it for a few minutes… …… Hmm… I don’t know if it’s the first layer of leather, but the leather is okay. It feels good. Speaking of so much, what I want to say is that this kind of shoes can really do very well now. Finally, I hope that all friends who like shoes can buy their favorite shoes, the kind of quality leverage. Many people will be surprised to see that I have been poisoned, and I am also surprised to be reasonable. I didn’t expect to do it at first, and the boss also said that I couldn’t do it. My skin is out of the sky, so the poison side is not necessarily accurate. Everyone is judged by their own experience. Nowadays, the shoes are updated so fast, and the amount of information is too large, and not every shoe appraiser I have carefully analyzed the authentic products. After all, they can only be seen by the naked eye. The difficulty is getting higher and higher before the increasingly exquisite craftsmanship of Putian shoes, but in general, it can show that the quality is still okay. Finally, I want to talk about Guohupu. Knowing goods and drugs, these situations are almost the same, so I will talk about it together. ①Can you survive the tiger attack, know the goods or poison? The fact is that a small part of it can be, so why can it be? The following reasons are the point! ②First of all, Hupu and Poison are just enthusiastic netizens who have learned some fur, and then judge whether they are genuine by looking at a few key points! ⑴The key points will change over time. For example, in the past, you can look at the shoe label to see if it is true or false, but now it’s no longer possible to just look at the shoe label. ⑵Everyone is an ordinary person, and each appraiser has a different level and attitude. It is also different, and if you look at so many identification stickers a day, there will definitely be errors. In fact, if you compare the details with the genuine product, you can definitely find the authenticity, because no matter how good the fake is, it is impossible. It’s exactly the same! But it takes a lot of time and energy, there is no way to actually operate, and it is impossible for poison and tiger to use this direct comparison method to pass the puzzle? This is easier to understand, because the original identification is to judge by looking at a few pictures, and these pictures are not comprehensive. For example, the imitation product has five points of ABCDE, among which the three points of ABC are the same as the original product, but there is a difference in DE. Some people will upload the three-part picture of ABC and the original picture of the spell. In this case, it is very likely to pass the test. Is it to lie to the appraisal or to lie to yourself? Why not put all ABCDE on the original pictures? ④Even if you have passed it, you have only deceived an enthusiastic netizen. If you have deceived one person, you can’t deceive the whole world! In my opinion, once you know where the anti-product is different from the genuine product, it becomes a fake one. ⑤Two mainstream opinions at present ⑴Recognize the goods in seconds: This is really the most powerful thing I have ever seen. Can you believe this? It’s really for selling the goods to be brazen. ⑵ Chances are that you know the goods: This kind of rhetoric is nonsense. Can I still say the chance of winning the lottery? Not to mention the specific probability is to be a hooligan! (I think the boss said very straightforwardly.) In fact, I think the seller is thinking, anyway, when the shoes are received, there will not be a few of them to be inspected. Even if they are inspected, they have not been inspected. It is estimated that you are out of luck, and there is a chance that you will not be able to buy it! It’s really a fool! After receiving the shoes, most buyers feel that they are not bad, so they stay and wear them without realizing that they have been fooled. By the way, I will tell you a few small ways to distinguish the authenticity of the Aj1 generation. From the outside, we all know how to look at the bottom of the hook and the sole of the flying wing. Then this question has a qualifier “pressing the road” which means that you can only see the bottom of the hook and the flying wing, so you should not be able to see the sole. Well, let’s mainly talk about the three major elements of appearance, the hook butt and the flying wing.

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