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The brain is actually a great selfish dictator. If you are looking for something to describe it. Holy Land: Mary Joa. The arrogance of Tianlong people coincides with the state of nerve cells. The best nutrients, the most abundant foreign air, the best environment. It is completely isolated from ordinary cells, and even the immune system cannot enter the nervous system. Everything is just for satisfaction. desire. The most basic desire of man is the desire for life. The brain did the same at the beginning. In order to survive, the brain does everything possible. In the end, human beings stand on the top of the mountains and become the primates of all things. But after worrying about food and clothing, the desire to live is not so strong. Other desires began to emerge. Summarize all desires in just one word, cool. For the sake of the brain. In order to be cool, the brain can do everything, and even overwhelm basic desires for a while. Stay up late to watch dramas and play games, and your heart tells you that if you are tired, it is time to sleep. The eyes tell you that when you are tired, it is time to rest. Other muscle organs of the body have also been reconsidered. Brain, I don’t, I think I can feel good for a while. Then, give me a wave of adrenaline. The heart got the adrenaline and started to accelerate. The brain takes out dopamine again. The sore eyes were relieved, and the tension in the muscles disappeared. The brain continued to refresh happily. Until it’s cool, it’s cool. Okay, it’s time to sleep. In the same way, overtime is for money and for honor. The brain even associates this physical activity with the basic needs of life. No overtime=no work=no money=will die no overtime=will die Adrenaline starts to rise up in an unlimited amount, and the body’s tolerance and threshold are getting higher and higher. Until one day, the heart said, no, I was exhausted, and I would rest for a while. It rested. The brain is dead. Just like the people who have been squeezed to the limit, they chose to resist. Water can carry a boat and it can overturn it. This is the truth that the ancestors said before, and it still applies when it is brought into the body. How can it alleviate staying up late and staying up for a long time? Ensure adequate and high-quality sleep and allow the body to adapt to the current biological clock. Do not sleep at night, play until 4 to 5 in the morning. No problem, close the curtains and sleep peacefully until you wake up naturally. It’s about noon. After keeping it for a month, the body adapts to this lifestyle. There is no problem. If you stay up late for a short time, don’t you need to adjust your biological clock? For example, rushing to work temporarily and staying up all night. You can work and rest normally for a long time. How to do it? 1. Directly return to normal work and rest while ensuring a good mental state. 2. Get adequate sleep within 48 hours. In fact, it is to let the body metabolize the excess stimulating factors. What if you stay up late for a long time, do not meet your rest needs for a long time, and do not have a good sleep? 1. Learn compensatory rest. (Closing eyes, meditation, emptiness) and other methods can be used as compensatory rest. 2. Medicines. If you can skip it, you can’t eat it, but when you can’t eat it, you still have to eat. 3. Overall adjustment. This involves eating, work intensity, lifestyle, mood adjustment, exercise and so on. Sleep, be sure to get a good night’s sleep! To survive!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Staying up late is not only the body, but also the spirit. I have stayed up late for two years. At the beginning, it was great to stay up late, to push away all the chores, and the rest of the night was mine. I believe everyone feels so. The night that stays up more and more late… Will you have insomnia? Are you unable to sleep at night and wake up in the morning? Do you feel that you can stay up all night if you are full of energy at night, or feel groggy during the day and just want to sleep? At ten o’clock in the evening, I made preparations before going to bed. I also packed up, plugged in the electric salt packet, and prepared to spread my shoulders. I was holding my mobile phone while applying heat, reading the web page to see, or saving a few Japanese updates, unknowingly, more than an hour passed. I remember that there are still chickens that have not been fed, feed have not been received, and fertilizers have been confiscated. There are still physical energy to consume in the game, and gold coins can be doubled… Someone in the WeChat group sent a good night bag, went in and received it and sent the group message Read them one by one, and then selectively delete the messages of each group. There is a red dot in the circle of friends, and then click in and drag and pull… A few titles that seem to be of interest are pushed in the background, click in to have a look, and after reading it, continue to the next one. , Another one, another one… ah… It was past eleven o’clock and I must go to bed, open the e-book that must be read before going to bed, and start to help sleep… one chapter, two chapters and three chapters… a yawn, Another yawn, another yawn, and finally I can sleep…Close your eyes, I don’t feel so sleepy, and there is a movie in my mind. In order to avoid making the plot of the “movie” make myself more and more awake, I grabbed my phone and watched it… Finally, sleepiness came… I missed the time when I got into bed at 8 or 9 o’clock many years ago and got ready to go to bed. Now it feels a bit early to go to bed before 10 o’clock… Is this insomnia, or refusing to sleep… Can’t sleep? Don’t let you take a nap at noon. You must get up early in the morning and pull off the confiscation switch of your mobile phone at 8 o’clock in the evening to see if you can sleep… I remember a sentence I don’t know where I saw it: Put on the most expensive mask and wear the most expensive mask. Dark eye circles, staying up the latest night… Day after day, year after year… I really miss the carefree and dreamy days of my student life… I am the hair loss girl who loves to stay up late, Peppa, your late night is How did you spend it?

7 months ago

If you’re too hungry, you won’t be hungry; if you’re too sleepy, you won’t be sleepy. There is an explanation: physiological needs are like credit card bills. Your physical needs, for example, if you feel thirsty, it is equivalent to a little bit of your credit card, and you are already overdrawn, so the bank will give you a repayment notice to allow you to pay within 7 days. The bank is not yours. The lack of money seems to have nothing to do with you, but the body is yours. The body sends you a signal that you will get water within 7 hours. This is related to you, so people who know a little about health Know that you can’t wait to drink water when you are thirsty, because when you feel “thirsty”, it means that the body has begun to lack water, which affects the work of cells. It is the best policy to plan ahead. Your body’s metabolic needs for water, food, and rest are equivalent to spending money all the time, so when you feel your physical needs, it means that the reminder has been accumulated and sent to you one by one. If you don’t pay it all the time (it is equivalent to not drinking, eating, or sleeping), the debt will continue to increase (because your metabolic activity is constantly being consumed). If you want to stay up late, it is equivalent to telling the bank that you are going to spend money and do a big deal. The recent non-payment (not sleeping) is the trigger for the bank to receive this message from you, so if you do not feel sleepy for a period of time, it is equivalent to the bank not billing you during this period of time. But if you don’t pay it back after a long time, the bank will definitely give you a large bill and freeze your mortgage, so if you stay up late and stay up to a certain point in time, you will feel deeper sleepiness and then be frozen. Your assets are like your arms are languishing, your eyes are dry, etc. . Finally, if you never intend to repay your debts and do not intend to sleep, the bank may hire thugs to demand debts, and your body will demonstrate to you in a sick way. Hope to adopt

7 months ago

I’ve been in this state for a long time. I talk about going to bed at around one o’clock in the morning and watching my mobile phone until two o’clock in the morning. Then set the alarm clock at 7:50 in the morning, and usually don’t get up until after 8 o’clock. Although it is difficult to get up, but after getting up, there is no sleepiness. I usually don’t sleep during lunch break. The magical thing is that I won’t be sleepy in the afternoon, and I won’t feel sleepy during the whole afternoon. Go home from get off work at 5:30, and will not rest until one or two in the evening. After calmly speaking, I realized that my day’s rest time was really short, and I was suddenly afraid of cs. I personally think it is because I have been used to this kind of life for a long time, and the body is indeed in such a state of high load, which makes it really very spiritual. But this kind of spirit is also problematic. I obviously feel that my concentration and concentration are not as strong as before, and my self-discipline has also deteriorated. (Yes, even if I slept so late, I found that I didn’t learn much. What’s more, more time is fishing and playing). In other words, long-term lack of sleep can lead to a decrease in mental power. I think we still have to keep the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, returning to a normal life cycle and rhythm, health is the first thing.

7 months ago

This is the meaning of the difference in body and mind. The various systems of the human body are very flexible. When you reach conditions that are unfavorable to a certain system, the representative organs of that system will send a signal to your brain to stop your current death behavior! However, your brain sometimes suppresses this signal due to other more stimulating signals, and the instruction to stop you is ignored by the brain, so you continue to die. This is the moment when you feel more energetic. Since the human body system is still very flexible, you will not have problems immediately. In the long run, when the body system is overloaded and can no longer rebound, you are likely to collapse in an instant. How do you describe this crash? It’s like a sudden blue screen on a Windows computer. However, the computer can be restarted, and human life is only once!

7 months ago

Staying up all night continuously makes people feel tired and unable to get up the next day. But some people are the opposite, full of energy the next day after staying up late. So what is going on when you stay up late? If you have such a problem, it is recommended to take some time to understand, and also to take remedial measures after staying up late. What’s going on when you stay up late? Some people don’t feel sleepy the next day after staying up late, but are more excited. This is mostly because the brain secretes a pleasant neurotransmitter, its name is dopamine. Under its stimulation, the human body will become excited. But this is not a good thing, because it will cause the human body to gradually become negative. The longer this negative situation persists, the less likely it is to perform human functions. Because if you stay up late for a long time, even if the body secretes dopamine, the body will not feel excited. On the contrary, it will only make people very tired and look very old. Staying up late is not a good thing, and it has a great impact on people. If a person stays up late for a long time, the following problems will often occur: 1. The skin becomes worse; people who stay up late for a long time will affect the skin metabolism due to lack of sleep. , Which leads to the accumulation of various garbage on the skin, which is very prone to problems such as acne and stains. Moreover, the skin moisture will be reduced, so the skin will become particularly dry, and the pores will become larger and larger. 2. Illness; staying up late will have a great negative impact on the body, because lack of sleep will cause the body’s internal organs to not get adequate rest. If it is operated for a long time, the loss of the internal organs will be particularly large, and it will be too late to repair it. start working. If this is the case for a long time, the visceral function will continue to decline, and the resistance will also decline. Eventually, various diseases appear, and people have to endure all kinds of pain every day. How to remedy after staying up late? 1. Have breakfast. After some people stay up late and work overtime, they will take a break at home the next day to help them sleep well. It’s usually until noon, so you will miss breakfast. This is not good for your health, because staying up late consumes a lot of people’s physical strength. If you skip breakfast, it will lead to a lack of internal nutrition, which is not conducive to the functioning of the body. It is recommended that no matter how sleepy you are, you should have breakfast on time the next day, and take a rest after eating. 2. Take a lunch break for an hour. If you stay up late and continue to work the next day, then please be sure to take a lunch break for an hour. Because the body is very tired when staying up late at night. I went to work on time in the morning, and my body energy was consumed. If I didn’t take a lunch break, I would become very tired in the afternoon. And during the lunch break, remember that it is best to sleep on your back to get to sleep faster and get a higher quality sleep. 3. Take a hot bath; take a break for an hour after breakfast. It is recommended to take a hot bath. Because I have been lying in bed, I will sleep more and more sleepy, and feel more and more tired. Taking a hot bath can relieve fatigue and make the body more relaxed. It also helps refresh your body and restore energy quickly. Be careful not to take a shower after getting up in the morning, because when you get up in the morning, you are on an empty stomach. Taking a bath on an empty stomach can easily cause dizziness or fainting due to low blood sugar. If you fainted accidentally, you might even bump into it, which is very bad for your health. So, wake up in the morning after staying up late and you can’t take a shower right away. It is best to take a hot bath to relax your body after staying up late, and then fall asleep again, which can improve the quality of sleep.

7 months ago

Let me use the example of my experiment to tell you what are the benefits of staying up late. I did a self-experiment: staying up for five days and five nights. This was an experiment when I was in high school. I didn’t sleep on the first night. I spent my time reading novels on mp3, and my eyes were a bit dry. I didn’t sleep on the second night. When I got up, my heart was beating a little bit happily. At this time, I had more food during the day than yesterday. I didn’t sleep on the third night, my limbs began to sore, emotionally agitated, heart palpitations were obvious, appetite further increased, and spontaneous sweating was obvious. I didn’t sleep on the fourth night, I started to sweat in the morning, the color of my clothes started to turn yellow, restless, tinnitus, blurred vision, and ate nine big buns in the morning. I didn’t sleep on the fifth night. At night, there was a ghost press. Hearing hallucinations began to appear. The spirit began to collapse. During the day, there was low back pain and whole body pain. The complexion was pale and yellow until the sixth night when I couldn’t hold my eyes closed. He just closed his eyes and entered the dream. In the dream, he got up from the bed, and then looked back and found that another “self” was still lying on the bed, sitting on his lap. I can see and feel everything around me. White smoke is blowing from other people’s heads, as if there is something in the smoke looking at me. When I was about to get up, I found an iron chain tied to my leg, and then I lay down again without knowing what was going on, and after waking up for several years before he recovered.

7 months ago

I talk about staying up late from the perspective of Chinese medicine. The natural world is a coordinated and unified whole of Yin and Yang, and Yin and Yang have a relationship that breeds, promotes, and encourages each other. According to the view of the unity of nature and man, man and nature are united. During the day, the yang of the human body is vigorous with the changes of yin and yang in the natural world, and the excitement function is dominant. However, adequate sleep at night must be the prerequisite; Sheng, the inhibitory function dominates, but it must be conditional on full excitement during the day. “Lingshu·Bing Health Association”: “If you don’t concentrate during the day, you don’t watch at night”, it is caused by the imbalance of the relationship between Yin and Yang. Yin and Yang are interdependent and exist. If for some reason, the mutual root relationship between yin and yang is destroyed, it will lead to “the only yin does not produce, the only yang does not produce”, or even the death of “yin and yang are separated, the essence is absolute”. If the mutual capital relationship between yin and yang in the human body is abnormal, the pathological changes of “Yang damage and Yin” or “Yin damage and Yang” will appear. Night is when the blood returns to the liver, staying up late, the blood can hardly return to the liver, and the liver blood does not return to the liver. Everyone knows the story of Bian Que’s meeting with Cai Henggong. The condition is not really serious and there will be no obvious external appearance, but when the external appearance appears, there is no cure. So you can’t drink water when you are thirsty, eat when you are hungry, and treat the disease after the disease enters the bone marrow. So do you have to wait until your body breaks down before going to bed?

7 months ago

If you don’t sleep for a night, the human spirit will not be tired but will be more excited, and there is no need to replenish sleep. This is because the dopamine secreted by the brain on the first day stimulates the human body and provides more energy and excitement. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that makes the brain feel happy and happy, and it also provides a lot of energy, positivity and excitement to the human body. In this way, even if you stay up late, you will wake up better the next day and will not fall asleep. But this is a mechanism that makes the human body become negative. Once this condition persists for a long time, the human body’s function will be disordered. If you stay up one or two nights occasionally, you are still more energetic, but staying up too long will not secrete dopamine. It will provide excitement to the human body, but it will make people old and tired overnight.

7 months ago

I think I have the right to say a few words, as a person who has caused insomnia for nearly eight years. At first, because I was reading novels, I was still a student at that time, so I didn’t have any time, so I set my sights on the night. Who knows that the more I watch it, the more exciting it gets, the more I watch it, the more energetic I get, and then I just fell asleep. All night, and then continue to class the next day. In the early days, it was normal. As long as you don’t boil it, you can fall asleep better. Later, after a long time of cultivating immortals, it really feels that the body is tired to death, and the brain is not energized. Basically, even if you sleep, you will be confused. I can’t keep up with my physical development. My brother is 1.8 meters tall, but I’m much worse. Therefore, it is best not to stay up late, because the extra time you grab from the night will be paid back—perhaps, it’s the story that you made you bald. Maybe it was the sudden death in your dream. Perhaps, it is the reality that you are not tall. Perhaps, it is the nature of your wretched temperament. …I will put another picture of my wife, I hope you stay up all night because you are addicted to beauty and can’t help yourself!

7 months ago

I work for a company that is about to go public. The nature of my work is relatively easy. I work from 9 to 5 and have weekends every week. So I use my spare time to do odd jobs at a barbecue stall downstairs in my house. I don’t come back until 11:12 every night. , After washing up, you can’t sleep until 1 o’clock. In the first few days of work, I was tired and sleepy when I came back, but as time passed, I did not feel sleepy when I came back to bed now, and I slept later than before. I just summed it up and checked it on the Internet. It’s because I’ve just finished my work and my body is still in a state of high tension and excitement. This state will not disappear, so it will lead to not being sleepy. In such a state, the body’s biological clock will also be forced to change, so it will lead to not sleepy but will be very energetic. It seems that although there is no mental problem, our body has been severely depleted. But if your sleep quality is good, you can enter deep sleep and have enough sleep time, then the harm to your body will be reduced. From 11 o’clock to 2 o’clock in the evening is the time for deep sleep, and it is also the time for rest of the body’s various functions. During this time, try not to stay up late, and do not eat, but to develop a good sleep habit.

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