What is fruitful love? Are you married? Everyone has a different definition of love. Some people are like moths fighting the fire, just wanting to love it with all their strength. There are also people who just want to have one couple for life, have a family, and have a baby. Many people often focus on the decision of whether or not to separate when entering a seemingly fruitless relationship, but in the final analysis, “no result” is just because you are not loving enough, and you are unwilling to admit that you are “not loving enough.” , They attributed such feelings to “no results.” Hey, you feel that this relationship is not fruitful. In fact, you and your partner have problems that you can’t accept, and you don’t want to solve this problem. Posted on 02-07

Birds are different from fish, but when they look at each other by the shore, everyone wants to look at each other more, as if separation will never come. There is a sea of ​​life, mountains and rivers. In this era of material desires and fast-food love, there are many stories of love at first sight, and there are many examples of love for a long time, but there are only a handful of people who can finally join hands. However, the two people’s first wish together was that the sky is old, the sea is dry and the stone is rotten, the sky is broken and the earth is broken. They dare to be with you, and no one will think that one day this painstaking relationship will be broken and buried. The seeds can’t bloom in the end. The story is not long, it is not difficult to tell, the red faces meet and the red eyes separate. In fact, for a lifetime, there is no need to pursue anything forever. We will encounter countless passers-by on this journey of life without a return journey. Naturally, there will be a few people, like a small pebble, thrown into your sea of ​​heart without any ripples, which can set off a huge wave. But with the passage of time, no matter how high the waves are, they will return to calm, and there will be no more waves, like a pool of stagnant water. Although it is not smelly, it can no longer be interesting. The love that is hard to remember, the end is unforgettable, and the heart is unwilling to suffer. You and I don’t know what will happen in the future, but you know what you are thinking at the moment. If you don’t want to have any regrets, then follow your inner thoughts and go boldly. Don’t refuse the blowing wind, stand in the fog, even you can’t see clearly. Cherish all the unexpected encounters, look down on all and leave without saying goodbye


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Depending on your current needs, what you want is the result, so don’t stick to it. In the end, it’s just a big dream.

What you want is the process, so enjoy the process and don’t think about the result.

I have always felt that people live in the moment and do not consider the results, but the results will be better.

In the moment, live your life, be serious, enthusiastic, and gentle.

7 months ago

No matter what you do, you must have the meaning of persistence. If you have seen a bad ending and an ending that doesn’t make any sense to you, then what is the meaning of persistence. In love, it is not that you will not regret if you persist, will not leave regrets, and will not change the ending. You humbled and persisted in this love. When you meet love, you will regret your persistence and hate your humbleness. The humble love is only the trampling of your own dignity. Love is beautiful, and it becomes cruel because of the ruthless trampling. When you step out of this relationship, you will only hate and lack good memories, so treat yourself and treat yourself well. Love makes love more free.

7 months ago

This question was taken apart, and it became clear with a snap, and it was very fast. What is “persistence”? What is “result”? What is “love”? First, everyone has a different definition and understanding of love. Some people think “I love you but it has nothing to do with you.” What others say they can’t listen to. Love is their own inner game; others think Love is only when two people help each other, and the recognition and firmness after experiencing many things together. Otherwise, it is not love at all. The so-called love in my heart is at most secreting more dopamine to one person. Therefore, the “purpose” of each person’s love is different, and the desired “result” is naturally different. Second, the result. Do you count the result as marriage, or death together and burial? Or do you count as the result after sleeping together… You have to set a standard for yourself, right? It’s like everyone keeps talking about struggle and success, but what criterion is success? Did you buy a villa, or did you earn a million dollars a year? Or did you go out from the mountains to find a job in the town? Or was it simply admitted to the civil service? Third, persistence is even harder to define. Is it not enough to persist for a few seconds or is it in good condition after persisting for an hour? Do you insist until the other party agrees to associate with you or do you insist on applauding for love? Or, do you insist on getting married? But getting married is often the beginning of a relationship. After getting married, it is a period that requires more management and even a difficult time… Isn’t it a matter of persistence to death? I can’t figure out so many questions, right? It’s ok! Based on my own experience and those around me, any relationship that makes you painful and tangled should end immediately. Seize the time to learn some skills, plus self-cultivation, and become the “right person” yourself, and your “right person” will naturally come. The person who likes but is not suitable is equivalent to happy water from the fat house. Drinking refreshing is actually all bad; being with the right person is equivalent to eating a nutritious meal, which can be physically and mentally healthy and prolong life.

7 months ago

The hardest kind of love is the same sex. You are obviously in love with each other. I don’t know where the result is or where the future is. So I want to persevere but don’t know how to persevere. In the end, one of the parties has to be cruel first, and it’s been a long time since I have been in contact. I don’t know. How can I not miss, want her to live well, be afraid that she will forget herself, and be unhappy when she can’t forget, every day from opening her eyes to closing her eyes, and even dreaming of her, I don’t know how life is like this How long will it last? Every time I think that I will never see the future again, I feel that my heart is missing a big piece, and I feel depressed to the point of suffocation. I really don’t dare to think about the future.

7 months ago

From my point of view, I won’t know that there is no result. Why should I continue to persist? But from the point of view of the person in love, there must be someone who will say that the IQ of the person in love is 0 after all. Maybe you will feel it, but what? I believe that as long as you really love each other, you will definitely change the result. So this question is very contradictory. I can only say that if one day separates, don’t remember those bad memories. If you get along for a long time, you will definitely have a good side and treat the good side as a memory. In my heart, if we are together at the end, then I’m glad that it is still you in the end, isn’t it? In fact, when you are asking this question, you already know the answer in your heart. Do whatever you want, at least your own life. Don’t listen to others for everything. Be responsible for your own decisions.

7 months ago

People who are troubled often have answers in their hearts, but the answer is cruel, perhaps because of emotion, perhaps because of dependence or because of habit. We may not be willing to do the answer we have in mind, so we want to seek persuasion and approval from others. For example, I am facing such a problem. I know very well in my heart what I will face and what I will endure if I give up. Therefore, it is difficult to make decisive decisions, and I have always been in a passive situation of taking one step at a time.

7 months ago

Look at your age. It’s not a problem to talk about a vigorous love at about 20. At that time, love was pure, without considering so much. Now that you are together, you can enjoy yourself. Live in the moment without thinking about the outcome, well. To love, to give, to feel, to be happy, that feeling is great. I have had each other and experienced it and have been very happy. It’s about 30 now, and I don’t have the courage to start a fruitless love anymore. What I want now is the result. Everything must have a result. I can see and feel the kind of uncertain love. I don’t have any extra expectations, and it’s sad to think about it now.

7 months ago

Fable: There is a man who likes to eat fish and claims to love fish. One day I met a wise man and asked: I like to eat fish, can you say that I love fish? The wise man answers: Your love for fish is to eat its meat; another way of love is to catch a bait. The fish is struggling desperately and cannot bear it. Put it into the water, watch it swim freely, and return home happily. People have to learn to let go
Since you feel that there is no result, what is the point of sticking to it? To waste time? It’s even more sad to wait to break up later

7 months ago

There is a well-known algorithm in mathematics, 1+1=2. Is 1+1=2 important for the result or the process? Who stipulated that 1+1 must be equal to 2. So a relationship that has no results, should you persist? From a mathematical point of view, you need to deduct the process that is happening to the end to know if it is really impossible. And it may not be possible at the time, and it may become possible in the future. Numerology is unknown, and it seems that there is no result, but it may not be without result.

7 months ago

I will. The solo of more than 20 mothers finally ended. I settled overseas. My boyfriend only came to study for a year. When we were together, it was already his second semester, so he was only half a year away from graduation. How to say it, not only have I never been in a relationship before, but I haven’t even had a crush for many years (I have a very small circle of friends). I want to try out what it feels like to love people. I think my persistence is based on my happiness, I want to be nice to him, I want to like him, I am satisfied with the mutual response of love, and will not care about who is paying more. From the beginning, I felt that we had no results, but I still want to try.

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