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Latest development: The Health and Health Bureau has fined the hospital involved 35,000 yuan
On the afternoon of May 30th, The Paper reporter learned from a person in charge of the Health Bureau of Yinzhou District, Ningbo City, that the health bureau had already dealt with the issue of “back pain after an injection at the writer Zijin Chen Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital” circulating on the Internet. The hospital and related personnel made a transcript and conducted a detailed investigation.
The person in charge told The Paper that after investigation, the Ningbo Renyitang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine involved exaggerated the medical effect and overcharged the issue, and because the medical process involved invasive (injection) treatment, the doctor involved did not clarify. Inform patients of possible problems.
In response, the above-mentioned person in charge stated that the Yinzhou District Health Bureau has fined the hospital involved 35,000 yuan and suspended the doctor Tang’s qualification for three months. From May 31, Yinzhou District Health Bureau will conduct inspections of TCM treatment institutions in the district to find out whether there are exaggerated publicity and excessive charges.
Don’t scold me for believing in Chinese medicine. I deserve it. I have a brain problem. I am a victim. [Tears] I didn’t know the ingredients before the injection yesterday. I only heard him say that the medicine was cured, so I was deceived. I asked afterwards and said it was a Chinese medicine injection. I also boasted that the Chinese medicine was crushed into one percent of the size of a water molecule. At this time, I concluded that it was a liar. I have no intention of arguing about whether Chinese medicine is good or bad. There are good people and bad people in every industry. I am not the first one. Yesterday there was a teenage child who was also treated. I just wanted to expose such things.
Event background
[Author Zijin Chen wants to defend his rights! After 4,500 “small molecule anti-inflammatory needles” treatment, the back pain gets worse with the treatment] Writer @紫金陈 graduated from Zhejiang University and is famous for suspenseful novels. His novels such as “Undocumented Crime”, “Bad Child” and “Long Night Difficult to Know” have been adapted into film and television works such as “Undocumented Crime”, “Hidden Corner”, and “The Silent Truth”.
At about 4:30 pm on May 29, Zijin Chen posted a circle of friends, saying that he went to Ningbo Renyitang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine to see lumbar muscle strain in the morning. He wanted to do acupuncture and moxibustion. Yanzhen said that it was a one-time solution to the problem, but I didn’t expect it to be more painful. I have the theory in the past.
At 9 o’clock last night, he updated the result of his “theory”: he went to the hospital in the afternoon and said that his waist hurts more. The attending doctor Tang Xianyou said, “Most people are cured by medicine. The actor Cai Shaofen’s illness is also his. Cured”.
Zijinchen said that the doctor Tang replied to himself in the afternoon that the principle of this “small molecule anti-inflammatory injection” is that “Chinese medicine particles are crushed into one-hundredth the size of water molecules and injected into the body.”
By night, Zijin Chen was already unable to stand up straight and could no longer stand up: “I don’t want a refund or compensation.” Zijin Chen said that he wanted to expose this hospital.
“Small Molecule Anti-inflammatory Needle” is more painful as it cures
I chose this hospital because I was close to my studio, and I had been getting angry because I stayed up late to get medicine. “It feels quite effective.”
Lumbar muscle strain is his old problem. Because of his writing at the desk, his waist usually feels aching, so I want to see it this time. After I went to this hospital, I wanted to do acupuncture. The doctor in charge, Tang Xianyou recommended him as a “small molecule anti-inflammatory needle.” Because he has fascial adhesions, this needle can separate the muscle tissue. The famous actor Cai Shaofen was also cured by him, and many patients were cured. The various costs add up to more than 4,500.
After Zijinchen finished the fight, Dr. Tang recommended him to try the “Five Elements Therapy.” Zijin Chen felt a little unreliable and refused. At that time, I felt that I might have been deceived by 4,500, but it was not effective.
Unexpectedly, the pain would be worse in the afternoon, and I couldn’t straighten my waist at night.
At around 10 o’clock last night, the reporter contacted Zijin Chen. He said that he was on his way to the hospital and he couldn’t stand still. He had to go to the hospital to buy painkillers urgently and carry it first.
At 11 o’clock in the evening, Zijin Chen told the reporter that he had bought painkillers and went home.
The hourly news reporter tried to contact the hospital last night, but no one answered the phone.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, this is the story of a Putian-based doctor who used Western medicine to cheat money under the name of Chinese medicine. What’s more, it’s not new at all. The Putian department used this routine more than 20 years ago when it captured the gynecology, andrology, and dermatology departments of major hospitals. Teacher Ayuan’s answer has clarified the “scientific basis” of this treatment. Let me talk about a few similar routines. These routines were used more than 20 years ago and are still in use today. I hope you can keep your eyes open. The genius doctors who treat all kinds of low back and leg pains, and the genius doctors who treat all kinds of joint pain, either take a shot or take a handful of water pills. They are effective and have a reputation. The practical one is cheap dexamethasone. As for what to do if there is a “relapse”, it doesn’t matter, let’s have another shot. toll? Of course it’s the mood of seeing a doctor. All kinds of andrologists and gynecological hospitals need infusion to treat gonorrhea. One or two hundred bottles is cheap, but it is actually a levofloxacin injection for one dollar. There are special medicines for treating syphilis. It is a friendly price to ask you one thousand for a shot, but it is actually penicillin. This kind of routine is safer than other routines, and there will be almost no medical disputes. After all, even if it is not cured, there will be no public comments, and it will not be like the protagonist in this incident by posting Weibo to defend his rights. We are a local “genius doctor” who treats asthma. A few sets of water pills will be fine immediately. Without him, the water pills are mixed with dexamethasone. Our department has treated some patients before. Before coming to our hospital, I ate “raw medicine noodles” and “water pills” in a private clinic. The patients’ sleep improved significantly, and their mood stabilized quickly, and they were drooling in a daze. We speculate that Western medicine should be added to it. Benzodiazepines are not easy to buy. Clozapine costs 10 yuan for 100 tablets, and of course the effect is good. Thinking that there are still people who are willing to accept 4,500 injections of treatment, I hate that I am too conscientious and missed a good opportunity to make a fortune. There should be a dog’s head here. As far as this matter is concerned, Chinese medicine is regarded as lying on a gun, except for the name on the sign, Chinese medicine has no effect in this matter. I still urge everyone to go to regular hospitals and clinics if they are sick.

7 months ago

Haha, this is almost a consistent trick of many proprietary Chinese medicines. Many Chinese patent medicines are actually chemical drugs that are effective. For example, some hypoglycemic drugs secretly add metformin. However, the chemical drugs added to these Chinese patent medicines are the cheapest and oldest drugs. The chance of side effects is very high. Have a conscience, and it will also indicate in the ingredients of the medicine, such as Yunnan Baiyao’s toothpaste to prevent bleeding gums. And most of them are secretly added, and never tell you, you thought it was a magic drug! Finally, everyone can pay attention to the official account number, which does not overlap with the content of Zhihu. Anyone who pays attention to me will get rich. I am Times, an independent investor ¥ psychological consultant. I am concerned about financial investment and self-upgrading. For more dry goods, please follow the official account jingji-xinli, or search the official account “Times” on WeChat.

7 months ago

Some private “Chinese medicine hospitals” and small clinics like to claim to have “magic medicine” that specializes in intractable diseases. The effect is indeed obvious after use, but the main ingredients are nothing more than the “three elements”-antibiotics and vitamins. And glucocorticoids. These institutions and individuals whose primary purpose is to make money, in order to achieve the “one-shot effect” of the first treatment, often violate the regulations and overdose, thereby defrauding patients’ trust and spontaneous propaganda. The treatment plan of the regular public hospital is completely transparent to the patient. The patient has the right to understand these matters and has the right to question or reject the treatment that is suspected of infringing on their own legal rights. And those who play mystery and don’t talk about it are often liars.

7 months ago

Briefly summarize the course of the event: a well-known writer received treatment after being falsely publicized in a private Chinese medicine hospital, and had an adverse drug reaction, and then filled the elements. The well-known writer is Zijin Chen, the private Chinese medicine hospital is Ningbo Yinzhou Renyitang Chinese Medicine Hospital, and the false publicity is “Small molecule anti-inflammatory needles”, “Chinese medicine particles crushed”, etc., the adverse drug reactions come from lidocaine. That is to say, there are two problems in it: one is false propaganda, the other is adverse drug reactions. What does it have to do with Chinese medicine? On the one hand, Chinese medicine is used as a gimmick by unscrupulous businesses; on the other hand, people’s medical literacy is not enough to distinguish false propaganda using Chinese medicine. I don’t know how to deal with the crazy output of Chinese medicine under this question. It seems to be more or less a bit too big. It’s really embarrassing and black. There are also a few people who ridiculed me with “this Chinese medicine is going to be pre-determined as a fake Chinese medicine.” It really made me laugh. Now, since there are no black spots, just admit it openly. Why do you come here to slap yourself?

7 months ago

It has nothing to do with Chinese medicine. In addition, as long as I see the three words “small molecule”, I can basically confirm it is a liar, or according to the spirit of Zhihu, euphemistically call it false propaganda. In the previous paragraph, I saw this in Zhihu, it was salicylic acid. Because there is a so-called supramolecular salicylic acid that blows amazingly, some experts moved into the wind immediately, claiming that the goods they brought use high-tech small-molecule salicylic acid technology. As a result, there are many people who believe in it. It can be seen in junior high school. Chemistry must be studied carefully. In fact, some chronic diseases involve the use of medicine to cure the disease, and one dose is effective, basically it can be judged that this is not Chinese medicine, and it is most likely to be hormones such as certain pine and certain dragon. If it is a temporary emergency, it is fine, but it is not recommended as a long-term treatment. I once read a post in which a mother angrily complained that Chinese medicine practitioners used unscrupulous means to cheat their children. In the end, the child’s illness was cured by Western medicine. The child in the family had eczema on his face. I thought that Chinese medicine would be more effective. I saw a well-known old Chinese doctor, and the Chinese medicine doctor prescribed two kinds of medicine. One is the calcium gluconate tablets taken by children, and the other is the unspeakable Jieeryin lotion she is familiar with. There were objections at first, but the Chinese medicine claims that the effect is better and I can barely believe it. After using it for two days, I didn’t feel any effect. I turned my head and looked at the western medicine. The ointment prepared by western medicine was effective the same day. This anger could no longer be suppressed, and complaints came online. Traditional Chinese medicine is a liar, not as effective as Western medicine. Moreover, this old Chinese doctor has a false name. Calcium gluconate is used to supplement calcium for children. It is used to treat skin diseases. What is even more damning is that he even wipes the child’s face with the treatment of gynecological diseases in the private parts of women. It makes me sick to think about it. As a result, a western doctor came out to speak, and instead argued for the old Chinese doctor, thinking that the old Chinese doctor’s method is safe and reliable. As for the later visit to the western doctor, the potential risk is greater that it will be effective on the same day. Calcium gluconate has a desensitizing effect and can relieve the symptoms of eczema. Jieeryin Lotion is clinically proven to clear away heat and reduce inflammation, and has a good therapeutic effect on allergic eczema. Because of the soft skin of children, Jieeryin Lotion itself is soft and non-irritating. Basically, it will be effective in three to five days. Therefore, the old TCM doctors adopt a safe and reliable treatment plan, and have a thorough research on the drug mechanism. As for the self-made ointment for western medicine, it is effective soon. It is not ruled that the treatment plan of the Chinese medicine has begun to take effect. , Not recommended for young children. At that time, I read this western doctor’s answer, I was amused, and even suspected that he was a Chinese medicine fan who came to black western medicine… Specific problems should be analyzed in detail. Don’t just get involved with Chinese medicine because of individual cases. After reading the report carefully, it is not clear that it does not contain Chinese medicine ingredients. In addition, to be honest, Chinese medicine has many problems with injections, and it is not recommended to use it blindly. My classmate’s father is a professor of pharmacy at the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He once developed Xiao Chaihu injection and won an award, but it is now banned from use in children.

7 months ago

I was also fooled by the Putian department of rheumatoid arthritis and my fingers were swollen and then I gave me an injection: the liquid knife said it could cure the inflamed joints. Then ~ the injection broke a little finger knuckle. In fact, it should have been closed for me, but closed can not be sold at such an expensive price, so people say that it is a “liquid knife” operation. Then one stitch is 500 yuan, and the other is around 1500. I also prepared a bunch of Chinese patent medicines, and I haven’t stopped menstruation after taking it for 3 months.

7 months ago

I secretly believe that any so-called health/health care/treatment projects under the banner of “small molecules” earn IQ taxes. Small molecule water is enough to lower IQ. Local occlusive treatment is to inject analgesics (local anesthetics) + anti-inflammatory drugs (a small amount of hormones) into the local cavity to anesthetize the relevant nerves in that place, relieve aseptic inflammation, and achieve local analgesic effects. As the drug is attracted to metabolize, the analgesic effect decreases. Except for some mild patients, most people feel their symptoms worsen again. The treatment should be strictly in accordance with the norms. The operator of the public hospital must explain to the patient clearly the name and composition of the drug, the possible adverse reactions, the treatment effect, and so on. (We will all send out a clear paper) If the operator firmly promises that he will never relapse, he must be a liar. As far as I know, the real local Chinese medicine for back pain/shoulder pain/neck pain is very effective. Tuina massage combined with external application of Chinese medicine, whether in public hospitals or private clinics, for 100-200 yuan a time, the patient experienced a significant improvement. Will continue treatment. Em Zijin Chen is a celebrity who went to a private hospital, and the results of his rights protection have been pretty good.

7 months ago

The hospital was fined and asked if there was any scientific basis. It must be no. Also known as Renyitang, laughed to death. Traditional Chinese medicine simmers the medicine in a big fire, and the properties of the medicine are boiled into the medicinal soup. Drink it and it’s done. Baidu checked traditional Chinese medicine, good fellow; although Western medicine is in its infancy, given some time, it should be more effective than moxa. By the way, I am quite curious about whether the cupping project is useful.

7 months ago

“Traditional Chinese medicine is crushed into one hundredth the size of water molecules.” Haha, this reminds me of the question on the Zhihu Hot List today: What knowledge do science students feel that they do not know is regrettable for liberal arts students? I decided to click to rate it as a “good question”. I also gradually understand why I have worked so hard to make more than a dozen medical science popularization videos in the past few months. Most of them are not willing to watch (except for “How much anhydrous glucose does glucose injection contain” which happened to be watched by thousands of people) . Technologists have a long way to go!

7 months ago

Can you say that the tricks of Chinese medicine to deceive people are a little more enriched!
If it is really blocked (glucocorticoid + lidocaine), does he think this injection is particularly good? Then will Amway give it to others? I have met patients who injected the blocking medicine + angelica liquid, and it was described as very effective!
This is another TCM “treasure” after the small needle knife operation

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