On May 31, the Politburo of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on May 31 to listen to reports on major policies and measures to actively respond to population aging during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and to review the “Decision on Optimizing Fertility Policies to Promote Long-term and Balanced Population Development.” The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to consider marriage, childbirth, parenting, and education as a whole, strengthen the education and guidance of marriage and family outlooks for married young people, control bad social customs such as bad marriages and high-priced gifts, improve the level of prenatal and postnatal care services, and develop inclusive support Education service system, promote education fairness and the supply of high-quality education resources, and reduce family education expenditures.

Probably there will be no impact, because this thing is not easy to manage. Everyone was relieved, and the country finally took care of it, but what do you think it should do? The betrothal is a customary affair, and I will definitely not respond to the call of the country if I am thinking about it. Probably only those who pay the betrothal will respond. Call. So, is it different from now? When you don’t give it…More justified and courageous? In addition, what is the sky-high price of this “sky-price gift”? 500,000 sky-high price? 300,000 sky-high price? Or is it a sky-high price of one hundred thousand? It’s hard to say, you know. Actually, the best thing is to do not have a bride price or a dowry. When the two of you have a wedding, once you get the certificate, you can manage it. If you get the certificate, do you send two policemen to hold the trial and start the debate on both sides. Who said It’s not good to shoot anyone. I asked for the bride price, but if I couldn’t agree, I blew it. This thing is not easy to mix with outsiders, and it doesn’t work well if it is written in written documents. After all, everyone can work for a few hours and can’t manage it. However, it seems that everyone has forgotten the “bad habit of marriage”. This is also true. After all, this thing depends on personal acceptance and does not hurt money. But this management is excellent. I agree with both hands. The problem is back. How to manage it? Should I call the police directly? Seven to nine out of ten, this marriage has to be blown. In fact, the best way for this kind of thing is to promote it in the media and change the social atmosphere. If you don’t need it there, you don’t need to give it here. It is ashamed of asking for money to make a bridal chamber and proud of equality and harmony. . But… you said the strength of the media, that, there is a rebellious thing that I don’t know if it should be said or not? Forget it.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

First reduce the cost of living (housing prices, education, medical care), and fundamentally solve the problem, only then will it affect the sky-high price of gifts. It is an economic and social problem. What is the use of controlling bad habits of wedding gifts and wedding leave? The fundamental problem is not solved. Please make up your mind. ↓ ↓Man: The country does not allow the betrothal gift, so we don’t have the betrothal gift when we get married. Woman: Well, as a qualified citizen, I am definitely responding to the call of the country. Don’t worry, I am not an unreasonable person, but I feel that we are getting along during this period and found that we are not suitable… Yes, as far as the current situation is concerned, those who don’t want the gift or don’t want it, and the one who wants the gift is still necessary. It’s just a “private transaction” from being on the table.

7 months ago

How can we take measures to bring the mother-in-law who is going to be betrothed to jail? Or is it going to run a study class, in-depth study and improve your ideological position? Or when you talked to your mother-in-law about marriage, you showed her the country’s soaring price dowry documents and said that the country does not support the dowry. Do you see if the people around you will look at you with idiot eyes. As long as there are still more boys than girls, the man will be disadvantaged on the issue of the bride price. Even if it is useless for a girl to support you, no matter how she supports you, she must take into account the feelings of his biological parents. Girls who can desperate for love are rare after all. You can not give it, or I can disagree with my daughter marrying you. One sentence will make you a complete failure. Don’t count on national documents. There are only two ways for men to be admitted to civil servants. The mother-in-law is satisfied, so the bride price is naturally not required. Either make a lot of money and don’t care about the money for the bride price.

7 months ago

It’s too easy to govern
But for those who receive the “beautiful gift”, their children cannot enter a public elementary school, and children who cannot use medical insurance for medical treatment are not allowed to take public examinations, etc.
It’s too easy to govern
Or come directly
“As long as there is a “beauty gift” in the jurisdiction, the local person in charge shall not be promoted for 5 years.”
Do you still have a betrothal gift?
Back then, even “super-birth” could be managed, but a small “beautiful gift” could not be managed?

7 months ago

I sincerely want to say that whether it is the so-called high-priced bridesmaid marriage customs, it is meaningful to advocate mutual understanding between men and women. The high-priced bridesmaid is a bad social atmosphere. It is a bad habit to give birth to a boy after marriage. If both parties in the marriage can understand each other’s hardships It is better to share the responsibilities of the family. It is the last word for society to raise wages and lower housing prices. Now there are two major factors in not getting married. One is the inequality in marriage. Men’s disrespect for childbearing women and the hard work of full-time mothers. No recognition. Second, the society is under too much pressure to buy a house and a car. It is really useful to solve the problem from the root.

7 months ago

Want to manage the sky-high price gift? Then you have to control the flow of funds first. Especially the flow of private funds. Otherwise, the multi-policy discussion on how to manage the sky-high price of the betrothal is a bullshit… You can’t let civil servants go to those villages to get married, and families who get married in cities and towns should stay here, and wait until others start talking about marriage and then continue until the wedding is over. , After getting the certificate, go to the next one. Therefore, the biggest problem with the bride price is the flow of funds. You control the flow of funds to your heart’s content. What kind of gift is not a gift. Isn’t it easy to solve it?

7 months ago

To solve this problem, we have a plan! It is recommended that the government nationalize the right to receive the betrothal gifts and then bid for auctions. This has the advantage of preventing vicious competition from single dogs on the one hand, and preventing mother-in-law from asking for prices. For details, refer to collective land expropriation. Farmers’ collective land cannot build and sell their own houses and must be expropriated by the government and converted to state-owned land. In this process, the government paid part of the compensation to the farmers, and then took the land to the market for auction. The plan for the bride price collection is as follows. The mother-in-law who has a daughter who wants to get married in the family must report to the government first. The government will issue a one-off compensation for the levy of the bride price according to the uniform guide price. For example, the economy of this city is developed, and the price of the lottery collection can be set at 100,000 yuan. Each mother-in-law is 100,000 yuan, so there is no problem of comparison. Seeing this, you may ask, what if some mother-in-laws are unwilling to be levied by the government and collect the dowry by themselves? This is easy to handle. On the one hand, the government can ask mother-in-law to sign a letter of undertaking to ensure that they will not not receive a dowry when they marry their daughter. If the mother-in-law insists on receiving the bride price privately, the civil affairs department can refuse to register the marriage. This kind of marriage is commonly known as small property marriage among folks. After the government levies it, it will bid, auction and list it to the market. Of course, before that, the government will first establish a state-owned marriage investment company. The principle of bidding, auction and listing is that the higher the price gets. After the marriage investment company obtains the bidding rights, it sells the qualifications to marry a girl to single dogs on the market. Only single dogs with this qualification can register for marriage. But it’s not that you have the right to marry a certain girl if you get married. After the mother-in-law gave the betrothal right, this qualification no longer corresponds to a certain girl, but an abstract qualification. With this qualification, you can register for marriage with your beloved girl. Without this qualification, your marriage is a petty marriage. Of course, because of the marriage investment company, in the process of acquiring rights and developing, it also paid a high price. So the government also allows them to increase sales. In order to prevent this qualification from being fired up to the sky, and to implement the principle of marriage not being fired, the government implements price guidance for marriage qualifications in a certain area. What if some single dogs do not have the money to purchase this qualification? The government introduced the benefit dog (single dog) policy, and United Bank launched a down payment plan. Single dogs can purchase marriage qualifications with a 30% down payment as long as they provide proof of income. The biggest advantage of this model is that the subject of the betrothal gift has changed from a mother-in-law to a marriage investment company. The mother-in-law will always get 100,000 yuan. They are no longer the object of the blame. As for the government, it just collects and manages it in the middle, and they don’t make much difference. If a single dog is looking for a partner, it is definitely a marriage investment company. Of course they are also very innocent. On the one hand, they need a cost to obtain power. On the other hand, they also need profits. They are commercial companies. If the marriage investment company speculates on the qualifications for marriage, the speculation is too high. I still have another plan for the old wet, the first is the purchase limit. Single dogs who are not registered in this city cannot purchase marriage qualifications in this city. The second is to limit the holding period. Single dogs that have not been married within three years of the marriage qualification will be revoked by the government without compensation. This qualification will be auctioned and listed by the government. The third is restricted sales. Those who have purchased the marriage qualification can only use it for their own marriage and cannot sell it to other single dogs. If the above three measures still cannot suppress the false fire of speculation, the government is recommended to expand the supply. How to expand it? As long as the families in this city have daughters, even if the daughters are under the age of marriage, the government can levy the dowry rights in advance. Seeing this, some people may ask, according to the current tendency of young people to lie flat, what if they are unwilling to purchase marriage qualifications? This is actually simple, linking the marriage qualifications to the school district and the household registration. Then hire experts and the media, boasting that the purchase of marriage qualifications is just necessary. In a word, it will work when you manage it, and you will die when you let it go. Nationalization is definitely a coup. I believe that with these combination punches, the phenomenon of sky-high price gifts can be quickly curbed.

7 months ago

I can’t rectify it because this thing is the essence of the gift that is portrayed into the genes of biological evolution? It is a guarantee and protection of male animals to female animals’ inability to obtain survival resources during pregnancy. Female animals, especially human females, have a long pregnancy cycle and are inconvenient to move during pregnancy, and they have to face a long parenting cycle after giving birth. What should I do if the man has a problem? For example, if the man has cheated, what should he do if he is involved in a car accident or died of illness? Is the pressure of raising children all borne by the woman? Obviously not. In this case, the bride price is a kind of marriage guarantee mechanism. It is also a mechanism selected by humans after tens of thousands of years of evolution to ensure the stability of the population. If you want to cancel the bride price, please smooth out the uncertainty of the world. However, whether quantum mechanics or chaos theory is destined, the world is full of uncertainty, and it cannot be changed by you with a piece of paper.

7 months ago

If it can be solved, it will be solved long ago. I have to postpone it until now. I have to open up the third child because none of these problems have been solved. The solution is not without 1. Fully implement the “Labor Law” in all walks of life in the entire society, so that it is no longer a joke and a dead letter. 2. Significantly increase the minimum wage standards in various places, and follow the price increase every year. 3. If the children get married after they become adults, each couple will be given a free set of houses. 4. The social support is well implemented. All of the above can be done, doubling China’s fertility rate is not a problem

7 months ago

The beauties are automatically formed in order to balance the obvious unequal treatment of men and women in society. If it is equal, it will disappear automatically. Why do we need governance? Otherwise, why didn’t the woman give the man a betrothal since ancient times? Because everyone knows where to benefit from marriage. If you want this thing to disappear, just return the vested interests to the woman. It’s just that I’m afraid that some people will refuse, neither wanting to sell benefits nor paying the price. When a baby is born with the mother’s surname, the man pays the female childbirth costs, the divorced child is automatically returned to the woman and the man must pay support, social security for all women’s employment rights, priority in enrolling women, and tax reduction and exemption for enterprises for hiring women, etc…guarantee The woman doesn’t want a betrothal. Oh, and one more thing, there are not more men than women who want to get married. Otherwise, the governance will be incomplete. This is also a market economy, which must conform to economic laws.

7 months ago

Even if these people do not have a bride price, even if they are married and do not want to have children, what can you do? Obviously, it is not the gift issue that has caused China’s low fertility and low willingness to get married. Regardless of the cost of childbirth, it is to entangle the cost of marriage, which is to avoid the main contradictions in the current society. Those who are really willing to get married, 99% of people will not be knocked down on the gift, only because of the current high cost of social survival. Therefore, the focus is on solving high housing prices and high education costs. These are the two mountains for giving birth. The bride price is actually not the point, I didn’t expect to bring this matter up. One hundred thousand yuan for wedding gifts in most places is enough. If you can’t even get 100,000 yuan, are you embarrassed to get married?

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