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First of all, congratulations to Kexing, it has finally been officially included in the emergency use list. It has to be said that the efficiency of foreigners is too low. Kexing and Sinopharm evaluated at the same time, and the various clinical data of Kexing are sufficient. The result is almost one month after the listing of Sinopharm, which can be regarded as an announcement. Here is a summary of the recent data released by Kexing Vaccine: On April 11, “The Lancet” published an article on “The Phase 3 Clinical Trial Study of Kexing New Coronavirus Inactivated Vaccine in Brazil “Data” paper [1], published the detailed protection data of Kexing vaccine, the protection of the vaccine is 50.7% (95% CI 36.0-62.0). The analysis of the secondary objectives shows that vaccination has 100% protection against severe illness and 83.7% against moderate protection. At the same time, the protection rate data for the existing variants was released: of the 45 vaccinators tested, 32 (71.1%) had neutralizing activity against B.1.1.28 wild-type, and 31 (68.9%) had mutations against Brazil Strain P.1 has neutralizing activity, and 36 people (80.0%) have neutralizing activity against P.2. After the results were announced, many people just said that Kexing’s protective power was too low, and it was completely incomparable with mRNA vaccines, completely ignoring the vaccine’s effectiveness for severe illness and reducing patient deaths. On April 16, the Chilean Ministry of Health announced the data of nearly 10 million people of Coxing vaccine in the real world[2]. The results of the new coronavirus infection of people who have received one or two doses of the new crown vaccine are compared with those who have not been vaccinated. Compare the crowds. The results of the study showed that Kellyford’s effectiveness in protecting symptomatic COVID-19 reached 67%, while the effectiveness of preventing patients from being hospitalized reached 85%. An analysis of real-world COVID-19 infection data from February 2 to April 1 of this year showed that after two doses of Kellyford vaccination were completed 28 days apart, the effectiveness of the vaccine to prevent symptomatic COVID-19 reached 67 %, the effectiveness of preventing hospitalization reached 85%, the effectiveness of preventing entry into the intensive care unit (ICU) was 89%, and the effectiveness of preventing death was 80%. Later, the Brazilian town “Projeto S (Plan S) announced that the Coxing vaccine was not only effective against Brazil’s P.1 variant, but also protected the town of Serana [3]. “Plan S” is an evaluation department. The effectiveness of Xingxin crown vaccine in the real world, including the effect of resisting the mutant virus P.1. A mutant strain called P.1 originally appeared in the Brazilian Amazon, and is now widely used in Brazil and even other countries and regions in the world Transmission. P.1 carries a variety of mutations such as E484K, K417T, N501Y, etc., which not only has some similarities with the mutant strains found in the United Kingdom and South Africa, but also has stronger transmission and can reduce the effectiveness of the vaccine. Serana The town has 45,600 residents, about 30,000 adults, and 15,000 people who need to travel long distances to work, so it has a highly mobile population. Moreover, the new crown epidemic has clearly spread within the community. A July 2020 item Studies have shown that 5% of the population is carrying the virus, that is, 1 in every 20 people, which is a very high rate. When the project was launched on February 10, the team at the Butantan Institute set a goal, namely At least 80% of the adults in the town should be vaccinated. Considering that Brazil has a good tradition of vaccination, researchers believe that 80% is achievable. By April 11, 27,722 adult volunteers had With the first dose, 27,160 people (almost all of them) received the second dose before the end of April, which means that 95.7% of Serrana adults have been fully vaccinated. Moreover, this is still in the Brazilian President Bolsonarodo In the case of public denial of the effectiveness of the vaccine for the second time. After the start of vaccination, the number of new infections decreased from 28 on March 20 to 7 one month later. The proportion of severe cases fell from the peak of 70% in March this year. 10% at the beginning of April. At the beginning of May, none of the six beds in the Santa Casa Hospital and the local basic medical care unit in Serana were occupied, and the number of people waiting in line in the infirmary and intensive care unit has dropped to zero. The result is very good. Obviously, compared with the peak of the epidemic in March, the infection rate has dropped by 75%. Among those who have completed the vaccination, there have been no deaths, which indicates that the Koxing vaccine is effective against the P.1 mutant strain that has swept the region. According to Serrana’s Coxing vaccination effect announced by the Butantan Research Institute in Brazil on May 31: 60% of Serrana residents have completed the complete vaccination, effectively controlling the epidemic, reducing the number of infections by 80%, and reducing the number of hospitalized cases. 86% and a 95% reduction in deaths made the small town of Serrana an oasis in the Brazilian epidemic. Previously, the WHO evaluated Kexing’s new crown vaccine, and the evaluation report of Kexing vaccine has also been released [4]. Kexing The vaccine has a clear protective effect in Brazil, Indonesia, Turkey, and Chile. The overall protective effect is between 51% and 84%, which is higher than the 50% of the World Health Organization’s requirements for the protective effect of the new crown vaccine. Among them, Brazil, Turkey, and Chile also Needle provided The result of the protective effect on hospitalized cases. The results in Brazil and Turkey show that the Coxing vaccine is 100% effective in protecting hospitalized cases; real-world studies in Chile show that the Coxing vaccine is 85% effective in protecting hospitalized cases. In terms of safety, most of the adverse events after the Kexing vaccine were mild/moderate, and all serious adverse events were classified as “unlikely related” or “unrelated” to vaccination. Of the 3 deaths, 2 cases appeared in the control group due to cardiac arrest due to new coronary pneumonia; 1 case was in the vaccine group, and the cause of death was suicide. Obviously, as an inactivated vaccine, Kexing’s new crown vaccine is already very good, especially in the face of the raging new crown variant strains, it is still effective in the face of some strains, and it has given everyone a burst of cardiotonic. In addition, there are many small countries, and the less developed countries are facing the problem of no vaccines available. The successive approvals of Sinopharm and Kexing can better benefit these countries and help them overcome the epidemic. It seems that Kexing is going to expand its production capacity and continue to make efforts.


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7 months ago

Kexing vaccine’s entry into the WHO “emergency use list” at least explains the following issues: 1. Chinese vaccines are trustworthy. Being able to enter the “list” means the endorsement of the WHO, and many countries that were worried about China’s vaccines can now boldly choose them. The Sinopharm and Kexing vaccines that China has entered into the “list” are all inactivated vaccines, and there is no problem in terms of safety and accessibility. At present, the effectiveness is also good, and they are most suitable for the majority of developing countries. The Pfizer vaccine and Modena vaccine in the United States have too high temperature requirements for storage and transportation, one -70°C and one -20°C, which are not available in many developing countries. Now with the WHO endorsement, these countries can rest assured to choose China vaccine. 2. The global epidemic situation is severe. Nowadays, vaccines are no longer simply scientific issues, they are full of political colors, and there are little-known great power games behind them. The safety and effectiveness of China’s Sinopharm and Kexing vaccines have long been verified. Leaders of many countries have taken the lead in administering these two vaccines. However, the early progress in entering the WHO “list” has not been fast, but it has been exposed. Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines, which have hidden safety hazards and have been abandoned by many countries, are the first to enter the “list”. Now Sinopharm and Kexing vaccines have entered the “list” because of the severe global epidemic and the limited production of other vaccines. If China’s vaccines are not allowed to enter the “list”, the WHO will face the dilemma of no vaccines to dispatch. 3. Vaccines from major countries will be tested in actual combat. There are very few countries that have developed vaccines. The seven vaccines that can be included in the “list” are all in the hands of the United States, Britain and China. The Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines are not used much now due to the appearance of side effects. In the future, the four vaccines of China’s Sinopharm, Kexing, and Pfizer and Modena of the United States will be used the most in various countries. How safe and effective these vaccines are, the results will be given soon. I have recently written a lot of answers about vaccines. Some people have repeatedly emphasized that the effectiveness of the two US vaccines is higher than that of Chinese vaccines. I don’t think we should draw conclusions first. I don’t think that mRNA technology represents the future of vaccines. Practice is testing. The only standard of truth, we can let bullets fly, let the facts give us a conclusion!

7 months ago

This is the report in April this year. The Chilean real-world study is currently one of the largest studies in the world, with more than 6 million people participating in the study. As a real test of a real gun, the results of the Coxing vaccine vaccinated in Chile are undoubtedly another verification of the Coxing vaccine, which also verifies the safety and effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine. In addition, it also verified the importance of vaccines to control the spread of the epidemic. This time the World Health Organization’s inclusion of Kexing’s new crown vaccine on the emergency use list once again proved the effectiveness and safety of China’s inactivated vaccines. In addition, the inclusion of vaccines on the use list by WHO can provide greater protection to countries and regions with severe epidemics, accelerate the expansion of global vaccine coverage, and provide a powerful weapon and option for the world to control the new crown epidemic as soon as possible. President Xi Jinping’s speech at the opening ceremony of the 73rd World Health Assembly video conference in May last year pointed out: “Humanity is a community with a shared future, and solidarity and cooperation are the most powerful weapons to defeat the epidemic. This is the international community’s fight against AIDS, Ebola, and avian flu. The important experience gained from major epidemics such as influenza A and H1N1 is the human right way for people from all countries to cooperate in fighting the epidemic. “As a responsible major country, China must and should participate in the global health governance system, so the first step is to start with vaccines. However, with the success of China’s new crown vaccine research and development and the rapid promotion of international applications, some Western media have promoted China and the West to engage in a “vaccine race” and engage in “vaccine diplomacy” to “expand geopolitical influence.” For this kind of controversy, I think it depends on the effect. As the Hungarian Foreign Minister Cialto said, “Whether the vaccine is safe is not a political or ideological issue, but a professional issue.”

7 months ago

Isn’t it a matter of course? Compared with mrna and the az vaccine, the WHO audit has been much slower. Basically it is to review Chinese vaccines with a magnifying glass. It can also be verified again that the Chinese vaccine is rigorous, scientific and effective. It is manifested in several aspects: 1 It has high safety. At least 600 million doses have been injected in China, basically all of which are Sinopharm and Kexing. The adverse reactions are much less than those of foreign vaccines. 2 The experimental verification is very fair, all of which are independent experiments done in foreign countries. And more than one country. As we all know, China no longer has the conditions for experimentation. 3 The Chinese government is very responsible, and vaccine manufacturers are responsible. As a key technology, vaccines are recommended by the country. I believe that the Wuhan epidemic is very touching to everyone, and they are all doing this with a rigorous attitude. Compared with the United States, China does not have that much pressure from the epidemic, and will not catch ducks on the shelves. It would rather slow down and review the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. Inactivated vaccines are theoretically safer as traditional vaccines. Compared with mrna, az, who review is so slow. All I can say is that it has been rigorously reviewed. .

7 months ago

The Chinese vaccine adopts the traditional vaccine technology route, which is mature, safe and reliable, while the mRNA vaccine technology adopted in the United States and Europe has not been used in the world. This makes the Chinese vaccines have no serious side effects like Western vaccines. This is by far the biggest reason for the popularity of vaccines in China. The vaccine is safe and reliable. So far, in the world, except for India, the inactivated vaccines produced by all countries are relatively reliable. In addition, China’s vaccine production scale exceeds the total of other countries in the world. China’s current annual production capacity of vaccines is close to 5 billion doses. This year’s output is expected to exceed 3 billion doses, which will be gradually realized in the second half of the year. However, there is a conspiracy theory abroad to discredit China. According to their fallacy, it is helpless for the WHO to include the Chinese vaccine on the emergency use list… Hey, our international public opinion war has to become stronger! ! Although countless Chinese are fighting on the Internet, their voices are still weak.

7 months ago

Sinopharm and Sinopharm Kexing have successively obtained WHO certification. This is the first time in history that an infectious disease vaccine developed by a non-Western country has obtained the WHO emergency use permit. Why is a vaccine from a developed country a good vaccine? Our Chinese vaccines do not lose! Now that Sinopharm Kexing has been certified by the WHO one after another, this not only means that the quality, safety, and effectiveness of China’s new crown vaccine meets the requirements of the relevant WHO standards, but also enhances the trust and willingness of people from all countries in China’s vaccine . It also means that more developing countries and backward countries can “fairly” obtain the new crown vaccine with developed countries through COVAX. Currently, the new crown vaccines that have passed the WHO certification and are included in the emergency use list include Pfizer/BioNTech, AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine, Johnson & Johnson vaccine, Modena vaccine, Sinopharm vaccine and Kexing vaccine. Congratulations to China for gaining two places. Previously, the vaccine brands recognized by each country were different. For example, the small circle of the European Union only relaxed restrictions on the entry of people whose vaccines were approved by the EU, but they did not recognize Chinese vaccines at all, only Pfizer, Modena, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca . However, after Sinopharm passed the WHO certification, the European Commission quickly changed its face, saying that “people who have been vaccinated on the WHO emergency use list vaccine are also allowed to enter the EU”, and that Sinopharm was brought in to play together. What’s more gratifying is that the EU immediately began approving Kexing since the WHO certified Sinopharm. At least Kexing is currently the domestically supplied Covid-19 vaccine, and it is also the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine with the largest export volume and inoculation volume. Although the effectiveness of Kexing among inactivated vaccines on the domestic market is not high, the critical illness protection rate is close to 100%. (The protective efficacy of Wuhan Biology and Beijing Biology are 72.8% and 78.1%, respectively. The results of Phase III clinical studies conducted by Kexing in Brazil and Turkey show that the protective effectiveness is above 50%, up to 91.25%, and the critical illness protection is 100 %.) Moreover, Coxing has become a new crown savior in Latin America. The further “capture” of Chinese vaccines in North America and the European Union is just around the corner. My answer about the new crown vaccine: Which one should Kexing and Beisheng (China National Medicines) choose for the new crown vaccine? What happens if minors get the new crown vaccine? The new crown vaccine will stop the first dose of vaccination on June 10, and fully enter the second dose stage. Can people who have not been vaccinated have time? How to treat Kangtai Bio: The company’s self-developed inactivated vaccine for the new coronavirus is included in emergency use?

7 months ago

Wang Yu, former director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Why is the vaccine approved by the World Health Organization important? On June 1, the World Health Organization announced that the Chinese Kexing Covid-19 vaccine was included in the “emergency use list.” Following the Sinopharm vaccine, Kexing Vaccine has become the seventh new crown vaccine that has obtained WHO’s safety, effectiveness and quality verification. This is undoubtedly of great significance for Kexing vaccine, which has supplied more than 600 million doses to the world. Why is the recognition of the WHO important to the new crown vaccine? Former Director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum Conference, at the sub-forum of the second session of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum held in Qingdao on June 1, “Health Integration into All Policies-2021 United Nations Sustainable Development Summit Forum” Expert consultant Wang Yu pointed out that only after obtaining the WHO emergency use certification, the vaccine is eligible for global procurement or global distribution through the New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan (COVAX). If it is not approved by the World Health Organization, there is still a risk of restricted movement when using the “vaccine passport” for international travel in the future. Therefore, domestic biomedical research and development companies must have the awareness of the development of the international market, understand and follow international rules and practices, to avoid unnecessary trouble. Before Kexing’s vaccine was approved by the World Health Organization, although it had provided hundreds of millions of doses to the world, it was only purchased through national bilateral agreements and was not certified by a global authority. Wang Yu said that the research and development of Kexing vaccine started in mid-January 2020, and it has not been recognized by the WHO for a long time. The main reason is that the information provided cannot meet the requirements of the WHO. “The first is the data from the R&D and production process, and the second is the data from the Phase III clinical trial. The procurement of global pharmaceutical products must pass the relevant quality assessment.” Wang Yu revealed that in the process of contacting the company, it was discovered that the company would think that the vaccine The sales of the products are already very good, the supply is in short supply, and there is no enthusiasm for obtaining WHO certification. On the other hand, the company did not collect, organize and record production, process, quality inspection, etc. in accordance with the requirements of the WHO, and was reluctant to request information from the WHO and COVAX, and was unwilling to provide detailed information related to technology and processes. , This is very obvious. Wang Yu said, in fact, things are not that simple. China’s vaccine has not been recognized by the World Health Organization for a long time, and it even affected the major arrangements of some countries that generally vaccinate China’s vaccines. “The crux of the problem lies in the fact that our staff do not understand the basic rules of the world, so there will be hesitations and doubts of this kind.” On May 21, Shanghai issued the “Regarding Promoting the High-Quality Development of the City’s Biomedical Industry” Several Opinions”, which proposes to support the biomedical industry to open up overseas markets. Innovative drugs and high-end medical devices developed and produced in Shanghai have passed FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration), EMA (European Medicines Agency), CE (European Community), If PMDA (Japan Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) or WHO (World Health Organization) is registered with international institutions, and sales are realized in relevant foreign markets, it will be awarded not more than 30% of R&D investment and a one-time financial support of up to 10 million yuan. Wang Yu believes that this move by Shanghai shows that the government has realized the importance of international market recognition to the biomedical industry, encouraging companies to go international and gain more recognition in the international market. (Source: Beijing Daily Client)

7 months ago

Kexing vaccine passed the WHO review and was officially included in the WHO emergency use list. What information is worth paying attention to about this vaccine? On June 1, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the new crown inactivated vaccine developed by Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. passed the review and was officially included in the “Emergency Use List” (EUL). This means that the benefits of using Coxing’s new crown vaccine are greater than the known risks, and the recommended use has become a global consensus. Briefly summarize the principle of Kexing vaccine: It is an inactivated vaccine. As the name suggests, this type of vaccine does not contain any live virus, and the new coronavirus is chemically inactivated in advance (using a chemical component called β-propiolactone) , So the virus cannot replicate itself, but all its proteins can remain intact. Therefore, even for those with severe immune system damage, it is still very safe (of course, the disadvantage is that it is usually not effective and continues to provide protection for a short period of time. It usually requires regular injections and requires a combination of adjuvants such as aluminum salts. Enhance effectiveness [1]). Regarding the effectiveness of Kexing vaccine, several batches of more important data have been announced recently. I. On April 6 this year, a study from Chile showed that after two weeks of complete vaccination, the overall effective rate of Kexing was 56.5%. Although this efficiency is not high, it should be known that Chile already had it at that time. More than 7 million people have been vaccinated, and about 94% of them have been vaccinated by Kexing vaccine, so from the sample size, it can reflect the real situation. II. A study led by Brazil on the protection of medical staff by the research Kexing vaccine. And the study area fell in the hardest hit area of ​​the global new crown, the Manaus region of Brazil, and the main new crown virus strain circulating in this area at that time was the mutant strain P.1 (with E484K, N501Y, etc.) with vaccine resistance effect. Important mutation). Even so, the results of the study show that the health care population who received the Coxing vaccine (even with a single shot) also significantly reduced the risk of symptomatic infection. III. Still in Brazil, just a few days ago (May 31), the effect of Coxing vaccination in the Sena region of Brazil was announced. The total number of residents in this region is about 45,000, and about 60% of the residents have been vaccinated. , The results showed that the vaccination effectively contained the severe epidemic in the area, reducing infections by 80% and deaths by 95%, making this small town a harbor in the storm of the epidemic. Obviously, these data clearly show the effectiveness of Kexing Vaccine. It is well-deserved to pass the WHO review this time. It is indeed a news that everyone is proud of.

7 months ago

In a word, the new variant virus attacks more primary and middle school students, as well as kindergartens.
The safety issues of various other foreign vaccines, especially for young children, cannot be compared with inactivated vaccines.
At present, medical treatment in many countries has begun to call for the introduction of Chinese inactivated vaccines to children.
But the advancement is very slow, and the governments of all countries feel shameless?

7 months ago

1. It means that Kexing can save life. According to the results of Phase III clinical trials in Coxing, the protection rate is barely more than 50% in Brazil, and the highest is 90%. The average should be between 60% and 70%, which is not very ideal, probably because of the third phase. The official clinical report was not published, and the WHO accepted 51% of the data. This data alone is disappointing, because the formation of an immune barrier requires an average protection rate of more than 60% in the whole society, and it is difficult for Kexing to form an immune barrier even if the social vaccination rate is 100%. Therefore, what Kexing is really favored by the WHO is his other indicator: the critical illness protection rate is nearly 100%, and the death protection rate is 100%. In short, the injection of Kexing cannot protect you from infection, but it can protect you from asymptomatic or mild disease. It has a great effect on individuals, but it has little effect on herd immunity. It is a very important life-saving opportunity for people in developing countries. 2. It means that the COVAX program is really out of seedlings. India’s production capacity collapsed and European and American production capacity is tight. COVAX can only fulfill its promise to provide 2 billion vaccines within the year, and can only hope for 7 billion Chinese vaccines. The previous six emergency list vaccines (including Sinopharm) have a protection rate of more than 70%. If it were not for insufficient production capacity, it would really not come in against the resistance of Europe and the United States. 3. It means that when the G7 engages in a small circle “vaccine passport”, there will be an excuse to bypass the WHO emergency use list. The United Kingdom and the United States were planning to develop the so-called vaccine passport before, and they must be rushing to exclude China. However, there is no basis for not admitting the WHO emergency list. After all, all indicators of Sinopharm are quite good. At that time, the six vaccines on the list were able to be averaged. Ranked in the top three. At present, Kexing has entered the list with the WHO’s 51% certification protection rate, and is afraid that it will be blacked by the G7, and even all Chinese vaccines. Of course there is 4v. 4. It means that Kexing will open up the international market. It is very good that private enterprises can do this. The huge profits earned will provide support for the next step of research and development.

7 months ago

What to say, in fact, it can be approved a long time ago, or that the vaccine itself is not a problem. The main problem is that Kexing is not actually a big international company. It has no previous experience in cooperating with WHO, and almost no experience in going overseas, so it’s time to buy experience. I don’t think it’s the efficiency of the WHO. Several other vaccines have been approved very quickly. The reason is actually very simple. You have worked with the WHO, and your process is definitely faster. I remember correctly, Kexingzhi cooperated with WHO once, it was still a small project, in fact, it was zero experience. This experience is not only the experience of making vaccines, it is also very important to communicate with different manufacturers, users, and organizations. For many domestic companies, the biggest problem going overseas is communication, or to accurately express what they want to say in English and understand what others are saying, I have been in touch. If many foreign users do not speak Chinese, it is really painful to communicate with some medium-sized domestic manufacturers. Using Google Baidu Translate is not only inefficient, but also inaccurate. Communication with many professional things can become a disaster. There is definitely no problem for large companies, and there are a lot of this kind of technology + English talents. However, if medium-sized companies want to go overseas, they must learn English well and make English technical reserves. You can translate your Chinese technical information into English by Baidu, and no one can understand it. . . There is no problem with your technology, but if you only have communication problems, you will not win the bid. Communication is an important consideration when bidding, and both the project phase and the maintenance phase are extremely important.

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