Fudan University professors took 800 taxi rides, realizing big data! The more expensive the mobile phone, the more expensive the taxi!

Associate Professor Sun Jinyun of the School of Management of Fudan University led a team of more than 20 people in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Chongqing and other 5 cities to conduct field surveys. He took more than 800 taxis and spent nearly 50,000 yuan in exchange for this report. , The final result is jaw-dropping.

Mobile phone users are divided into three or six or nine categories. According to the price of the phone, the car models that receive the order are different. The more expensive the phone is, the more likely it is that the comfortable vehicle will be received. You can use two different phones at the same time. At the same time, place an order on a mobile phone and choose the same destination. The distance is the same, the route is the same, and the time-consuming is almost the same, but the order costs are different. The intermediate price can occasionally reach several yuan, and sometimes it can reach two yuan if the distance is long. Thirty yuan. Facts have proved that the more expensive the mobile phone, the more expensive the taxi may be! Phoenix Net

There is no doubt that acquaintance exists. I use a certain software to buy takeaways every day, and I am familiar with it. Even if you “kill” a meal, don’t talk about traveling. Are they willing to give me a chance? I must be reluctant to give up. The newcomer preferential price, the elderly raise the price, and the member does not have a coupon, that is the top price. Looking for the target and aiming at the direction, the riders of mobile phones such as Apple and Samsung will unconsciously increase the price, so is this recommending domestic mobile phones? However, the price of domestic high-end mobile phones is still high. So this is the manufacturer’s hint to us, under the development of big economic data, do you need to buy an extra mobile phone? It seems that the manufacturers are really far-sighted, and they are “well-intentioned” in order to expand their profits and develop the domestic economy. Since the income is so high, don’t you mind giving everyone an extra mobile phone? Not to mention the familiarity of taxi-hailing software, now that software is not on the road to centralization longer and longer. I am the kind of software that deletes my frequently used software every other time (except the software for contacting people), but every time I download it twice, for example, if I download a certain mutual, if I click on an answer from the entertainment circle, then the next , The answers I got are basically the answers from the entertainment industry. If I was the first to click on the answer of beauty makeup, the next system recommendations are basically beauty makeup. A certain sound is even better at this point. You watch a dressup video in so many short videos, then you will be surprised to find that the next is all dressup videos. With big data, we really can’t escape algorithms. Takeaways, depending on what you like to eat, recommend these to you, and secretly add some money. The taxi-hailing software sees that you have money. When you don’t mind for the first time, it will be hard to look back after you mind. Depending on what you like, a certain tone will only instill these into you, making you completely obsessed with it, the hormones continue to evaporate, just looking for greater stimulation, so as to occupy your time, occupy your money in disguise. So compared to “killing familiarity” or trying to defeat human nature and algorithms, this is basically impossible. But if you take out and take a taxi every day are more expensive than others, maybe occasionally you can consider uninstalling and have a try (I don’t know if it works, but a certain tone must be useful. After the comment section adds, you can log out and download, basically it will It works.) If you brush up to what you like every day, and you know that except for the small pleasure at this moment, the rest is emptiness, then uninstall it occasionally, don’t log in to your account, you may be able to change these statuses. If we can’t escape the algorithm, what we can do is to minimize the specificity of the algorithm to our orientation, so as to diversify as much as possible. If we cannot avoid some products that must be used in life, and when the phenomenon of “killing familiarity” becomes more and more serious, I think the necessary control should really come. Don’t think you are in a safe period now, because No one knows how the future will extend.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Distressed a total of more than 50,000 yuan; even more distressed to test 800 times. It not only costs money, but also wastes a lot of time and labor. And I only spent more than 100 yuan to prove that big data is well done. As shown in the figure below, there was a time when I was particularly fond of Mala Tang. Then I ordered Mouliang Mala Tang at Meituan. I couldn’t eat much by myself, so I chose 10 things. The first order is 18.32 yuan, and each time there is a 7 yuan reduction (member red envelope coupon). Moreover, I’m relatively lazy. After choosing one time, I would choose to order another order if I want to eat. Then, the second time it became 19.32 yuan, then it became 20.32 yuan, and I stayed at 20.32 yuan a few times. Finally, It turned out to be 23.43 yuan. In fact, an increase of 1-2 yuan is OK, but you can’t add money endlessly! See it, as long as big data finds that you are a lazy and loyal foodie, he can find ways to make more money from you step by step.

7 months ago

I watched a Netflix documentary “Surveillance Capitalism: Smart Trap” last year. This documentary interviewed former employees of well-known Internet companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter, and explored how Internet giants use data to influence and even customize through various technologies. our life. User preference monitoring, intelligent information push, personalized advertising recommendation, all applications are taking our time, let us mistakenly think that enjoyment and control all of this, but in fact we are being controlled. This way of using data to influence lives is still low-level, at best it is an extra expenditure of money. What we need to pay attention to is the more terrifying impact. Internet giants use data to deeply customize the country’s development direction and your life. The customization of the country’s development direction, such as controlling the direction of elections, is a breeze for Facebook, Twitter and Google. For example, the US election may involve Internet giants’ guidance of public opinion. There is also the exaggeration of hatred and division. They can even customize a person’s personality deeply. For example, to turn a conservative consumer into an ultra-consumer completely, changing a person cannot be achieved in one day, but they have enough patience to completely change a person in a silent and subtle way. The end result is: what you do is not your true will, but the “command execution” that has been deeply customized for a long time. People are not people, but “tool people”.

7 months ago

Customer differential pricing is a very common sales strategy, but it can’t be resisted by merchants. Once they do evil, it becomes price discrimination. If an empty seat on an airplane can be sold for 2,000 yuan, the airline will definitely not only sell it for 200 yuan. But if no one has come to buy it, the airline will sell it for 200 yuan. To be more extreme, it is all about transporting you from Beijing to Shanghai. Why is business class several times more expensive than economy class? But if you ask the big guys in business class whether they are worth it or not, they will definitely say “worth and cool.” Customer segmentation and differentiated services have brought rationality to this differential pricing. I went to Guiyang on a business trip in 19 years. A top developer in the country sold a house for 15,000 per square meter before July. After July, I would secretly issue coupons and appliance coupons to new customers. After that, it’s about a stall per square meter. To 9,000 yuan. The price fluctuates and the market conditions are no more. Why do you want to conceal a discount? On the one hand, because the house price has a record price, on the other hand, because this is a house, it costs 6000 yuan per square meter in a month. What is this concept? Didn’t the old owner feel that he grew up overnight and began to bear the pain that he shouldn’t bear at this age? The greater the pain, the greater the motivation to defend rights. Look back at the behavior of the younger brother again, oh no, the behavior of Didi. Ride-sharing, express, preferential, and special cars, although they all transport people from place A to place B, there are indeed service differences. The pricing is different and reasonable. However, the same model, the same route, and the same time-consuming, Apple mobile phone users are more expensive than other users, and expensive phones are more expensive than cheap phones to take a taxi. What is the reason for recharging faith? The wonderful thing is that it’s not too expensive. Can you pay 6000 yuan/km? Taking evil for a small amount of money, this is to see that consumers will not rise for more than a dozen dollars. In fact, there is another disgusting aspect of Didi. You can check it out carefully-there is a difference between the predicted price and the actual price. Adopting different prices for different consumers is price discrimination. The predicted price is lower than the actual price. To be more serious, this is price fraud. According to Article 55 of the “Consumer Rights Protection Law”, consumers who encounter price fraud can claim 3 times the compensation, and if it is less than 500, the amount will be paid up to 500. Scratch the boots…boots. However, once it is identified as “price discrimination” and the situation of “price fraud” is added, the administrative penalties will be severe. The confiscation of illegal income and the suspension of business for rectification are all within easy reach, and the business license can be revoked at most.

7 months ago

People often misunderstand “big data”, thinking that as long as the technology that involves data can be regarded as “big data”, let’s explain it in a simpler way. Only when your data can’t be displayed in Excel, It can only be regarded as “big data”, otherwise it can only be regarded as “data”. As mentioned in this question, “Mobile phone users are divided into three or sixty-nine grades. According to the price of the mobile phone, the car models that take orders are different.” An Excel can definitely summarize the three-sixty-nine grades of the mobile phone. A code can be based on the mobile phone The price is used for the allocation of the order models, and it is not qualified to be called “big data”. Like Uber, adjusting prices according to the demand for cars in different areas of the city can barely be regarded as “big data”. Strictly speaking, it only uses big data-related technologies, but the number of real-time cars in a city is not as large as an Excel table. Not less than the degree.

7 months ago

Technology does not do evil, it is the platform of application technology that does evil. Everyone can figure out this fundamental problem, and then it is possible to find the right way. You shout “Big data kills the familiar and do evil” all day, and people say, “I didn’t do big data to kill the familiar.” People probably didn’t make a mistake, because they just said it. Use an if-else statement to kill familiarity. The correct method is to require the country to introduce industry price standards, and use laws to restrict the behavior of providing different prices for different users. If the real hammer finds out, it will be punished to death. As long as the regulations come out, not only national supervision is required, but also mutual supervision between platforms must be encouraged (perhaps no encouragement at all). One platform finds that another platform violates regulations, and as long as it is reported, competitors can be suspended for rectification. He Le Instead of? This is the correct approach. What is the use of shouting “Big Data Mastery” every day, even the basic concepts are not clear.

7 months ago

In fact, it has already become a trend. If you don’t believe it, search for familiarity on Zhihu and various websites and post bars, and you can find: Didi’s acquaintance, Meituan’s acquaintance, Are you hungry, Ctrip’s acquaintance, and even Taobao’s acquaintance. Familiar, isn’t the frequency and existence of the above software long enough? It’s just that this time it was spoken by a credible professor. Phoenix.com also dared to report. Phoenix.com is really good. It’s embarrassing now. Before the important meeting, I made this. The situation is very delicate now…you said you pretended to just see it, or pretended not to see it…

7 months ago

To put it simply, suppose that the old grandson travels frequently, and every time he takes a taxi, he expects it to be 150 yuan from Financial Street to Daxing Airport. But the actual price is 138 yuan, and the old grandson’s consumer surplus is 12 yuan. In the past, due to the asymmetry of information between the two parties, as consumers and service providers, the company may price this route at 138 yuan, because this point is the equilibrium point of the company’s marginal revenue and marginal cost. But if the big data technology is introduced, after only a few corrections, you will roughly know that the price of Sun’s heart is 150 yuan. Since it is a to c industry, the use of computer technology can accurately estimate the expected price of each passenger. In this way, manufacturers can easily earn all the consumer surplus. As for the method, it depends on how the business exploits the loopholes. However, what the old grandson may not know is that Xiao Lizi also takes a taxi, which may only cost 140 yuan (the specific operation, there must be some special methods). In this way, price discrimination has also formed. Since each customer can accurately charge and turn all consumer surplus into company income, the purpose of first-level price discrimination is to earn all the consumer surplus. Because the computer has a very strong ability to process data, and the subsequent marginal cost is almost zero, this is the inherent advantage of realizing first-degree price discrimination. Businesses are naturally willing to invest heavily in this market, without exception.

7 months ago

The whole world is shouting about big data and cloud services. They have found this kind of magical algorithm like cheating. Even if you avoid this one, you can’t avoid the other one. Because of the advancement of information and communications, it seems that the people have become smarter and not so easy to fool around, but the resources and methods that capital can master and use are even more powerful. The behavior of cutting leeks and stalking wool is very concealed, even if you know it, you can’t come up with evidence! Just say that the experimental data of 800 taxi rides can be used as evidence? Only laugh off their big teeth. I feel that the 800 taxi rides cannot be used as big data to fully understand the big data. The sample size is too small and it can only be used as a reference. After everyone knows, just be vigilant. And privately think that if you think big data is really so simple to use the price of mobile phones to calculate, then this algorithm is really underestimated. Your personal information, income, monthly expenses, frequent places of entry and exit, etc., even what you have said to others when your mobile phone is next to you, may all be the source of big data collection! Terrible? In fact, there is nothing terrible, because the country is more wary of this kind of things than we are, and they will be caught up in this way sooner or later!

7 months ago

Come uninvited, let’s just leave a question. From my personal professional point of view, talk about the legal regulation of this case. We know that different prices for the same commodity, that is, price discrimination, can be subject to the Consumer Protection Law, which is deemed fraudulent and punitive damages apply. But this case is very special: in the case of “simultaneous calls”, the taxi-hailing software gives priority to users with higher mobile phone prices and other more expensive taxi-hailing types through user portraits. It is almost impossible to obtain evidence in this case: first, the software algorithm has not been disclosed, and it is not easy to verify the authenticity of the evidence provided by the taxi app on the algorithm; second, the sample size is insufficient to confirm the relevance, and the sample size is sufficient, and the taxi driver can easily be identified as not. consumer. Therefore, in the current law, it is difficult to regulate the “big data” of taxi-hailing apps. But the problem is not impossible to solve, such as the establishment of a software audit mechanism that covers a wider range of objects. At present, in accordance with the “Network Security Law of the People’s Republic of China” and other laws and regulations, the China Network Security Review Technology and Certification Center will review the collection and use of personal information by APP, but the scope of review is limited to whether appropriate measures are taken to protect the collected personal information, and Whether to obtain personal authorization when collecting information. The small situation believes that the content of the review can be expanded in the review, such as adding the content of the legality review of the consumer protection law, and reviewing the code and algorithm. Through source control, the problem of “big data kills” is solved and consumers are protected.

7 months ago

In the era of big data, in addition to getting personalized recommendations from big data, users can easily be cut by big data without paying attention. When Amazon launched a new disc, it quoted different prices for the same disc based on potential customers’ demographic information, shopping history, and Internet records. The ending of this “familiar incident” is: Amazon CEO Bezos has to come out and apologize personally, explaining that he is only conducting a price test. [狗头] Let’s make up for the professor in the above incident. His user portrait standards in the online marketing system may include: user ID, gender, personality description, asset status, credit status, favorite color, mobile phone brand, mobile phone model, With this information, the system can carry out precise marketing and recommendation of “the most cost-effective input and output of the business as the system thinks” for this user, and sometimes it will be “skilled”.

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