When it came to the college entrance examination for another year, the reporter learned from relevant departments on the 2nd that 10.78 million people registered for the college entrance examination nationwide this year, a record high, and the number of examination rooms and examination staff increased accordingly.

Let’s take a look at the number of applicants for the college entrance examination and the admission rate in the past 20 years. From the data, we can see that the number of college entrance examinations exceeded 10 million in 2007-2009, entering a peak. Since then, it has slowly fallen back, and after falling into a small trough in 2013, it has grown slowly, and it will again exceed 10 million in 2019. The data on the number of applicants can basically correspond to the corresponding number of births. 1987 to 1990 was the peak of a wave of baby booms in our country. This group of people happened to take the college entrance examination around 2007. This has also directly contributed to the lowest admission rate for the college entrance examination in the past two decades. We can see that after the birth peak, although the number of college entrance examinations has slowly increased, the admission rate has basically remained at about 75% due to the expansion of enrollment. But if you take a closer look at the 211,985 acceptance rate in various provinces in recent years. You will find that although the enrollment expansion has increased the admission rate, the admission rate of 211,985 levels has been maintained at a relatively low level. If you were born in a province like Henan, the admission rate of 985 is just over one percent, and that of 211 is over two percent. Even if you were born in a region like Tianjin, this figure only fluctuates to more than 5%, and about 12%. This is what we often say, education inflation, basically at the undergraduate level, has a limited impact on 211,985. It is not recommended that you read a book of acceptance rates here. Because in the past ten years, many of the new admissions for one book were not expanded from the original old colleges and universities, but were “upgraded” from the old two colleges. In the past, there were very few colleges and universities in the country, and in some provinces there were only three or four in the whole province, but there were many second colleges and universities. This is why there are so-called “good two books” and “strong two books” in the traditional context. Because in the past there were indeed many second universities with many strong majors, and the actual admission scores of these schools were not low, and some majors were even higher than the admission scores of a college. However, these former veteran and strong two books have basically been upgraded to a college in recent years. At the same time, there are also many ordinary second-level colleges, which have also been upgraded to one-level colleges. The upgrading process of these colleges is generally to set up some majors that recruit students according to one line, and then gradually expand the enrollment ratio of one major, and finally upgrade to a pure one. This directly caused the concept of “one book” to be basically invalidated, because one book was too much. Therefore, even if the country no longer mentions the term 211,985, since 211,985 will never be expanded, 211,985 still has a very important reference role. Even though there are a group of bottom universities in 985 and 211, it is very simple to identify these universities. Therefore, it is recommended that some people choose at least one 211 even if they do not look at the 985 grade when choosing a college for the college entrance examination. The double non-academics are very good, but in fact they are very limited. They are basically concentrated in those universities with obvious professional advantages. Therefore, the most important significance of the college entrance examination, I think there are two: The first is to improve the level of your undergraduate college as much as possible. The second is to choose a good major. Don’t pay too much attention to individual data, but pay more attention to where you are and how many choices you have.


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7 months ago

If you are a senior high school candidate, don’t pay too much attention to this data. There is no need to look at many answers that analyze the problem very “deeply”. Those have nothing to do with you. Or just take a look at it with the attitude of a game of life. In fact, the more the mentality of a game of life, the easier it is to pack lightly and do some things well. The more burdened you are, the easier it is to lose your mentality and affect your efficiency. The same is true when facing the college entrance examination. I have always advocated taking the college entrance examination lightly and not taking the college entrance examination myth. For example, in some places, some speeches that are not surprising and endless, if the people who listen to his speech or watch the video are really affected by them, holding this mentality, it is actually easy to lose their mentality, which will affect the normal performance of the college entrance examination. . I clearly remember that during the college entrance examination, I suffered from insomnia the night before the English test. Then it happened that English was more difficult that year, so my English score was 20 points lower than usual.

7 months ago

What we are expecting now is that there are few candidates and no competition at all. As long as the ideal school, you can pass the exam as soon as you study? No way? Yes, because there is a certain degree of difficulty, when you reach it, pain is related to it, and happiness may also be related to it.

7 months ago

There are so many applications for the college entrance examination this year. It is the same every year, because every year the domestic employment and population pressure are very important. At present, if you look at the number of college entrance examinations, it is really difficult to take the domestic entrance examination because of itself. Even last year, the epidemic may not perform well, and there are many repeaters this year. Although it is the new college entrance examination, everyone has tried hard to learn new things and caught up with the new policy this year. So it is the novelty of the college entrance examination. This level of and the innovativeness of the topics will also make this year’s college entrance examination the latest highlight for many years. Then this year’s historical high is also inevitable. In the case of the college entrance examination, many people still face the problem of failing to pass the undergraduate entrance exam this year. Therefore, facing the current pressure of the college entrance examination, if it is the idea of ​​studying abroad after the college entrance examination, it is also very specific. It’s that I feel that domestic internal scrolling has always been serious, so I think it’s an option to consider taking an overseas undergraduate course. Now the overall recovery overseas is very good. After domestic vaccination, you can also read books abroad face to face. At present, the domestic college entrance examination voluntary application and the overall trend of the college entrance examination scores this year will continue to improve. It is difficult for many students to pressure to read the book. The first degree in the junior college is meaningless. Then go overseas to read the book. If you have the funds, it will be low cost. The choice is also necessary.

7 months ago

High grade three lays foundation, high grade four 985. In this 1078w, how much is the denominator in last year’s 1071w? Look at how many repeat students in the top 100 in each province, and then look at how many repeat students in the top 5k in each province. It seems that the high school will soon become a five-year system in the future. There is no way. There are so many places. . It’s worth changing the admission ticket for a lifetime of good life for one year. I advise all the 985 students who are about to graduate, don’t come to Guangdong anymore. Guangdong is about to become a province. Guangdong is different from Beishang. It does not have the advantage of admission to the college entrance examination, but it is the bottom. Guangdong is about to become the first in the number of college entrance examinations. If you come to the province with the lowest admission rate, your children will have to face a situation where they are more enrolled than Shandong, Henan and Hebei. You have worked so hard to test it out, surely you don’t want your children to go through this situation again, or go to Gongbei Shangjin’s Chinese cabbage to enter Beishang City, and one Chinese cabbage per person.

7 months ago

It’s too curly. I thought that as the birth rate decreased (compared to the post-90s generation, there was indeed a significant decrease), the number of people taking the college entrance examination after 00 should also decrease. Visual inspection of the college entrance examination and postgraduate entrance examinations also began to appear in the Second World War and even the Third World War party. In fact, if you have the concept of lying down, repeating for a year may save money than going out to work or go to university. Or in the case of a good family situation, repeating for a year does not seem to add much expense to the family. Due to the scarcity of high-quality educational resources, it is no longer a ridicule to start the postgraduate entrance examination in the freshman year. In the eyes of many students, the university is actually no different from the third year of high school. Recently, the key universities of station B have set up anti-scroll inspection teams, which is a black humor of the students for the internal scrolls. Therefore, if young people want to give birth with confidence and boldness, educational resources are also a mountain that must be stepped forward. Waiting for the top picks in some provinces to retake the college entrance examination this year. Waiting for this year’s college entrance examination scores to break new highs. I am looking forward to the appearance of a big guy with a naked score of 740+.

7 months ago

According to the Ministry of Education, the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2021 is 10.78 million, a record high! Among them, 1.046 million people took the exam in Henan Province, a big province with the college entrance examination, 795,000 people in Shandong Province, and 783,000 people in Guangdong Province. Note for Beijing College Entrance Examination: The entrance time of all subjects will be advanced on June 7th. Beijing Education Examination Institute reminds: 1. Compared with last year, the entrance time of all subjects has been advanced earlier this year, and the entrance time for Chinese subjects is 35 years before the exam. Candidates can enter the examination room with their ID card and admission ticket 30 minutes before the examination of other subjects. Candidates who are late are not allowed to enter the test center 15 minutes after the start of each subject. 2. The Beijing Public Security Bureau has decided to open a green channel for fast-track application of resident ID cards for Beijing residents who have registered for the college entrance examination from June 1 to the end of the college entrance examination on June 10. 3. Before the exam, candidates should continue to do a good job of daily temperature measurement and health monitoring, and truthfully report their health and travel status to the registration unit. Candidates should also pay attention to personal protection, wear masks scientifically, minimize going out, avoid gatherings, avoid going to public places with high mobility, and maintain good hygiene habits and regular work and rest; symptoms such as fever should be reported to the registration unit immediately. And seek medical attention in time. Fujian has made it clear that all examination subjects of the college entrance examination this year shall not be handed in in advance. The Fujian Provincial Education Examination Institute issued the 2021 Fujian Provincial College Entrance Examination Handbook. Compared with previous years, the big change this year is: Candidates are not allowed to hand in papers and leave before the end of the exam. Candidates are not allowed to submit papers in advance for all subjects in the college entrance examination this year. In terms of time, candidates can enter the test center 50 minutes before the start of the test; 30 minutes before the start of the test, candidates can enter the test room; 15 minutes after the start of the test, candidates who are late for the test are not allowed to enter the test center (please note that it is the test center, that is, the school). Subject exams. Among them, late candidates are prohibited from entering the examination room after 14:45 in foreign language subjects on the afternoon of June 8. In terms of items, candidates should take off their masks before entering the examination room and put them in the “temporary storage place for non-examination items” outside the examination room. They are not allowed to bring their own masks into the examination room. Except for the necessary test supplies such as 2B pencils, 0.5mm black handwriting signature pens, straightedges, compasses, set squares, and uncovered erasers, all other items (such as mobile phones, watches, correction fluids, etc.) are not allowed to be brought into the test room. Guangdong: Divide test-involved personnel into seven groups for management. In order to ensure that epidemic prevention and control is in place and the college entrance examination is implemented smoothly, Guangdong is divided into “seven groups of people” according to the different situations of test-involved personnel. The first category is candidates with confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and a positive nucleic acid test; the second category is close contacts and second-close contact candidates; the third category is red code, yellow code and fever candidates; the fourth category is general candidates; the fifth category They are social candidates; the sixth category is examination staff; the seventh category is parents. Jing Li Hu, director of the Provincial Department of Education, said that different prevention and control measures are taken for different types of personnel, and all candidates are required to achieve two full coverage: continuous health monitoring for 14 days before the exam and full coverage of nucleic acid testing for 7 days; In addition to the above two full coverage, examination personnel also require full coverage of vaccination, that is, three full coverage. According to Lei Chunliang, president of the Eighth Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, Guangzhou Hospital has set up an independent examination room for positive college entrance examination candidates. Currently, the Eighth Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University has admitted a 17-year-old senior high school student with asymptomatic infection. Close contacts of symptomatic infected person 5. In order to ensure that the candidate can successfully participate in the college entrance examination, the Eighth Municipal Hospital has been arranging a special examination room in the hospital in accordance with the instructions of the superior department, and will also be equipped with special doctors and nurses to escort! Guangdong: 2021 college entrance examination scores and scores will be announced around June 24. Guangzhou recruiting exams will release the June recruitment calendar. It is mentioned that the 2021 Guangdong college entrance examination results will be announced around June 24 and the admission control scores will be announced at the same time. ​​​​Shandong: The results of the college entrance examination will be announced before June 27. There are 7 volunteer opportunities to fill in the form. On June 1, the Shandong Provincial Summer College Entrance Examination Admission Ticket will be officially printed. In addition to reminding candidates about precautions before the exam, the admission ticket also clarifies that candidates have at most 7 volunteer opportunities to fill in this year. The college entrance examination results will be announced before June 27.

7 months ago

Henan has contributed nearly 190,000 people. Each province has a different scale for the number of people in the college entrance examination. Henan is the only one to include the number of college entrance examinations into the college entrance examination number. It is far less than 1.25 million. The actual participation in the general college entrance examination is less than 800,000 (including college entrance examinations). 187,400 students enrolled in counterparts, 69,800 students enrolled in higher vocational schools, and 204,000 students enrolled in higher vocational colleges.) Due to the different statistical calibers, some provinces have included the corresponding enrollment of students from three schools (some provinces are called the spring college entrance examination) and individual enrollment in higher vocational colleges. For example, the honest Jiangsu Province Qipu and Henan Province have a population of less than 100 million people, and Jiangsu has nearly 85 million people. Henan claims that the number of college entrance examinations is 1.25 million, while Jiangsu has only more than 300,000. Could it be that Henan’s number of repeaters exceeds that of fresh graduates. This is definitely impossible. It can only be said that the water injection is serious. According to the 2018 Education Development Statistical Bulletin issued by Henan Province, the number of students enrolled in ordinary high schools in Henan in 2018 was 720,000; the number of applicants was 790,700, minus 726,500, that is It can be concluded that the number of repeaters in Henan in 2021 is about 70,000. The actual number of repeaters in Henan only accounts for about 10% of the number of college entrance examinations that year. You must see clearly that this 10.78 million people are very watery and many people do not take the general college entrance examination. You can count the number of people who are above the minimum special provincial control line (mostly 150 points) published by each province. The total number of people who add up to the college entrance examination is the real number of college entrance examinations. Please do not be blinded by the data and spread anxiety. In addition to the situation in Hebei, the number of people participating in the general college entrance examination in Hebei actually dropped in 2021, only 440,000, and the official caliber is more than 630,000, an increase of 9 thousand; higher vocational single recruits and counterpart enrollment are for secondary and professional school students. It is basically based on junior colleges and higher vocational colleges. Under the background of the expansion of higher vocational colleges, it is not a track. The statistics of the number of people who join the college entrance examination is actually unreasonable. It is still Jiangsu people

7 months ago

1. Number of applicants in recent years Number of applicants for the National College Entrance Examination in 2017: 9.4 million Number of applicants for the National College Entrance Examination in 2018: 9.75 million, an increase of 350,000 from 2017 Number of applicants for the National College Entrance Examination in 2019: 10.31 million, an increase of 560,000 from 2018 The number of national college entrance examination applicants in 2020: 10.71 million, an increase of 400,000 people over 2019. The number of national college entrance examination applicants in 2021: 10.78 million, an increase of 70,000 people over 2020. Data performance: The growth rate of national college entrance examination applicants has slowed down, and the total number of college entrance examination students The number is still at a high level. Forecast: The number of enrollment plans for colleges and universities this year should be about the same as in 2020, and the number of postgraduate entrance examinations is still growing. 2. In 2020, some provinces, cities and autonomous regions will adopt the first line and online rate; this year, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Hebei, Hunan, Liaoning, Hubei, Chongqing, Fujian, eight provinces will adopt the 3+1+2 new college entrance examination model, the liberal arts and sciences over the years The reference of the undergraduate line is of little significance. Parents and candidates should pay more attention to the ranking of candidates. 3. The role of the minimum admission control reference line of the strong base plan After the college entrance examination batches merged with admission batches, the first line and the second line disappeared. Due to the existence of special types of enrollment such as strong base plans and high-level art troupes, strong bases A basic requirement for special types of admissions such as programs and high-level art troupes is that the candidates must not be below the first line. The strong base plan score line is based on the previous year’s undergraduate admission control score line delineation, combined with the actual enrollment of the year, so this score line can also be used as a reference benchmark for “one book line”. 4. Newly-added majors According to the latest undergraduate majors catalogue published by the Ministry of Education, in 2021, a total of 37 new undergraduate majors have been added to colleges and universities across the country, and a total of 43 colleges and universities have passed the examination and approval of newly-added majors. Most of these 37 majors will be enrolled for the first time in the fall of 2021. 37 new majors, covering 9 categories of law, education, history, science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, management, and art. Moreover, they are all newly established majors in accordance with national strategic needs and economic and social development, and are most in short supply in the country. Among them, engineering majors account for the largest proportion of majors, followed by agricultural majors. V. Volunteer reporting strategy 1. Candidates should know where they are among similar candidates (the ranking of their scores in the province). Candidates can clearly know that their scores are in full through the 2021 “one point, one file table”. The location of the provincial candidates and the number of candidates in the same segment. Every year, the scores (or admission scores) of various colleges and universities change back and forth, but their ranking in the province generally does not change much. 2. Candidates should pay attention to the location of their target colleges and universities in the past three years. In addition to using the “one point, one file table”, they should also compare the admission changes of the target colleges and universities in recent years, from the score line, the number of enrollment plans, and the number of admissions. Comprehensive analysis of its admission trends. In addition to considering the scores of college admissions in previous years, we must also pay attention to their professional admission scores. Because each college has different majors, the scores of popular majors and unpopular majors are also very different, and the scores of popular majors are often 10-50 points higher than the school’s upgrade line. 3. Reasonably choose the target colleges and universities that matches their own rank. Candidates fill in their volunteers mainly based on the candidates’ own positioning (ranking) in the current year to select the admission data (2018-2020) corresponding to their own positioning (ranking) Colleges. When candidates understand their own rankings, and have also inquired about the target college’s scores and rankings over the years, what the candidates can rely on is the core basis when filling in their volunteers-the “one point, one file table”. Through the “one point, one file table”, candidates can clearly know where their scores are among the candidates in the province and the number of candidates in the same segment. At the same time, based on the target college’s previous year’s score line, corresponding to its position in the “one point one file table”, you can comprehensively judge whether you can be admitted by the target college.

7 months ago

I found out that He was watching the show “Youth Talk” on Hunan TV. It’s so fun to watch! I found that the quality of children in good schools in big cities is still very high. Then 10.78 million people, in fact, behind each of them are such cute faces. So I want to wish them a good result here. I will not mention here that China’s population is really still very large. The college entrance examination is everyone’s right! Come on! I hope to realize my dream. Although the truth may be cruel, but 10 million people have common dreams and are such good people, then I will support them! If possible, I really want to travel back and join them. Seeing them, I feel as if I’m really good at cooking, and I don’t know anything about being a human being. So I will pay attention to what happens next.

7 months ago

My hometown is in Henan, where there is a Dancheng First High School, which is famous for repeaters. Last year, 3,000 people in a grade repeat and I don’t know whether it is true or not. Most of them are repeaters from other schools. Senior high school is a common phenomenon here, and graduates from high school became a minority (maybe, at least a few years earlier). The college entrance examination is really difficult. Everyone’s efforts have been inflated, but fortunately, the overall number of repeaters this year has not risen high. A total of 70,000 has risen, but Henan has risen by 100,000… (Don’t spray me, I didn’t say Henan’s college entrance examination. The most difficult in the country, I did not sell badly, I just express the status quo.)

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