Many people don’t know the difference between Tencent Pictures and Penguin Films (Industry), both of which were established in 2015, with a time difference of less than a week. Among them, Penguin Films is the pro-son of Tencent Video, while Tencent Pictures is affiliated to Tencent Interactive Entertainment, and is the brother of Tencent Games, Tencent Animation, and China Reading Group. Therefore, the products produced by Penguin Films must be given priority but only appear on Tencent Video, while those produced by Tencent Pictures are not necessarily. Xinli Media was acquired by China Reading Group in 2018, which is equivalent to a purchased contract worker (with a gambling agreement). Because of its strong production capabilities, it is also working for Penguin Films and Tencent Pictures. If you understand the difference between Tencent Pictures and Penguin, you can know that although Mr. Zui’s opening card can’t be said to be a bad card, there is no such thing as Wang Zhan’s recommended debut. Although it is the key drama of Tencent Pictures in 2021, it is not ranked on the two major platforms of Tencent Video and iQiyi. Rebels, life as if they were first seen, golden years, and Luoyang winds, Zuojun was not even in the costume drama lineup of the China Merchants Association last year. The funny thing is that Deyun Washer, who has not yet started filming, is still in sight), plus At the beginning of the new year, the original author got into the mess, you can see how difficult it is for your son-in-law to have such an explosive start. In addition to the theme that fits the Spring Festival file, it is entirely due to the actor’s passerby, strength and film quality.

Tencent (assuming this is an independent virtual personality first)…I never expected that this drama would explode (explosive refers to the first-line effect in this second-line production)…Can wrestle with Douluo Mainland. More than half a year ago (when the filming started), if someone said that Mr. Zui could touch the Douluo Continent, it would be Shi Lezhi, even if he was fighting the original team of Qing Yunian. Four months ago (the warm-up began after the finale), everyone was even less optimistic, because the original crew did not include the screenwriter, director, and starring. When it was broadcast, I saw the muddy tea cups and the lifelike lotus flowers. I was even more sure that there was no investment in the show.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Tencent Video is not optimistic about it internally. It is a pity that the situation was wrongly estimated. In fact, it can be seen from the e-sports drama that Lu Han became popular last year. In this market, we must have a good reputation and have a lot of tap water. Or it’s a brainless sand sculpture comedy drama. Or it’s a well-made drama with serious themes like secrets and silence. On the contrary, traffic dramas are now more embarrassing, purely fan-oriented, and not many people watch them except fans. In fact, capital has completely misunderstood the operation method. You find a stream of people to make a drama, you have to buy scripts, build a crew, and spend a lot of money. You might as well find two sets of cameras to follow the traffic 24 hours a day, and get a show called XX’s daily life. The people who watch this show are not much different from those who watch the show. The cost is not sure how much lower it will be.

7 months ago

You spent 2 million to buy a house five years ago. In these years, the house price has risen to 5 million. You are very happy to see the increase in house prices every day. Suddenly one day, your mother called you and said that my cousin in my hometown has graduated from university and is in the same city as you. Now the house price is too high to buy. The extra house you have just sold out to my cousin. I bought it from my family and used the original price of 2 million yuan. When you listened to your mother’s call, you were extremely frustrated and didn’t know how to refuse. At this time, the intermediary brought a customer to the door, willing to buy your house with a full payment of 5 million, and sign the contract today and release the loan tomorrow. You were overjoyed, signed a contract right now, and then called your mother to say that the house had been sold before.

7 months ago

It’s simple, and the most important point is that the show does not have explosive quality. Compared with “Celebrating More Than Years”, this drama is unlikely to be a phenomenal work in terms of both the format and the plot. In fact, even if “Zuo Son” has been broadcast to the present, it is only as hot as it is now because when it first aired, there was nothing good-looking on TV or on the Internet, there was nothing that could play! But now that the popularity of other variety shows and other dramas has begun, “Zuo Son” is actually a bit lacking in stamina. Even the heroine was forcibly abducted twice and was forced to kiss by others. The plot itself is also sorry for the audience’s IQ. There is also the publicity that is always jealous, you are jealous, she is jealous, you are sweet, she is super sweet. ? ? ? It’s extremely boring. It can be basically judged that iQiyi itself may not regard it as an S-level project to promote it. If this is an S-level project, it can only be said that this promotion is worthy of the S-level cost standard? In fact, the clues can also be seen from the configuration of the actors. It is not discrimination or stigma. The protagonist is indeed not the current (income) first echelon. General resources are always concentrated on the head. A good book must be the head first. Tencent must be screened internally. After comparing the data, I think the final effect of this drama may be mediocre. So why waste this schedule? People don’t lack dramas. . Besides, capital does not look at whose son you are. Capital only recognizes whether you have a charisma and whether you can make money.

7 months ago

My son-in-law was very optimistic during the internal trial meeting. Recently, tx has reached some cooperation with CCTV, and many of the later dramas will be broadcast on cctv. (Wu Lei’s long song trip should be in March and will also be on cctv8. Before he There is a stalemate with tx, and now the condition for reconciliation is to pay back a few tx dramas), the upper part does not want tx to be the dominant one, so tx and aqy discussed the separation of production and broadcasting, and sold the son-in-law to aqy.

7 months ago

Tencent is still firmly taking the route of the ancient and fast-money traffic, advance on-demand, first network backstage, drain the last drop of blood, look at the bunch of VIP spokespersons they are looking for, they are all in the same way, traffic-based artists (don’t want to Call it an actor), in the first year of the year, I came up with a big pk to open members and cut off a wave of leeks from fans. Fans of traffic will eat this set, one by one, to control the comments, to scan the broadcast volume, and to do the data. (Buy data), competition, investment, show pressure, and actual performance are their daily routines. Someone is joking, these spokespersons are holding an ancient puppet as a meeting ceremony, laugh ~ Zuojun obviously has no appetite for Tencent, there is no small meat and little fairy, no traffic, no leeks to cut, he is optimistic about Douluo Mainland, it is Xiao Zhan, yes The rhythm that is strongly supported at the Tencent Starlight Festival. Tencent is a carnival platform for traffic fans.

7 months ago

It shows that Tencent is not optimistic about the quality of this play, and feels that the quality of this play is difficult to explode, and it is no different from the same crude drama of the same online cultural reform by the best artist Ding a few years ago. But I didn’t expect that the majority of the people would have a very low acceptance of the plot of Tuyile, light comedy, and sweet pets were sugary. Even if the plot later collapsed completely, they would still watch it according to inertia. (The performance of the young cast member in 33 episodes feels quite boring. After all, non-professional actors can’t afford performances other than comedy.) (36 episodes made me vomit. Is the screenwriter rubbing the audience’s IQ on the ground? Don’t you see? Yingzong Beishou?) Still the same sentence, why do you have to call the screenwriter Zuojun, so many of the same names, if you can create the original plot? Are you tired?

7 months ago

Tencent careless? When the prosecutor planned “Zuo Son”, where it was broadcast also caused internal conflicts. A person close to Tencent said that the content producers represented by Wenwen and Xinli Media and the Tencent video broadcast platform were managed by different systems within Tencent, and there was once a competitive relationship internally. “This work Tencent Video may not get good resources, and the producer wants to give it a good push.” So, the producer thought of cooperating with external platforms. “Among the few choices, the price and resources provided by iQiyi are the most suitable, and they promise to be promoted as a key project.” According to the analysis of the above-mentioned people, there is another reason for this cooperation to be successful. Gong Yu, who is very active in the film and television industry, also does it. This play has finalized an important actor. When the cooperation is reached, iQiyi’s operating experience will play a key role. IQiyi provides huge promotion resources for “Zui Son”, especially on social networks. It is very good at using the stalks and bridges in the play to ferment on platforms such as Douyin and Weibo. On these platforms, “Zui Son-in-law” has accumulated more than 120 hot searches, and the Douyin topic “TV series Zuo Son-in-law” has more than 3.9 billion views. To put it simply, “Tencent Video did not give corresponding support. Reading and Xinli will definitely find a more suitable channel.” The above-mentioned insider said, “Even if you will see more Tencent products in the future, but in love Works broadcast by Qiyi.” On March 3rd, “Zuo Son” officially opened on-demand. Gold members of iQiyi can pass through the ending, and Star Diamond members can unlock all content for free. This also indicates another considerable income. Compared with the criticisms incurred when “Qing Yu Nian” announced the advance on-demand, this time, the audience of “Zuo Son” showed a stronger willingness to pay, which fully demonstrates iQiyi’s success in the marketing of this drama. But in the final analysis, in addition to the script, actors, and timing of the drama, Tencent’s unexpected cooperation with iQiyi is also a major reason for the popularity of “Zuo Son”. After “Zuo Son” became popular, more male IPs were restarted. “You see that the whole industry is cheering for “Zui Son”, that is because many people have a backlog of IP in their hands. They must find a way to convince investors that male IP is still worth investing in, and the project can be realized. “A producer told AI Finance and Economics, “But if you look closely, the success of “Zuo Son” is full of chance.” A practitioner also expressed special concerns, “Everyone is talking about “Zuo Son”. Set an example for the industry. In fact, you will only find out when you actually develop a project that “Zui Son-in-law” really cannot be copied.”

7 months ago

It is more appropriate for Tencent to use the term Tencent. Tencent Pictures and Tencent Video are both subsidiaries of Tencent, and both belong to the Tencent department. Don’t have too many companies under Tencent. Tencent Pictures is an investor in Zuo’s son-in-law. And Tencent Video, like iQiyi, is a video website. When the TV series is finished, if it is not for some popular products that must be broadcast internally, the others are for bidding on various platforms, and the higher price will win. This time, it was obvious that iQiyi offered a higher price. Then, iQiyi got a huge return.

7 months ago

Both 5h and Qingyu Nian were co-broadcasted by Tencent iQiyi, Deng Chaoluhan arrived at the creation camp, and Qingyu Nian’s team arrived at Zuosheng; however, it was Tencent earning it no matter what. Those who say “I don’t think it will explode” are 8⃣ ️. If it does not explode, people must have the means to control it… Qing Yu Nian dare to ask Chen Daoming to use Zhang xx (the name is forgotten), it must be done well. The preparations, and even the advanced on-demand broadcasts, are all pushed together by Tencent and iQiyi. I don’t think it is necessary at all. Let me talk about another reason. Tencent, the audience of Douluo Mainland, knows that it is basically covered by Weibo promotion and relying on the traffic of its own novels and animations; and it is more appropriate to promote Baidu, a third party on the whole network. , And Tencent is not easy to do, that’s what it means. Now the situation is very obvious. Youku has pulled its hips to the point of falling behind, and it is more important for Tencent to cooperate with iQiyi to guard.

7 months ago

To be honest, I am also very curious. As a senior member of Tencent, in order to see my son-in-law, I had to spend 15 oceans to fill up a member of iQiyi for a month. In order to clarify this problem, I also collected some information, according to the article of ZAKER News on The probable reason may be as follows: ZAKER news found that the drama version “Zui Son” first entered the public eye on June 8, 2020. Tencent Pictures and the TV series Zuo Son’s official Weibo simultaneously released the main creative lineup. The poster shows that the production companies of the drama version of “Zuo Son” are Xinli TV Culture Investment Co., Ltd., Tencent Film Culture Communication Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yuewen Film and Television Culture Communication Co., Ltd.; the producers are the vice president of Tencent Group and China Reading Group CEO, Tencent Pictures CEO Cheng Wu and Xinli Media Chairman Cao Huayi.

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