Short videos are very popular nowadays. Many people post various short videos outside in public. Many people hate this behavior. Now the vice president of Tencent also criticizes the evil of short videos, saying that those who post brainwashing short videos are like fools. same.

On June 3, at the Ninth China Online Audiovisual Conference, Sun Zhonghuai, vice president of Tencent and CEO of online video, said that some low-intellectual and vulgar short videos have long-term impact on users’ minds. There are still many vulgar dross behind the prosperous market, which attract attention. Video content, the spread of these content consumes a lot of time for users.

Sun Zhonghuai said that these contents have a common feature, that is, simple brainwashing repetition, which subtly impacts the user’s mind and lowers the user’s mind, especially for the unsophisticated teenagers.

Sun Zhonghuai also mentioned the issue of posting short videos outside of public places, which can be seen in train stations, airports, and subways. Those who watch short brainwashing videos outside of public places are like fools.

Sun Zhonghuai said that such anti-intellectual and vulgar entertainment consumers really pulled down the aesthetic level of a generation.

He also said that behind this, there is a lot of pressure on the regulatory level of review and broadcasting, because personalized distribution is too powerful, and what you like to see is pig food, nothing else.

In response, the vice president of Bytedance responded that the WeChat video account is currently the only short video platform that has not launched the underage mode as required.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In fact, these are three questions: 1. Is the short brainwashing video for low-mind brainwashing like pig food? 2. Does Tencent make pig food? 3. Is it inappropriate for the vice president of Tencent to make such remarks? The answer to all three questions is “yes”. Therefore, different people will have different attitudes towards this remark: those who have greater opinions on other brands of pig food will support the vice president of Tencent to a certain extent; those who have greater opinions on the Tencent brand pig food will criticize and mock the vice president of Tencent; Those who have opinions on all pig food will think that this kind of remarks is okay, but it is unwise for him to say it, and he also lacks the “speaking qualification”. I am the third type. But in short, the current development thinking of Internet companies is indeed mostly pig farm thinking.

7 months ago

Grapes that cannot be eaten are said to be sour; cakes that cannot be grabbed are said to be food for pigs. Painfully covet the short video piece of cake? Coveted, very coveted! First, I opened the writing wheel, copied a micro-vision, and never played. Later, I used the big platform of WeChat to play the video account. But… the cake is so big, Douyin Kuaishou grabbed a lot of it, and it didn’t hurt to drink a few mouthfuls of soup. If you can’t beat it, then think about it all. It’s a simple logic. It’s just… You Xun also robbed the pig’s food before, and scolded if he didn’t grab it. It’s really ugly, hahaha!

7 months ago

Some marketing accounts on WeChat are like weeds, and reposting some rumors on marketing accounts is like looking stunned. What do you think of the vice president? There is no interest. I never watch short videos, nor do I say how good short videos are. What I mean is, you are all high-class people with a face and a face. In the social siege, Huayang Leek, at any rate, behave like a hero, don’t scold you all day, okay? It’s not stupid to put it outside. Of course it’s stupid, but it’s a personal issue, not a short video platform issue; but with so many WeChat marketing accounts, there are rumors and plagiarisms. This is a platform issue. There is always no one who will read marketing articles in a voice and affection, right? As an upper-class corporate executive, when there are still many problems with your own products, you should not pay attention to what kind of wood the sickle grips of other people’s homes are made of, which does not fit your identity.

7 months ago

Is Tencent going to sell Kuaishou’s shares? Don’t be arrogant, the proportion of “low-mind brainwashing short videos” in Kuaishou is really quite a lot. Those who have Kuaishou or Tencent stocks can go to inquire whether there is any other meaning in releasing such remarks. If Tencent wants to sell Kuaishou’s stock, the big tree will be gone for Kuaishou. For Tencent, is Tencent not optimistic about the short video track? After all, only low-mind brainwashing short videos are more communicative. As long as you want to serve this bowl of rice, you must tolerate the existence of these things. Of course, if this so-called vice president is just forcing him. I suggest it’s best to expel it. Kuaishou 700 billion yuan market value. One point of fluctuation is 7 billion, which is also a loss of nearly 1.3 billion for Tencent.

7 months ago

Whether the short video looks like pig food is to be discussed, but this is outrageous for you. Can you close so many videos in QQ Watch? QQ space suddenly popped up a short video when nothing happened, and I had to download Weishi or something. Now WeChat is also engaged in video accounts. And as we all know, short video is currently the two dominant ones, Douyin and Kuaishou. The result-so you speak like pig food. Is this appropriate? If appropriate, what are the products in your house?

7 months ago

Long videos cried out short videos: Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi, please take a long time. The 9th China Internet Audiovisual Conference was supposed to be a united and triumphant conference, but because of Tencent Video Sun Zhonghuai, Youku Fan Luyuan, and iQiyi Gong Yu His speech has changed its taste, like a long video crying and short video controversy. The financial difficulties of iQiyi show the fact that the life of long video is not easy, iQiyi has been losing money, and may continue to lose money in the foreseeable years. Since the birth of the video site in 2006, it seems to be Shura Purgatory. This industry has been burning money, and the top player will sing it and I will appear on the stage. Long videos have a hard time, but the group companies behind them are still very popular. Baidu behind iQiyi and Ali behind Youku are all very good. Not to mention Tencent Video, Tencent is the best in China. Internet companies that make money. In 2020, Tencent’s net profit is 122.742 billion, an average of 336 million per day. Note that this is a net profit. In April of this year, Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku, three United Nations film and television publishing companies issued a joint statement on the protection of film and television copyrights, targeting short videos. The controversial issue is the secondary editing. The banner held high by these three companies is to protect copyright. In fact, if you search for it, you will find that there are also pirated resources on Tencent Video, Tencent Video, iQiyi, and Youku, but This does not hinder the fact that these three companies are full of energy. I can understand that Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi put forward the original intention of protecting copyright. After all, protecting copyright is right. Business war is to seize the moral high ground, stigmatize opponents, and shopping malls are like battlefields. The rabbit bites when he is anxious. Let’s take a look at the high-level opinions of Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi: 1. Tencent Sun Zhonghuai said that low-minded and vulgar short videos have long affected users’ minds. Those who watch brainwashing short videos outside of public places are like fools. The personalized distribution is so great, all you like to see are pig food. 2. Youku Fan Luyuan said that more than ten years ago, the long video platform also experienced piracy in the early stage. Now it is like a reincarnation. In terms of market value ratio, Station B and Kuaishou are the big brothers, and Aiyouten is the hardest brother. The market value of the three companies is not comparable. Station B, but our cultivation of young people must not come from pirated editing. Summarizing the cries of short videos from the three parent videos of Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi, there are nothing more than two points: 1. Short videos are vulgar, vulgar, and vulgar; 2. Short videos are pirated. The reason for saying this is that Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi believe that short videos have cut off the traffic and advertising of long videos, because Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi have not done well in short videos. It is right to protect copyright, and competition is right, but I always feel that these three companies, Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku, are a bit contrary to what they said. Let me talk about Tencent’s high-level theory. The rebuttal is actually one sentence: Since Tencent is aware of the short video problem, why does it need to make a video account? I suggest Tencent to give up short videos and give up investment in Kuaishou. Tencent has made more than a dozen short video apps in 2018. What is Weishi, etc., can be said to be repeated defeats and repeated defeats. In 2021, it will offer a big killer-WeChat, and use WeChat traffic to promote it. “Video Number”. Also, if you use short videos to influence young people to talk about things, what about Tencent games, the glory of the king? In fact, during the online audio-visual conference, another piece of news in the industry was that the Beijing Youth Legal Aid and Research Center filed a case in Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court with the Beijing No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court regarding a case involving the “Honor of Kings” mobile online game operated by Tencent infringing the rights of minors Civil public interest litigation for the protection of minors. Is this only allowed Tencent to say arson, and not others to say light up? Maybe Tencent Video’s level in Tencent is not high enough to affect Ma Huateng, Zhang Xiaolong and others. Let’s take Tencent Video’s business and Tencent Video’s content aesthetics. Could it be that Tencent video has a bunch of traffic stars like Xiao Zhan, and filming a bunch of fantasy saliva dramas that do not know the so-called, is it called aesthetics? Is it “positive energy” to engage in traffic star drafts and encourage fans to vote? The operators of the long video seem to have forgotten that “Youth with You 3” was urgently stopped because of the bad deeds of the traffic stars and the pouring of milk in the rice circle. This can happen within a few days. Mo Dao is long, Mo Yan is short. We might as well continue to discuss one more point: Are long videos really defeated by short videos? From the perspective of traffic composition, in fact, the proportion of secondary editing of film and television dramas on platforms such as station B and watermelon is very low, less than 3%. But this does not prevent the operators of Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku from throwing the pot. The core of the plight of long videos is the business model, or in other words, the distribution of benefits. IQiyi is the only listed company among these three companies. From the perspective of iQiyi’s income and expenditure, the biggest problem is that the purchase cost remains high. the reason. Let’s recall the news about artist Zheng Shuang some time ago. Zheng Shuang, a non-top female star, has a salary of 160 million and a shooting time of only 77 days. In fact, the TV series that Zheng Shuang starred in are by no means classic or best-selling dramas. Traffic stars and sky-high rewards directly push up content costs. The root cause here is actually the money-burning wars of these Internet companies, Tencent, iQiyi, and Youku, in order to gain market dominance, through the money-burning wars, pushed up the copyright, pushed it to a falsely high position, and squeezed out Sohu Video, etc. Competitors, up to now, can only eat their own fruits. In fact, if it were not for the “anti-monopoly” background, Tencent might have acquired iQiyi, and then the two companies joined forces to squeeze Youku down. So, I think Youku Fan Luyuan followed iQiyi and Tencent at the audio-visual conference. The operation of running short videos is a god-like operation. After all, President Fan has finally filled in the pit left by Gu Yongqiang, and has just survived the chase and interception of iQiyi and Tencent. Qi said without clothes? The same hatred of the enemy. In addition to the high content costs and the sky-high rewards of traffic stars, the most fatal possibility for long videos is that the content is filled with water and the content is poor. ˙Part of the reason why the second cut of film and television dramas is sought after by users is that the content of film and television dramas on Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi is filled with water, and the audience is not willing to waste time. The cost of long videos is inflated, but at the same time, there is no good content to earn advertisements and earn membership fees. This is what Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi need to reflect on. Whether it is Sun Zhonghuai, Fan Luyuan, or Gong Yu, you should find your own problems first, instead of just giving short videos. Let me cite another most direct example-the advertising model of long videos. Users watch movies and TV shows and watch variety shows. They don’t like advertising, but advertising is the model that the platform relies on. Have the bosses of Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi ever thought about finding a balance between audiences and advertisers? For example, after viewing the advertisement for 5 seconds, the user can choose to skip it. In fact, the button setting will not affect it, but can increase the exposure. While users endure forced 80-second and 90-second advertising, they will also become disgusted with advertisers. From the word “pig food” spoken by Tencent executives, I can also feel that Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi long videos lack awe and basic respect for audiences and users. Tencent executives can use an “information cocoon room” to prevaricate opponents, so why bother to pick up a vulgar vocabulary. As a good friend of mine, a former executive of Ali Entertainment said, “It seems that I am not so incompetent when I talk about the second film and television creation. Someone can always find a reason to dump the pot.” When Tencent, Youku, and iQiyi were learning about Netflix in the US, they might as well think about why Netflix was alive and well, and I didn’t see Netflix throwing the pot. Strike iron still needs to be hard by oneself.

7 months ago

Short video is a carrier and a dissemination tool. The key is that the content it carries is the purpose of using this tool, not the carrier and the tool itself. For example, text is also a carrier, and novels are also a form of communication. Online novels have higher dissemination power than popular novels, and popular novels are better than serious literature, but can this in turn blame the text or the novel itself for being “pig food”? Indeed, it seems that the funny, flat and messy information on the TikTok page is far more entertaining than serious and useful, but this is caused by people’s natural love for entertainment and the pursuit of recreation, which is to blame for short videos. It’s meaningless. Would you start to blame novels or movies because it is more serious literature, popular literature is more popular, and commercial movies are more popular than art movies? Of course, compared to text, the video itself has a lower information density. Compared with the fragmented short video itself, it also needs to create conflicts in a very short period of time to make it more bloody. But shouldn’t we also notice that the rise of short videos is because modern people are busy at work and have little complete time? To put it bluntly, short videos are more of a product of the times, based on the form that modern people can hardly have complete leisure time but only fragmentary leisure time. The short video is the result, not the cause. If you really want to hold the short video accountable, it is better to criticize the fact that most people can only bury their heads in work. It is difficult to find “complete leisure time” in the busy 996. Only a very small number of “leisure classes” have a lot of ” “Complete leisure time” is an unreasonable production relationship and social system.

7 months ago

Broken, a traitor has emerged from the elite. What is the best way for the elites to consolidate their position? It is to directly eliminate the desire for resistance of the people at the bottom. To let 80% of the people stay on their own and 20% to sit back and relax, it is necessary to adopt warm, narcotic, low-cost, and semi-satisfied methods to relieve the dissatisfaction of the “marginalized population”. ——This is the core of the nipple theory. Isn’t short video just a form of nipple music? You can’t pick up the bowl for dinner, put down the bowl and scold your mother. The “Nipple Theory” was put forward by Western countries to solve the problem of the gap between the rich and the poor. In 1995, San Francisco, the United States, held a meeting of 500 elites from economic and political circles around the world. Participants included Thatcher, Bush Sr., CNN, Hewlett-Packard, Sun Microsystems boss, etc. , The main purpose of the conference is to analyze and plan for a globalized world. At the meeting, the participants agreed that the high degree of globalization, rapid and fierce competition will make 80% of the global population “marginalized”, and this 80% of the “marginalized” population and 20% of the population on the globalization express. Conflict will become the main problem in the future. On this basis, Sun Microsystems’ boss Gerkey said that by then, it will be a “cannibalistic or be eaten” world. Brzezinski also provided timely advice and suggestions, and created a new vocabulary-tittytainment “nipples”, the combination of English titty “nipples” and entertainment “entertainment”, which means that 80% of the people should be on their own, this 20% For those who sit back and relax, they have to adopt warm, anaesthetic, low-cost, and semi-satisfied methods to remove the dissatisfaction of the “marginalized population”. Two sets of implementation plans are derived from this set of “nipples” theory: one is venting entertainment, such as opening up the porn industry, encouraging violent online games, and inciting verbal warfare; the other is satisfying games, such as shooting a large number of soap operas and idols Dramas, a large number of reports on celebrity scandals, and popular entertainment programs such as reality shows. Having said that, is Tencent’s pig food still scarce? XTV, Teng xx frequency, Teng x Weibo, Teng x watch point, video x number, Teng x game… Can’t you just raise the trough just because you broke Tencent Weibo and Tencent Weishi? When I was 6 years old, I knew that I couldn’t spit on other popsicles just because I couldn’t rob other children. This is the vice president.

7 months ago

If it’s another platform, it’s fine. What qualifications does Tencent have to talk about short video vulgarity? I am afraid that Tencent Weishi was extremely unsuccessful, and the jealousy and disgust that caused it. Every so-called “vulgar” video of Douyin Kuaishou seemed to have shot Tencent and Weishi, reminding Tencent: you No way! And these remarks are really the old double standard. Assuming that Tencent Microvision dominates, will the words of Tencent’s vice president turn into a product that Microvision is a grounded product, promoting the integration of Liba people in the video field? Let me reiterate that we are not calling grievances for some vulgar short videos, but Tencent itself is not qualified to talk about it. The product form and logic of Weishi, and the output of content, are all “learning from each other.” “Innovation” after Douyin, we have been accustomed to Tencent’s approach for so many years! I personally think that the vice president of Tencent might as well reflect on the fact that many of Tencent’s products have entered the market, what exactly does it bring to the industry and to users? Tencent intervened in copyright-based music, video, sports events, etc., in order to obtain exclusive copyright fees, and pushed up the licensing fees. As a result, users’ membership fees became more and more expensive, and more and more advertisements were watched. Tencent’s noble performance? Since it thinks it is pig food, Tencent Weishi simply don’t do it. Anyway, it can’t do it well. While scolding pig food, it is really delicious.

7 months ago

My own pig food is not profitable, Tencent is so angry. The ip-swap game must be the Michelin in Tencent’s eyes. After all, their own money printing machine is the most fragrant. What’s even more exciting is that Byte will soon sell Tencent’s best-selling pig food. It is not Tencent who grabs it through traffic. Does the traffic attract gamers and advertising traffic markets? Do you think Tencent can’t be in a hurry? He’s anxious, he’s anxious, don’t talk about pig food, if pig shit can be realized through Tencent traffic, will Tencent not become the boss of the pig shit industry?

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