A hot search report interviewed a post-85s couple named “Family of Three Snails”. In order to accompany their sons to see the world more, they not only quit their jobs as civil servants, but also spent more than 300,000 yuan to buy an RV. He took his children to travel around China. During the first two years of RV tourism, his son basically only followed them. Each year he went to kindergarten for two to three months, and he changed three kindergartens before and after. That kind of RV goes to school wherever you go.
In fact, I don’t agree with this kind of education. After all, children do not go to school, and the company of their parents will cause the children to grow up to know things that they know will become more obstructed. Moreover, now that the two couples have resigned, they have no financial resources for their children to have a better education. How can they say that traveling around China with their children without a job is more conducive to the growth of their children? Nowadays, the parents are all in the chicken baby. Although the children are happy under this kind of happy education, once they are older, will they lose their competitiveness compared to the children of the same age as the chicken baby? Anyway, now I think this pair of parents has the meaning of letting their children bet on their children’s life, and I think that when their children grow up, they will have a good foothold in society. Under the chicken baby education and happy education, which one is more suitable for children? Is this kind of happy education more worthy of praise?

As a post-80s baby who is going to kindergarten, I am very envious, but I know that this method is not suitable for most people, including me. To achieve this, the requirements of parents are too high. Take a look at the experience of this couple: who quit their job as a civil servant and bought a RV for 300,000 yuan, and made 700,000 to 800,000 yuan in two years without traveling with 10,000 yuan in cash. What kind of person is this couple? 1 The overall quality of the individual’s education background, academic qualifications, etc. will not be bad. The current public examination army is full of people and can defeat countless competitors to be admitted to civil servants. The overall personal quality will not be bad. 2 I quit my job and made money while playing. I made 700,000 to 800,000 in two years. It shows that the two of them are very active in thinking, and it is true that capable people don’t care about stable work, and are not afraid of starving to death. The way they make money on the road is to be a travel blogger. Don’t underestimate travel bloggers. They think that you can make money as a travel blogger if you quit your job and travel. However, travel bloggers who can make money are actually very capable: Strong text/video editing ability, so that what you write, shoot, and edit can attract readers. High IQ and high EQ. They need to be commercialized if they want to make money for bloggers. So how to evaluate their input and output, time cost, how to negotiate with merchants to obtain reasonable benefits, and how to balance the relationship between commercialization and fan acceptance. It needs to have a very high IQ and emotional quotient to deal with. Super execution! I believe many people have thought about quitting their job to travel, but few people do it, especially to make money while traveling. These three points, I have not yet expanded the writing, if I expand the writing will be more detailed. But just for these three points, not many people can do it, let alone do it all. Is the subject worried about this kid’s education? I think this is unfounded worry. And what is education? Can it only be done in school? Education is anytime, anywhere. The most important thing about the education of the children who take the stage is to look at their parents. Parents’ educational philosophy, parents’ knowledge level. A person who cares so much about his children’s ideas and is willing to dress up his RV as a flying house in order to realize his child’s dream, I think, can also see the love of the parents for their children. It is difficult for them to have a disharmonious relationship between their parents and children when traveling all the way with beautiful scenery. A pair of parents who are not bad in their own qualities, but also have personality and ideas, certainly not give their children education in vain. The rich sensory stimulation during travel, watching parents deal with various situations that are more complicated than usual at home, is for children to learn without textbooks. Especially now it’s just kindergarten stage, and there is no knowledge that must be learned. On the contrary, learning in life is more natural and in-depth. Finally, let us return to the real world. It is true that I think this experience is good for children and parents, it is a good experience. But I know very well that this is not what I can do at this stage. Therefore, it is better to live your own life and take care of your baby in a way that suits you. Although most of us cannot quit our jobs and take our baby to travel, we can still not be too lazy every weekend and take a trip in our own city. Take the baby to visit the many museums in the city, to learn about the distance and ancient times; to stroll through the old streets, to learn about the people who lived here; to see the buildings of different styles, and to learn about what happened in these buildings Go to the farm to find out where our food comes from; go to zoos and aquariums to see those who live on the earth like us; go to the botanical garden to learn about the growth process of different life; go to the urban green space for a game For a picnic in spring, roll on the grass and smell the fragrance of the earth mixed with green grass. These are all parent-child activities that we can do without resigning or leaving our city, and benefit the children a lot. Can’t be a mother who quit her job to travel, how about being a mother who knows how to play? I like to accompany my baby to read picture books, play games, watch exhibitions, and go on trips. @伴玩妈妈贺小狗, let us grow together on the road with my baby! Natural education for children: How should ordinary parents give their children natural education? Recommended picture books for babies: Recommended toys for babies: Children’s Day is coming, and I want to buy some non-tacky and educational toys for children aged 3+. What are the good recommendations? What kind of educational toys should a 2-6 year old baby buy? Popular science animations for babies: What are the popular science cartoons for children? Super good things to raise a baby: What are the things you regret not buying for your children earlier? Play with mom’s play strategy: at home during the Spring Festival, how can I play with my child? What are the interesting parent-child interactions? How to make a child who is going to kindergarten have a full and busy winter vacation?


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7 months ago

When I think back to my childhood, many memories have been blurred into fragments. It seems that there are discarded boilers covered with grass, the nightshade fruits in front of the house, the low wall that can be climbed up by hand, and the albizia tree beside the wall. These things include Or not, I’m not sure. But there are also some very clear memories, such as my dad riding a twenty-eight bar to take me to see the train. We squatted by the railroad in the afternoon of a certain weekend, counting trucks and passenger cars, each time the two people still counted differently. Thinking about it now, my dad is also idle, and I am also bored. ——But it’s so happy. I think, I can bear it when primary school students roll a roll. Kindergarten really doesn’t need to roll it up. Kindergarten is not the starting line for children. It’s just a warm-up before the game. It’s just a sprint before the warm-up. Often there is no good result. For a child of this age, it does not matter how much knowledge he has learned, anyway, he will forget it after a few months. The important thing is companionship. You don’t need to send him to any kindergarten for nobles, to take him to Disneyland today at the Louvre and tomorrow. Just stay with him more. Even if he squatted with him on the edge of the railway and counted the trains, it was a good memory for him to heal a lifetime. Of course, if you quit your job and accompany your children like the couple in the title, you will lose money. There is no imitability. People can make money while traveling around China, which ordinary people can’t do. Take more time to accompany your children to see the outside world. In fact, there is no need to quit your job and run across the country. Butterflies in your community will be enough for you and your children to have a good summer.

7 months ago

But seeing this pair of parents say this: Actually, we didn’t expect Xiaochen to achieve much in the future. We only hope that he can be an ordinary person with physical and mental health, happiness, and ample heart. In fact, the main purpose of our trip with Xiaochen is not to let him gain much knowledge and scan how many maps. We are his first teacher and his best friend. They are not saying that they want to increase the knowledge of children, but to strengthen the bond between parents and children during the journey, so that children can grow up happily. This concept of parenting is very good! And RV travel is relatively small for children. No problem! Dad used to be a secretary, my mother used to be a propaganda, and now the two of them do self-media together, that is a professional counterpart! Earned a lot and experienced a different life, which is enviable! A friend said: Actually, the two of them love to play. For the children, it may be very fun to play in the sand pile downstairs. This is also true. That’s right, for children, it doesn’t really matter where they go to play. But the husband and wife enjoy this life very much. They feel that every day is new. This sense of happiness and excitement will be passed on to the child. The child establishes a close and trusting attachment relationship with his parents and feels the harmony of the family at an early age. And happiness, children will benefit for life. Many children’s problems in adolescence originate from the parent-child relationship in childhood-inter-generational rearing, lack of parental care, beating and scolding. As for some people who say that if you don’t go to kindergarten, you will not be able to learn anything. Learning things are not necessarily in kindergartens. Parents with such qualities and high-quality company will not be bad, but will only be better. Wherever the RV drives, you can learn fresh knowledge; without the children in the kindergarten, you will continue to make new friends along the way. It is a mobile home. The mountains, rivers and cities outside the window are constantly changing. Every day is new. The key is that there is no separation anxiety, no tutoring classes and homework. It is a warm and wonderful little world for three people. The downside is that there is no regular playmates of the same age. It is recommended to have one or two babies and travel together with one family, so that the children will have more companions and more lively. There is also a comment section. Some friends said how to get the vaccine… Everyone thinks so carefully.

7 months ago

I think that human freedom should and must include “not to be easily evaluated and defined.” Taught in high school. A student of mine used to travel with his parents in his early childhood. He is the only child in our class who has only attended kindergarten for one year at an early age. The travel experience of those two years did not impress him too much. He looked at the photos and didn’t remember that he had been here. However, their family has a very harmonious parent-child relationship. The degree of intimacy and trust between him and his parents exceeds that of many peers. Do you say that this is entirely given to them by the travel experience of those two years? Of course not, but the parents’ willingness to understand and value their children’s feelings has not changed. I once talked to his parents about this experience. According to her mother, this child had an unhappy first year in kindergarten. He doesn’t cry, but since he went to kindergarten, he is always in a daze and doesn’t eat much. They also paid attention to whether there was anything unpleasant in the kindergarten in time, and actively gave various guidance, but the situation did not get better. The kindergarten he went to was an affiliated kindergarten of his father’s unit, and his head teacher happened to be the wife of his father’s colleague and also their neighbor. Therefore, they have a more detailed understanding of the teachers who are mainly responsible for the class and the basic situation in the kindergarten. They asked the children why they were not happy, and the children would always have only one sentence: I don’t like going to kindergarten. Then ask “Why don’t you like going to kindergarten?”, the child said: “I don’t know.” At that time, a large number of facts proved that the child did not experience any unhappiness in the kindergarten. Later, the mother of the child thought that the focus of their attention has always been “why the child is not happy in kindergarten”. They have been actively trying to find the reason, but it is possible that there is no reason at all. People are different from each other. Maybe some children don’t have any reason, but they just don’t like kindergarten. Maybe their children happen to be. Who can say that it is absolutely impossible? Who can say that all children are the same? She told me that at the time she observed that the child was the most relaxed and happiest only when he went out to play every week, so she discussed with the child’s father whether she could not go to kindergarten and take the child to play for two years? Dad agreed on the spot. Because the child’s mother quit her job since she was pregnant (has a stable income, but does not go to work), it is mainly the mother who takes the child to travel, and the father can only participate during the winter and summer vacations. First at home, then abroad, in those two years, they went to more than a dozen places. There are two biggest gains from travel. One is that the child is completely happy, and the other is to travel with a mother who is a translator. The child’s English has gone from “zero foundation” to basic daily English conversations. Until high school, the child’s best subject was English (of course, not necessarily related to this experience in childhood) when he reached the age of school, the trip was over, the school went smoothly without any discomfort, and the child was no longer unhappy. In the winter and summer vacations thereafter, the family will still travel together. This child once wrote in his composition that although he does not remember the travel, he feels very happy when he looks at those photos and listens to his parents’ experiences during the travel. As long as he thinks about this, he feels warm when he thinks that his parents did it to make him happy. People are different from people, and families are also different from families. Different personalities, different experiences, different concepts, different pursuits, different standards, etc., give us different choices in life. And as I said at the beginning, I believe that human freedom should and must include the right to freely choose life without violating the basic principles and the bottom line and harming others, and not being easily evaluated and defined. Whether it is worthwhile for them to travel with their children, only their family is qualified to give the answer. Because it is not worth it, you can’t judge them according to your and my standards, you can only see what they think is more important and precious. There is no right or wrong, but the situation is different and the pursuit is different. If someone saw me telling me about my student’s childhood travel experience, and saw the experience of this pair of parents taking their children out to play, they would be tempted to follow suit, or they would have to make a right or wrong comment on this matter. It is a misunderstanding in itself. We don’t need to choose our own life according to other people’s lifestyles, and other people’s choices of life are not necessarily suitable for our children, our family, and ourselves. The real choice and the real good education are based on these two words: suitable. We don’t need to judge other people’s lives right or wrong, and we don’t need to let others score our lives. As long as we feel happy, that’s the best choice. As for giving and gaining, life itself is moving forward in constant choice. What to choose and what to abandon, the standard is never fixed, only in the hearts of the people. We choose what we feel is more precious to ourselves. Free choice, self-accountability. I hope that each of us can reap inner peace and happiness in our own choices.

7 months ago

It’s normal to get anxious if you have too short knowledge. Usually when a person does not feel that what he did is completely right, he has to deny others to confirm that he is right. In exchange for peace of mind. Therefore, there are differences in how to educate children about right and wrong. The first batch of babies born in the millennium also graduated from college this year. They also have a lot of bilinguals from kindergarten. Have you all entered Stanford, Tsinghua University and Peking University? Take a step back, are all 985 and 211 graduates? If you take a step back, can you communicate with foreigners normally? No, isn’t all your money squandered? There is a saying in the ancients: “Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles.” Why do you have to go far? It’s not about going to the West Lake to see the water and buying a pack of cigarettes at the Yellow Crane Tower. The real journey is to understand the local customs of various regions, which can increase knowledge. Dare to ask which of these textbooks are there? The knowledge is wide and the world is wide, at least not curling up in a small place, just knowing to stare at the results and go farther. Then life naturally opens up. If you want to ask me what I think of this couple, I can only show respect. This is quality education. Putting the child into a pile of high-level knowledge, and finally committing suicide, depression, hollow heart disease, and no happiness in his life. Is it for the children? Or murder? Take care of your own baby, think carefully about how little he needs to learn so much boring knowledge. As for other people’s babies, take it easy.

7 months ago

Do not support or oppose. If I can’t accompany you to read thousands of books, I will take you thousands of miles. Really enviable lifestyle. A large number of high praises in the front have said that the parents have a lot of income, and the children have been accompanied and broadened their horizons. None of this is a problem. But after I saw the problem, I always felt weird, until I saw my son come back from playing in the afternoon, standing at the door and saying goodbye to the children. Children are also social, and they also need to play and share with their children. They also need to make friends. With age, children’s social needs will become stronger and stronger. Family education is important, but school is not just a place to learn culture.

7 months ago

Our home is a bit similar to this situation! Two months ago, I brought Xiaopi from Wuhan to live in Dali. Now, the sojourn program has changed from three months to three years. Is it realistic to bring a three-year-old baby to live in China? We have taken the first step! Bonnie’s Pippi’s video was played at 2350, but we are not as free and bold as they are. Now, just take Xiaopi to a place that the family likes, and start a new life. At present, Xiaopi has already selected his favorite innovative education kindergarten. I have already begun to expect Xiao Pipi to have a wonderful three years in the kindergarten facing Erhai Lake, backed by Cangshan, with chickens, ducklings, and lambs! The kindergarten I chose for him is really the ideal kindergarten in my heart. There are many outdoor activities, various experiences and inquiry-based teaching, and some traditional courses are also retained. Art class goes to grass painting, and nature class goes to vegetable field observation. I can experience planting rice seedlings, harvesting, and know where the rice I eat comes from. What moved my teammates even more was that after school there was a Brazilian Bao Dad who played football with him, occasionally reported a farm concert, and there were also the parents of the playing team to perform on a voluntary basis. Okay, let me stop looking forward to the kindergarten that Pippi is about to go to, and look at the subject of the question. first of all. Neither chicken baby nor happy education can literally judge right or wrong. In the final analysis, how these two parenting methods affect the child’s future development depends on the person behind it: the parent. Happy education. Happy education for some parents is to pay attention to the child’s psychological state and put the parent-child relationship in the first place. Respect children’s hobbies and provide support. How can such a child be unhappy? In my opinion, this kind of education is the ideal happy education. Such parents know to respect the law of the child’s development at each stage, know to make appropriate decisions at different stages, and educate in a way that matches the child’s personality characteristics. Their children, perhaps in kindergarten or the lower grades of elementary school, are not forced to learn memory and pure skills, but their performance is mediocre. However, children grow up in an environment where they are respected and loved, have good self-esteem, sense of autonomy, have a good parent-child relationship, and can get good support when they encounter difficulties. So it is full of aura, very likely to have a lot of stamina! And some happy education is unprincipled indulgence or laziness as a buddhism. According to the child’s temperament, there is no minimum rule to guide the child, do whatever he wants to do, as long as the child is happy. This kind of happy education is more risky. It’s okay if the child develops freely and smoothly. In case of deviation, it is quite difficult to get it back. The same is true for chicken babies. Parents respect their children’s feelings and thoughts and pay attention to parent-child relationships. This is the base. With this foundation, the parents of the chicken baby will think of ways and provide support from the child’s perspective for the children’s learning. Do not forcefully persecute, but stimulate the child’s self-drive. If you develop good study habits early, your child will likely be “chicken” healthier. But if there is no such foundation, the parents of the chicken baby ignore the children’s feelings and persecute them all the way. It is really easy to create a gap between the parent and child, and it is not good for the parent-child relationship and the child’s psychology. The protagonist of the problem will return to the problem, and first talk about the part of “not going to kindergarten”. Children in kindergarten (3-6 years old) need to acquire these abilities in kindergarten: Basic self-care ability: go to the toilet, drink water, eat, and take a nap independently. Ability to get along with peers: live in harmony, cooperate with others, face conflicts, and deal with conflicts. Comprehensive cognitive ability: art, language, sports, science, society. Ability to abide by the rules: In the collective, you can see the whole and see the needs of others. So, do these abilities have to be developed in kindergartens? In fact, it is not. It is more secure to be in kindergarten than in a home where parents do not necessarily understand the law of children’s development. If parents have enough time and comprehensive ability. Then during travel, it can also help children to achieve these developments. The parents in question have financial income, care about their children’s health, and have reasonable expectations for their children’s future. They are neither extreme nor extreme. Watching the video in the video, the child seems to be in superb condition. In summary, there is nothing wrong with their approach! I am also quite envious.

7 months ago

I remember that Park Sun-e, the author of the book “The Best Education on the Road”, said in the book: Packing your back with dreams and hopes and taking your children around the world is the best way to educate your children. This is exactly the reality version of “Packing the best education in a backpack.” In fact, after living in the city for a long time, you are always confined to the reality of firewood, rice, oil and salt, and anxiety about raising a baby. There are really too few people who can muster up the courage to realize the “aspirational life” just like them. Perhaps many people think that not going to kindergarten will delay the education they should have at this age, but I think travel may bring more to their children. 1. Let parents and children communicate in the depths of human nature Alison Gopnik, a well-known psychologist in the field of children’s learning and development research, believes that the interaction between parents and children is a connection in the depths of human nature, and the essence of parenting is companionship and love. From the perspective of brain science, play is very important to a child’s infancy and can greatly improve the plasticity of the brain. 2. From the experience of travel, possessing brand-new abilities belonging to adults was proposed by the British materialist philosopher J. Locke: The initial mind of a child is like a white board without any signs or ideas, and all ideas and signs come from acquired experience , All principles and concepts are also derived from experience. In fact, many parents have done this in the past few years. For example, Xu Daguang, an ordinary person, took 5 years and drove a second-hand RV bought for 130,000 with his wife, The child and mother traveled 34 countries and reached Morocco as far as North Africa. The footprints of Xu Guangda’s family in RV travel. In fact, the meaning of travel is to let children learn to choose their own lives. Parents’ upbringing is to provide support for the children’s life journey, not to decide the destination for them.

7 months ago

There is no gold in a crowded road. The questioner said that after the couple resigned, they had no financial resources for their children to have a better education. This was obviously wrong, because the couple made more than 800,000 yuan by traveling around. Considering that there are 600 million people in China whose income is less than 1k, this is a very impressive achievement. This is obviously better than the previous civil servant work. Don’t worry about the source of income. Let’s take a look at the issue that Chinese people are most concerned about-children’s education. The children only go to kindergarten for two or three months each year, and they change to three kindergartens before and after. That’s the kind of RV that goes to school wherever they go. Some people raise their concerns, what can children learn? Let me say that the child is still young, and the missed class can be made up in just a few days. As for the lack of contact with peers, there is no need to worry about this. The child does not grow up in a closed environment. He spends several months communicating with his peers every year. More importantly, he can observe the world and learn from his parents. What’s more, such parents must have their unique advantages. There is no gold on the road with many people, so they chose a road with few people walking. I think we are suppressed too deeply. Life should be colorful, there is no need for everyone to roll on the same track, not to mention a carrot and a pit, there are fewer people who roll, and people who follow the rules can be less stressed. I hope this world will become more and more colorful.

7 months ago

I have to say, I really envy this approach. Each family has different ways of cultivating, the habits of cultivating children, and the style of life, etc. are also different. Maybe some parents just enroll their children in various tutoring classes for them to learn and surpass their peers. However, some parents let their children learn more about the practical ability of society. Turning to the topic: I watched all the videos, and I was really touched. The family enjoys a good time. Parents not only bring their children education but also companionship. Then I saw that a lot of people commented on a certain blog, so envious, and asked how to make money. I quit my job as a civil servant and became a video travel blogger. I feel that this is my hobby (myself, too). And I found that their account has 1.3 million+ fans on the watermelon, and this 1.3 million fan account can already support them. We never perfunctory or deny, but we are imaginative and researching various possibilities together with him. We are his first teacher and his best friend. More important than money is the ability to make oneself happy regardless of the situation. The years when parents are truly intimate with their children are only a short period of three to five years. In this love that ultimately points to separation, I hope we can be with you. , Can give him the spiritual power that can nourish a lifetime. -Source watermelon video; this video is also very nice, I really envy it, but unfortunately I am a blogger who can only travel, not photography or edit. The following link is the video, which is very touching, and the creation is also very innovative, you can check it out.

7 months ago

Does this company want to thank the Internet welfare, especially from the media such as Dianping, Meituan, Douyin, and other public accounts?
The principal is still there, and there is also fun to eat, drink and have fun.
This kind of children is kindergarten, not compulsory education, and both parents are there, and occasionally go to kindergarten, which is much better than absenteeism for compulsory education.

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