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It feels like it will be unfinished. “Fatal Woman” is a new model of American TV series. It compresses the length of the story, condenses the plot, and does not dig deep into the inner world of the characters, so the characters are all facialized characters. At the same time, it speeds up the rhythm of the story, sets a large number of emergencies, reversals, and bizarre and thrilling plots, making the plot exciting. One climax followed by another climax is used to mobilize the audience’s emotions and make the audience feel nervous and excited. But the disadvantage of this method is that if there is no superb screenwriting skills, a large number of coincidences and unexpected events, or illogical plots must be created in the plot, so that all the exciting events can be concentrated in a period of time. . For example, Rita, as the wife of a rich man, sent his lover to the house to make a fool of himself when the rich man was drunk. Logically speaking, she could not be so rash. She waited more than ten years for the rich man to pass on to inherit his inheritance. How could it be possible to do such an irrational thing. But in order to make the rich man fall into a vegetative accident, the screenwriter had to design this way. And when Alma found out that her husband was the murderer and just came to the police station to expose him, she suddenly met Rita and told her that if her husband was a criminal, she could not join the gardening club. This plot is simply coincidental and embarrassing, but otherwise the screenwriter cannot explain why Alma didn’t report her husband. Later, after returning home, there was a dispute and the neighbor heard that the accident happened and the plot could not unfold. Immediately after the neighbor passed by Alma’s house when it was raining at night, do you think someone would risk the rain to eavesdrop on the dispute between the two couples? But if the neighbors don’t climb on the roofs of others to eavesdrop on, the bizarre incidents of accidental deaths later cannot be connected, so in order to promote the plot, the only way to promote the story is to sacrifice the rationality of the story. However, if you constantly use coincidences and unreasonable plots to force the plot, the audience will find that the story becomes more and more unbelievable, the behavior of the characters is becoming more and more uncommon, the plot is becoming more and more outrageous, and more and more disrespectful. The audience’s IQ. The plot of an episode is difficult to maintain by coincidences and unexpected events. After watching the two episodes, the screenwriter feels as if it is too difficult for me to do. I think it is very likely to be unfinished in the future.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Alma’s story is obviously more fascinating. She wanted to enter a high-end club and spent a lot of money to dress herself up, but it turned out to be a souvenir of her husband’s murder that gave herself a chance. And because he was going to enter the club, he had to cover up what her husband did. Especially after the neighbor’s wife fell down, she became the one who would rather her die. Instead, the husband wanted to call the police. One obsession, life is completely changed.

7 months ago

Pay attention to housewives and middle-aged women. They don’t get rewards for their contributions to the family. The most terrible thing is loneliness when they are caught in the mediocre neglect and the trivial chores of the family. They have no sense of accomplishment, no amazing moments, and no reward for their efforts. , Not even capable of getting rid of all this. Kindness and gentleness are gradually replaced by despair and unwillingness. Slowly, the three most stalwart views in my heart will become fragile like a piece of torn paper, and when touched, it will become a piece of debris. Then the self behind Or is it yourself? Was your true self murdered during those long days? But who can see every housewife who is gradually being killed and their despair and their appeals for help?

7 months ago

Alma’s daughter as a waiter is more avant-garde. She didn’t think she was cheated by a scumbag, but she was happy and satisfied when she slept. She had a personality and paid attention to her daughter’s line. Alma’s original intention to join the garden club is to be remembered, that is, to be recognized and recognized, which shows that being a housewife cannot meet such needs. Perhaps the channels for women to gain recognition were narrower, and only the celebrities could be seen. Rita seems to be nothing worthy of sympathy now.

7 months ago

I watched the second season for the first time with expectation, but I was a bit disappointed to be honest. The shooting technique is as good as ever, and the look and feel is very good. But I think the soul of a good drama is the script. The first is the script logic. In the first season, the interspersion of the three stories is very clever. The usage and transition of parallel time are the most refreshing aspects of “Deadly Woman”. But the second season canceled the parallel time and space, and the compactness and fun were too much less. Looking at emotional mobilization, of the three pairs in the first season, the first pair and the third pair are relatively depressing, but Liu’s story is very relaxed, with many humorous elements interspersed. This rhythm is very important, but the first Judging from the first two episodes of the second season, the overall atmosphere is very depressing, without any laughs. The most important thing is the creation of the protagonist. The protagonist of the first season, Libethian and her girlfriend, Sister Liu and her husband, the little milk dog, and the black lawyer are all kind, although they are narrating “Why do women kill “But the overall feeling is warm and positive, and the protagonist of the second season is darkened (except for the daughter and the black detective), which is somewhat of a cliché. Generally speaking, it’s okay to be a cool drama, but the gap between the first one that surprised me is a bit big, I hope there will be a reversal later.

7 months ago

Judging from the current two episodes, if the fuse of the first season is still the conflict between husband and wife, which unfolds an intricate story; then the second season is entirely about women’s desires, and the elements of marriage and love have been greatly diluted. To converge people’s sensibility and release desires. What is pure desire is controversial, because it inevitably touches morality and even the law. Three female protagonists, a mediocre housewife, in order to join the high society club, not only sheltered the husband of the serial murderer, but also deep in crime; a high-class rich wife, for the sake of physical sensuality, raising a small milk dog, always looking forward to old age Her husband died, and even had murderous intentions; a fat girl with a plain appearance, seems to be sober in the world, but because of the desire to be loved, she has always loved humblely. In order to have a handsome guy with outstanding looks for a moment, you can call him and go, hypnotize yourself in a deformed relationship. The flaws in each character are particularly obvious and seem unreasonable, but people seem to be able to understand it inwardly. This is what it looks like after infinitely magnifying people’s desires and infinitely naked. It is too honest to display, and may make people afraid to look directly at it and admit it. But desire, is it the original sin? Whether it is unbearable, whether it is reality, or the blooming of life, are just words that each individual understands. The beginning of the first episode seems a bit dull. It is different from the opening of the first season. It is more similar to the structure of “Desperate Housewives”. The narration introduces the beautiful town, the busy and plain middle-class family, and the always simple housewife Alma suddenly Decided to advance to the high-end circle, this is probably the menopausal crisis of middle-aged women, right? But it turns out that the average middle-class housewife who can’t even bring out a decent piece of clothing is like a fantasy. How do those special movie tickets come from, and how do you represent the discount 9.9 cheap movie tickets? Where can I get the movie ticket discount? Click to view>>Of course, it is worthy of the drama that the creator of “Desperate Housewives” participated in-a beautiful and peaceful town. With the commotion of this ordinary housewife, a crack was torn open, like a gorgeous robe full of lice, and the beauty is everywhere. An unbearable scandal. For example, when we thought the fat veterinarian husband who was harmless to humans and animals in the ordinary housewife’s house wanted to have an extramarital affair with a female patient, he actually showed an injection to send someone back to the West? We thought you wanted a gun, but it turned out to be fatal? This turning point is really sudden to the waist. When the housewife Alma decided not to report her husband who thought she was doing good for the people in order to maintain the face of the family and to hold the admission ticket to the high-end circle that she had so hard to get her hands on, the housewife herself accidentally killed someone on the wall. Aunt eavesdropping neighbors. It’s just that the deadly woman in this season has become the husband and wife file you have finished killing me. Why do you have an inexplicable sense of family harmony? Is the fatal woman changing to a fatal husband and wife file? It feels that the current rhythm has deviated from the perception of feminism in the first season, and is going to walk on the life-threatening mandarin duck’s fly camp Gougou road, hello? We like fatal women not simply because women can kill, but because they can swiftly counterattack when they are hurt, rather than pretending to be weak and actually thinking. But that Rita’s setting, heartless beauty, married money by her appearance, and then continued to live heartlessly, by the way, raise a little wolf dog to adjust her mood, she has the potential to become the next murder housewife, but Her reason for killing is not pleasing to the audience. Although there is a bit of a slot, but the overall look is pretty good, looking forward to the progress of the next few episodes, follow-up more. >>How to act as a proxy for national movie tickets, where can I get low-priced movie tickets, and how to get them? Click to view>>The words in the play are so interesting. Just the words that express Alma’s plain image have been changed a few, such as frump dowdy drablurid, vulgar fancy, horrible sordid, shameless, ugly drab, monotonous, boring, and nothing. Angry bistro tavern scalding hot hot vial potion bottle tubular bottle enthrall bewildered slave blowto drunk demented extremely restless anxiety disordered dementia crazy shebang hut dwelling house hut gigolo refers to the male provided by the lady Trinket small jewelry cameo relief jewelry shindig grand and noisy gathering pigsty circle dirty place scandalize make indignation shack up temporary stay stay concubine concubine galumph clumsy movement footsteps noisy action waltz easy to get waltz sedative tranquilizer jundiced there Prejudiced jaundice scirrhus sclerocarcinoma taffeta taffeta fuchsia lantern begonia fuchsia dowdy lack of charm unfashionable frump dress old-fashioned woman tweed tweed sterling excellent outstanding pound presentable decent decent acceptable rain check another day approximately

7 months ago

In the second episode of “Fatal Woman 2”, I personally feel that the plot arrangement is really good. The relationship between the heroine and the doctor’s husband handles the conflict very strongly! When watching the second episode to the end, a different kind of rhythm appeared, that is, ordinary people have exhausted their functions, but the development of the situation is completely out of control. The plot and the lines are very good, and I even think that many of the lines are accurate and interesting. Do babies who learn English have material to recite? ! Seeing the second episode of the second season, there will be some lost cities. This sense of loss comes from the ingenuity of the plot no longer intertwined with time and space like the first season, and also comes from the lack of a glamorous character like Simone. Simone is full of self-confidence, big breasts, beautiful but not pretentious, pursuers love, pursuers freedom, this is something that cannot be reflected in the second season. The female protagonist’s daughter now seems to be “vacant” in the Third Eye, but there is still a big gap with Simone in the first season, but you can’t worry, you have to look down!

7 months ago

The image of a housewife that is not flat; the full text contains spoilers. The hostess of Shenru is an inexistent housewife who likes to pass by high-end restaurants and see the upper-class wives. It is also the club members who wear beautiful clothes and gather for small talk. One day, she woke up and learned from the newspaper that a member of the club had died. She was happy in her heart and had the opportunity to join it. It can be explained here that the heroine is an extremely vain person, but the family background is mediocre, not enough to allow her to enter the circle, and she has a heartbroken heart. The idea of ​​joining the wife’s group was opposed by her husband. Her husband thinks that she has limited abilities and cannot join the club. Fortunately, my daughter gave great support. The heroine was determined to join. With this confidence, she nominated herself and got the qualification to invite to join. The neighbor’s kind advice to her was also forgotten by her. Because attending the banquet, I need a good personal image, complaining to my husband, I have never been taken seriously, even my name is hard to remember, and I will introduce myself to others many times. The hostess husband gave her a purse and asked her to boldly buy clothes and shoes. Up to now, she still has a normal life circle. The clothes in the boutique exceeded her capacity. She chose to make her own clothes. When she was packing her things, she found a delicate brooch in the attic and pinned it to her clothes. At the banquet, her uncomfortable shoes made her confuse her, arousing the host’s condescending sympathy, and she also accidentally met the lady who remembered the brooch. The hostess returned the brooch to the other party. Through the brooch, the hostess learned that her husband had a secret, and after questioning, she learned that her husband had committed murder for many years. She recalled how she met her husband many years ago after being betrayed by her boyfriend. In her heart, she felt that her husband was a kind person, and she was in a situation where she did not believe in everything but had to believe. On the way to the police to report the crime, Ben was frustrated. When she thought it was impossible to enter the club, she was hinted that there was a chance to enter. Because the suspect’s wife could not be invited to join the association, she gave up reporting and decided to help her husband cover up the serial murder case. The husband refused to dispose of the relics, and the two quarreled. Neighbors observed her home many times and eavesdropped on rainy nights, but accidentally fell and died on garden shears. The husband wants to report the crime, but she wants to join the upper-class wife’s circle and consider other ways. From a general point of view, we will be accustomed to placing the underprivileged housewives in a disadvantaged position. This weakness is due to her obvious embarrassment in her family status and social status. However, the heroine is not a flat image of a housewife. She didn’t indulge in dedication and was willing, but wanted to be sought after. Joining the Garden Wife Group was a way she could think of. It seems to be her personal spiritual sustenance, but she chose the latter when she reported the case to influence joining the wives and concealing it. At this time, her pursuit of fame has become deformed. This deformed mentality will prompt her to make even crazier actions. Looking forward to more exciting plots in the follow-up.

7 months ago

Samsung. The story of the citizen Pan Gaozhi, the character has no personality and charm, not as good as the first season. The spoiler story takes place in October 1949. The heroine is a kind and vain citizen who is eager to join a club in the upper class. She has made a lot of efforts for this. She even had to help her husband and keep her secrets in order to join the club. The hostess husband is a perverted veterinarian. His secret is to euthanize (in his own judgment) a sick person without authorization, and steal one of his belongings and store it in the attic at home. The female protagonist’s daughter is working in a restaurant, and her side job is Guoer (the lover of the lover of the initiator of the upper class that the female protagonist wants to join), forming a logical closed loop and nothing wrong. This story tells us that entertainment is a circle.

7 months ago

It didn’t feel so good, so I waited all day and read it carefully. It’s not as good as the first season, and it’s different from the story line of the three eras in the first season. The first time I know the answer, I’m not right, don’t spray me

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