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The conclusion is written in the front: Nets 4:2. We know that the Bucks are offensive and defensive, and the Nets are strong and defensive. Many people who think they know the ball, including those in Tencent’s media who are responsive, believe that the Bucks can effectively limit the play of the Big Three of the Nets, thereby establishing an advantage. For this, I can only say that I really don’t understand the ball. First of all, there is too much difference in the grades of the stars. Don’t look at Antetokounmpo as Erlian MVP, but in terms of real strength, Durant and Harden are undoubtedly stronger. In the playoffs, the biggest role of stars is not in defense, but in system and attack. After James gets old, Harden is the strongest self-contained player on the planet. His offense and passing are the top players in the league. Give him a few shooters and pie, and he can play against the opposite starter. There are comings and goings. Therefore, the Nets can have a strong lineup in 48 minutes, especially in the second quarter when Harden played role players in Rockets basketball, which is a dimensionality reduction attack, winning 5-10 points in almost every game. At the same time, Durant is the best scorer and attacker on the planet. The height of 2.11 can beat anyone, and the scoring efficiency is extremely high. The 190 club members, coupled with their ability to make fouls, are efficient at 30+ per game, which is undoubtedly the basic set. As for Antetokounmpo, his offense is not even a star, and Billy Lard and Booker are far behind. He can only hold the ball hard, has no shooting ability, has no back-to-back stride, and even does a normal job of eating pie. His biggest role is to switch offensive and defensively by taking advantage of the fact that the opposing defensive position is not formed. And this has been proven to be greatly restricted after the playoff-level targeting. Therefore, the key ball of the Bucks is handed over to Middleton to handle. It can be said that the gap between the leading stars determines the direction of this series. Second, the Bucks’ defensive system is air to the Nets. The reason why the Bucks have become a strong defensive team is mainly due to the extreme basketball philosophy of Bushi: to achieve the extreme protection of the frame and give the opponent a three-pointer. Many Bucks fans are very helpless about this. Bush’s concept does make the Bucks the best in the league, but they are often thrown to death after the opponent’s three-pointer burst. But this is also helpless. Daluo’s footsteps are relatively slow, you let him out, easy to be military training. If you concentrate on shrinking, you can use Daluo’s top protection frame to make it extremely difficult for the opponent to break through the basket every time, and can only shoot from outside. Once you lose your focus for a period of time, it is easy to be opened by the Bucks. However, the three-pointer is exactly what the Nets eat. The Nets’ three-point shooting percentage this season is second in the league at 39.2%, second only to the Clippers. In the playoffs, the three-point shooting percentage increased by 42.6%. This number is enough for Bush to review his defensive strategy. This shows that the defensive system the Bucks are proud of is not worth mentioning in front of the Nets. As for the slow-footed Daluo, I believe that Bo Shuai will not give Daluo more than 10 minutes after his trial and error in the first game. The Bucks will be forced to use five small lineups and unlimited defenses to avoid the Nets’ military training at will. But once you enter the heads-up session, one side is the top three super giants in this league in heads-up scoring, and the other side mainly relies on two All-Stars. Perhaps Antetokounmpo can seize the offensive and defensive transition and part of the breakthrough to get a little bit, but the persistence Stability and the Nets’ third brother are not at the same level. Finally, it is the hunger for the championship. Antetokounmpo is very hard and responsible. After being defeated by the Heat in four consecutive games, he is willing to take the initiative to find this team and really swept them. For this Bucks, there is really only respect. However, two of the brothers on the opposite side of Sanli came with extreme hunger and thirst. Harden, a star who has not led the team to the Finals and is still considered a superstar. He fought bravely for two years. Last year, the Lakers, who played the league’s top defensive team, allowed the Lakers to outsource the three-point line in only half of the game. Men (this double-teaming is not a double-teaming after pick-and-roll). The only reason he came to the Nets was the championship. For this reason, his scoring fell precipitously (two consecutive years of 36, 34 men directly dropped to only 24 points per game), but at the same time, his scoring efficiency improved to history. Level (the current 75% true shooting percentage in the playoffs this season, the first among players with 20+ points), and focusing on defense and control errors, this year TPA is currently leading the league, showing us that we are no longer persistent How terrifying is Harden with a high score. Durant, who ran away angrily after the Green formula, returned to the basketball court with a ruptured Achilles tendon, which was an injury that stifled the athlete’s career. He actually played a historical level of efficiency. Tatum still averaged 32 points per game, and his true shooting percentage was close to 70%. These two brothers, one is willing to sacrifice for the championship, and the other is to prove that he has the ability to win the championship in his team. Their obsession is not comparable to that of a young man like Brother Antetokounmpo. In many cases, the mentality of the big brother in the team will affect the team. Therefore, as long as there is no major injury in the game, the Nets can solve the battle up to 6 games. Having said so many advantages of the Nets, here is also the advantage of the Bucks, lest you say that I only report good news but not bad news. The Bucks’ advantage lies in defensive and inside advantage. Defense: Because of the indiscriminate strikes of the Nets’ Big Three, that point of defensive advantage is meaningless. Your big Luo couldn’t play at all. Everyone continued to explode in five minors, and the comparisons were often shortcomings. After Divincenzo was reimbursed, the Bucks could no longer come up with a decisive battle with no defensive loopholes. In the end, it was nothing more than the Nets Big Three who named the weakest defensive one, and then the Bucks named Irving. It seems similar, but you only need to look at Harden Durant’s true shooting percentage to know that the gap is actually huge. The game is not just about offense-defense, it’s always about returning to shooting. The Nets’ shots have proven themselves in the playoffs all the year round. Inside advantage: This is really the biggest game winner. Let’s look at a few statistics: 1. In the 2020 playoffs, the team with the highest offensive rebound rate is the 76ers, with a data of 31.6%; followed by the Lakers, with 30.4%, and no team after 28%. 2. This year’s regular season, the Bucks’ offensive rebound rate was 26.9%, 13th in the league. In the playoffs, it rose to 33.6%, second in the league, which was won against the Heat who like zone defense. It shows that the Bucks have very strong physical talents and can improve rebounding in the playoffs. 3. Which team has the strongest rebound rate in the playoffs this year? The Celtics just faced the Nets, 35.5%. 4. The second offensive scoring ranking, the Bucks averaged 18.5 points per game, and Kay was third with 16 points per game. The Nets averaged only 12.4 points per game, ranking 10th. Based on the above data, although it is only a playoff round, because the five smaller Bucks are larger than the Celtics, they must have better offensive rebound rates and second-time scoring. This is also the most important thing the Nets need to pay attention to. The advantage of offensive efficiency. If the opponent takes off the offensive rebound and scores directly, it will greatly reduce their morale and fall into “Even if I guard the rebound, I can’t protect it. The dilemma of “how to fight this”, then the game is completely out of play. Therefore, the activation of Little Jordan seems, um, imperative.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

For the needle-point vs. Maimang series, the details will determine the outcome. Any team playing the Nets will not expect to completely prevent them from death. This is impossible. What the team should try to do on the defensive end is to limit the Nets offense to an acceptable level (the best offensive efficiency is 120 Below), Daluo will be more uncomfortable on the defensive end of this round. The three big brothers of the Nets will definitely take turns to look for him. If they are on the line, they can use the Nets’ court space and the player’s ability to handle the ball. . In addition, whoever defends the letters in this round is more interesting. It will be convenient for him to defend against Brown or Green, so that Daluo can pull out to perform a change of defense. If the opponent rushes in, the letters can also assist the protection frame, but this is very likely to be Durant handed it to Middleton. After all, there is still a gap between the two body shapes. It is also difficult for Middleton to really interfere with Durant’s shooting. If the letters are used to prevent Durant, it is of course the strongest test Durant faces. , But on the other hand, the Bucks abolished their strongest defenders. From my point of view, it’s more important for the letters to give priority to defending. The three big brothers of the Nets have a high probability that you can’t defend. Yes, you can only do your own destiny on single defense, but tie the fence tightly under the basket to limit the Nets’ attack. This should be what the Bucks have worked hard to do. What determines the direction of the series should be the other end. What level the Bucks can play offensively. In this round of the series, the Nets should use Jordan for the sake of frame protection. Otherwise, Clarkston and Green will only get letters. Fighting against Da Luo, the Nets’ priority strategy for this round of defensive end should be to let Jordan squat, enlarge Luo out to shoot (Daluo is not very accurate this year), and limit the letter attack as much as possible. At this time, it depends on Midel. Can Dun and Holiday punish little Jordan’s squat? As long as little Jordan pulls out, no one in the basket can fight the letters. In this round of the game, when Jordan is away, letters must be used to cover more. His down power is greater than that of Daluo. In addition, the Bucks also have to play targeted on the offensive end, whether it is letters or Middle Ton or Holiday, they should try their best to play misplacement, and find Harris and Owen as much as possible. As long as changing the Nets formation attracts a pincer, the Nets’ subsequent rotation quality will most likely not be able to keep up. In general, the strengths of the two sides are very close. I am slightly more optimistic about the Nets for two reasons: the first home field advantage, the second Bucks without Divincenzo, the quality of the wing rotation is still reduced.

7 months ago

Let me talk about the conclusion first, and I am optimistic about the Nets. Both the Bucks and Nets played very easily in the first round, 4 to 0 and 4 to 1. Let’s talk about the Bucks’ changes compared to last year: 1. Bledsoe’s replacement of Holiday on the first defense is their biggest improvement this year. The defense is tougher, coupled with Holiday’s organizational ability, the Bucks’ guard line has completed a qualitative leap. 2. Antetokounmpo reduced unnecessary possession of the ball, handed the ball to Holiday and Middleton, and he put more energy on the defensive end. This is undoubtedly a win-win decision completed by the Bucks coaching staff. However, facing the Big Three of the Nets, Harden, Irving, Durant. Perhaps this advantage may not be obvious: 1. Harden’s organization, scoring completely suppressed Holiday. Looking at the recent games, Harden’s defensive ability is not much different from Holiday. 2. Antetokounmpo and Durant must be in direct confrontation. It is unrealistic to guard Durant. No player can do this yet. But it should be noted that Antetokounmpo has reduced his possession because of his poor shooting: 6.3% from three-pointers, 63.6% from free throws, and only 49.7% from the true field. Then, Antetokounmpo’s offensive choice must still break through the inside as usual, this is a matter of chance. 3. The Bucks is Forbes. In this round of the series, he shot 52.5% from the field and 48.5% from the three-point range. How long this point can be maintained is a question. If he can keep it, the Bucks will fight some, but if he can’t keep it, I think it’s choking. 4. Although the Nets have no good way to take Lopez, if Owen Harden hits him through a change of defense, how long Forbes and Lopez can play is a question. 5. Everyone thinks that the Nets are a singles team, but after these few games, the number of assists per game actually ranks among the top of all 16 teams. The Nets have solved the problem of possession. The ball is given to Harden, Durant Irving opens the space on both sides, the chance is good, to the ball, the chance is not good Harden to play, Harris has a chance to attract a double-team pass to him. 6. Is the Nets’ second team weak? Not weak at all. Harden as the master of the bench, this is entirely the strength of a playoff team. Because Harden’s ability to lead the team does not need to be repeated. Back then, Asik and Parsons were able to make the playoffs. In summary, as far as this round of the series is concerned, the Nets are 60% and the Bucks are 40%. If the Bucks want to win, they have to shoot through the outside line. If the game is slow and can’t be opened, the Bucks basically have no chance to hit the last half.

7 months ago

Hey, if the Bogda deal was successful at that time, the Bucks would undoubtedly be stronger. Now I feel that the Nets have no more solutions. The reason is that although the two teams have their own strengths on paper, the rotation requires a giant to lead the team. The Big Three of the Nets’ respective leadership abilities are significantly stronger. If there are no injuries, 6 battles will be resolved. In the second round of the playoffs, there is a high probability that 8-10 players will rotate. The Antetokounmpo system is mature and the Nets are more creative. It is difficult for you to find someone who can strangle the Big Three. The Big Three are the second of them. You at least Three are needed to guard against. On the contrary, Antetokounmpo’s outside line is not allowed to be known to all people on the earth, but can be cast. Without this deadly threat, the Nets’ defensive pressure is not so great. Maybe Antetokounmpo scored the next two games, but the basics are still optimistic about the Nets.

7 months ago

This may be the best chance for Antetokounmpo (if he has been in the Bucks) this year’s Bucks and Antetokounmpo have no other goals, only championships. Judging from the situation in the first round, Holiday, Middleton and even Forbes played very well. If such a play can be maintained, coupled with the natural advantage of Los Angeles on the inside of the Nets, then the Bucks can be said to be a great opportunity. Big. If Embiid’s injury really affects his chances of playing in the playoffs, coupled with the injuries of many major players in the Western Conference, then it really is their best chance. On the Nets side, Jeff Green’s injury is a big problem, at least for them who want to put on a small lineup. As for the counterpoint, Irving or Harden counterpoint Holiday, Durant should be the counterpoint brother, who can match Middleton? Joha? It should be difficult. So to a certain extent, the Nets still need to use offense to solve defensive problems. Fortunately, their offense never seems to be a problem. Therefore, the key to this round should be the extent to which the Bucks can let at least two players other than Antetokounmpo have a good performance. Of course, to what extent the Nets can restrict them, after all, the Nets’ scoring ability is this. , The match may be the key to whether the Bucks can win. As for who they are optimistic about, for the time being, it may still be the Nets Cafe. If they can stay healthy, they will be the most championship-competitive team.

7 months ago

I actually said before on this question that many of the two teams have very good offensive players, and both teams have core superstars. Therefore, since the Bucks are a challenger, we will mainly talk about the advantages of the Bucks. We all know that the most important thing for the Nets is the Big Three, and their current cooperation and overall advantage, the Big Three now, not just singles, can live in linkage, attack together, come and go together, come together. Go to the inside. When a person feels bad, they can use passing and cooperation, Harden organizes and mobilizes the whole team to find a better solution, including they can use Griffin, Brown and Krascotton’s The insiders eat pie, contain, come and go to allocate their own space, and can even use their own containment ability to give Harris pitcher, although Green is injured, one point is missing, but the three have achieved the ultimate, Tatum One person can’t beat the offense of three people at all. Now, the problem comes to the Bucks, because we all know the weaknesses of the Nets, so their weakness is in the interior, and their weakness is in their defense. Then the weakness of the Nets lies in the defense, but the integrity and running-in of the defense have become stronger now because they have enabled faster, better bounce, better interior vitality, and players who can switch defenses and zone defenses. , Such as Brown, Kraskton and so on, this is not a good omen for the Bucks who are better at attacking the inside. However, if the Nets still have problems, the first of all is the defensive inside players, who are inexperienced. The second is that it’s still difficult to stabilize the ability of the needle room and defensive attack on the inside. The third is the flanks of the outside, and the height, speed, or Harris of the backcourt, etc., which all involve the energy consumption of the offensive end. There will also be mistakes, missed defenses and the ability to deal with outside shots and rotations to deal with singles is not outstanding. Therefore, what the Bucks do, I think the first point is to catch all the counterattacks. Antetokounmpo won’t fight positional battles. If you let the Bucks go to a positional battle, Antetokounmpo’s possession of the ball is completely There is no advantage, he is not stable on the outside, so he can only rely on Holiday, Middleton, and Lopez to pick and roll. Then it will be relatively simple. I think the first thing to do is to counterattack. If you want to type, speed up, and rotate quickly. This is the best way to write letters. The second point is that Holiday’s singles against Owen. Due to the reimbursement of Divin Cenzo in the second position, there is no three-pointer who can attract the defense. Then, the pressure on the backcourt will all come to Holiday’s. Therefore, Holiday has to give full play to his advantages in positional battles, that is, his pick-and-rolls and breakthroughs may bring a certain threat to a backcourt like Owen. The third point is the accuracy of the three-pointer. Tucker, Connaughton, Forbes, and Portis on the bench must score the sudden points, and then the ball must be thrown in, and then included in the main players. Daluo and Mi Shen both need this accuracy. The fourth point is the efficiency of Mi Shen. Middleton’s performance in this season will often fluctuate. So if it’s against Harden or Durant’s defense, Middleton’s offensive choice must be It is very accurate and reasonable, so the performance of Mi Shen is also very important, especially at the critical moment, decisive shots may be very helpful. Well, this is offense. Well, defense, as we all know, the most important thing about the Nets is the assault ability of the three people and the full coverage of all the shooting abilities without blind spots. Then, we test Tucker, Mi Shen, and we test it. Portis, can he follow and stay with him, and at the same time, he also put forward requirements for Antetokounmpo, the ability to protect the frame, as little as possible to give the Nets a second offense. At the same time, the Bucks should also use these people who can be replaced, because the Nets don’t have many people who can play. Therefore, if these players on the bench can stimulate their hardness and depth, I think that consuming their physical energy can change the rhythm of the game. In addition, I think it is appropriate to put their outside lines. We must decisively force them to shoot from outside at critical moments, because the quasi-centers of the three people are not stable in every game. We believe that this is a fierce duel.

7 months ago

Facing the Nets, there is a high probability that Lopez will be useless. Whether it is Harden or Irving, they can be very happy. That probably means that the combination of letter + Tucker will become the main theme. In the letter-Tucker-Middle Under the lineup of Dayton Holiday, they should have enough defensive resources to fight against the Big Three of the Nets, but Divincenzo’s absence may become the goal, whether it is Connaughton or Forbes, the defensive end will inevitably become Weaknesses, in this case, the balance of this series may be tilted towards the Nets. On the offensive end, the Bucks mainly relied on Holiday’s performance. In the case of Los Angeles with a high probability of being useless, and the letter has reduced the ball this season, it is up to Holiday whether Holiday can dig out a large enough matchup advantage on Irving. Become the key (I think the Nets are still unlikely to take Harden against Holiday, at least Harden has never played the role of perimeter defender in the playoffs for so many years). Another advantage of the Bucks lies in the letters. In theory, Griffin and Durant can’t match the letters in terms of size and athletic ability. How this advantage can be used can also be observed. When Jeff Green will return is also a key variable. Generally speaking, there is still too much uncertainty in the prediction before the start of the game. If you predict out of thin air, it is probably Brooklyn in 6. After the series starts, there should be a more intuitive basis for prediction.

7 months ago

The general trend in the first round of this year’s playoffs is that whoever can better protect the basket and attack the opponent’s basket will take the initiative. Even a team like the Nets, whose three cores are all jump shots, scored five goals against the Celtics in the first round, and scored three wins, one tie and one loss in the penalty area. Well, the only penalty area score was won by the Celtics. The past games are also the only games the Celtics have won. The team with the advantage in the first round in the West also basically conforms to this rule-the team with aggressive offense and defense under the basket has the upper hand. So back to the topic. According to the above rules, I think the Bucks will take the initiative. The inside advantage of the Bucks is too big after the letter is played without the ball. The offensive end of the Nets is not a problem. There are three points that are excellent in holding and shooting. The Nets offense is difficult to contain, but on the defensive end, the Bucks’ inside impact is likely to be the Nets’ inability to parry. of. The Nets basically abandoned Jordan in the latter part of the regular season because the emperor’s offensive drag space, and the defensive effect is also limited. In the game against the Celtics, the Nets have the best effect in protecting the frame. Duran special. But you must know that Durant is a player with a history of Achilles tendon injury, and he also has tasks on the offensive end. It is worrying for him to take on the offensive firepower that may be the league’s first gear. In addition, the Bucks also have two defensive champions, Holiday and Tucker. The former has excellent performance when the Pelicans single-guard Durant and Lillard, while the latter has good defensive experience in small lineups. Once played the role of No. 5 in the small lineup, and was also familiar with Harden’s style. For the Nets, even if the Bucks team let go of one-on-one play, it is difficult to chew, which is an extreme test of the Big Three. Solution ability. Of course, the good news for the Nets is that the Bucks head coach Budenholzer is a more stubborn person. I extremely doubt that he will resolutely use Lopez in one or two games to release the basket. After shooting some screens from outside the net, the three-pointers shot directly, and then let Harden and Durant take 50 points and so on. But if the Bucks let go of their obsessions and let the letters cut the inside line without the ball, rush to the rebound, and use small balls on the defensive end to infinitely push heads-up, then I am afraid the Nets are in danger.

7 months ago

In theory, the Nets are the more promising one, but Antetokounmpo has grown a lot this season. The defensive gates inside and outside, plus the introduction of Holiday is also an outside defensive titan, Tucker still has oil, these three can toss the brothers enough, plus the inside and Lopez. The offensive end of the Nets can be said to be able to rely on the Big Three, but on the defensive end, how do you match up with the opponent? Not to mention the inside line of the vacuum. So I predict that the two sides will play at least 6 games, and it is also a high probability event to play seven games. The reason why I am optimistic about the Nets is more of a personal preference.

7 months ago

I wanted to milk the Nets, but it didn’t make sense to think about it. In previous years, Deng had basically died from his teammates’ inability. It is a pity that 17-18 Paul was injured. 18-19 Paul basically lost his ability to be the second master. Last year, Westbrook was completely seen by the Lakers, and his own strength also declined severely. It can be said that it is not that Deng Ge is not strong, but he is half of the league’s top ten teammates in talent. This year is not bad, Adu seems to be in the league’s top five offense and defense, Irving also played the best season of his career, Joha, the three-pointer Harden’s previous partner has no chance. There are now. There is no reason not to win. Are the Bucks strong? It’s pretty strong. But isn’t the superstar right here? You can never play a triumph in one round, miss the eagle in the second round, and beat the upset Wizards in the third round. The final decision will hurt the Nuggets of the teacher and win the championship. I just hope that Nash will continue to start with Silly, who can’t guard against the letters, nor can he guard against Midou, and the rebounding protection is not good. It should be up to Xiao Jordan to start with the letters, Zhao Si Fen played the convergent stage, and Adu assisted in defense. There is no need to completely defend against the Bucks’ offense. As long as the Bucks are not fast-breaked, and the front board is not blown, if the Bucks shooter can shoot 40% of the three-pointers with the ball and hit the entire game, you can’t count you for the next game. The field is accurate. If the letter is accurate, let him go, 40 points will be given to you. In turn, Brother Three can target the Bucks too much. In addition to forcibly attacking the letters and Dal from the inside, it is not a good choice. For Forbes, against Connaughton, pulling Dal from out, or even Adu’s purely dry draft, can solve the offensive problem. What I am more worried about at this end is Owen’s head iron, which has to be pulled out if it feels bad. Harden and Adu shouldn’t need to worry, they are already very mature MVP players. It doesn’t matter if you lose in a game or two. It consumes letters, consumes Holiday Brother, and when they have no energy, there are not many people who can top their lineup. The Nets can play a lot this year, and the wheel fight is perfectly fine.

7 months ago

The hotter this season, the quicker it will end. Let’s talk about the Lakers first. Before the start of the playoffs, the Suns had no playoff experience, and Paul Raqua was in the playoffs. The result advanced to the next round. (At the end of the game, James was taken offense and the other was dismissed, and the sentence was pronounced). I also want to make a digression. The All-Stars look down on the Jazz, the playoffs are in seven gears, the first test, and he left early this season more than once, and finally did not pay tribute to the Suns. The second one talks about the Nuggets. Murray is reimbursed for the season. The first round may be swept by the Blazers. As a result, Murray was reimbursed, and the Nuggets still advanced to the next round. The third one talks about the Clippers. The Clippers are currently in suspense. An opponent of your own choice. There are four conclusions, G6 goes home to fish, or G6 equalizes! ! Another tiebreaker! ! ! The tiebreaker goes home for fishing and or the tiebreaker wins to advance to the next round. If the Clippers are upset again, the Suns may win the Western Conference Finals. The Bucks and Nets series are really hard to predict. Fans of different camps, don’t blindly believe in your team. The Bucks’ team needs to be more balanced, and the Nets’ offensive firepower needs to be more powerful. The Bucks must not be better than offense, they must increase intensity, press the whole court, and fight defensively. The Nets need to increase speed, play offense, and increase the speed of offensive and defensive transitions. If the Nets passed the Bucks, the championship might not be a dream. If the Bucks pass the Nets, they will continue to test. Finish typing in the comments. It’s all deductions before the game. I wish all teams are championships.

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