A pure drama friend, never read a novel at all. To be honest, regardless of the good or bad, there are still bright spots in the overall structure. The part where Chen Fan, Watermelon, Ning Yi, and Fang Tianlei are together is more interesting. In other respects, how to describe it is too childish. Let’s talk about the last 8 episodes. At first, I thought that Ning Yi’s persuasion to lower Qian Lao was enough to be trifling. You persuaded a ghost. Didn’t Fang Tianlei go back to Ning Yi to chat? I wondered if Ning Yi was also deceived by Qian Lao, and he fell down if he was confused. I recognized it. Later, although Geng Huyuan was quite heroic, it was too childish to lead Bao to death. Catch him, you can’t argue, the evidence is conclusive, you are here to kill a ghost. And did Ning Yi kill a leader Bao? People in Xuanwei Camp know that Commander Bao was chasing the people who raided the gunpowder depot. Did someone organize a raid on the gunpowder depot and not pursue it? If you still count, you will go in for yourself. Later, looking for Fang Tianlei’s behind-the-scenes master. I won’t talk about how trivial it is for a country’s emperor to directly contact a grass bandit. Is there anything to hide from the enemy emperor? Are you the second uncle of the enemy emperor? And Qin, why are you shocked or resentful enough to throw the dossier? Who else do you think it is? Alien? Later, this master pretended to be invisible for the whole season, fishing again, and waiting for the fish to get the bait, and there were more important things to do. Taishi, what are you doing, Taishi. Was just hacked to death with a blunt knife? Is the answer to the Taishi’s mystery to be subordinate before the Emperor Yasukuni? The ultimate undercover? Lying down to become the teacher of the prince, lying down to the death of the previous emperor? The Wu Kingdom has all lifted you to the sky, but you have to call yourself a minister in Yasukuni. What kind of spirit is this? Admire and admire. There is no irony. Taishi He is truly worthy of being remembered, and even more respectable than Lin’an’s Qian Lao. In the future, someone will sing praises of loyalty to the emperor and patriotism, and will not forget the original intention. I am willing to shout He Taishi, He Yuan Chang’s name! After another, let’s not talk about it. Taishi He first went to negotiate a peace, General Dong sent people to chase him and did not catch up. What pass was General Dong’s soldiers facing, Ning Yi chased him to negotiate a peace again, and in the middle, he killed Qin with ink stains, and Jingguo again. Order the withdrawal of troops. The time perception of these events violates the laws of the world when watching the drama. Just say: Huh! The emperor was directly released from his military power. Huh! The emperor of one country directly pretends to enter another country to negotiate peace. Huh! Shoot one arrow and one head crooked, GameOver. Huh! This can’t die. Huh! You can break out a “reason” for this. I just want to say: You are so miserable at Genghuyuan. These last few episodes can’t be said to be very trivial, they can only be said to have fallen apart. This play really can’t be watched with your head. It’s good to have fun, don’t think about it. Just sauce.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

How can the emperor of a country go to the capital of an enemy country a bit outrageous, so why don’t you send it to the other side? Although you still have a large army outside, the war is about to start, but Yasukuni guards the Xinggu Pass, which is easy to defend and difficult to attack. It also waits for work, rich in grain and grass, and sufficient troops. No matter how you look at it, Yasukuni has a better chance of winning. Now that the emperor of the Wu Dynasty is in hand, he can act as a hostage to demand that the army of the Wu Dynasty surrender. Why do you need to negotiate a peace? Return the Qingyun six states for free trading city-states. All the dominant powers are in the Wu Dynasty. It is clear that they are the strong side. If I were the prime minister of the Yasukuni court, I would not listen to Ning Yi. I asked the Wu Dynasty to retreat. Free trade can be implemented, but Qingyun will return to Yasukuni in six weeks, and Qin Siyuan cannot return it. The emperor is in hand, why not, this is the biggest capital?

7 months ago

Seeing that the plot collapsed in the later period and the ending was unfinished, I was also analyzing how the screenwriter made the plot more and more collapsed. Note: I have not read the original work, and do not discuss the plot of the original work. 1. There are too few “plug-ins” for characters to resolve conflicts. In the early stage, Ning Yi and Su Tan’er killed the Quartet, mainly because Ning Yi’s personality is: business giant + modern thinking, the main conflict is to open a shop, whether it is tea eggs, knives, or cloth shops, they can’t escape business. thinking. Looking at it as a whole, the plot is smooth and complete and convincing. The first time I felt that the plot design was unreasonable when I saw Ning Yi return to Lin’an and exploded Bowenhan and others with a crossbow. The trough here: Why can a lot of gunpowder be detonated only when Ning Yi returns? Ning Yi took the crossbow and shot the gunpowder impartially with the crossbow. This was an exaggeration. Ning Yi stayed alone in Lin’an. At this time, his “plug-ins” included: Hupugouyou; business talent; modern thinking; a dagger presented by Qin Siyuan; a musket and good shooting skills. However, when Fang Tianlei invaded Lin An, relying on the above “plug-in”, it was obviously not enough to support Ning Yi’s survival, so the screenwriter gave him a “hang-in-hang”: Liu Watermelon’s admiration. Frequent settings in novels mean that Ning Yi’s status is second only to Fang Tianlei. Therefore, we have seen that during the Lin’an period, almost every contradiction was solved in the above-mentioned way. Govern the tyrant sword camp, modern thinking + commercial thinking; go out to borrow grain and grass, using daggers; adjust grain prices, commercial thinking. ………… But these are far from enough. There are several difficulties that Ning Yi can hardly solve, or that they have been solved too casually. The first is Bowenhan. Regardless of status or force, Ning Yi has no possibility of overthrowing Bowen Han. I thought that there would be a more clever divorce scheme, or that Lou Shuwan after the blackening could take care of Bowenhan. In the end, he hurriedly died under Ning Yi’s gun. Here, in order to highlight “Oh, this plot is reasonable, don’t make complaints”, the screenwriter also sent Lao Geng to Xitian. One life for another, forcibly rationalized, can only say, absolutely! The second one is Fang Tianlei. Lin Ancheng’s big boss, on paper strength, Ning Yi has no possibility of solving him at all. In the end, “Rain Attack” was used at the end, but it was really lacking. I guess the screenwriter was scratching his head when writing this paragraph. I don’t know how to deal with it, so Fang Tianlei’s arrest was very abrupt (but I have to say, before and after the plot of piercing the roof. Corresponding, good). It took dozens of episodes to write the big boss, and it was shot in seconds. It was more boring than just being inserted. And, Ning Yi led a team to spy on the gunpowder depot. When his force value was basically 0, it was quite unreasonable. Bowen Han was killed with a shot, and he used the watermelon to get married to avoid guilt. This plot is simply squeezing the remaining watermelon. Value; At the end, Ning Yi took the emperor to Jingguo, and convinced King Jing with a three-inch tongue, which was also full of slots. Looking at the above, Ning Yi’s force value is 0, and he lacks foreshadowing for the acquisition of skills such as the art of governing the country. As long as it involves fighting and war-related plots, you will find that Ning Yi’s role is very unnatural. He is not a character who is more intelligent and close to monsters, that is, he is an excellent businessman. In the case of general tactics, force is not enough, and the character can only be reduced to intelligence. The same is a traversing drama, “Looking for the Qin” Xiang Shaolong, his own strength is high, he met a famous teacher in the Qin Dynasty, and his various skills were full. “Qing Yu Nian” Fan Xian, his own strength is high, and he has the largest BOSS guard in the book. 2. There are too many irrational points in the plot, and the characters are seriously degraded? Such as: Ning Yi persuaded the old man (I forgot the name), vowed to ensure the success of the persuasion, and changed his face instantly. The most amazing thing is that Fang Tianlei seems to have amnesia + personality disorder. He directly killed the old man and forgot Ning Yi’s guarantee? Another example: Lou Shuwan’s branch line was directly written as spicy chicken. In the early stage, many of the “preparations” I thought were “prepared”, but it turned out that it was just a plot. Also, Ning Yi was able to gather all his relatives and friends to the Badao Camp, which is simply rubbing my IQ. Of course, to be funny, I can understand. I can accept the writing of the entire tyrants in the direction of the mentally retarded. What I can’t bear most is Ning Yi’s use of Liu Watermelon. I really cheated my watermelon time and time again! When she got married and divorced, she didn’t help her to save others. Watermelon was really heart-warming to Ning Yi. Ning Yi is simply outrageous! I won’t say anything else, but I pass this plot at most.

7 months ago

Many people complain about the death of Geng Huyuan, but I think the death of Geng Huyuan is a finishing touch. I also thought that when Geng Huyuan returned to Jiangning and had a good relationship with Yang’s mother, the bad guys died and the good guys were happy and happy. Of course everyone wants to see it, but this ending is a little bit interesting. I think a good film and television series should have rich emotions, which can make people feel emotions in the process of watching them, rather than blindly. The death of Shuang Geng Nursing Hospital gave me an experience that I hadn’t seen in the previous plot, especially when Geng Nursing Hospital was seriously injured and he was very worried about holding Bao Commander. Knowing that there is nothing I can do, I still use the last bit of strength to help Ning Yi more. After staying for so long, Ning Yi and Genghuyuan’s noise is not an ordinary master-servant relationship, they are more like brothers with brothers. Genghuyuan is a person who usually looks silly and stupid, and it’s the most letting it out when it’s critical. People feel distressed because he doesn’t know the pros and cons. He only knows that I want to protect the people around me. Then, Ning Yi will go to Jiangmen Art Museum to send a painting to Mama Yang. I found that Ms. Yang didn’t have any impression of Genghuyuan. Everything that Genghuyuan did was used by Ms. Yang as a joke, the goddess you missed. She just regarded you as a strange flower. Ning Yi’s expression at this time was so helpless that she didn’t have anything to follow. Explain the news of Genghuyuan’s death, because to Ms. Yang, Genghuyuan is just an insignificant person. Telling her will only embarrass both of them. Generally speaking, I think the portrayal of Genghuyuan’s image is quite complete. , Can let a lot of people see their own shadows and talk about the ending. The ending of the national teacher is really powerless. He spent a lot of shots to prepare him. He always thought that he was the kind of old and cunning boss who could do something big behind. It turned out to be an undercover agent for the enemy country, with zero effect throughout the whole process, only responsible for spreading the word. I was scratched when I saw the Emperor Yasuo. I see this? ? ? ? Other feelings are okay, suggesting that there is a next one. I dug a lot of holes, and I am looking forward to it. 1. The Emperor Jingguo is very good to the son of Wu Guo, and asked him to call himself the father of the son, and then he will support the son of the son. How can Emperor Wu control the country? 2. Liu Dabiao said that I will meet again later. In the play, the secret investigation department intends to recruit Liu Dabiao, and it is estimated that the next movie will appear in the Badao camp. 3. Ning Yi’s opponent in modern society has also crossed over. Magic is against magic. The problem is Ning Yi It was knocked across by a stick. How did this person cross? It is estimated that he has also encountered trouble in modern society. 4. The emperor’s nt is displayed vividly in the ending. According to the urgency of the Internet drama, this kind of emperor will not live long. 5. Qin did not die, although he has no real power, but he became so After many years, the prime minister has had a lot of contacts, and he will definitely help Ning Yi in the future. 6. Jingguo’s recuperation is complete and he is ready to go to war. 7. Ning Yi’s deadline is approaching? What caused it? fight? sick

7 months ago

There is such a meaning to go high and low, it is too unnatural to switch between comedy and drama in the later period. Fortunately, in the web drama, it is not unfinished, and even has a little bit of unfolding meaning. But this should mean farther and farther away from the original. Although I haven’t read the original, the second traverser shouldn’t exist. I hope that the screenwriter of the next season will have a little bit of common sense in addition to the elaborate plot design. For example, four people can’t handle 500,000 catties of gunpowder. Let alone four people, four donkeys in the production team will not work. Finally, I complained about the original fan, killing the emperor can actually be filmed, and it is not easy to pass the review elsewhere. At the end of the first season, some places were laid out in some minefields. Of course, these things may not have turned into minefields when they were filmed.

7 months ago

In the play, I only saw the chaos, what is the matter of the family, the world, what awakens the power of the world, drunk lying on the knees of a beautiful woman, five thousand years of prosperity, success and failure turn around! Did not see one after another. I feel that this play is just cutting the novel from the beginning to the end. It can be said to be completely castrated. To be precise, this is the interpretation of my own script in the name of the novel. Apart from the title and the characters, I can’t find the novel at all. shadow. Generally speaking, this drama has no body and no soul. As a novel friend who has been chasing my son-in-law for eight years, I don’t quite approve of it. The son-in-law is still the son-in-law, the name is still that name, but the character is no longer that character, because he has lost his soul. Not to mention: the last years of the Wu Dynasty, the turbulent years, the chaos of the world, the resistance of Jin Liao, the turbulent situation, a hundred years of humiliation, and finally see the first light of the end, Emperor Tian Zuo, Wanyan Aguda, Wu Qibu, Genghis Khantie Mu Zhen, Zha Muhe, Chi Lao Wen, Mu Huali, Borhu, Borshu, Qin Hui, Yue Fei, Li Gang, Chong Shi Dao, Tang Ke, Wu Min, Geng Nanzhong, Zhang Bangchang, the contest between loyal and traitorous ministers, heroes The game with the heroes, Hu Lu went south, millions of iron knights knocked at the Yanmen, the country fell, the lives were overwhelmed, the humiliation and resistance of a country and nation for a century, the crying, crying and sadness of the forerunners…

7 months ago

Forget the bullshit at the front of the show in the commercial warfare, it’s enough to bring down the Wu family, but Tu Yile is also harmless. . However, the early stage set a relaxed and funny tone, and the later stage must be combined with the rise and fall of the country. It will inevitably be full of loopholes. Starting from the Lin’an plot, after the works began to add the feelings of family and country, this kind of forcing seemed very degrading. Forcibly change the human design, force the use of calculations, and forcefully accelerate the rhythm. Both the character and the plot are quite lacking in rationality. All of Ning Yi’s tactics can be said to be in the most ideal state every time. The screenwriter’s bestowed golden finger is speechless. I haven’t read the original work. I’m not interested in whether the character plot is consistent with the book, but if the drama is taken as a work alone, it is full of forced plots and chaotic personality, which is really hard to be called a masterpiece. .

7 months ago

The finale was a bit disappointing, but not as others said. The first one is that the next few episodes feel very rushed, just like watching a horse and watching flowers. In fact, there can be more information. For example, how did Ning Yi see that the opening of the Yasukuni did not want to start war, and the fierce confrontation between the courts, why the emperor suddenly became so brave and dared to negotiate with the enemy country alone? Of course, this is not a big problem. Don’t take this part seriously. That’s it, the big background may not really require much space. But there is one point, that is, the teacher died too quickly, and this horrible face suddenly disappeared. Although I am very happy, I feel that he has done nothing and the foreshadowing has not been recovered. Other things are fine. It is estimated that the funding time is almost the same, so let’s take the last one. Looking forward to a better story in the second season. If many people are looking forward to watching male channels, I think it’s better to abandon the show. I am very worried about the second season. In the first season, all the selected parts that can be performed in the original book are performed. There are too many plots to be performed later. The second season may fly farther, and it looks like The two countries are in business warfare, but this is not easy to shoot. No matter how you think about it, the script is not easy to write. After shooting, the supporting characters may still show up and disappear. Even Song Yi is just a trick.

7 months ago

Haven’t watched it yet, after looking at the answering area, the finale is Geng Nursing Home? Bye? Bye? ? ? From the beginning of the first episode of this TV series, it is said that every day is New Year’s Day. There is no logic of the plot that can be self-consistent. It can be popular all with a meal, and even let Genghuyuan hang up? ? ? The following is the drama review written a few days ago. I haven’t finished it yet, so let’s post it here, don’t write it! ! ! A large group of TV series “Stealing a Man Jacket”. The screenwriter just doesn’t speak much, but the thief at home lent one piece to the crew for Yu Qian. Everyone in the crew, including the audience, wears Yu Qian’s jacket and is too fond of reluctant to give it back to Guo Degang who bothered to lie. In order to lie to the screenwriter Yu Qian, Guo Degang even sent his own son Guo Qilin to take the lead, humorously interpreting all of Yu Qian’s words. For example, if the screenwriter Yu Qian wants a female protagonist who understands technology but knows nothing about sales and management to grab the company’s big seal and be responsible for the company’s general sales business, it must be successful. How to do? The crew used a pretty, stupid and bold eldest lady, a cute and clever little maid, and a naive nurse who likes the domineering president to fall in love with me, plus the Ning, half man, half immortal, and Yi who made a golden egg to start a writing by Yu Qian Fantasy journey. Ah~ There is also the second uncle played by Liang Mengmeng, who is still cute, this time it is Su Mengmeng, and Deyun Academy, no, Nande Academy, no, the massage soup technology of F4 of the Men’s German Academy has joined, telling me about my early days. I once said that the electric pressure cooker stewed ginseng ribs and lotus root soup is really super delicious. I can go to the Men’s German Academy to teach stewing soup with my feet. Although I only use this method of stewing soup and it will not work if I leave the electric pressure cooker, Judging from the bullshit spirit of Yu Qian’s screenwriter, it is not impossible to get a pressure cooker in. Pulling away, pulling back to the TV series, this drama is a light comedy + cool drama, and has similarities with “Langya Bang”, that is light tragedy + cool drama. The most prominent common feature of the two plays is that there is no plot that is not unreasonable. In addition to the cool drama, “Langya Bang” is a serious character with salt, acting skills, excellent screen production, and each character has distinctive characteristics. “Zuo Son” is relaxed and funny. Every actor is an excellent comedian. The circumstance of tumultuous tumbling and frustration. My son-in-law actors and cuddles are under the camera, asking the audience again and again, will the show be served? Are we humorous? Are you happy to see it? Those little bugs and big bugs in the plot will not affect you if you don’t catch them, or laugh with your palms, smile or laugh, or chuckle, laugh, or know how to laugh? Is it more fun than most comedy variety shows?

7 months ago

For the finale of “Zuo Son”, I just want to say three words, it’s sloppy! Regarding the act of boasting “Zuo Son” in the previous episodes, I still just want to say, it’s sloppy! The previous plots were actually okay, but by the time of the last eight episodes, it obviously felt a bit sloppy. The sacrifice of Geng Nuoyuan was a bit sloppy. It was said that Geng Nuo had good skills, but the PK with Lao Bao felt like a person who could not martial arts at all. He forced Geng Nuoyuan off the assembly line to create an atmosphere of grief. Taishi He was a little sloppy when he died, so he gave the result with one stroke? Although I hate the role of Taishi He, it is really sloppy to hang up like this. What did the screenwriter think? I think this pot is mainly about screenwriters. I don’t think there is a big problem with the actors’ acting skills. Whether it’s the young caste, Tietie, Liu Watermelon, Qin Xiang, etc., it’s okay, but the screenwriter just relies on his own power to make the big The ending became hasty. From the beginning, the light comedy was forced to switch to the serious drama of the family and the country, and the change was a bit hard.

7 months ago

I haven’t finished reading the original book, and I saw 28 episodes of the play. This drama is defined as a light comedy. There are some characters in the plot, most of which have nothing to do with the original. It’s no problem to watch when it’s an off-duty drama. Looking at the previous episodes, although the plot is very…but it’s funny, it’s okay to ignore so much. Looking at it, it is said that Ning Yi was changed by the demons. It is not Ning Yi at all in the play, it is obviously Guo Qilin! (Laughs) The previous sand sculpture plot is OK, a bit awkward, but I watched it, but I was fascinated when I went to Lin’an. Even if the villain is mentally handicapped, the tricks are the same as the playhouse. Although I can bear it, can the screenwriter be longer Mind, if the logic is not good, don’t write about tricks. If you are funny and sweet, just sprinkle dog food, fight, and that Fang La, can you be fake? Are hundreds of thousands of catties of gunpowder just like that for the defenders? Is the regular army so rubbish? The magic change is fine. I know that it is impossible to shoot according to the original book, but you can’t play us like monkeys as the screenwriter. What is the use of the failed episodes of Ning Yi’s escape? The process of Lou Shuwan’s blackening was too sloppy. This place could have been well photographed, but in the first half of the episode, she complained about Bao commander’s embrace and took this woman too casually. And what is the effect of Lou Shu Heng kissing Song Tie? There is also a special mirror, which means that it is necessary for the wife to be humiliated to stimulate the potential? Even if the editing logic is like this, but what do you mean when you shoot it, you shoot it for our audience to see, no, what special effect does this close-up slow motion in the play have? It can be taken in a few seconds. The focus is on the changes in the male lead’s heart. In the end, I kissed me and kissed me for a few minutes. This makes me wonder if the screenwriter is funny or whether I am out of date. The audience now likes this. Kind of strange bridge segment? It is said that most of the people who watch the show are women. I am a man. I feel too bad at the back. When I watch this show, I usually don’t have an IQ. Even so, I still get rubbed on the ground by the screenwriter. There are all kinds of strange and strange scenes. Appeared, looking too embarrassed. I didn’t watch the finale. Since the main line hasn’t changed, then I can probably guess the ending. It’s nothing more than entering the court from the market. However, according to the character set by the screenwriter to Ning Yi, it should be almost something, and Ning Yi is even black. It is estimated that some people are going to die, either the old man or the f4. Because the plot has been changed too much, I am not sure. Let me say that the biggest failure of this show is the character design. From the male lead, the female lead to various supporting roles, the character set is too single and rigid, so that Guo Qilin’s blackening makes me feel embarrassed. The female lead is a vase. Guess what’s going on with her blindly. Will not chase the finale, boring. I didn’t want to watch it at first, knowing that it would be changed, and I went to see those people in Qing Yunian. After watching and watching, the speed came. After more than 20 episodes, I started to pull the progress bar directly, and the taste was like chewing wax. Forget it, I’m too lazy to chase it. This year, I’m probably going to chase the swordsman in the snow and Qing Yu Nian 2. Others are not interested, either love or stubborn beauty. That’s the way I watch domestic TV series. Tucao under the Douluo Mainland, with irritating eyes, watched for five minutes, and directly turned off the computer to doubt life.

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