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It’s big! But this has not worked. Until now, no one knows why it didn’t work in the past and it’s absolutely impossible. I can only take the trouble to point out the reason why it won’t work. Chinese football lacks two core skills training. As long as you put these two kinds of training department, you can get sublimation. And the software and hardware are sublimated together. It is: two target training methods. 1. Positioning the ball and hitting the target (step-by-step training method): 1. Kick the ball and hit the vertical line through the bullseye (kick the post). 2. Kick the ball to hit the horizontal line through the bullseye (kick the crossbar). 3. Kick the ball to hit the bullseye (kick the corner of the goal). This training method was inspired by artillery firing (direction and elevation adjustment). 2. To hit the ball or hit the target by rubbing against the ball. This training method is inspired by the red and self-falling technique of billiards three-ball Kailun (the red ball meets the shot white ball and throws the white ball into the bag). The world-wide warm-up training already has the embryonic form of “bumping or hitting the target”. The traditional view of football in the middle cleverly bypasses the knowledge of kicking the crossbar and heading the ball. In the 1990s, a Chinese reporter interviewed a world football superstar and asked him why he practiced playing the crossbar every day. Not long ago, there were articles about Wu Lei playing the game of kicking the crossbar and a video of Wu Lei practicing kicking the crossbar. Chinese experts and coaches were indifferent. What’s more important is that the Chinese football view mistakenly believes that warm-up training is a kind of “snatching the circle” (it is clear that people are circling the ball!). These two misunderstandings directly lead to a big problem with the core technology of Chinese football. Therefore, the inaccuracy of the positioning ball is out of touch with the movement. Therefore, after entering the top 12, we still have time to make up two types of target training classes. There is a big chance of qualifying in the top 12 matches. And the semi-finals can also get good results.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Can enter the top 12, the top 12 is China’s World Cup finals. It is basically impossible to compete for 4.5 places to qualify. The top 12 are probably Australia, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iraq, Iran, Uzbekistan, Jordan, and China. Of the 11 teams other than China, there are about 5 teams that we can only score 0-1 points in 2 rounds. The remaining 6 teams that can score 3 points in 2 rounds are already the limit of the Chinese national team, although football is not simple. Addition and subtraction, even if there is a miracle, destiny will choose a country like Vietnam that has rooted in youth training in the past 10 years instead of us.

7 months ago

There are two stages in the World Cup qualifiers. The first can be understood as the first in the eight groups in the group stage and the second in the four best groups to enter the top twelve because Qatar is the host and automatically qualified and has locked the top two in their group. It can be understood that the second of the five best groups can enter the top twelve. At present, China is in the second place in the group. Guam, Maldives, Syria, and the Philippines. It is not difficult for China to get a good second in the group in four games. China has a high chance of entering the top 12, the next stage of the top 12 opponents is South Korea, Japan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, this is the World Cup if they qualify, it’s really difficult.

7 months ago

The probability will be cold. According to paper strength and actual strength, the current national football is not a problem to crush the Philippines, Syria, and the Maldives. It must be more than 2 goals; however, don’t forget the West Asian referees under the AFC. This is a magical thing. The group, before the Hassan AFC, didn’t even look at the two even the red played Gao Lin Lippi, and then there was the paradise law enforcer Fagani hacking your national Olympics at your home court. In the last qualifier, there were two rounds of Hong Kong’s goal line and a foul in the penalty area. In this qualifier, there was a pullman in the Philippines penalty area and a shoveler outside the penalty area. None of the West Asian referees had a verdict. If the referee’s level is as long as that of the Guam referee this time, it can be judged with a fly shovel and a foul in the penalty area. The national football team will destroy one by one, but wake up, Kafel… and it is still the West Asian team. At home, most of the main Syrian forces are in Saudi Arabia and Qatar… In the UAE, it is equivalent to across provinces… During the game, there are various fouls on the grass, and the referees in West Asia turn a blind eye….

7 months ago

The opportunity is not small. In the last World Cup qualifying match, how close was the national football team to the World Cup match? It’s only three points away. If the national football team has a striker of the highest level in Asia, if they seize the opportunity to score goals in the first game against South Korea and the second game against Iran, or to win Qatar at home, the national football team will be able to enter the World Cup. The biggest problem with the national football team is not that there is no chance, but that the striker doesn’t have enough sense of foot if there is a chance. The current national football, not to mention the strength of the soldiers and horses, is at least strong compared to previous years. There are a few planned forwards on the front line. Exxon is hard to say, but Alan is definitely strong. Those two goals against Guam, this is the ability of a shooter. The back line of defense, Jiang Guangtai is at the peak. I lost both home and away to Syria and Iran. I watched the live broadcast. But I think there is still great hope for this session of the National Football Team.

7 months ago

Could it be that physical fitness has been greatly improved compared to the old national football team, can this be denied? Don’t take any newcomer U23 as an example. Physical fitness has nothing to do with age. It doesn’t mean that you must be healthy when you are young, okay? Physical fitness is exercised through the League and the AFC Champions League. Although it is still a veteran, but these years have not been carried by the veteran. If you play one more term, you can’t play? They were the players of the two youth teams in 2005. Do you understand that they shouldn’t be black U23. Naturalization is an advantage, but physical fitness is not? Must choose one of the two, can’t the two coexist? The logic is touching. Did I say that there is a big chance? I just explained my own advantages, which means that I said there is a great opportunity? Is it possible to discuss the chances of qualifying, but not to explain your own advantages? Then you still discuss a tor? You only know how to play Tai Chi there. It’s not easy to play, and the chances are not great. Haha, isn’t it all F for a long time? In the top 12, 12 teams, who is good to play? Who dares to say that he has a great chance to enter the World Cup? It’s not a question of whether it’s good or not to play. If you have reached the top 12, who is not difficult to play on the 12 teams? Discuss whether there is a big chance, you can only analyze your own advantages and shortcomings, formulate a specific strategy, and then combine the game system to fish in troubled waters, whether the chances are big or not depends on the on-the-spot performance

7 months ago

It is basically impossible. Due to the chain reaction caused by North Korea’s withdrawal, China is currently ranked 7th among the 8 teams in the second place in the group. The remaining three games were originally hosted in Suzhou, China. If they all win, there is still hope to enter the top 12 games. I think the probability is at least 80%. However, due to Syria’s obstruction, we are forced to move our home to the UAE. Discussing objective factors such as tiredness, unaccustomed water and soil, high temperature and heat, the key is that the UAE is also second in the group, which means that China is a competitor of the UAE! The UAE has a good relationship with Syria, so it is not ruled out that Syria will try hard to please the UAE. In summary, I think the probability of advancing to the top 12 is at most 50%. After entering the top 12 matches, the national football team has basically completed the task. It is too difficult for the national football team to occupy a place in the top four in Asia. Japan, South Korea, Iran, Australia, these four are not easy to provoke, and serious fans are nothing more than hope. The national football loses decently, don’t be too embarrassed. At present, I am afraid that no one really believes that the national football can break into the World Cup. I think the probability of the national football team entering the World Cup is less than 5%.

7 months ago

The biggest one after the first three sessions, that is, the biggest one from 2006 to 2030.
But I still see the sky but not the rice.
It should be no problem for the top 40 not to die.
The top 12 is also very simple. I pray that Australia or Iran will be assigned to the group, and then I pray that they will overturn and get to the second place in the group and advance directly. Don’t think about 0.5, look for abuse.

7 months ago

If it’s the top 40 qualifying, then it’s not a big problem. I even think that I will win it all later, because it can be said that the current national football is the strongest national football in recent years, because there are those three Chinese in front, even now they Not at the peak anymore, but a few flashes occasionally are enough
But you said the follow-up top 12 matches, forget it…

7 months ago

Hope is not too big, but it should be the greatest opportunity in the past 20 years. Although standardization cannot make a qualitative leap in the strength of the national football team, it compensates to a certain extent for the weakness of the striker in seizing opportunities. In addition, in the epidemic environment, the game system may give China the power of home court, and there may even be a scene where a certain team can only send out a disabled team due to non-compliant nucleic acid testing. In addition, due to non-football factors and the global epidemic, the World Cup needs the Chinese market. However, some people may still remember that an economist said 4 years ago that under the background of the Belt and Road Initiative, China would definitely advance to the World Cup in Russia… Ha ha… But that was the best result of the Chinese team in the world preliminaries in recent years. Up.

7 months ago

It turned out that when there was no epidemic, I predicted that I would have won 4 consecutive victories to advance to the top 12, but now it seems that the change from home to away is quite detrimental to the national football team. But considering that the paper strength of a group of naturalized players is still the first in the group, and the opponent’s preparations have been more affected by the epidemic, it is really hard to say whether they can enter the top 12. As for whether you can qualify after entering the top 12, it is even more difficult to say. You said no, if the Syrian team had not scored a free kick in the last minute of the game, the Chinese team would have entered the play-offs. You said yes, which team such as Japan, South Korea, Australia and Iraq is not the Tigers? Which one is not better than China? Hey… It’s really hard to tell. Thanks to the analysis of other netizens, who pointed out that as long as they win any team from the Philippines and Syria, the probability of promotion is very high. According to this line of thinking, I think that the possibility of qualifying to the top 12 is greater than that of not qualifying. Syria can’t win, but the Philippines can always win, right? And although the Philippines is in the tropics, they are not too close to Dubai. Maybe their physical condition is not much better than ours…

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