The teacher told me to recite a text, and all the students in the class recite at the same time. I usually only leave when there are one third of the people left. Is it because I am stupid? I was shocked. Supplement: I am a science student

After the third grade of elementary school, memorizing texts and even things in various subjects is meaningless. It is even more ridiculous that high school even recites the texts uniformly. Of course, English, Chinese, and reciting articles are also learning methods suitable for certain students with a certain mentality at certain stages, but these learning methods must be based on happy learning. In other words, you like memorizing articles so much. The more you memorize, the more you like it, and the more you memorize, the happier you will be. Even when you are unhappy, when you are climbing at a low point, every time you recite a text, you immediately become happy and excited, then you can use methods such as reciting articles and reciting texts. Enjoying this, forgetting others when you learn, happier as you learn, and happy when you are unhappy, this is the minimum standard for us to study at school or at home. If you can’t even have fun and learn more happily, and you even need things like concentration and motivation to calm down and learn, how can you really learn well? It is even less likely to take high scores. Some students who use my method never watch TV dramas or play games, or after mastering my method to a certain level, they never watch TV dramas or play games anymore. Because they feel that only learning is the happiest and the most lasting happiness.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Not necessarily when I was sitting in the fifth row of the class when I was in junior high school, I never memorized a text every time the teacher arranged to memorize a text, and then when the teacher checked the recitation, I started to memorize it. That is, the teacher started to check from the first row. When I am here, I have already memorized it. Is this smart? The disadvantage of the smart pee fast recitation is that fast forgetting is definitely a one-time recitation, and you can’t remember anything after the examination. There are many kinds of memory to deal with the teacher’s examination. I use image memory to cope with the exam, and I use mind map memory. It is the memory of the Chinese series. I have mastered it so well since I was a child. When I need to memorize English, I start to mess with an English text. I don’t understand a lot of words from beginning to end, and I can memorize it for examination. But English I don’t have a mind map memory, and when I get to the exam, I’m confused and even more troublesome is that I can’t remember the words. Every time I check the words, I can write them down quickly, pass the exam perfectly, and then quickly forget my middle school. The era is just reading English every day, remembering, forgetting, reading, remembering, and forgetting again. It takes more than half of the time every day to spend more than half of the time in English. After my hard work, I finally took the English test in the college entrance examination. 59 Minute

7 months ago

In my practical experience, no. In March, Science Advance, for the brain test conducted by 17 World Memory Masters and 17 ordinary people, no. This article probably tells that memory masters use more different brain regions to link memory content when remembering, while ordinary people don’t. At the same time, these ordinary people are learning the “memory palace”, and their short-term and long-term memory abilities of knowledge have been significantly improved, and it is amazing that the regional activity of the brain image has decreased, which is a high probability that the brain The potential is far more than that. And I also use various memory methods to change my memory. For example, I remember “the advantages and disadvantages of a sole proprietorship: simple to set up, flexible and variable, risky, low capital, restricted by the owner” simplified to: “independence, simplicity, and flexibility” “, wind, gold, limit” homonyms are connected into one sentence: “(seeing) the sword and spirit scenery line” see-alone sword-simple spirit-spirit wind-scenery-golden line-limit I just need to continue If you ask yourself questions, you can infer the answer from the topic. For example, when you see the topic “Pros and cons of a sole proprietorship,” and a sole proprietorship of “independence”, you can naturally think of a homonym for “seeing” and “seeing” for seeing and then thinking of “seeing.” After the “Sword Spirit Scenic Line”, the final sword spirit landscape line is directly restored to keywords, and then the keywords are restored to specific content. For me, I can remember one knowledge point like this in a minute, and I won’t forget it on the second day. And if it is to accurately memorize/the content is very much/the knowledge points are easy to be confused, I will use other methods, not limited to this one. These efficient memorization methods, I will also cooperate with the scientific review, that is, every time I memorize a section of knowledge, this section of knowledge will be reviewed once. After memorizing a chapter of knowledge, review all the knowledge of this chapter once. After memorizing three chapters of knowledge, review all three chapters once. Before each exam, review them all at once. This kind of review is to write the knowledge points silently without reading the book. The knowledge points that cannot be written silently can be remembered by re-editing a better memory idea. It is relatively simple for me to take this set of learning theory to pass the test-taking type exams, such as my undergraduate unified exam in the university. The above is my experience, I hope to inspire you.

7 months ago

No, the slowness of backing things is mainly related to your spine. The spine is the pillar of the body, located in the middle of the back, with the upper end connected to the skull and the lower end reaching the tip of the tailbone. The spine is divided into five segments: neck, chest, lumbar, sacrum and tail. The upper part is long and can move, like a stent, hanging from the chest wall and abdominal wall; the lower part is short and relatively fixed. The weight of the body and the shocks received are thus transmitted to the lower limbs. The spine is composed of vertebrae and intervertebral discs. It is a very flexible and movable structure. With the body’s movement load, the shape of the spine can change considerably. The movement of the spine depends on the integrity of the intervertebral discs and the harmony between the articular processes of the related vertebrae. Of the length of the spine, 3/4 is composed of vertebral bodies and 1/4 is composed of intervertebral discs. If your spine has a problem, it will inevitably affect your carrying and other load-bearing activities. If it is not taken seriously, it will cause further muscle strain and waist pain, which will involve bilateral hip pain and affect the functional activities of the waist. , Which in turn leads to incompetent physical labor. Therefore, if there is a problem with the spine, you must go to the hospital for examination and treatment in time without delay. Usually, we can also take some protective measures for the spine, such as maintaining a good posture in sitting and standing positions, not a posture that is too long, and abandon bad habits such as sitting for a long time, playing with the computer for a long time, and playing with the phone for a long time; Also avoid bending over and carrying heavy weights. For example, you must carry things according to your ability. Carrying objects that are too heavy can cause great damage to the spine. For the elderly, it will cause serious consequences. Let us protect the spine like our eyes! The spine is my home, and I rely on everyone to love it! The spine is forever, and one will be passed down forever! If human beings do not have a spine, what would the world be like?

7 months ago

First of all, like the subject, rote memorization is very hip, but the method of systematic memory or structure method is actually not bad (I am interested in searching the knowledge structure of the official account). Then, answer the questions. Yes, slow memorization means “IQ” failure! Don’t worry, let me explain. First, IQ itself is not very scientific and rigorous, and now it has been used more as a sales endorsement tool in non-professional fields. The field of scientific use is the detection of mental retardation damage-that is, it is useful for measuring fools, and the result is used by businessmen to “test smart” for you, but that’s right, this is all, you are stupid enough. Second, in the field of psychology IQ or intelligence assessment, mechanical meaningless memory is indeed a test indicator. To put it bluntly, you have a low score like me. This is the “total IQ score” to pull your hips? Third, you should know from reading books that intelligence as an ability has a very wide range, such as reaction, cognition, induction, calculation, screening, processing, parallel processing… and memory. Then the memory ability is divided into a lot of detailed items. There are long-term, short-term and short-term work moments only in time or mechanism… No sign, pattern, action, information abstraction… Anyway, you don’t take an exam, it’s not long-winded, you are interested. Read the book by yourself… the hypnotic effect. Among them, the mid-to-long term memory of meaningless mechanical language symbols (the test generally does not memorize patterns, right?) is just a branch. Let’s put it this way, IQ may have hundreds of points, and the title says less than one percent. Is it okay to stop the labor and capital from Temeow? Be a little headstrong with IQ, just be so domineering! Finally, let’s say something dry, learning can not only use mechanical meaningless memory, but there are dozens of open memory methods, and there is always one that suits you. If you know this mechanically meaningless memory, which is commonly known as rote memorization, you still don’t know how to work around it? Then…do you really want to reflect on your IQ?

7 months ago

Slow memorization may be due to high IQ. Many of my counselors in school have told me about this problem, and they feel that they are not good enough. But what I usually tell them is that memorizing things is inherently a very inefficient learning method. The higher the IQ, the stronger the ability to think logically. The mechanism of learning things depends on thinking and thinking. Only after thinking through and understanding can the brain absorb it. This learning mechanism runs counter to memory. I have a good memory, I can remember all kinds of fresh things in life. But my ability to memorize things is almost 0, because the things you want to memorize are often dead. I was a science student in high school, but I had to take a history exam in my second year of high school. I can’t remember, and I don’t have a motive to remember. Then I did not review history. During the exam, I entered the exam room half an hour late. It took half an hour before the test + half an hour after, a total of one hour to turn over the history book. Then after entering the examination room, I used short-term memory to quickly finish the examination paper. Then I became the last person to enter the exam room and the first person to leave the exam room. The teacher was dumbfounded. Everyone thought I was going to fail the subject, but in the end, I got seven to eighty points in the test, which was intermediate. I learned various memory methods when I was in school. Li Yang frantically screamed at Ebbinghaus’s memory curve associative memory method. Various messy memory methods were all useless. After I went to college, I used my short-term memory one or two days before I passed the exams. (I am not encouraging you to use my method. This is not a good method because I am not interested in the major I am studying, nor do I require that I have good grades. The purpose is to pass the exam.) But I spent a lot of time graduating from my undergraduate degree. The thesis written in Tianshi was excellent. The teacher said that my thesis was at the level of a master’s thesis. Later, I realized more and more that I really couldn’t memorize things. Only when I understood this knowledge from the bottom of my heart, can this knowledge have a relationship with the neurons in my brain, and I let myself go. The brain is a very smart device and also very utilitarian. If your mind doesn’t let you recite these things, either these things are useless, or “backing” is useless. So be sure to use your knowledge. Use is the best way to remember. On the contrary, after I entered society, I learned things very quickly. Because everything I want to learn has to be applied specifically. When going to school, if there is no such opportunity, try to simulate and imagine such a scene as much as possible. For example, writing essays and writing diaries are particularly useful scenes. The other is your subconscious. We can’t remember many things, but they are stored in our subconscious mind. At this time, your relationship with knowledge is not linear. It’s a chemical reaction that happens on your subconscious level and you can’t see it. The backrest is not good, you have to be familiar with knowledge. For example, to learn English, I never memorize it deliberately. I type in a lot. When I go to school, I read English original novels. Now I watch a lot of movies, American dramas, and occasionally use some English apps. But I don’t ask to memorize it, or remember it. When you ask yourself to memorize it, you may memorize it ten times, and you ask yourself to memorize it. But when I type a lot, I have read this word hundreds of times. Then I often still can’t remember the word because it’s still one step away. That is wake up. When I need to talk, when I need to speak, when I need to write in English, those unfamiliar words stored in my subconscious will be awakened. You see, we learn to speak and our own mother tongue, and we never need to memorize it. Our brain has great potential, but the mechanism of brain work is not simply a matter of memorizing. Now that the Internet and smart devices are becoming more and more developed, and the amount of information explosion is increasing, what we need most is not memory, but the ability to retrieve information, the ability to understand information, the ability to mobilize information, and the ability to use information. If I were a teacher, I would not ask you to recite things, I would ask you to write, I would ask you to do presentations, I would ask you to do projects, I would ask you to participate in social practice, and I would ask you to read and watch movies. . Of course, I’m not a teacher, you still need to memorize things for the exam. Then don’t memorize it by rote, find a method, find an interesting method, find a method that suits you. Don’t attack yourself just because you can’t memorize it. Each person has a different learning method. Change more postures and find the one that suits you. After I finished writing, I just saw some of Sadhguru’s words, which coincided with my point of view, so I put an excerpt here. The era of turning learning from memory to perception and treating good memory as intelligence is about to go away; and memory is the foundation of the past education system-people with good memory are the smartest. But today you know that your phone has better memory than yours… Some of our phones have 600G of memory. Trust me, you don’t have that memory. The keen perception and keen intelligence will be more important than the memory capacity in your mind. This is a good time, a good time for human beings to bloom. Because the so-called load of knowledge is crippling human beings-just filling information into children’s heads, which is destroying the basic talents inherent in everyone in many different ways. Human wisdom is another nature. We should never mistake memory for wisdom. Teaching on-demand sports, art, music, theater-every dimension of life is the wealth of this country, isn’t it? Educating millions of people to a certain level is one thing, and providing dedicated attention to potential children is another. If we don’t do that… we won’t have great scientists, we won’t have great mathematicians, and our country won’t have any importance. (He is talking about India) The culture here has always been nourished in this way. Our country has trained some great mathematicians, great musicians, and great dancers. It is because those who go to genres to learn music only learn music. If we do not do this, we will not cultivate outstanding talents in any field. Everyone knows a little about everything, but they won’t be good at it. Bringing inquiry into education we have another kind of scientific temperament-we question everything, but with awe. You shouldn’t kill this temperament in school, they have to ask questions. What is written in the textbook is not absolute. Hello? There should be more questions than ever before, because if you don’t ask questions, then human intelligence will slowly fall asleep.

7 months ago

It’s not. I always think I’m smart, but I just have a bad memory. Therefore, I am a curve to save the country in the college entrance examination. I want to study liberal arts, but I am taking science courses because I can’t remember politics or history. But science is very convenient. After you remember a principle, even if the formula is forgotten, you can deduce it temporarily. I relied on my strong logical reasoning ability, and even though I couldn’t remember the formula, I still didn’t stretch my science score. I feel that your memory should be better than mine. Because I’m the type in which both English and Chinese teachers acquiesce in “It’s fine if you can’t write silently”. That is to say, when I am studying, I don’t need to memorize text by default. You see, you can recite at least one third, right? Don’t be hit. There are many paths in life, and some abilities are a little bit worse, it doesn’t matter, you can save the country by curve!

7 months ago

In ancient times, Su Shi memorized 800,000 words of book content, how to do it, practice makes perfect. A liberal arts student and a science student have a mental difference in memorizing essays. Liberal arts students are not afraid to memorize some or like them, while science students are afraid. This leads to a gap in effectiveness. Building a confidence is the foundation, the more you are afraid of it, the harder you feel. The memory of our human brain is built on the basis of remembering the old and remembering the new by heart. The more you master this piece of content, when you encounter new content, your shallow consciousness will compare and classify with the old knowledge so that your new knowledge has an anchor point and it is easier to remember. There are two types of our memory of new knowledge, the completely unfamiliar and the one with a certain foundation. It is slower for everyone to memorize new knowledge, and it will become much faster if there is a certain foundation. For example, the number of memorization of an English white-backed vocabulary by rote is quite limited. For a person with a relatively high level of English, memorizing the vocabulary will be much easier. When Xiaobai is memorizing, he has to memorize more blocks for each letter and each pronunciation. For those with basic knowledge, he will remember a lot less blocks. It is naturally easier to memorize less information. . Memory is also related to understanding. Knowledge that is not understood will be unfamiliar and difficult to be absorbed by the subconscious mind. Even if it is remembered at the time, it may not be able to be used, and it is easy to forget. Mathematics and Chinese will be easy to remember if you understand it in the same way. Attention in the memory process is the key to determining whether you can remember fast. If you are focused, you can remember quickly and accurately. Otherwise, forgetting will not make much sense. The Master of Memory of the World has a one-hour project during the competition, requiring players to remember more and more accurately, so pay attention to concentration is the most important thing. A little distraction can easily make mistakes and remember more for nothing. There are five senses for collecting information in life: sight, smell, taste, touch and hearing. If you can use these five senses in the memory process, you can strengthen your memory. The evolution of mankind has two talents that are inherited by adults, that is, they are more gifted with the image and the sense of space they see with their eyes. The sense of image and space are the greatest gift of memory given to mankind by God. The memory of the World Memory Master mainly relies on these two talents. So if you can use these two talents in life and learning and memory, you will get twice the result with half the effort. These two talents are especially useful for memorizing scattered information, one-to-many information. In addition, story drawing method and spatial positioning method are artifacts of memorizing articles. World memory masters memorize more than 100 ancient poems of the Tao Te Ching or other articles. Those who use this method, including the most powerful brain, challenge impossible players, all use these methods. In the final analysis, the factors that affect the speed and endurance of memory are your mastery of relevant old knowledge, the memory state of the memory process and whether it conforms to the rules of brain memory. Write a word at the end. God rewards hard work. Adequate memory practice and regular review are the key to improving memory mastery. Reading many books, knowing how many methods can not be solved, is the day of improvement only when this kind of thinking habit is formed after continuous use. . mutual encouragement

7 months ago

99% is not, but there is no way. Sharing a method: This method does not require learning any skills, and divides the content that needs to be memorized into segments. When my son was in fifth grade, he cried once after school. I only found out when I asked that he needed to recite a long text today, but he didn’t think he could recite it. I patted him “It’s okay, baby, eat first, mother will help you after dinner”. After eating, I said to him, go and recite the first paragraph, and then recite it to me. Just recite the first paragraph, that’s very simple! He came to me in less than three minutes. I said, go to memorize the second paragraph. He finished memorizing again. I said, look, you’ll recite two paragraphs in a while, you review these two paragraphs now, and then recite them to me. He also did. After that, I asked him to recite paragraph by paragraph. For paragraphs with too much content, I divided him up so that he could recite no more than five sentences at a time. Memorize twice and review once. In this way, in half an hour, the text was memorized. Then I divided the whole text into three parts, let him memorize part by part, and for the last time, recite the whole text. In this way, it turned out that the children thought that they could not complete the recitation task today, and they all recited all the tasks in the last fifty minutes. The child is very happy and has a sense of accomplishment. In fact, the children’s memory itself is not bad, but when they look at the content, they are scared. With a frightened mood, they will recite more slowly, or even can’t remember. Learn to help children reduce the difficulty, regulate their emotions, learn easily and enjoyably, and be more efficient!

7 months ago

This thing has nothing to do with IQ. I say goose, goose, goose, you will definitely take Xiang Tiange, so this has nothing to do with IQ, practice makes perfect. I am also a science student, but I have a habit of carrying things, that is, I have to eat my back, otherwise I can’t remember anything when I’m hungry, and I don’t do it in the morning. I agree that I go to bed later and I don’t want to get up early in the morning. My head is dizzy to memorize classical Chinese, English words, and so-and-so formulas. Everyone has different memorizing habits. After finding the trick, it is much easier. Nowadays, I can follow a whole article by saying the last sentence in many classical Chinese. , Reciting this thing is also easy to forget, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, half a month and a month to touch and take a look, after a long time, naturally, this thing has nothing to do with IQ, don’t worry about it.

7 months ago

I’ve been stupid since I was a kid, especially after I was in elementary school. I had memorized Tang poems at the age of three years ago. Although I don’t know the meaning of it, I have a good memory and can memorize it very quickly. My mother talked about this when I was an adult. At the time, I was stunned, feeling like I was talking about someone else, not myself. Because I only remember that I have learned poorly since elementary school, and my memory is even more terrible. Memorizing a text can kill people. Sometimes I think it may be because my poor comprehension ability of the texts leads to a big discount in recitation. I think memorizing a thing can be done with understanding. But I didn’t understand Tang poetry when I was three years old! Why is it so easy to memorize? I really don’t understand.

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