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I don’t know why, looking at this first sentence, the first thing that appeared in my mind was Shangguan Wan’er… probably because of the line in the king, which was impressive and very philosophical-Wei Feng started writing , The most powerful. Here are some lines for your reference. 2. The nature of nature is connected to the top, and the images of all kinds are taken down. 3. For the author, the sky is also; for the beautiful, the earth is also. 4. The pros and cons of the brush strokes determine the three ends of the magic, and the innocence of ink writes the mystery of six arts. 5. The seal method is round and energetic, and the grass falls down, eight out of which is dangerous, flying white and slim. 6. The first is to use the pen, the second is to know the situation, and the third is to bind, all three are combined, and then the book is used. 7. Those who are good at books have their own vibes, and give them their best. 8. Horizontal like a cloud of thousands of miles, folded like a crossbow hair. 9. Zihao has been folded… 10. Words are heartfelt words, and words are heart paintings. 11. Unstoppable momentum, unstoppable momentum. 12. No bones, no bones, what’s the use of writing. Two articles are included below, the author is unknown, intrusion and deletion! Beauty in troubled times-written to Shangguan Wan’er; Beauty in troubled times is nothing more than two paths. Either seize the opportunity and leave a timeless figure in history; or “Shang Huansha by the Toubai Creek”. Thousands of years ago, in the bloody and narrow “troubled times” of the Daming Palace, too many confidantes wrote history and engraved their names on the steles of this era. ——Record a great Tang! In the peaceful and prosperous age, there will be no stories of Ming Dynasty Yingzong rejecting the throne, only the shadow of swords and swords in the Ming Palace, and the faint smell of blood. In this era, there are no such talented women as Li Qingzhao, but only those women who have no name and no name but have been passed down for generations-they are good stories in the political arena, and the stories that have been told for more than a thousand years are still endless. Where is this troubled world? Which dynasty and generation, the blood without power? It’s just the word “Hongyan”. Who said that Datang has no talented women? It’s just that it’s more active in the political arena; it’s just that the style of the Tang Dynasty is too strong; it’s just that it’s not as famous as Wen Ji Ban Zhao. Li Taibai is ashamed of Wu Huang’s “Ru Yi Niang” song! Wasn’t it the Tang Dynasty’s first talented woman Shangguan Wan’er? ——Fortunately, she has a name and a surname. In Yeting, there are rough tea, light rice and linen cloth skirts, which can’t stop Wan’er’s talent. She is a talented woman who takes poetry as her heart, words as her soul, accompanied by the fragrance of ink-her talent is even better than her appearance, no one pays attention to her beauty and beauty, only the nobility and vulgarity brought by the scroll. This is true of Zhongzong, and so is Emperor Wu. Zheng Kaiyuan, rule Hongzhenguan. The fragrance flows to China, and the light is Kyushu. But when she saw the fourteen-year-old Wan’er, and saw Wan’er’s poems, she was also stunned. As a result, Wan’er was no longer imprisoned in the Tie Ting. But Wan’er was even more lonely. She doesn’t want to spend her life on the edict, she also needs love. But what love does she have? All in exchange are scars and shame. Everyone praises her plum blossom makeup, but under the plum blossom is loneliness and loneliness. What she ordered was not the richness of peony and crabapple, but plum blossoms, icy muscles, jade bones, and shadowy fragrance. Can the prosperous Daming Palace accommodate it? “Internal Prime Minister”, is the boundary between inside and outside so deep? What if Wan’er was not born in this era? ——Is that an ordinary lady? What if he was also born in the royal family? —— Then you can also deduce a legend of the “Emperor Princess”. But nothing. Isn’t she the result of her talent because of her beauty? It was not the Dahong wedding dress that greeted her—but the endless edict, and the flower cherisher who did not meet her—Li Longji’s knife was still glowing. Those who follow me prosper, those who oppose me perish. This is the king. Sure enough, it is the king. Her birth was wrong. Born in Yeting, the troubled times in the palace. She can’t even “do not love red outfits, love armed forces” or “not a treasured sword with a pearl”, she is just lonely. The king of Linzi rushed in! She, Shangguan Wan’er, how calm and calm is she? A paper edict, lightly submitted. Knife, swing down. When the dust settled, she gave the sky a smile. The last smile. She is lonely, and the words are also lonely. In troubled times, the two wrongly added up. Thousands of years later, a primary school student shook his head and recites a poem-“At the beginning of the Dongting under the leaf, I think about the monarch for thousands of miles. Lu Luongxiang is cold, and the moon is falling. If you want to play Jiangnan Song, you are greedy to seal Jibei Shu. In the book. I have no intentions, but leave home for a long time.” Since then, the text is no longer lonely. Under the peach blossom tree Shangguan Wan’er. The child was born with a beautiful appearance, his eyes were like autumn water, his lips were like pill, and he had the talent that an ordinary woman did not have. She was given a generous gift from heaven, but it was with these generous gifts that Wan’er died. ——Inscription In the prosperous dynasty of the Tang Dynasty, the culture and social atmosphere were open, especially when Empress Wu came to power, women could be in the same dynasty and officials like men. At the same time, many talented women emerged. Among them, Shangguan Wan’er was one of them. If you see it for the first time in life, what is the matter of Qiufeng Sad Painting Fan Wan’er entered the palace at the age of fourteen. Compared with Taiping, she is strong on the outside and too fragile on the inside. perseverance. Recalling that when I first met Shangguan Wan’er, she was wearing a pink dress, her bright eyes revealed wisdom, her cherries narrowed, and she was so beautiful that she could not eat the fireworks. I think Empress Wu also likes the fairy spirit in her bones. I still remember when she saw me for the first time, she just smiled, and a shallow Liwuo floated on her cheek, saying, this flower is blooming really well. With a smile, she envied countless people in the world, and turned away the sun and the moon. Wan’er, you can be as thrilling as you were once beautiful. The so-called beauties must be women who can pass the test of time, and they all have a lofty belief in their hearts, which shines more and more with the passage of time. For Wan’er, her belief is Empress Wu. Even though, Empress Wu is her foe who killed her father; even though Empress Wu forced her to be unable to marry all her life, she could only follow her by her side. She is still grateful to Wu Zetian, because since she followed Wu Zetian and came into contact with this ruthless politics, she began to understand the hardship and difficulty of this woman being an emperor. What made her admire even more was Wu Zetian’s extraordinary courage and boldness. What she was most grateful for was that Wu Wei treated her as her confidant and told her many things in her heart. As a result, Wan’er, who was still in her youth, began to come into contact with the cruel and bloody politics in her admiration for Wu Lu. Favor is coming to China and the spring is late. The only way is that it is different from Taiping when there are old friends. Wan’er often goes out of the palace, and every time she goes out of the palace, she comes back to see me. Sometimes, she sighed, sighed with the smallness of her own life, whispered, and talked to the best of the hardships of a woman. And more often, Wan’er came in tears, just like a jade man with pear blossoms and rain. And I listened to her cries silently, and listened to the helpless girl without saying a word. In fact, Wan’er, I really want to say that you are not a person in that palace. Instead of looking for your mother’s dream in that intriguing palace, you should be a mortal in the field. Don’t forget, Li Yizhi is still waiting for you. And Wan’er, after wiping away her tears, her eyes became cold. That year, just after the flowering period of the peach blossoms, the peach branches dried up quickly. Things are impermanent. The Taoist temple, which was originally prosperous, has also declined. A month later, Li Yizhi appeared in front of me. Removed the childishness and elegance of the eyebrows when he was young, he became more radiant. When he saw me, the first thing he said was that it was late. Then, he looked at me carefully, as if trying to find out Wan’er from me. Afterwards, his expression returned to normal. After that, he smiled slightly and said, Wan’er won’t see you anymore. Suddenly, my heart was shocked. He said softly that Wan’er had been killed by Li Longji on a charge of treason. Killed. That talented beauty? That exquisite and piercing woman? Like a flower leaf, she left quietly and peacefully. Memories began to spread, growing like vines. Wan’er, Wan’er, I call out softly. The wound in my heart was cut open. At this time, Li Yizhi left. His shadow was dragged by the setting sun, especially sad. Wan’er, I said, you are not in this palace. It’s just that I didn’t let Wan’er know. The flowers that bloomed in the morning still have no traces. The afterglow of the setting sun dyed the blue sky red. And there is an Iraqi who is long overdue.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

One stroke and one flick is steadiness, one left and one right is to take into account the upper and lower points, and the word is accommodating. The character is the responsibility to converge and not to be open and open. As for the tracing of red, my humble opinion: tracing is imitating, red is to cover color, newcomers Looking forward to the predecessors, the new red and the old red post are also very powerful; (PS: I only provide a few ideas that I think are possible. I haven’t written it for a while and I’m not sure, and there are many ideas, not just this one. , Candidates of Grade Two, relax, come on in the afternoon √)

7 months ago

I first took the pad and wrote a few herringbone characters, ugly. I found out the paper and pen that I hadn’t touched for a few months and wrote a few characters, still ugly. I think it’s because I didn’t use a writing brush. So I turned the moldy watercolor pen and wrote a few herringbone characters, still ugly. Look at people with rich meaning, and then look at me, a bunch of ugly people who make me wonder what people are. People who are different from people are always different. I hope everyone has a bright future, “Shan Shou”.

7 months ago

I sat in the office and thought about it. If it were, I would probably write: Life is a process full of forks. You have to constantly face choices throughout your life. Only by choosing the right path can young people have a brilliant life. Humans are social animals, and they cannot be made by themselves alone, so they need the support of ‘suppression’. People must learn to integrate into society and actively help others. I just read the complete title, and I think a better idea is to write according to the hints given by the picture: 1. Study hard in your youth, enrich your self-accumulation knowledge, not deliberately show off your edge, and make a fortune. 2. The middle age is not tempted by various factors and is on the right path. 3. Accumulate and make achievements in old age.

7 months ago

The word “person” cannot be written only in this way
This is the process of tracing red. You have planned how to write each stroke. Although each stroke has its meaning, doesn’t it also represent a life that is constrained and imprisoned. Life cannot have only one way of living. I think we can also rely on breaking the prejudice and living out of ourselves, and it should also produce good articles.

7 months ago

Let me talk a little bit about my interpretation of the essay questions in the second volume of the country: Judging from the text interpretation of the three pictures, I guess it represents the three stages of life. Because writing has a beginning, a middle and a ending, I think it is to tell us about the life. , Don’t be too sharp when you are young, you must know how to keep your time and your time; when you are middle-aged, you must not be disturbed by the temptation of the outside world, you must know how to stick to your inner principles, and be fair; in your later years, you must know not to fight or grab, do things slowly and calmly I can only guess what it means.) The last tracing I think implies a complete and meaningful life, because the characters have color. Then there is the overall framework, which should guide students to be as steadfast as writing. At every stage of life, they must pay attention to and value their own growth and development, from childhood to adulthood, in order to obtain a beautiful and valuable life. I don’t know if it’s right, I’m just a little bit insightful, speculative, if I have a good idea, you can also give me some pointers in the comment section.

7 months ago

If you regard the three strokes as three attitudes to life. Starting against the front, it should be the most powerful stroke. The pen for the center should be the most practical stroke. Stagnant and roundabout, weaker, but also able to get ahead. So when should you go against the front in your life? When should the center be? When should we detour? Naturally, life is a counter-forward when starting a pen, a center when using a pen, and stagnation and roundabout when ending a pen. Is it okay to use only one stroke in life? This can be linked to the reality of society, and it is impossible to rush for quick success and quick profit in the face of everything. It is also impossible to “lie down” and “Buddhism” in the face of anything. Life has to use different brushwork according to different situations to achieve the most perfect life. When we are competing, we are not afraid of competition and work hard, but when we need to wait, we should also wait for it to come out with the mentality of being able to slowly return to the street when it is time to wait. Only in this way can we have the most balanced and fulfilling life.

7 months ago

If I write, I will write about the accumulation of life, and I must pay attention to learning to accumulate my own value in my youth, and not to be too impetuous. One touch and one flick to achieve life, only by being down-to-earth can you look up at the stars (this sentence can be used as a topic). Hidden without leaking, impartial, slowly come out as three arguments to analyze, and finally a short summary. In the middle, we can cite some examples of silent efforts to achieve late blooming. In ancient times, you can write Jinwen Gong Xionger or Bailixi’s late blooming. In modern times, we write about Huawei’s accumulated scientific research strength from weak to strong. At the end of the article, there is a summary, the total form of the total score. At the very least, I think that writing the basic disk in this way is not off the track, and the level of writing depends on the skill of the text.

7 months ago

Analysis The strokes of the character “person” in this question correspond exactly to the three stages of a person’s journey to success. The first picture: “Start writing against the front, hiding but not leaking”, which means that people will always encounter a lot of setbacks when doing a thing. At this time, you must know how to converge and stay humble. Do things down-to-earth. The second picture: “The center forwards with a pen and is impartial.” At this time, people have already reached the halfway point. At this time, we must be firm in our direction and move forward in a straight line impartially and directionally. The third picture: “Stagnation and detour, slowly emerge.” Generally, when the fruits of victory come, we are often faced with a huge crisis. At this time, we must stop and think carefully about countermeasures. The purpose of detour is not to stagnate, but to move forward more solidly. The last step is taken one step at a time, so the fourth picture of “slowly coming forward”: 1. I think it can be a vision for the whole life, as a blueprint for understanding; 2. It can also be used as a time for life or a certain history Looking back, using history as a mirror, you can understand the gains and losses, sum up the experience and lessons from the past experience, re-improve yourself, and set out again. The big aspect: review and look forward to the country’s development history, summarize the past experience, and make decisions for the future Expectations; small aspects: combined with their own development and learning from history, explain their own shortcomings at this stage, and showcase the ideals and ambitions of young people in the new era

7 months ago

When communicating with your boss, you need to always grasp the level of speech, induce the boss to say his thoughts and then praise it. This means that Zangfeng and his colleagues should not engage in small groups and establish a good image with a neutral and fair attitude. The younger generation of employees must show sufficient care and patience, but they must also have the majesty and responsibility of being the seniors, and establish prestige among them. This is called a roundabout and finally promoted to make money under popular expectations. This is called the red line idea for reference only. , Please correct me

7 months ago

1. Title: “Appreciation of Calligraphy, Understanding of Life” Beginning: the first use of brush, the second consciousness, the third binding, all three, and then it is a book. This is true of calligraphy, and so is life. The middle three paragraphs: 1. Use the pen: start the pen against the peak, hide it without revealing it, and get the best. +Example 2. Awareness of momentum: Before, I kept a low profile, just for the center forward to show his strength with his pen. +Example 3. Wrapped bundle: The strength of the wind is already possessed, and the strength of the whole body is praised. It is round and steady, and the pen is closed. +Example ending: It is like a thousand miles of clouds, folded like a crossbow. May our lives live up to our youth, without regrets. 2. Title: “A Brief Talk on Shangguan Wan’er’s Voice Design and the Origin of Lianzhao” Conception: I haven’t thought about it yet~

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