According to Japan’s TV Asahi, on the morning of the 7th, Japan’s Olympic Committee Accounting Minister Yasushi Moriya jumped onto a subway track at a subway station in Shinagawa, Tokyo, and was hit by the subway to his death. The police preliminarily concluded that it was suicide. (World Wide Web)

If you take this matter out separately and include it as “I am under a lot of pressure at work, I especially don’t want to go to work on Monday morning, so I jumped and committed suicide”. But what is sensitive is his identity: as the head of the accounting department of the Japan Olympic Committee (JOC). More sensitively, the time when he jumped and committed suicide was just two days ago, on June 5th, when the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee’s shady operation of funding was reported by the current staff. It has always been rumored that the labor cost of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is ridiculously expensive. A person’s daily remuneration is 350,000 yen, which is equivalent to about 20,000 yuan. As soon as the Olympic Organizing Committee’s front foot was seriously denied in the Congress, the back foot was exposed and slapped in the face by incumbents. The remuneration of 350,000 yen per person per day is indeed inaccurate, and the Olympic Organizing Committee did not deny that it was wrong. Because the real amount is: 800,000 yen! It is equivalent to about 47,000 yuan. The one who does the measurement of the stadium operation plan, his work includes the preparation of the business part, the operation and coordination of the business part. Each part has a separate payment price. The operation plan of the arena is measured and calculated for 250,000 yen; the preparation of the business is calculated for 350,000 yen; for the overall operation, it is calculated for 200,000 yen. Such a coincidence, all items add up to a salary of 800,000 yen per person per day. In addition, the Olympic Organizing Committee entrusted advertising agencies to manage the Olympic venues. The commission fee is 3.5 billion yen, of which 10%, or 350 million yen, is paid to the advertising agency as a management fee. More mysteriously, the advertising agency designated Dentsu. Other companies have no way to participate in the bidding and want to share a piece of the cake, only to pick up the subcontracted work. It’s strange to spend so much money. What if that is not enough? Whistleblower: The Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the country will pay for it, and the tax will be used to fill it. Unlike the central bureaucrats, many people in the Olympic Organizing Committee are ordinary civil servants sent by the local government to cooperate with them. Although I have seen the trick of political and business collusion, I have never seen such a huge amount of money and such an arrogant and cold-blooded approach. Whistleblower: The new crown epidemic has caused the unemployment rate to rise, and the people are struggling. At a time when how to provide assistance is particularly important, they are using the people’s taxes to make money. I was suffering in my heart and it was very painful. Why do ordinary people disapprove of hosting the Olympics, and even the experts invited by the government can’t bear to advise that it is “very dangerous”, while the Japanese government is determined to do it? Some people in power are using the “Tokyo Olympics” to lay eggs and make a fortune. Why don’t you do it! On June 5, the current staff of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee publicly reported funding problems. On June 7, the accounting minister of the Japanese Olympic Committee Yasushi Moriya jumped the rails and committed suicide. You said it was a coincidence? In the first two years of the Moriyou Academy (almost no money, selling state-owned land to individuals), the employee in the Finance Bureau who knew the truth about the information had to commit suicide because he knew too much. The funding problem of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee is far from being as simple as water injection. The issue of reselling public land involved in it is even more exaggerated than that of Moriyou Academy. On the grounds that the land used for the Olympics is in the public interest, all land in Tokyo was bought at one-tenth of the market price. And the Tokyo Metropolitan Government will pay for the land to be processed “more” (processed into a state where construction can begin). In such a cheap place, only one group bids. This group is composed of a number of large real estate developers, hehe, there is no opponent to raise the price. Fully realize the open black box operation. If investigating funds becomes the fuse, one day you will find the Secretary of Accounting Moriya Yasushi: Who on earth gave him the order. Only when he is dead, that “who” can always be just “who?”. So, he committed suicide. Everything is up to this point. Can’t you see the determination of the Japanese government to hold the Olympics regardless of it? The interest groups behind are the real decision makers. From hoarding land to bribing the members of the International Olympic Committee to successfully bid for the Olympics, they have worked together for so many years and spent so much money to earn more.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

sure. The Tokyo Olympics is not a matter of money. With the enthusiasm of Tokyo people, the Olympics can be run very well. It is nothing more than paying more taxes, enjoying less social welfare, more corporate financial expenditures, small business reorganization, various support clubs and local organizations working hard and everyone will be happy. I think the performance of TEPCO is very good. Although there are fewer and fewer volunteers, there are still many human resources in the vibrant organizations in the Kanto region, such as the Kanto Yamaguchi team. Taking a step back, there are not many athletes and spectators in this Olympic Games. With Japan’s human resources foundation, it will definitely be able to cope with it easily. It is really not possible, and various trainees, international students or foreigners in Japan can also go. As a civil servant, Moritani-san, it is normal for Japanese people to have more pressure at work. There is no surprise. It is better to say that there are people of his level who can’t stand it. It surprised me. I thought it was last year. How damn it. What a pity, he was a good man before his death, and I believe his wife and children will be taken care of by the leaders.

7 months ago

It is recommended to add an accounting major in the future after knowing to persuade people. Let’s look back at the three Olympic Games since 2008: London, Rio de Janeiro, and Tokyo. Are there more bad things than one? For example, the accommodation conditions for athletes in the Brazilian Olympics are shown in the figure below. If the Olympics are not well run, being poor is only one aspect, and more importantly, it lacks strong organizational and mobilization capabilities. You can say that Brazil has caught up with the “middle income trap” and caused the economic downturn, but Japan and the United Kingdom are properly capitalist powers. To put it bluntly, it is a typical “China trip, I can do it”, and I do it better than China. Happiness is always contrasted. Only when the capitalist country collapses can the people feel the good of socialism firsthand. There will be more and more things like this in the future, and everyone has to adapt gradually without making a fuss.

7 months ago

Check corruption first. The previous 450 million yen in epidemic prevention subsidies can be used to embezzle 25 million to build sculptures for tourism. The key is how can this broken statue be worth 1.38 million yuan? If there is no corruption, it will be a ghost. Of course, there is a tradition of corruption in Japan, and even the qualifications for hosting are stolen by bribery. So far, the Japanese government has invested a total of 1,644 billion yen. Is it strange that you say that there are 20 billion in expenditure? Why did the head of the accounting department have an accident? We currently don’t know his travel plan, but the place of the accident was at Nakanobu Station on the Asakusa Line in Tokyo, at 9:30 a.m. It’s always late for work, right? The location of the incident is the location of the circle. The address of the Japanese Olympic Committee is at the Kishi Memorial Gymnasium in Shibuya District. I don’t know if he works for the Japanese Olympic Committee. So far I have found out so much, let’s see if there is more information

7 months ago

Each country’s Olympic Games will promote some of its own culture and show its unique colors. Japan is no exception. The starting point is a wave of Japanese gambling against the epidemic, and then a wave of Japanese shady swallowing funds, and then the Japanese style can’t keep it up, pushing individuals to voluntarily come out to die, and the way to commit suicide is also the most Japanese style. Jumping tram. This series of operations itself is a large-scale Olympic opening ceremony, which is much more interesting than the Beijing opening ceremony. I would like to call it the strongest opening ceremony.

7 months ago

suicide? Don’t worry about it.
When I was on a business trip in Japan, a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Finance committed suicide for Abe’s Moriyu Academy.
Shinjuku was so exciting and crowded that there was an anti-Abe parade, and I went to join in the fun.
Japan’s old traditions have bowed, resigned, and committed suicide.

7 months ago

Let’s take a look at the two key points of this issue, why this news can be ranked first in Zhihu’s hot list. Previously, the United States issued the highest level of warning for traveling to Japan, and even the sides of the hot list were not enough. 1. More than a month before the Olympics, a senior member of the Japanese Olympic Committee committed suicide. 2. This senior is the head of accounting. So this has to make everyone fanciful. Let me talk about the first one. Japanese people often commit suicide by lying on rails. The Sobu Line that I did when I was working in Japan, committed suicide by lying on rails at least once a week, but few people were able to get on the news. At this point, the high level of the Olympic Committee committed suicide, undoubtedly a major blow to the development of the Olympic Games. The attitude of the Japanese government is still business as usual! Although extremely unreliable. In terms of the epidemic, the emergency situation has not been cancelled. The number of people infected in Tokyo yesterday exceeded 300. According to Japanese standards, it will be resolved in about a week. But this state is not the state of the Olympic Games at all. This is the latest public survey released yesterday. Both are Japanese authoritative investigation agencies. The results are almost the same. Basically, it can be said that half of the support for the Olympic Games and half of the hope to be postponed or cancelled are much better than the previous survey results. The highlight is coming, let’s take a look at the second point. The identity of the suicide is the Minister of Accounting. The first reaction in my mind when I saw this news was the scene in the Japanese TV series. Coincidentally, the heroine of the Japanese TV series is Yui Aragaki, who has brushed a wave of traffic before. She and Sakai Masato starred in “Victory Is Justice”. A Japanese politician’s financial secretary committed suicide in order to conceal the facts of the politician Shouhui. There is no evidence of his death. I’m not an insider and I don’t know anything. You can make up your own mind. Welcome to comment and communicate with me.

7 months ago

I personally have a bad premonition. The Tokyo Olympics seems to have been cursed. The outbreak of the new crown epidemic delayed the match for a year. Then Yoshiro Mori’s discriminatory remarks against women caused an uproar and led to a change of players halfway through. When the epidemic cannot be controlled for a long time, the Olympics are still going to be held. Most public opinion is not optimistic. In this way, the Yomiuri Shimbun has “hardened” a poll to prove that those who want to start the Olympics are higher than those who do not want to. 2 % This time it involved the problem of internal staff collecting money. If you can’t help it, you can only abandon your pawns to protect your handsome. The Olympics should not be opened. Considering the nihilism of Japanese-style epidemic prevention, you can’t even do all the tests. Pile of infected people are hiding in the people, and the poison kings from all over the world will gather together again, and the consequences cannot be imagined.

7 months ago

This term of prime minister will definitely have to be done during the term of office. At least it should be said that Japan’s current investment in the Olympic Games is already too great, from site selection, demolition, construction, maintenance to personnel deployment, plus the expenditure on epidemic prevention. There is input from sponsors. According to public data a year ago, three trillion yen, or about 27 billion U.S. dollars, had been invested at that time. At this time, this figure can only be doubled and cannot be reduced. Such a large sunk cost, unless one person or A group of people (and must be high-level Japanese political circles) are willing to sacrifice everything they own, stand up and demand that the Olympics be stopped, stop losses in time, and then use their own efforts to overthrow the entire parliament and the interest groups that have formed. Looking at the information provided by other respondents, it is not difficult to see that interest groups have been formed within the Japanese government regarding the hosting of the Olympics. The only variable is whether the Prime Minister himself participates in it or not. If he participates, it is estimated that one term will step down, and then come up for another consideration. Whether or not to stop, at least promote the closure, because the suspension of the Olympic Games under the huge pressure of people’s livelihood is a good point of public opinion to attract votes. If the prime minister is not involved, he will step down for one term, and then desperately push for the closure before stepping down, giving himself a good reputation. But in any case, this prime minister is probably the most unlucky one in history. Almost all the problems that can blow up the government have let him catch up.

7 months ago

Do friends who watch Japanese TV dramas find it familiar? Isn’t this a recurrence of the suicide of a senior bank in Hansawa Naoki 2 (the fourth volume of the novel)? Ribs: The background story of Naoki Hansawa 2 5-What is the suicide of the bank executives? It is not clear how deep this Olympic Committee Accounting Minister is, at least it is a pawn that is forced to deal with vested interests and Olympic affairs. Dare to commit suicide in the subway station shows that he may have the idea to make the truth public, and that he wants the public to pay attention to the ugly faces of the capitalists hidden under the water.

7 months ago

Don’t blame Uncle Pan for speaking straightforwardly. The water here is too deep for the Japanese Olympic Committee. You can’t grasp it.
Because you are young, you have no experience, you don’t understand.
There is a team that does a good job of real fraudulent accounts, and a good real team will check it out for you. You don’t have to worry about it, and he will write you a guarantee behind the scenes.
This is to find someone to carry the pot for you.
If you don’t listen to Uncle Pan, it’s over now, and you’ll be relieved in one fell swoop.

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