The goddess is really old, probably because of various problems such as his own facial features and maintenance. After getting older, the appearance of the goddess tends to be flat. There is really no way to compare with when he was young. There is a lot of difference. According to some people’s analysis, it is the advantage of one’s own five sense organs when they are young, but not when they are old. In fact, I also feel very different from when I was young. However, you can still see the agile shadow of that year, after all, the temperament has not changed. If I want to talk about plastic surgery, I don’t think it… If I grow up to 50, I will wake up with a smile. After all, the heroic spirit between my eyebrows is still there even though I am old. Looking at the photos, you will find that those eyes and pair of eyebrows have not changed for so many years. The problem is mainly in the lower half of the face. Of course, I would like to believe that it is natural to age. It is said that the goddess had a car accident several years ago and had to be repaired. Of course it’s hard to tell whether it’s true or false. I actually hope it’s false… I hope she lives well in a foreign country. Of course, if it is really unfortunate, plastic surgery is also excusable. Wait, why should I be forgiven for interceding? …The goddess has been in shadow for 15 years. After being an ordinary person for so long, she no longer belongs to this circle. Whatever she wants to do is her own freedom. We have no right to interfere. After all, when the goddess decided to stop the shadow, she said that she had left the best side to the audience. During her 20 years in filming, she has created countless classics, and has dedicated her youth to countless outstanding works. We really have no right to criticize her now. Regarding fans’ awkward questions… In an interview a few years ago, Zu Xian sobbed and said that he saw a lot of bad comments (I guess there must be news about plastic surgery), and also saw fans working hard to maintain… Really, very distressed. We are so embarrassed that we don’t want her to be added up with bad words for so many years, so that she can see that there are actually so many people who have been loving you and supporting you for so many years. You are still very beautiful. Don’t pay attention to the rumors. . After all, the goddess is really…too miserable…Although the goddess is very rich (after all, he is also a person who paid more than 10 million Hong Kong dollars in the 1990s), but it is really lonely to be alone in a foreign country for so many years. If you haven’t filmed for 800 years, you will still be caught It’s really pulled out and stepped on, and was spread rumors… And it’s actually not that disabled, right? ? ? To say that I can only accept the disability is for my youth, after all, it was also a magnificent one. If you say that a grocery shopping aunt on the side of the road is better than Wang Zuxian, me? ? ? This face is more than 50 years old and it is full of collagen. If we don’t know the young Wang Zuxian, and see a person in his 50s who looks like this, our first reaction should be “Wow, so young.” So it’s not that “ugly” in itself. Our fans add some filters to the goddess who has been amazing for years. In fact, it’s okay for everyone to normally say “different from when you were young”. After all, this is the truth… But now some people on the Internet are still scolding, saying what old women, ugly women, fuck your mother? ? ? For this kind of person, I just want to say that when they were young, they beat your ancestors for 18 generations, Asia’s number one beauty with beautiful legs, 172 (more than) height, superior family background, countless classic works and a large number of fans and not in the arena. For a long time, there are still legends of her in the rivers and lakes, all the 18th generations of your ancestors. Don’t mention the 20-year-old Wang Zuxian, you can’t compare to the 50-year-old Wang Zuxian, rubbish. Persuade Heizi to accumulate some virtuous things. He has been succumbing to the shadows for so many years, and he has been a god, and he hasn’t provoke you to provoke you. I will kill you if I meet this kind of person again. Second revision: 52’s Wang Zuxian’s mental outlook is still very good. What I said at the beginning is not comparable to when he was young because he was too young when he was young. After all, you can’t stay the same for 30 years, right? But there is still a spike among people of the same age, and I don’t think it is so much worse than the female stars of the same age, and note that Wang Zuxian’s identity is now: amateur. After reading some answers, it seems that the big gap between us is due to the five senses of the goddess. I chose to accept this statement. In any case, she is the unique and unparalleled goddess in my heart. Sanxiu: The goddess didn’t like makeup when she was young, and even more so now. It’s great without makeup. If the makeup is slightly modified, it is still the same. Fourth repair: (I don’t know why I have to modify it so many times, maybe because I like Wang Zuxian too much) I went to Post Bar again and took a closer look. I don’t think my face is stiff at all, but it’s super beautiful. But I don’t know why sometimes the angle problem makes the facial features of the goddess very strange, but it’s still great!


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Wherever you are, isn’t it just getting old naturally? When a person gets old, the eyes will collapse, the corners of the mouth will be pulled down, the nostrils will be enlarged, and the apple muscles will disappear. Who can look good in this case. When Wang Zuxian was young, his reputation was so great that people always expected her to be too high. It seems that a peerless beauty shouldn’t be old, is she getting old when she is old, but she retired at the peak of her appearance, so she is in contrast to the present It’s too big. Those who said she had plastic surgery come and go are just those black fans. If you don’t believe it, watching her last film, at that time, the appearance is no longer good, and I first saw the clues.

7 months ago

Why bother to entangle her looks, and to fault her? What if she does have plastic surgery? What if she really becomes ugly? She no longer belongs to the entertainment circle of right and wrong, and no longer has the obligation to keep beautiful under the spotlight, she is just a woman who is willing to live a healthy and happy life. In her own words, “Wang Zuxian is just a name, and it’s nightfall now, there are no stars”. The important thing is that she once left her most beautiful face to the movie, and to us, the beauty of the good day, and the pleasure of it. As long as the movie is still there, her beauty is a scene that will never fade. As long as we remember, that amazing and joyful heart that this name once brought to us is enough. So, let the goddess grow old naturally, I won’t mind what you become. Perhaps many years later, when I ran into a gray-haired old lady on the street, I would walk up to her with excitement like a teenager and say to her in as steady a tone as possible: “Hi, Joey Wang, my goddess, thank you for giving My most beautiful time.”

7 months ago

Many people say that she is old and unsightly. But isn’t the natural law of birth-grow-up-age-death? Why can’t you accept a person’s old age? Is it because she is no longer the one she was in the impression? In the final analysis, it is the sense of gap between expectations and memory. There are many old men and women in the entertainment industry, such as Lin Zhiying and Lin Chiling. They use various methods to make themselves look young. There are often pictures of male and female celebrities taking pictures with classmates and peers. The difference is too great. People lament that they are not gods. They will grow old, and other people grow old too quickly, but they didn’t realize that normal aging is actually like those next to them. Years will not pity you because of whether you are beautiful or not, but getting older is just moving towards another kind of beauty.

7 months ago

In the past, her inner corners of the eyes could be covered with epidermis, and the pink flesh was revealed after opening the corners of her eyes. If the epidermis is severe, opening the corners of the eyes is fine, but Wang Zuxian’s eyebrows are already very good, and there is no need to toss. In fact, what she needs to deal with most is her protruding mouth and buck teeth. This is fine when she is young, but it is more troublesome when she is old. The beauty is three-pointed, and it’s okay to have a slightly protruding mouth when you are young. It can increase the girl’s charm and look innocent and innocent.

7 months ago

Everyone has their own aesthetic preference. I like Wang Zuxian’s mouth, especially in ancient costumes. No one can match him. I have watched the video of Wang Zuxian’s early promotion in South Korea, inverting all sentient beings, all kinds of customs, really is a natural born female celebrity. If I want to find a long-haired actress who can compare with Wang Zuxian’s most glamorous period, I have only one in my mind, Quan Jixian. Every time I go to Ktv, I would click on Qi Qin’s cliffs, without singing, I just silently admire Wang Zuxian on the screen. Wang Zuxian has an epoch-making face. It looks very modern regardless of whether it is seen in the last century or today. Beauty is universal, and I sometimes think that it is appropriate to put her in a Japanese movie and act as an imperial sister. When I was in junior high school, the new English teacher in the class was a bit like Wang Zuxian, visually over 168, with long and black hair, thick eyebrows, and a small hook on the tip of his nose. He spoke softly in class and often had male classmates pretending to go up the stairs. The shoelaces were loose, in fact, in order to wait for her to pass by. Her arrival made the boys in the school feel happy, and the girls in the school worshiped together. Looking at the school flowers, it is not worth mentioning. In her class, I couldn’t learn anything. Everyone was engrossed in her beauty. My biggest wish at that time was to get a photo of her, and I would not object to signing Wang Zuxian. At that time, we couldn’t imagine her coming together with any ordinary male. That picture can only be described by Zhu Gong Cabbage. With the passage of time, her real face has been blurred, thinking that she would automatically bring in the face of Wang Zuxian, and when she mentioned her old classmates, they would unanimously say: What happened to the English teacher Wang Zuxian? She should be half a hundred by now. I heard that she is married to a physical education teacher. A little comfort is better than marrying a math teacher who looks like Feng Xiaogang, speaks with bulging teeth, or likes to pull all kinds of underwear. The physics teacher on the belt is strong.

7 months ago

Wang Zuxian is really the white moonlight in my heart. But I remember that I saw a very old revelation that Wang Zuxian had done it. But I forgot exactly where it was. It is said that many old Hong Kong stars have plastic surgery. For example, Qiu Shuzhen had plastic surgery and quit the beauty contest after being reported by others. This is only the part that was discovered, and a lot has not been discovered. There is also the whole chest of Ye Zimei. I don’t know the true or false. However, Wang Zuxian is very rich now, and she doesn’t need to work anymore if she doesn’t have plastic surgery.

7 months ago

These are old questions from many years ago, and they have been turned out again. I can only say with certainty that when I was young, I didn’t make it. It really looks like a natural one. I think she is so beautiful, and the fans are blowing her if she is not good-looking. There is nothing wrong with her. The aesthetics are all my own, and we respect each other. If you feel beautiful, don’t force Amway everywhere. If you feel unbeautiful, don’t have to go to ky. After leaving the circle, I didn’t make any adjustments. I want to laugh at this question. why? Fans are generally less likely to ask this question. Those who can ask are basically not in good faith. They are neutral, and they are not malicious. They are also gossip and gossip. If you leave the circle, you will be an amateur. You can regard her as your neighbor’s eldest sister, aunt, or old lady. A woman next door, if you stare at the person, you have to figure out that the other person has no plastic surgery. It is unnecessary to gossip. Some people may say that you are too inexorable to speak like this. With all due respect, how many times has Wang Zuxian stepped up and said, please don’t disturb her life anymore and stop gossiping about her? He even shed tears about it. At this time, why no one came out to preside over justice, please let an amateur, let her live the life she wants. You have to say that I am a fan of Wang Zuxian, right or wrong. I do like her and think she is beautiful, but now I have not done everything that fans should do. I didn’t say anything about it. Even her post was only seen three or four years ago. There are not many photos of her in the phone. There are more than 20,000 photo albums on my phone, and Wang Zuxian has about one or two. . In the current fan circle, I didn’t eat a bite of the meal, and I refused to force the meal, so according to the standard of 20 or 30 years ago, I may be considered half a fan. According to the current standard, I can only count. A good passerby. So there is no need to hold a fandom. Some people insist on saying that her deformed face is a sequelae of cosmetic surgery when she was young. In fact, you are happy, as long as you do not intend to let others agree with this conclusion, you can convince yourself by whatever you want. But the fact is that her face is so short-lived. After she retreats, she will let her go as she wants to toss. If I was too beautiful when I was young, and when I was old, the face value that was visible to the naked eye would drop, so that I could calm my mind. I might not be able to make her so calm, and I don’t know how to toss it. At that time, if someone came out to gossip and compare the photos before and after posting, I would give it to him with two big eyes. The old lady has retired, and she’s an amateur, so you don’t care how I toss myself.

7 months ago

From the overall point of view, it is still the same. Don’t forget, she was born in 67 years. I’m 54 years old, and it’s commendable to be able to keep this way and see the shadow of the past. Beauty is late, and time will change a person’s face, but it will not change the person’s essence. Wang Zuxian, just for fans who like her. It starts with appearance and ends with quality. Even if she has a plastic surgery, it will not affect her position in the hearts of fans. Besides taking pictures, who is a little awkward and talks about plastic surgery when there is no blurring? No need to. Like it or like it, or don’t like it.

7 months ago

In the 1980s and 1990s, when there were no filters, no beauty, and even cosmetic surgery, there were too many beauties with their own characteristics and grace, but Wang Zuxian was the only one who could truly be called a “peerless beauty” . Director Tsui Hark once said: My greatest achievement in movies is to turn Brigitte Lin into a man and Wang Zuxian into a ghost! In “A Chinese Ghost Story”, Wang Zuxian perfectly restored Pu Songling’s Nie Xiaoqian, fascinating and soft and sexy. Who would not have a feeling of pity when I saw it? Recently, a group of photos of Wang Zuxian wearing a deep V skirt with suspenders have made many people see Wang Zuxian on the other side. No wonder Ni Yishu said, “It only takes a few seconds, and she can amaze everything. People, as long as they see, all follow their shadows. “It is true that even after many years, the beauty of Wang Zuxian will still make people feel heartbeat. It is undeniable that the appearance of Wang Zuxian has really surprised an entire era. Regrettably, Wang Zuxian has already withdrawn from the entertainment circle. If she is still in the circle, then Zhao Yazhi, Guan Zhilin, Carina Lau and others must all stand aside! “Years are still invincible beauty” than this!

7 months ago

Seeing that Heizi is really speechless in embarrassment, I want to know why Wang Zuxian didn’t age naturally, but had a facelift? Why is she going for plastic surgery? Isn’t it normal for beauty to be late, to be born, old, sick, and to die? The goddess is also human, and she will naturally grow old. Some people say that many celebrities will go for plastic surgery to ensure that their appearance will attract more traffic attention, so Wang Zuxian also has a plastic surgery. According to this logic, Wang Zuxian has a plastic surgery. Is the next step to come back? If Wang Zuxian returns, then I will support her plastic surgery. As long as Wang Zuxian did not say that she was coming back, I would never believe her plastic surgery. 1. If she didn’t come back, she couldn’t make money without traffic, so I believe she didn’t have plastic surgery. 2. She is not short of money and does not come back. What is the meaning of plastic surgery to her? 3. The black heart marketing account is here to make a shit stick, just to create the goddess’s public opinion to win traffic, and think that he is very nb. The attitude towards the goddess is “beginning with appearance and being loyal to quality” I very much agree with. No matter what she becomes, she always looks like Nie Xiaoqian in my eyes.

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