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I have a lot of things to say, and the high praise big guys in the front have said a lot of what I want to say. Let me mention something else, a bit of personal experience. I am an ordinary person from a remote red city on the east coast of the motherland. Before I grew up, I had not been out of my hometown of Yancheng in the first 20 years of my life. I lived in a small town with a radius of less than 10 kilometers most of the time. But even so, in this country of 1.4 billion people, I can still have the opportunity to walk out of the small village and reach all corners of the motherland. When I was in middle school, a map of China was often hung at home, and I often fantasized about going out of Yancheng to other places. And this wish will not be possible until 12 years after leaving home to study abroad. Then the world came alive, and I also had the opportunity to go to the distance to see those cities that only appeared on the map in the textbook. How big is China? I started cycling from Suzhou to Guangzhou by one month and five days in February, 2018, with a journey of 2400km. During the long journey, from north to south, we traversed plains, hills, mountains, rivers and lakes. The temperature ranges from cold to hot, riding all the way south, and the flowers blooming all the way, and it goes through three seasons in a month, winter, spring and summer. Because I used to study in my hometown, I never saw the sea before I was 24, even though I lived in a coastal city. Although it is a coastal area, mine is still a long way from the Yellow Sea. Even if I reach the Yellow Sea, the coastline continues for dozens of miles, and it is yellow sand. So I was born by the sea, but I have hardly eaten seafood, and I have never seen the sea, but I have eaten some mud snails. Later, I rode around and boarded Zhoushan Island. When I took the ferry, I saw the white fleet from a distance. For the first time, the Chinese People’s Navy appeared in front of me, but when the ferry crossed the strait, I still couldn’t see the blue sea. When I rode to Xiamen, I saw the blue sea shown on TV for the first time, but it was more than a thousand kilometers away from Zhoushan. How big is China? In half of China, there are 22 cities along the southeast coast, four provinces including Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. I traversed countless dialect districts, provided supplies and rested in countless roadside shops, restaurants, and hotels, but I didn’t bring any auxiliary tools. I could pass through with only a little Mandarin with a local accent. Their house is no different from my hometown, and their appearance is similar to mine. They also live by the river, they also grow rice, wheat, sugarcane, plantain, and cabbage. I saw the sugar cane in the field for the first time, and I also took photos. China is so big, so big that this ride surpassed my imagination. I headed south by myself and used a bicycle to measure the vastness of the motherland, which is less than half of China, and I have been cycling for 35 days. I headed south alone, through the plains and hills, and then entered Fujian to travel through the mountains. I turned a few mountains in a day. On the way down, I looked at the city of Fuzhou, which was full of lights under the mountain, and I was shocked. (Unfortunately, the photo is unsuccessful) I am heading south by myself, and the ordinary road is my portrayal. I have crossed the mountains and the sea and crossed the sea of ​​people. Everything that I have ever had disappeared in a blink of an eye. I was once disappointed and lost in all directions. Knowing that seeing the ordinary is the only answer, I am heading south by myself. This is my answer. Expanded reading A ride to Guangzhou-Ordinary Road Recorded on March 27, 2018, revised on August 6. Today I am finally free, and I can finally sit calmly in front of the computer and sort out some of my recent events. A while ago, on February 11th, I started cycling from Suzhou all the way south to Guangzhou. The whole route is from Suzhou to Wuxi, and then to the coast of Taihu Lake, to the bottom of the landmark Xiaomanyao Pagoda in Guangzhou. The whole journey is about 2400KM+ and it takes 35 days. It passes through 22 cities in 4 provinces, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and Guangdong. This trip to Guangzhou was quite accidental. It was decided on February 8th to borrow a car from my brother on the 9th and return to Suzhou on the 10th. Prepared some brief equipment, and set off on the morning of the 11th without doing the Raiders. I have never ridden a long distance before, and the longest one in a day was only less than 90km. It may be due to the results of my exercise. Although there is not much effect in losing weight on my own, there are still potential enhancements to physical fitness. Except for the mountain roads in the mountainous areas of Zhejiang and Fujian, the whole trip didn’t give me too many challenges. In the last few days, I could even ride 150km+ a day. Of course, this data can only represent myself, and it can’t be compared with professional cyclists. In the traditional sense, I am an unusually conservative and conservative person. In my first two decades, I set foot in Suzhou and Nantong from my hometown because I went to university. Because I didn’t set foot in Jiangsu Province for the first time for an internship in Zhejiang until after I graduated. The circle of my life for many years is actually very small. No matter whether it was before or now, I am a person who is not keen on traveling, not keen on all kinds of group activities, a person who does not “play” in the eyes of ordinary people. Of course, these are restricted by some objective factors. Generally speaking, I would never do something “out of the ordinary” of riding to Guangzhou by myself. Looking back, at this time, I will delve into why I went to Guangzhou. The reason is actually untestable. As far as I am concerned, the ups and downs along the way make it difficult for me to tell everyone why I went to Guangzhou. It is also difficult for me to say clearly what ignited my own unscrupulous choice. It doesn’t matter if you ride alone, go to Guangzhou, or do other things. The trip itself is actually no big deal, for me it was just a ride, and there was nothing special to say. I am not going to travel. This trip is only the result of the last burning of his long-repressed restless heart. If we assume that everyone has a crazy idea of ​​riding to Guangzhou, which seems impossible and has sufficient practical constraints. I urge you to give it a try. There is no need to say more about it, so you may as well give it a try. Regarding the outcome, in fact, you know it when you are on the road. In many cases, don’t you just want an answer? Of course the answer is very important, and the answer is equally unimportant. At the end of the itinerary, underneath the Guangzhou TV Tower, a small waist, I actually don’t have any special feelings. It seems a little bit relieved, a little but that, nothing more. Looking around the surrounding travelers, couples and friends who come and go in threes and fives, and tourists who take pictures as a souvenir, they feel more than a lot at that moment. After a while, I picked up my bicycle and rode into the distance. Regardless of life, the road is at your feet. PS: This trip, I sincerely thank my brother for his strong support, and sincerely thank my mother for her full understanding and encouragement! After arriving in Guangzhou on the evening of the 17th, I bought a ticket on the 19th and returned to Suzhou in the morning on the 20th.


By zhiwo

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9 months ago

As a Uyghur from Xinjiang, I saw the continuous wars and attacks of a certain religious country in the surrounding area. I watched their women wear masks and gowns, and they could not even contact the society to work. Some of them had to be married by their father and brother at a young age. I think China is so good. It allows me not to be bound by religion, to show off my beauty in shorts and skirts, to read books, to stay and work in big cities, to earn money independently, to drink, and to make friends with all ethnic groups. Although I have repeatedly emphasized that I have no dietary restrictions when I enter the workplace, my colleagues and leaders will still understand me. The most important thing is to grow up in a peaceful and stable environment, and the family can live in a peaceful and stable environment. This incident alone makes me feel that living in China is great. People of all ethnic groups should continue to hug each other like pomegranate seeds~

9 months ago

One: One of my former Russian students said to me, coach, do you know why Russians are used to practicing boxing or martial arts? Do I say it is the spirit of martial arts? He said no. It’s just needed! He said that even if you are in such a small third-tier city in China, you can go for a drink in the middle of the night and stroll home at night! In Moscow, the capital of Russia. Even if you take the subway after 9 o’clock in the evening, even a strong person like you coach will be robbed…2: We sometimes envy Japan’s living standards and social civilization. In fact, Japanese young people also envy Chinese personality and social tolerance. Sex. They think that Chinese people can have their own personality, and in Japan, no matter who you are, you must take part in group activities step by step. Say the same thing, your personality will be suppressed and retained, otherwise you will be a different kind of the whole group, and it will be difficult to move. Even those who can’t survive…Chinese private companies can only use their talents, while in Japan, even if you are talented, newcomers are newcomers. They must be based on seniority… The most important thing is that Japanese society does not allow losers. Once you fall, it is difficult to get up again. For example, business failures, bankruptcies, loss of previous jobs… Three: I have college classmates in the United States, I said the United States is very free? He didn’t say so. For example, the United States does not allow clothes to be dried outside the window. The lawn in the yard must be neatly trimmed, otherwise it will face a fine. So many Chinese find it troublesome, so they build the doorway into a concrete floor…

9 months ago

Regarding the strength of China, what I feel most deeply is neither the GDP number nor the income ranking, but this moment. If you look at it with Li Ning decades ago, this feeling is even deeper. In 1988, Li Ning lost in the Seoul Olympics. After returning to China, the audience sent razor blades and ropes, calling them “killers in gymnastics.” They were convicted of wiping their necks and hanging themselves. Even on the way back to China, the airport staff also said, “It’s not easy to fall, but to go to the Olympics. People nowadays may find it difficult to understand that sentiment. The athletes of that era were often regarded as national heroes and national pride. What they carried was not just the expectation of a gold medal, but to prove that the Chinese were not bad, and the nationals were in them. There are too many things poured into him, far beyond the scope of sports.

9 months ago

In 2017, Ke Jie failed against Alphago. If it were placed a few decades ago, if Chinese Go players lost to foreign computers in the old Chinese game of Go, the public would be infinitely harsh. But the fact is that after Ke Jie loses the flag, you can’t hear this kind of voice at all. What you hear most often is that everyone says “Awesome, this old and beautiful AI is really amazing~” At the same time, various Chinese technology Companies have launched their own AI projects. Countless Chinese people have begun to discuss that we want to catch it back in the field of artificial intelligence. This kind of tolerant and firm mentality is more important than one or two GDP figures, one or two gold medals, one or two Guinness records.

9 months ago
In the morning, find a map of China and throw darts on it at random. There is a high probability that you will not hit the sea or foreign countries. Find a nearby city above the county seat, you can go out with your mobile phone and charger, and you will be there in the same day. There must be enough good food in the local area, and there is a high probability that there will be no diarrhea. If you can’t sleep in the middle of the night, at two or three in the morning, you can also go out and press the road to feel the tranquility. If you encounter a police officer, you don’t need to be afraid at all, but you can only feel safer, even if there is no additional security requirement.
9 months ago

At that time, the price of masks soared, but even high prices may not be available. Masks became the best gift at the time. Then a few days ago (March 1, 21), I had time to go to the supermarket and found that I could buy ten ordinary medical masks for 4.9 yuan. But in fact, the price of domestic masks has dropped long before that, and they are easily available in major pharmacies or e-commerce platforms. However, it is not that you can solve all problems by owning a mask. What is more grateful is that the national health prevention and control has done a good job. Although the epidemic has occurred intermittently in some parts of the country in the past 20 years, the spread is not too large and the control is quite good. Can’t help but sigh, there is a powerful motherland behind me! But in fact, all we should be grateful for is every Chinese son and daughter who doesn’t shrink back, goes forward, and makes silent dedication. It is them who have given us the opportunity to work hard, live, and love. “It’s great to live in China!” But I always understand that the peaceful and peaceful life I have today is the result of countless predecessors’ perseverance over time! May our children and grandchildren one day also sigh in their hearts, “It’s great to live in China!” And in the future, we have to fight for the life we ​​want on our own!

9 months ago

The old have a sense of security and support. My grandmother is a traditional woman. She married her grandfather after graduating from the literacy class. She went home to have and bring her baby shortly after work. She gave birth to five children all her life, and she wandered around the house all her life. When quarreling with my grandfather, she complained most often, “Whoever makes money at home has the final say, I can only listen to the old man!” Later, the state introduced a policy that elderly people like her can make up for it first. A sum of pension insurance, and then you can receive pensions on a monthly basis. At that time, my dad paid her a repayment of 18,000 yuan, and in the second month he could start receiving a monthly pension of 800 yuan. With the grandmother after the pension, her waist became much harder. In the past, quarreling with my grandfather meant winning more and losing less, and now there is a big killer of pension money. The economic foundation really determines the superstructure, and the truth is right. Grandma is now over 80, and her pension has risen to 1,900 yuan a month. After grandfather died, she wanted to live with that child’s house, so she went to live with that child’s house. Not only don’t children pay regular living expenses, but also often give red envelopes to grandchildren. She said, I have money myself. Last year, grandma’s 80th birthday, we rushed over from all over the country to celebrate her birthday, and by the way, we visited grandpa’s grave. On the day of the tomb sweeping, grandma and grandpa said, “Old man, you have a good time over there, don’t worry about me. The children are filial, and the state will give me pension money, which is enough to spend. This year pension money has increased again, and it may be a few years later. He is taller than you. When I pass, I will support you.”

9 months ago

My grandmother participated in the “Wuqigong” pension policy: “Wuqigong” refers to work in petroleum, coal, chemical, construction, building materials, transportation, transportation, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, machinery in the 1960s and 1970s. Those who are engaged in production self-rescue or enterprise auxiliary jobs in the 19 industries of light industry, agriculture, forestry, water, animal husbandry, electricity, and military industry have permanent urban residents and have not participated in the basic pension insurance plan. Most of these people responded to the state’s “May 7th” directive at the beginning, went out of their homes to participate in production labor, and entered the family of urban workers in different positions in the enterprise, so they are collectively referred to as May 7 workers. As the urban population, they have no land for old-age security, and no institutional old-age security. According to Guofa [1991] No. 33, Guofa [1995] No. 6 and Guofa [1997] No. 26, they belong to the group of “should be insured but not insured”. Including them in the overall planning scope of basic endowment insurance is equivalent to Return to them the right to participate in the insurance they already had. In accordance with the law of large numbers of social insurance, the state has expanded the coverage of basic endowment insurance, and traced these people’s participation in the basic endowment insurance policy for urban self-employed workers back to the initial stage of the implementation of the “combination of social pooling and personal accounts” system.

9 months ago

I have seen this question a long time ago, but I didn’t want to answer it. It seems to be getting worse these days, and it feels necessary to pour cold water. I have cared about it for 6 years. Many people think that I am a little pink. In fact I am not. I almost fell in love with an explosion in a port that year, and then went to the morning news on the Internet. Then go to Bihu.com. Oh, just like a live broadcast, people keep posting what they have learned on the spot, much faster than looking at news websites. And more details. So often go shopping. At that time it was just watching and diving. Then I saw that Bihu’s atmosphere was not right. Immigration, studying abroad, and Japan are good and good, America is good and good, Europe is good and good, and there is rhythm everywhere. There is also an uncle who travels (what is yo, beginning with yo), who even blows up a certain island. Therefore, I also started to write things. The original intention was to get rid of some people’s utopian illusions about Europe and America. Foreign countries are not so good, and our country itself is not so unbearable. Therefore, I often list many positive aspects of ourselves, and many negative and dark aspects in Europe and America. So much so that many people label it. But, but, but–yes, I know very well in my heart that this by no means means that we are perfect, and that Europe and the United States are unbearable. In fact, we have a lot of problems. Not necessarily less than Europe, America and Japan! (It should be more.) In short, we have our problems, and Europe and the United States have problems in Europe and America. Each has its own advantages and each has its own shortcomings. I hope that you will not be superstitious in the West, so I will not persuade you to be superstitious in ourselves. So, on this issue, I feel I still have to pour cold water. Hope everyone is sober. Don’t always indulge in our life in China, it’s good, such meaningless topics. I often say that we are a country of 1.4 billion people, one-fifth of the world, tolerant of all things, different places, but culturally unified. From a clear understanding of the basic information, including this article, we may be more cautious and accurate in understanding our people and our affairs. Because of these, we have advantages, such as the advantages of scale and the convenience of communication. But we also have shortcomings. We have a large population and are rapidly aging, with insufficient resources and uneven income. There are actually many problems we need to face. Of course, even if this is the case, let’s not say that our country is not good, and it is unfortunate to live here. I have always said that the West also has serious problems. For example, the American conflicts between black and white, the gap between rich and poor, expensive education, and so on. The United States may need to face more serious problems than ours. So, in short, we still have to further raise our awareness of our country itself and our understanding of the outside world. No blind obedience, no superstition. This is my answer. Sorry to disappoint everyone.

9 months ago

The environment of the Karakorum Plateau is treacherous. It is in such a barren land that there are batch after batch of border officers and soldiers stationed throughout the year. They defend their homes and the country and repel the invading enemies. The western border of the motherland, the Karakoram Plateau, is covered with snow and ice all year round, and there is no oxygen in the high cold. It is in such a restricted area of life that young officers and soldiers are fighting on the front line of defending the country and guarding the safety of the motherland and the happiness and tranquility of the people. For defending the country to the death in the border conflict, the Central Military Commission awarded honorary titles and first-class merits to five officers and soldiers. They were regimental commander Qi Fabao, battalion commander Chen Hongjun, fighter Chen Xiangrong, Xiao Siyuan, and Wang Zhuoran.

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