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First ask if it is right. In order for the “difficulty to get up” to be “evolved” and a sentence “wouldn’t the genes for the difficulty of getting up be screened out by natural selection in ancient times”, you need to have evidence that: 1. “Difficulty to get up” is a specific one Or determined by multiple genes, rather than “acquired acquisition”, “epigenetic modification”, “temporary intention of the body in the interaction with the environment”, “caused by long-term lack of sleep, poor sleep quality or pathological factors”; 2. The above-mentioned genes existed in ancient humans, and at that time they could lead to the “difficulty getting up” observed now, instead of “there was no such effect at that time, but later it was mutated”, and its effect was affected by the effect of other genes at that time. , Environment, people’s lifestyle and other factors”; 3. The trait of “difficulty getting up” will lead to problems such as low viability of ancient human individuals in ecological choices, difficulty in finding a spouse, difficulty in producing offspring, and low viability of offspring. , So that there is a probability of being “screened out by natural selection”; 4. The disadvantage brought by the “difficult to get up” trait is so great that you think “deemed as a neutral trait and accidentally continued” is not suitable as an explanation , It is worth asking “why” specifically. Obviously, you don’t even have one piece of the above evidence. The difficulty of getting up may be a collection of many problems that are not related to any specific gene. Even if the gene is related, it does not necessarily exist in ancient humans. Even if it does, it may not have the same effect, and even if it does, it may not cause a large enough problem. Moreover, maybe this is still part of a favorable trait. Researchers such as Luke Strotz of the University of Kansas have examined the metabolic rate of mollusks that have become extinct in the past five million years, and found that species with low metabolic rates are extinct than species with high metabolic rates. The probability is lower. High metabolic rate can be a good predictor of extinction, especially for species with more restricted habitats. This study shows that laziness is an efficient survival strategy, whether it is for individuals, species, or biomes. The use of mollusks to study “the effect of metabolic rate on extinction rates” is because scientists currently have a lot of data available in this area. Scientists involved in related research stated that “in the long term, the best evolutionary strategy for animals may be to maintain a lazy state. This laziness refers to a lower metabolic rate so that organisms are more likely to survive.” “Compared to ‘ Survival of the fittest may be more appropriate to say’survival of the lazy'”. Also, the way of life of ancient humans may not need to “get up easily” at all. There are about hundreds of thousands of hunter-gatherers in the world. Research on them can reflect the culture of ancient hunter-gatherers living in barren areas, but it is difficult to reflect the huge-scale ancient hunter-gatherers living in rich areas. Even so, if you look at the existing hunter-gatherers in the desolate area of ​​the Kalahari Desert in East Africa, hunting once every three days, gathering 3 to 6 hours a day can feed the entire tribe, and you can imagine how idle their lives are. Research has shown that ancient hunter-gatherers often sleep twice a day; some modern hunter-gatherer tribes can sleep for five to eight hours during the day when they are idle, and it is estimated that the same was true in ancient times. So, it’s hard to expect that ancient humans would need the traits of “easy to get up early in the morning and not lying in bed” to do anything.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Evolve a shit, the genes of modern humans are not much worse than primitive humans at all. Where did they evolve in just a few thousand years? What’s more, the difficulty of getting up has only gradually become mainstream in recent decades. Most of your parents’ generation can still go to bed and get up early. Evolved in one or two generations? X-Men mutants? As for why it’s becoming more and more difficult for people to get up now, it’s to blame Faraday for creating alternating current, Edison for creating light bulbs, Baird for creating televisions, von Neumann for creating computers, and the man named Steve Jobs. The guy created a mobile phone called Crazy…

7 months ago

No, no, you have made a mistake on the essence of the problem. It’s not that it is difficult to get up, but that it is too late to sleep enough. If you don’t rush to do it every day when the sun goes down and the sun rises, and take a nap when you are full? If you sleep like a lion for more than 20 hours a day? Like all animals, if you don’t need 996, you don’t need to go to school and study at night, you don’t play games and you don’t have a mobile phone? Not to mention, you do an experiment, sleep for 12 hours a day for three consecutive days, and then stay in bed for 20 hours unless you eat and go to the bathroom. The point is, there are no mobile phones, computers, books…any modern things (and you can’t think of bad things because it’s not spring and you’re not the Monkey King.) Are you still having trouble getting up in three days? Are you going crazy? Then you observe a gene that is truly unique to humans: it will be boring. If you don’t go to sleep when you are full, you will be wandering around all kinds of troubles or tossing stones, sticks and canes…Fire? No kidding, some scientists believe that the earliest human ancestors were a group of delusional and psychotic monkeys with severe insomnia. The symptoms shown include, but are not limited to, research tools, creation of religions, and the need to leave Africa after the group is destroyed-it may be bombed out. You think Africa is vast and rich in resources, but it just can’t feed your thousands of monkeys—no, Homo sapiens? And this group of neurotic Homo sapiens was so mad that they walked along the frozen seashore to South America… Can’t think of this plan for ten years with cerebral thrombosis?

7 months ago

Humans have evolved laziness, and difficulty getting up is just a form of laziness. We have to call this evolution mechanism “evolution”, but we have to add a direction, otherwise how do we know which one is going forward and which one is going backward? What’s the direction? From a biological point of view, it is survival and reproduction. How to achieve it? Get as much energy as possible, save energy for survival, and use the saved energy for reproduction. How to get energy? eat. How to save energy? lazy. To sum it up in four words, it’s delicious and lazy. Go to see animals, as long as they are not (looking for) eating and mating, what are they doing? They are all sleeping on their stomachs, right? People, too. But animals never question their own behavior. Why do we? Because we have “evolved” value rationality, the goal of this evolution is called values, and the ultimate version is called “Tao”, which is to establish a perfect model of the universe, to completely get rid of fear and achieve absolute freedom by predicting all the future.

7 months ago

In fact, this is not necessarily related to evolution or not. The most important point is that compared to the attractiveness of a comfortable mattress and quilt (including air conditioning if recent), the things you need to do after you wake up will feel very “boring” to you. A social person who has to go to work every day opened his eyes after the alarm clock went off, thinking about how many customers have to negotiate today, a few accounts are not matched, and they have to wrestle with Party A… Then how could there be motivation to get up? What? Even for students who do not have a particularly stressful life, studying every day is not an easy task. Although the current era provides a lot of entertainment for everyone, such as games, short videos, bullet screen websites, etc., these may have an influence on “children”, but when we grow up, this is not the case. There is no need for these things. Just get up actively, right? Conversely, if you just confessed to a girl and she promised to go on a date with you today… would you find it difficult to get up? Will shit! Even if I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep at night, I still rushed forward the next morning! Oh no, you must take care of your image before going out. For example, if you slept all night on a hot day, your hair must be wet and greasy, and you need dandruff, so you need a good shampoo. . For example, Head & Shoulders, which everyone basically knows.

7 months ago

1. Primitives just need enough energy to recover in order to face the challenges of the next day in life. Among them, 30% of the male primitives worked overtime last night to beat the king, and were knocked out by the poisonous snake on the road in the morning. 30% of the primitive females used Douyin to chat last night, and they did not notice the saber-toothed tiger’s attack by picking berries in the morning. The remaining 30% of the men and women fought for the night last night. They had weakened legs and shot arrows in their knees. They made mistakes in the collective hunt and were knocked out. There are also 30% of men and women who chase dramas, fight landlords, and Internet cafes all night and delay tribal work the next day, are expelled by their boss or sold to other tribes as slaves. In the end, what is left naturally must be a normal person who must sleep enough to feed himself and wake up naturally!

7 months ago

I have always felt that it is not that it is difficult to get up, but that the various things and pressures you face after getting up have affected you, so I would rather drag them over after you get up later or even get up. Some things are dragged and dragged. If one day is completely at your disposal and will not be connected to any day, how many people will spend it in your dreams? Late night sleep also caused this situation. I lived with my grandparents until the third grade of elementary school, and there were no recreational facilities in the countryside. In addition, the old people had little activity, so they often went to bed before 8 o’clock in the evening, and got up very early the next day. Some people go to bed late for work, some people go to bed late for entertainment, but people need a certain amount of sleep, so they wake up late to compensate in order to achieve dynamic balance. If you don’t delay things, what is the difference between going to bed at 8 o’clock and going to bed at midnight?

7 months ago

Electric lights have brought light to the night of mankind, and have greatly changed people’s work and rest time today. Before there were electric lights, there were not many people who could afford to light oil lamps. Most people couldn’t do other things when it was dark and could only sleep. People at that time went to bed early and got up early. The advent of electric lights has prolonged people’s time for work, study or entertainment, and has also changed people’s lifestyles and habits. People often only see the convenience that technology brings to people, but ignore the other side or other aspects it brings. But this matter seems to have little to do with genes.

7 months ago

How can it be said that it is difficult for humans to get up because of evolution, it is obviously a bed problem.
I suspect that my bed was secretly turned into a fine one. He changed from a rigid bed in the past to a soft latex bed. When he got stuck in it, I followed the wire hole, and I couldn’t get rid of it at all.
I blame the bed if I can’t get up. It’s not that I’m slow to evolve. It’s because the enemy has poisoned and poisoned me. It’s because the enemy is too powerful.

7 months ago

It is not that human beings have evolved to have difficulty getting up, but that in times when the cost of obtaining information is so small that we can’t calm our restless hearts, we stay up all night aimlessly. If it is said that the difficulty of getting up is the result of human evolution, then sleeping in bed should be a common phenomenon among humans, but is this really the case? You ask your parents, your grandparents: Do you have trouble getting up? They must laugh and not speak, and then advise you to go to bed earlier. My father-in-law, he went to bed before 8 o’clock in the evening every night… He woke up at 6 o’clock in the morning, or even earlier. People sleep early and full every day, and they are regular. Do you think it will be difficult for people to get up? It was difficult for him to wake me up…Looking at our young people, I play with my mobile phone until 12 o’clock in the morning every day, and I can’t fall asleep without playing for a minute. I went to work at 8.30 in the morning. Due to the long way, I had to get up at 7:10 in order not to be late. Counting the time to fall asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and so messy, the actual sleep time is less than 7 hours. This is not a day or two. Can people who have been sleepless for a long time have difficulty getting up? Do you think it’s too late at 12 o’clock… I asked my colleagues and friends around me and found that I actually went to bed early… Therefore, humans have not evolved to have difficulty getting up. Most The difficulty of getting up is caused by oneself.

7 months ago

A long time ago, there was a saying: Staying up late is because you didn’t have the courage to end the day, and you stayed in bed because you didn’t have the courage to start the day. Of course, this reason does not seem to be accurate, at least not comprehensive enough, people may not want to get up for various reasons. In winter, I was tied up by the warmth of the quilt on the bed. I stayed up late to watch the ball and just fell asleep. The weekend after 996 should take a good rest. Do not go to class in the morning or go to work or just do not name… But this question is “Why do humans have evolved to have difficulty getting up?” There is a problem. Don’t point everything to evolution. There are still many people who have no difficulty getting up. Could it be that they are evolving?

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