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In this case, it is possible to sue the swimming pool for breach of contract and fail to fully fulfill the obligation to protect the privacy of customers. Article 509 of the Civil Code stipulates that “the parties shall follow the principle of good faith and perform their obligations of notification, assistance, and confidentiality in accordance with the nature, purpose and transaction habits of the contract.” The swimming pool and the swimming pool provide bathing services, and the two parties have reached a contract. According to the nature of the contract, protecting the privacy of the parties and providing bathing venues based on gender are the collateral obligations of the swimming pool. Violation of this obligation, who should be liable for breach of contract, who is afraid to take responsibility? The mother who led the child in was not afraid. She can do such things and say such things. Such a person’s words are invincible. Fighting with her, on the one hand, may not be able to win; on the other hand, if you violate the law, you may have to pay her in the end. It is better to sue a swimming pool. As a normal operator, it certainly does not want to be litigated with litigation, and it is very likely that the court will decide. It takes responsibility. Once the natatorium is judged to take responsibility, if similar things happen in the future, they will all sue for an unknown client. The natatorium definitely does not want to go back to her every day.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

There is a rule in Hangzhou gym, which is limited to under three years old. But the interesting thing is that there are obviously more male members than female members in the gym, about 8:2, but so far, I have only seen women take sons, and have not met dad taking daughters. In a word, do you really consider these parents to be unreasonable?

7 months ago

This is the same as spitting on the street, walking the dog without tethering, littering, and not queuing to get people. Don’t they know that this is wrong? They know, but it is convenient for them to do so, regardless of the feelings of others. She took a bath by herself and was watched by others, and she was also uncomfortable. The principle of this kind of people is that others can suffer, but they can’t. What rules and qualities are useless for their moral restraint, they have to be forced. If everyone understands the truth, wouldn’t there be no contradictions in this world.

7 months ago

If she gave birth to a daughter, do you think she would dare to let her father take her daughter into the male bathhouse? How to treat? Parents should not spoil their children too much. 10-year-old children should develop an independent character. Children who are ignorant and adults cannot pretend to be confused. Children who are sensible and cannot pretend to be confused. If they are pretended to be confused, the law will not be confused; there is a reason for the amendment of the law. It’s not a child who used to pee and mud. The times have changed.

7 months ago

A teenage boy can no longer be regarded as a child without any enlightenment knowledge, and the person involved also showed that the boy has become conscious when facing women, but the parents are still indifferent and even make a fuss. The typical “he is still a child” “Mindset. In terms of why it is rare for fathers to bring their half-year-old daughters in and out of the bathroom, on the one hand, most of the children may be taken by the mother, and on the other hand, it also reflects that the parents’ mentality is not whether they care about it or not, but not to suffer .

7 months ago

Next time, there will be such people again, and they will take their sons who are old enough to “make villains” to see naked women in the locker room, and they say that “children can’t understand them”. You should just point to her son and say: Is he still young when he stands up? He can have children with you. Would you like to try if you are still young? How do you take off your clothes at home to show your children, I can’t control them, and bring them out to see other women. Are you trying to cultivate a porno? Do you know that you are breaking the law! If you quarrel, call the police directly, and the boss don’t even think about having good fruit! Girls really don’t be so shy. Those women feel that their bodies are worthless and are keen to demean other women. There is a video that has a great influence on me. A satyr likes to eat waitress tofu. The waiters are all wronged and cry and are afraid. The more the satyr gets more excited and addicted. Later, a middle-aged female waiter came up, the pervert raised her eyes and looked up, and she said what you are looking at, do you want to rape me? Are you going to rape me? Do you want to rape me… more and more loud and fierce, the pervert turned his head in fright and ran away, afraid to go anymore. What are you afraid of? What you should be afraid of is that shameless people, just tear them off and step on their feet, and you will know what is broad. To be honest, I hold my child in line and wait for the bus. Men jump in the queue and I have a hard time. If I swim alone and there is such a big boy in the locker room, I will find the boss. If the boss doesn’t solve the problem, he will call the police. The boss will refund me and I won’t go. Now, I will give you a good publicity.

7 months ago

First of all, this is disrespect for other women in the swimming pool, and secondly, it is harming their own children. Not to mention boys who are about ten years old must have strong gender awareness. Even three or four-year-old children will also observe gender differences. For example, when everyone goes to different toilets, girls will wear skirts, and boys will wear skirts. will not. And the mutual attraction between the sexes does not need to wait until adolescence. In kindergarten, boys start to like to pull girls’ pigtails and lift girls’ skirts. This is actually a primitive expression of affection. Under the premise of having sexual consciousness, I took such a child to the women’s dressing room, and a 50-year-old aunt brought her 20-year-old child into the women’s dressing room. There is actually no essential difference. It’s just that we have been in my country all the time. The traditional gender ambiguity has caused this phenomenon to still exist in some areas. Strengthening sex education is the fundamental solution, but if a lady encounters this type of situation, and the current swimming pool or bathhouse does not solve it, there is actually a solution. Article 44 of the “Public Security Administration Punishment Law” who molest others, or deliberately naked in public places, if the circumstances are bad, shall be detained for not less than 5 days but not more than 10 days; molest persons with intellectual disabilities, mental patients, persons under the age of 14 or If there are other serious circumstances, they shall be detained for not less than 10 days and not more than 15 days. Therefore, when children who are obviously older are taken into the women’s locker room, you can directly report to J. If you don’t want to report trouble, take this rule out, educate them, warn them, and at least give them. A deterrent.

7 months ago

Especially these boys and mothers are stupid, and swimming pools are more shameless. Some teenage boys are basically as tall as adult women. Now that it is so easy to receive sexual information, many have long understood the relationship between men and women and have sexual impulses. Only those stupid mothers think that their children are still young. Not sensible. Precocious puberty is actually harmful to boys, no matter from psychological or physical. These idiot mothers think that their children “do not suffer” and will regret it when something really happens. For example, the body develops early, is shorter than the peers, and grows a beard in elementary school, and is ridiculed by peers. The mind is full of white flesh, and academic performance can easily plummet. Faced with a girl who can easily be subdued, it is possible to commit crimes. Even as the mother of those boys, wouldn’t it feel uncomfortable to open her legs to show her children’s lower body at home?

7 months ago

It’s really inappropriate. When I was a child, I often took my mother to take a bath in a public bathhouse. Finally one day I probably knew what was going on, and I started to look curiously, but at that time I was not allowed to go. At the age of ten and eleven, it is obviously over age. It is said that in ancient times, it was possible to get married at the 13th and 4th, and Jia Baoyu was also ten years old when he first tried Yunyu. It’s so big, it’s almost time to go into the locker room. After all, I have been in elementary school for a few years and have the ability to take care of myself.

7 months ago

The responsibility of a mother is not only to raise children, but also to cultivate future family pillars and national pillars. We often say that most men nowadays are irresponsible, unaccountable, Huaxin, Mabao… etc. But looking back at the family education of these men, what do we see? It’s probably not the mother’s endless indulgence, unconditional retreat, and unregulated indulgence. If a man has received some enlightenment warnings in his family education, I don’t think they will appear in such a sensitive and private female space. What a child should know most is: What can’t be done is more important than what can be done. On May 22, Yuan Longping, the father of hybrid rice, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and winner of the Medal of the Republic, died in Changsha at the age of 91. His life is a life in capitals, a life of high-pitchedness, and a life of gentleness and happiness. In a letter he wrote to his mother before he was alive, he had a sentence that touched us: They said, I changed the world with a seed, and I know that this seed was planted by your mother when I was young. . Being a parent cannot control the life of a child, but what you can do is to plant a seed for their soul. I don’t have a son, but just because I gave birth to a daughter, I would rather see our mothers have some enlightenment respect and boundaries for women when it comes to educating their sons. My daughter’s classmate’s mother once told me that when her son came back from school, he would lie on a bed with her, chat and sleep together. There is such a man by my side. As a child who grew up in a single-parent family, he was greatly loved by his mother. He is now over half a hundred years old and has nothing. It is said that he slept with his mother until he was 17 or 8 years old. Such men do not know how to love a woman, nor do they know how to bear their own family responsibilities. Now my mother is almost 80 and she is sick. I don’t know if she will regret not letting her son grow up truly and independently. To love a person is not to occupy his present and enjoy the present arrogance and pleasure, but to grow up with him and have love and contribution to the world together. Those who live only for themselves will eventually be abandoned by happiness.

7 months ago

This is an act of losing too much. As a result, swimming pools may lose customers. Mothers who bring their children into the swimming pools will receive complaints or conflict with other people who change their clothes. Children will also harm others and themselves because of their parents’ neglect of gender and privacy education. Under normal circumstances, generally well-managed swimming pools will stipulate that children over three years old cannot enter the locker room of the opposite sex. This is also the result of comprehensive considerations. However, the swimming pool here seems to have no relevant regulations, and after the problem occurred, it did not properly handle the customer’s problem. Instead, it used prevarication and excuses. Not only did the problem remain unsolved, but it also expanded the problem. trend. In such a swimming pool that is not well managed and does not consider most customers, the loss of customers will happen sooner or later. How about the mother who brought the child into the swimming pool? From the picture, the child should be around 10 years old. It should be no problem for such a child to bathe and change clothes by himself, but the mother is not at ease. Taking the child to the women’s changing room regardless of other women’s feelings is to take a bath and change clothes. On the bright side, it seems that mothers are very considerate of their children, fearing that the children will miss out in public, but in fact this kind of excessive care is very harmful. One is that the child’s independence has not been exercised, and the other is that the child’s independence has not been exercised. In public places, other people feel that the third reason is that parents’ behavior of neglecting gender and privacy education will have a bad influence on their children, and even hurt others and themselves. The first two points are easy for everyone to realize, but the third point “ignoring gender and privacy education will bring bad effects to children and even hurt themselves and others”, most people, including parents, may not realize it. Here is a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge: 1. When a child is 3 years old, sexual consciousness sprouts. Under normal circumstances, when a child is 3 years old, sexual consciousness begins to sprout. At this time, the child can distinguish who is a boy and who is a girl, and begins to feel shame. When he sees other people’s private parts, he will be curious, but also unnatural. When others see his naked body, he will also have the most primitive sense of shame. During this period, we not only need to help the child to distinguish gender correctly; we must also emphasize with him to protect his body and privacy. From this time on, children should not be taken to the bathhouse or locker room of the opposite sex, because this time period is the best time for children to establish the concept of distinction between men and women. 2. When the child is 9 years old, he starts to have obvious sexual awareness. When he is 9 years old, the child has obvious sexual awareness at the beginning, and at the beginning of the sexual needs, there will be a very large curiosity and very sensitive. At this time, parents should pay attention not to be too intimate in front of their children. From the description of the problem, we can clearly see that in the women’s locker room, boys do not have obvious gender awareness, and in the women’s locker room they show a certain degree of restraint because of shame. On the contrary, they show that they are beginning to have obvious Sexual awareness and unconcealed curiosity towards women. From this, we can also roughly speculate that due to the lack of gender education in family education, children do not have gender awareness equivalent to their age, and because they have begun to have obvious sexual awareness, attention to women has begun to rise greatly. In this contrast, it can be imagined that if there is no restriction, is it possible for these children to do something that violates social norms? If this happens, how will it affect the child? So, for the sake of their children, please consider the adverse effects that these behaviors may have on their children. In addition, can the swimming pool make some improvements at least for its own customers?

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