Isn’t this all normal operation! I am a large-scale state-owned enterprise in Shenzhen, the purchasing manager of the group’s fresh food. The company’s nine-to-six weekend system is my last leader and purchasing director. 44 years old this year, unmarried, a proper workaholic. Often not at the company in the morning, and only arrive at the company at three or four in the afternoon. The meeting is fixed at 6.30 pm every night, usually for an hour and a half. Since the leader is transferred from Guangxi, everyone understands at the beginning that it will not be able to carry it after a week. , The married wife at home has cooked the meal, and she sent a message and found that she did not get off work. For those of you who are not married, I made an appointment where the sister would go for dinner before getting off work. It made everyone very irritable. Later, I took the lead in co-signing and sent an email to the leader. The leader didn’t reply, and I would never read it. Later, at six o’clock after get off work, the leader was still in the office, so I left and went straight to the parking lot. Field Electrochemical returned home as quickly as possible. I got home at 6.30. The leader called me and asked me to have a meeting. I said directly, I’m off work and I’m home for dinner. Don’t call me to have a meeting after work. ignore. Later, the 6.30 meeting was completely cancelled. With my own efforts, I have brought happiness to the families of colleagues in the entire department. Because I am notoriously arrogant in the company, my colleagues all know. I saw many friends asking questions below. I will probably answer why there is a relationship at home (above the senior management level general manager) so arrogant: I am a native of Shenzhen, this salary is not even enough for me to eat, it is purely because my dad asked me to find a job, so it is more arrogant. The leader didn’t wear shoes for me because he had been killed, and the department does not have a purchasing director. I am now participating in the director training class, and it has been scheduled by default. After the Spring Festival, you probably all know the specific company. I belong to the group headquarters. Many people asked: Will this happen if I get promoted in the future. I can answer you sternly: No, the entire department currently does not have a procurement director. It is basically operated by me. I never ask for overtime. Below 12 Subordinates. Nine have families and three are unmarried. I don’t want them to be deprived of the joy of life because of their work. Give them some space. Especially those with families and children. I need more space to go home and stay with my family. I think many people think that I am 44 years old, I am only 26 this year, and 27 years old in Guangdong. It’s normal to have a little sister to join the company for 7 years. I saw that some of them might be colleagues from the company. You probably know who I am when you look at my car.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

What should I do if the leader forces overtime? Take a look at the answer to the following question: The legal elders have given many suggestions. Yes, they are indeed “legal” and feasible. However, all the methods are at the cost of “leaving” and considering the legal aspect. But it ignores the reality. This is the last hole card of the workplace, and it must not be used as a last resort. The leader asks you to work overtime, yes, is you the only one who works overtime? Obviously not. What about the other people? Isn’t it obedience? Someone dare to stand up and “shoot the first bird”, surely one will come and drive away one, there is no way, this is the reality. Compared with your 9 to 5 overtime, you have ever thought about those 996 companies, working overtime is a normal state, when overtime has become a culture, everyone is immersed in it and can’t extricate themselves. Everyone is wise to protect themselves, everyone hangs up high, yes, there is no way, because the workplace is a disadvantaged group, the “Labor Law” only protects those who are ready to sacrifice themselves, as long as you are determined to leave, then you can The aggressive crusade against the company is like the Wang Taixu who was driven away by Pinduoduo. He was driven away, and he raised the banner of rebelling against capital. It was very chic, but this is rare. After the public opinion ebbs, you will find that, Wang Taixu is just a shell left on the beach. For Pinduoduo, who can withstand strong winds and waves and regard the bottom people desperately as a matter of course, everything is business as usual, as if nothing happened. At that time, I was eager to be a great hero without hesitation, but when I grew up, I found that I could only be a big bear who swallowed his breath. Realistic skinny, you and I are fish and meat, if you can’t change the world, change your mood first, but don’t forget to change the world’s original intention.

7 months ago

Meetings are very humane, because whether it is a state-owned enterprise or a private enterprise, even if you are admitted as a civil servant, you still have to work overtime when you need to have a meeting. Take a look at those who are righteous and righteous. They have to work overtime when they meet in a meeting. State-owned enterprises are better, relatively formal, and often have overtime pay. If you really want to go, at most you will be demoted or difficult to get up. Private companies sometimes have no overtime pay and cross it out, not sometimes, but often don’t have overtime pay. If you know more, you will have the illusion that most companies have overtime pay. It may be because the other party’s city is more strict, but in fact there is no overtime pay, or overtime pay and Tianlong Bali Like Duan Yushi’s six-channel divine sword, intermittent hair is a common phenomenon. You can find reasons for not attending meetings once or twice, but these things are not gone after the first day of the new year. There are still fifteen. You can’t find reasons every time you want to have a meeting. He doesn’t work overtime. He has a small salary, but it will still be the same if he changes it. Or if the family doesn’t care about the broken silver and goes to the sea of ​​stars, that’s okay, but your situation is the same as others? Don’t pay the car loan anymore? You have to find your own key and follow your own circumstances, but don’t let others do what you do. There are always things that have no sense of boundaries and clamor all day, you quit your job, does he pay you during the blank period of looking for a job? If you really don’t want to do it, don’t want to be irritated, or can’t be overwhelmed by your body, that’s also You can leave, fate is very important. If others say that I have no obligation to be considerate of you, then you also have no obligation to be considerate of others.

7 months ago

You are only worthy of being trained by the leader, and we have always been training leaders~ I really have something like this in my working life, but we all went to order a hot pot and told the leader: Your notice is coming late. We booked the restaurant before we got off work, how about you come over to eat and talk? When the leader comes to eat this hot pot, he must not talk about those unpleasant topics. If he talks about it, he has to pay for it. If he is filled with alcohol, the leader does not eat hot pot, so let him wait at the company first. Our brothers eat until 8 o’clock. He will naturally go back to the meeting at 9 or 10 o’clock. Of course, he can choose another day to meet and the leadership will go crazy. The brothers rebelled collectively, and the next day they handed in the resignation letter to the personnel office and continued to drink. The company considered It’s better to fire up an entire department’s employees than to fire the department’s leader, and then persuade us to go back to that company. Our technical department abruptly cured the entire company’s management’s habit of ad hoc meetings by eating hot pot, because of other reasons. The department also has one study and one, you can always reunite privately to eat hot pot~ You like to do this, but the father always does not treat the boss as a son to do overtime, but it is a matter of work, don’t talk about feelings with me, you have to talk about money

7 months ago

In a previous American company, when I was interviewing, HR said that we usually leave work at 17:30, and occasionally work overtime, and because you are a middle-level manager, there is no overtime pay for overtime. Can you accept it? At that time, I looked at the salary that was much higher than that of the same industry in my surroundings, and I nodded with euphoria in my heart. Then… the gate of the palace is as deep as the sea… From then on, sleeping is a passerby… The boss is an American. He has worked in China for ten years. He leaves work at around 21:00 every night, because the day shift on the production line is 8:00-20 9:00, the evening is 20:00 to 8:00. After he goes to work in the night shift, he will go around and make sure he is OK before leaving… I was the supervisor at the time. From the beginning of the internship period, he basically left work at 21:00. Our manager will leave work around 22:00-23:00…Because the boss will hold a short meeting with all managers before he leaves work to arrange the next set of tasks, and there will be results tomorrow morning. Once I washed the bed at home, and the manager called at 11:30 in the evening and said you want to make a watch and count a few statistics. The boss needs it as soon as he goes to work the next morning. I don’t have time to get it now, and I will need it later. Have a meeting (and Europe and the United States), you need to prepare some information, it is estimated that it will be more than two o’clock, you can go to bed after you set the watch. I said yes, I am as soon as possible. Then I worked it for more than an hour and sent it to him. …………………… The next day I was on the shuttle bus and saw the manager’s eyes darkened and his face swollen, typing words there, yawning and calling. After getting off the bus, I said I slept for a few hours. The manager said that he slept for less than four hours. The US side was not satisfied with the plan he made last night. Today, the meeting will continue at two o’clock in the morning, and the report will be re-made. It is really killing me. I did the internship in this unit and successfully passed the first year. The supervisors of other departments congratulated me, saying that I was the longest in this position in recent years… The top ten of the longest-lasting supervisory position ranking!” reputation. I once asked the personnel director about how my predecessor left. He said that he was working overtime. The girl is a desperate Saburo. She gets to 11 o’clock every day and even turns the clock, and she is not as good at training subordinates as you. The line relationship is not that good. Often when she just left, there were a lot of things coming out at night, she kept coming to fight the fire, and she often only slept for four or five hours at night. Once she was too sleepy, and the leader called a meeting. She hurriedly walked on the road, and fell asleep as she walked, hit the glass of the office door directly, smashed the whole door, and directly called an ambulance to the hospital. Later, her husband came over to make trouble and forced her to resign, saying that there was no use for a higher salary. Every spring, after receiving the year-end awards, the company’s middle and senior management positions turnover rate is very high, and then one or two months later, many supervisors are unable to recruit people. Later, HR issued an incentive policy and introduced a supervisor post, as long as the internship period can be completed, it will give a commission of 8,000 yuan. I think our company’s salary is relatively high, and this money may still be earned. I called some of my former colleagues and said that the salary here is high, the welfare is good, there are six insurances and one housing fund, there are additional rewards, there are many annual leave, and even the taxi fee is reimbursed for medical treatment. As a result, after a round of phone calls, several colleagues before me declined me. One of my colleagues who played well with me said directly to me, I still want to live, your place is a fire pit, and you have to peel off your skin when you go in. …………I said no, I have been doing it for two years, and it is fine. As long as I suffer a little bit, it can be very stable. He said, what time do you get off work every day, do you go to the company on weekends, or do you have an hour of video conference every day after the Spring Festival break? Your job is killing your life, and your reputation has long been out. I don’t have the guts to go to your company. Although the salary is high, I must be physically able to carry it. I was speechless for a while……The worst time I worked overtime was from 7 am to 2 am, I kept meeting and making my watch, went home and slept for four hours, and was at the office again at 7 o’clock. Continue to get to three o’clock in the morning, go home and sleep for three hours and then come back to work, then turn around for 24 hours, go home and sleep for a whole day and night before relieving. Later, I continued to work in that company, and saw that the quality control manager known as the iron man vomited blood during a meeting and was sent to the hospital. After being discharged from the hospital, I strongly demanded a job change. The general manager said that he would give you a 30% salary increase. Resolutely refused, saying that she was unable to get the high salary, and then the position of the quality control manager was vacant for nearly half a year… The supply chain manager, who was in her 30s and 40s, had white hair and dark circles all day long. Coffee and cigarettes don’t leave your hands, and finally my wife persuaded you to leave. And that American general manager shouted hard work every day to have a future… No matter what, he would tell you, You can do it! Six months later, because he urged the progress of the project, he indirectly caused the death of an employee. At the scene, he was finally transferred to Mexico and left China. Then after another six months, I began to feel a little overwhelmed, so I switched to another foreign company as a manager. Thinking about it now, I was really fierce at the time, and I really admire myself, how I spent several years in that company…It is probably because I was young, and I was tired after a while. If I really can’t fight when I’m older…

7 months ago

Before you make any suggestions, you might as well take a look at the next topic-“Get off work at 6 o’clock normally”. What does it mean? Explain that the industry or company you are in is not the kind of 996 sweatshop! It is a place with a high probability of being able to commute to and from get off work normally. It is normal for such a unit to stay for a meeting occasionally, right? But why is the subject a little bit helpless in anger? Because this “being called to a meeting after get off work” may be the norm. Many bosses think that by leaving their employees’ butts on the chair for a longer time, they can create more value for themselves. It is okay to use this idea to figure out the machine. It is not so easy to play with people. You must know that apart from your ability to make employees “willingly”, all squeeze has corresponding “hidden resistance”. What is the biggest difference between humans and machines? Machines can’t fish, people can. If you ask me to leave work to do work, I have no choice but to do things after get off work. Understand what I mean?

7 months ago

In fact, all employment relationships will reach a wonderful “dynamic balance” in the end. Many bosses (especially those of private companies) don’t really want to squeeze out employees’ oil, but occasionally feel that “when they are too tired as a dog,” To help my grandson get off work so early, who on earth will work for whom?” Does the boss know that I am fishing? The boss knows how much, he doesn’t know, there will be someone who will let him know. But just as men also know that green tea is used in routines, but they can’t hold them up! He just likes that I come earlier than him, go later than him, ask for instructions and report later, take him seriously, and treat the company as “home” like him! When he was exhausted from work, there was always a sadness of fighting alone when he saw the darkness of the office area, but at this time there was also an office with lights on, which was a relief to him after all. Besides, our team has indeed performed well.

7 months ago

Let’s not just come up and criticize your emotions. Maybe the boss is going to give everyone a red envelope? (Guotou) The subject has not given enough content, so we still have to analyze the specific situation. Is it normal? Occasionally, every company is the second party of life and has been beaten up by the first party. Even when I was in a foreign company in Europe and America, sometimes because of projects or emergencies, we still had to work overtime. What needs to be vigilant is not “incidental overtime,” but not “normalized overtime.” Working overtime is the same as borrowing money. It does not help the poor. The result of emergency rescue may be that it is not difficult to borrow or borrow again. The result of saving the poor may be that there is no return, and the other party is justified. It’s just like that paragraph: a person would give a beggar ten yuan a day. After he got married, he would only give a beggar five yuan a day, and he would only give one yuan to a beggar if he gave birth to a child. The beggar was very angry and asked him, why would you take my money to support your wife and children. Joining the 996 company is to save the poor. The boss will be righteous. You are ready for 996 when you come here. One day you suddenly start to reject 996, the boss will still be very angry: “Why did you go home during work hours?” If it happens by accident, it is the boss. If you ask us to stay and help in the emergency, the boss should thank the employees for working overtime in the emergency project. As an employee, I have the “consciousness” to take out personal time to help the company in emergencies when the company encounters an emergency. As a boss, do you have the same consciousness? Do I have to clock in on time for work in the morning? Can I arrive at the company one hour late? If an employee encounters an emergency at home, can he leave at any time? During the New Year holidays, will employees go home a few days earlier? Comparing heart to heart, if the boss does the above, I don’t think the employees will complain about the meeting at “6:30pm”.

7 months ago

If it is normalized to work overtime-every day at this time, the boss will use the meeting to delay the work time, leaving employees in the office to work overtime. So, as an employee, you need to make a judgment. Is this overtime valuable to me? For example, if I am anxious to spend money, and work overtime, the company pays overtime, then I may be able to accept such overtime; for another example, if you work in a small advertising company, you have been suffering from not getting good results. Offer, suddenly one day, the boss told you that I took Durex’s list and I need your full support. During this time, I will work overtime more frequently. So, with Durex’s popularity in the advertising circle, if I become the person in charge of this project, it will be very helpful to improve my resume, and I will be able to jump to a big company in the future and get better offers. So even if there is no overtime pay, the project itself is valuable to me, I will not look at the short-term gains and losses. I think this overtime is for my own resume. How to judge whether overtime is valuable? The method is simple. Ask yourself two questions: Can my workplace skills/professional knowledge grow through overtime? If this project has a field that I have always wanted to learn, or can significantly improve my abilities, and can endorse my career development in the future, then why not do it? At the beginning, Zhang Xiaolong’s team used overtime to grab the WeChat product in the competition among many Tencent teams. The members of this team got real benefits. Even if they switched jobs, they also had WeChat endorsements. This class was worth the extra work. Can I win more opportunities by working overtime? Sometimes we work overtime to do some chores, but we know that our leaders are reliable. This time I helped the leaders. Next time there will be good training opportunities or rotation opportunities. The leaders will give priority to me and consider me , Then why not go to such overtime?

7 months ago

All kinds of cool words and positive answers really make the beaters feel happy. It’s just that few people dare to really do this. 99.99% of the workers, even if they are extremely upset, as long as they want to continue working in the company, they will definitely answer one in the group: received! Moreover, someone must return in seconds, and even being forced to work overtime has become an opportunity to show loyalty. How can people live this day? How can this situation be broken? Only by the leader’s own consciousness, the subordinates will naturally be happy if the leader does not work overtime. Of course, this also depends on the company culture. A company that can leave work at 6 is already a good company with a conscience. Compared with 996, compared to asking you to go back to work overtime halfway after work, being able to notify the meeting in the group in advance is already very well done. If this happens occasionally, you don’t have to worry about it. If this happens all the time, either endure or go. If there is no mine at home, there is basically no third way.

7 months ago

I think many people advise you to be tough, and I will teach you to be more refined and easy-going. In fact, hard work is not impossible, but you must at least meet one of the following conditions: 1. You can’t transfer without this department. 2. The vast majority of employees in the department are willing to accompany you hard. 3. The father is the boss of the leader. 4. My father has a family property waiting for you to inherit. If you are not satisfied, then don’t be the first bird, the gun is not tasty. For a worker, the perfect result is that you don’t have to work overtime, but the leader still feels that you are willing to work overtime. Before the next meeting, buy a good pen and notebook, and write some work experience in the front, such as summarizing and reflecting on the daily harvest. During the meeting, stare at your leader all the way, nod your head whenever he pauses, take notes when he encounters useful places, and put on a thoughtful expression from time to time. At this time, it’s not enough to just show up. You really have to think about what he said in today’s meeting. Can you ask questions, give suggestions, and if there are any things you don’t understand? Write down all the help. When the meeting is over, immediately rush over and grab your leader to ask the above questions. You must not be too eager to speak, you must stop and think from time to time, your attitude must be serious, and you must have the spirit of delving into the roots. Every time the leader solves a problem for you, he will show a sudden realization and the leader is worthy of the expression of the leader. All in all, try to delay the time. If he finishes the meeting at 7:30, then you can ask it until 9:30. If he holds meetings every day, then you should ask questions every day. Of course, occasionally I will give your leader a day off to let him miss the pleasure of not having to work overtime. If you insist on a week, your leader will definitely avoid you at night. You insist on a month, and he hopes to finish the meeting at four o’clock in the afternoon every day. By the way, when you don’t work overtime, don’t suddenly stop asking questions. Continue to ask, but the questions should be reduced, and you should express your gratitude to the leader, saying that you have improved a lot with his help some time ago, maybe Ah, you can still get the respect of the leader.

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