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Everyone is bold, and Azeroth dares to take everything to the earth. I just ask, have you ever beaten others? Was he brought over by you, or did he come to invade the earth? A post has also analyzed it before, and Ai Xing’s entire race crushes the people on earth. Even the smallest dwarf has better technology, magic knowledge, and physical fitness than those on earth. You can run from Yongsong Forest to Booty Bay without breathing, you try? You brought King Varian of Wrynn here, do you know that he is a two-handed sword that can cut off an aircraft carrier? Top gladiator, tactician, politician, martial artist. Take a look at the animation at the beginning of the Legion version, he can kill the fire in one fell swoop! I believe that the howitzer hits him will not cause any real harm. World Sa is also an orc warrior now. If he gains the favor of the earth element, it is unimaginable. Goblin Novice Village mission. World Sa can turn an ordinary teammate into a moving storm and directly destroy the Alliance warship. The words are so good, how did he get caught? Jaina, the ghost ship blasts your door! Can also teleport their home fleet! If she came to the earth, she pinched the necklace and brought her eldest brother over, how to play? When she is familiar with the arcane energy here, a portal, coming and going freely, this is not a question of who you intend to bring, but who she wants to come over. When Gul’dan over there builds the Black Gate, Jaina will make an internal response, and the fourth invasion of the orcs is here! Deathwing, spray a fire trail for you along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal. Sargeras, the little dagger stabs your planet. If you can’t control them, don’t bring them. Sweeping around, we basically can’t fight, even we can’t fight murlocs, so we have to choose from our own will. Choose the ones that are not good enough to fight, and the humans and animals are harmless. If you choose it for me, I’d better bring the pandamen from the Soil and Water School. The pandamen of the Water and Soil School are not good at fighting, they pay attention to self-cultivation, can grow vegetables, cook well, and are great at kung fu. The damage from falling from a height is halved. Most importantly, who can resist the temptation of RUA pandas? The Huojin faction can’t do it. The Huojin faction always thinks about fighting, and sooner or later Wumen will beheaded.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Sally Whitemane (thank you for the comment reminder), is the “resurrection, my warrior”. Advantage 1: Normal humans will not worry about being caught in zoos or research institutes. Advantage 2: Loyalty, beautiful, and good figure. Absolutely good wife and mother. Advantage 3: High-ranking priest, open a surgical clinic and earn one million a month. Advantage 4: The big move will be resurrected. If I have an accident one day, as long as I have a whole body corpse, I will be alive and kicking the next day (this One trick cannot be used for others, and the whole society will be messed up if discovered by others) The only drawback is that religious beliefs are a bit distorted, but the earth has neither the Scourge Legion nor the Scarlet Crusade. Just doing ideological work is OK.

7 months ago

Of course it is Alexstrasza (although my id is the sword king of Ahn’Qiraj, but the red dragon sister is too fragrant) First of all, a big beauty with a front convex and backward curling directly brings the envy of others on the street, Longjiao And ears can only be regarded as cosplay, very safe. Secondly, the character is gentle and kind and has a strong fighting power. Just a little blessing from the red dragon can make me immortal, a hundred poison is not invaded and there is a blessing of life, even every dozens Changed a place to live in the new year, a proper couple of gods and goddesses.

7 months ago

What do you choose? Is it for business or for fun? Okay, let’s discuss it separately for fun: the fair-skinned and beautiful, light and soft body, the elven lady sister who can Yu Ke Luo is the first choice. Do business: must be fierce, firepower must be fierce, um, in modern society, close combat. . . Too weak, to unite! Two breads digress. Well, if you are a long-range hero, you’d better be able to fly. After all, you can fly high and hit far, and ice spells are the best. So a lot of law systems and Sagittarius categories are well selected, so how to do business and make fun? The answer is, find a female wizard! If you take care of it, you can fly. Understood, Understood Krigosa! It’s her, there is nothing wrong with choosing Miss Blue Dragon! If you bring one to resurrect, I will definitely choose Teregosa! Ah how perfect, it meets all the conditions we need, and it also comes with a portable, after all, it can become a small pet, right.

7 months ago

I just want to bring my own pastor here, a daughter who is well-rounded, safe and reliable. It can cure diseases and increase blood; floating can be used for self-use and can save people, whether it is jumping from a building, air crash, or floating on the water. It is very practical for jumping off buildings, air crashes, and floating on the water; Anti-mosquito bites and the like; see who is not pleasing to her eyes, let her secretly next Shadow Word: Pain, although this skill has been cut into Shadow Word: No pain, but the earth is delicate and expensive, a little pain is enough I barked; the skill of pulling people can be used to beat up a baby and act bravely; bring thousands of beautiful clothes, jewelry, hundreds of mounts, and pets along the way. Daughter, come here, mom misses you! If I can be more greedy, I still have knights, hunters, and monks. They are all very beautiful sisters. I miss their beautiful clothes. Forget shaman and Xiaode, trolls are not easy to integrate into human society, and they are not good-looking. (I am Yan Kong)

7 months ago

Broxiga Saurfang, the older brother of Saurfang, died in the War of the Ancients. The demon legion that blocked Mount Hyjal fought until he waited for reinforcements by himself, but he was ashamed of not having died in battle with his comrades. Be patient with foreign allies, not as arrogant as Grom. When carrying out the task, he has no hesitation, and is calm and composed. In the face of uncontrollable disasters, he jumped into the Well of Eternity to face Sargeras, slashing the strongest Titan with a mortal body. Broxiga maintains the simplest qualities of an orc. In order to protect his fellow citizens, it is the greatest honor to sacrifice himself. He is not the chosen son of Thrall, but like the warchief, he keeps calm thinking. It is a pity that there is no information about him in the World of Warcraft game. He is also worthy of the epitaph written by Thrall to Hellscream, and may the battle song never die. I don’t know why I brought him out of World of Warcraft, maybe I just want him to live, I want to see him. In the 90s, I often went to see Kane’s Bloodhoof at Red Cloud Terrace and stayed with him for a while. The big heroes when I first came into contact with Warcraft, all died tragically in anger and conspiracy. These heroes deserve a more glorious ending.

7 months ago

Of course I have to bring my role back. My cute little cow hunter. Cooking and fishing are full of first aid, and you must be a good helper for home life and travel. The unique beast comforting skills can save me from water and fire when I encounter ferocious wild dogs when I walk into the village and enter the house. If the comfort fails, I will kill it directly, and I can also skin a dog. As soon as the leopard group opens, it is not a dream to complete a village every day. The addition of Ngau Tau Herbalism can also help me grow the land, which is simply beautiful. Being able to summon her own beast baby at any time, let me slap my hair, bring one get one free, it’s a huge profit. If you don’t bring a heifer hunter, you bring the heifer Xiaode. Various changes in form, being able to fly, run, swim, ride, and lug, it’s not too convenient. Now there is a new tree form, it’s perfect haha. The most important battle is to bring a pack of ironwood tree species, and I will be immortal from now on.

7 months ago

They are all chosen among mortals, and in my opinion, the highest is a demigod. If you are sure that the people you bring out are absolutely loyal to me. I don’t want to be a big villain, so I brought the female Titan of the life system and asked her to create an Earth version of the Emerald Dream for me to play, or Amansur made a time network for the Earth for me to play. I want to bring the full version of Y’Shaarj when I’m a soul. Anyway, in reality, there won’t be an Amanthur that can take Y’Shaarj in seconds, and Y’Shaarj’s control function allows me to take off directly.

7 months ago

I choose Princess Theradras. Some people may think this is grandstanding, but in fact it is not, there is a embarrassing love story behind Princess Maraudon. In addition to Princess Theradras, the protagonist of the story also has Zalta, the son of the demigod Cenarius. When Zalta was young, he fell in love with Theradras, who was the princess of the earth. At that time, Theradras had a hot body, a sweet appearance and unlimited charm. It’s a pity that Cenarius didn’t agree with his son’s marriage. In the end, the two chose to live in Maraudon, a desolate place, to live in seclusion. However, the reality is cruel. Zalta died unexpectedly in a battle. The distraught Princess Theradras brought her lover’s body back to Maraudon and wished to protect him forever. To make matters worse, she was not only cursed by Cenarius, but her children also had no intention of filial piety (centaur), and they only fought for the inheritance of her father. Under various pressures and curses, the grief-stricken princess finally turned into an eight-foot tall mellow “monster”, but the heart that guarded Zalta remained the same. She did not allow any intruders to approach her lover. grave. She doesn’t mind being a monster in the eyes of adventurers, and she doesn’t mind taking Maraudon for the sake of protection, just to fulfill the promise of that life.

7 months ago

Everyone is talking about old characters. Let me have a new Remo Niya. The following is the dialogue before the tail king of the first raid in 9.0. Leimonia: I have a good idea, master. Let’s chop them up! Emperor Denasius: Well, I was thinking too…Why not just cut off these simple-minded creatures with well-developed limbs and use their bones to pave the way for our promotion. What should I do, I have to think about it… Leimonia: Please–you–, master! It’s been a long time since I enjoyed the pleasure of shredding a living person! Remoonia: Let me string their bodies together, then chop them up, chop them up, or give them to… The Great Emperor Denathus: Calm down, Remoonia. To urge others to think…very rude. Emperor Denasius: I will help our guests make atonement. After they confessed, you can tear their bodies apart and make their souls scream and go to Chuanyuan! The sword girl is very cute, but she is a bit violent, she still needs to be trained.

7 months ago

Old Saurfang. At that time, I estimated that I would quit my job and go back to my hometown to find a job in a courier or a small stall, and live slowly, drinking with him, bragging, so that he can really stay away from wow, the world is rotten, but Saurfang should not be humiliated. It was arbitrarily kneaded by a few third-rate, inferior screenwriters as chess pieces, and they were not worthy. Ronin, King Val, and even the Mograine family. The follow-up wow plot is not worthy of you.

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