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Even if Haidilao suddenly goes to the empty building, what’s the surprise? After all, one day the bubble will burst.
Two days ago, Haidilao released its financial forecast for last year, and its net profit fell by about 90% year-on-year (about 2.347 billion yuan). Based on this calculation, the net profit in the past year was about 234.7 million yuan. According to the media, Haidilao can be attributed to two reasons for the expected sharp decline in net profit: first, the group’s operating pressure caused by the restrictions on consumption sites caused by the global epidemic; second, the fluctuation of the US dollar against the renminbi exchange rate caused net exchange losses. About 235 million yuan. Regarding the first point, two catering giants jumped the most during the worst period of the epidemic last year. One was Xibei and the other was it. As the so-called crying children have milk to eat, they have also received huge bank credits, but I have not found out whether Haidilao has paid back the bank money. According to common sense, many restaurant chain brands do not have bank support, and they have clenched their teeth in 2020. Why is Haidilao’s life getting tighter with money, and even the raw materials have to be replaced? After all, as a well-known Singaporean hot pot brand with most of its stores in China, we are very effective in controlling the epidemic. After the second quarter, the meals have gradually recovered. Therefore, we need to look at another description: Since 2020, Haidilao has not only tested the waters of the Jian fast track, but has successively launched many sub-brands such as “Eighteen Beng” noodle restaurants and Fanfanlin, and it is also seeking stability in the entire industry. Expanding against the trend under the consensus of the People’s Republic of China. In the first half of 2020 alone, Haidilao opened as many as 173 stores. According to China Everbright Securities, Haidilao will add 525 new stores throughout 2020. Under the circumstance that the operating cost pressure is huge and the bank still owes a large amount of credit, Haidilao does not want to maintain the current basic market, and steadily overcome the difficulties with the employees, but is still expanding? From the perspective of business, especially catering business operations, facing the unknown risks that the new crown may cause, why does Singaporean Zhang Yong gamble so boldly? Just looking at the performance for most of the year, Haidilao’s situation is not small, it is simply very good. From 28 in the most severe period of the epidemic to a high of 83, I would like to ask if you are afraid? After all, compared with other catering brands, do you think Haidilao can expand. Isn’t it good? That’s awesome. Can the stock price go up? As for where the money for expansion comes from, it is natural to continuously reduce existing operating costs and try more sources of revenue, such as turning beef into soybeans while raising prices in disguise, and so on. But after all, opening a store requires continuous investment, and expansion cannot be endless. Relying on sub-brands for hot pot takeaways and the like will not become the main source of income in the short term. So on the one hand, it was affected by the turmoil in the international capital market, and on the other hand, it basically expanded to its limit this year. The capital market like a dog’s nose will of course gradually adopt a cautious attitude. How can we maintain a decent share price? Singaporeans certainly don’t think about improving employee treatment, enhancing user experience, and steadily practicing their internal skills. In the coming period, more Haidilao stores will continue to open, and then various concept products that are known as Haidilao will come out. In addition, various media and marketing accounts will continue to hype “Haidilao’s new way of eating” and “new services.” Still lively. As for the “perfect industrial chain” that has been touted, it is not necessarily unique, irreplaceable, and far ahead of the industry. After all, this is not a chip, not a lithography machine, and there is no real threshold. So one day, a short-selling institution issued a bloody report, and then the stock price collapsed, and people would wake up: this company whose stock price is several times that of the “upstart” such as Xiaomi, in fact, apart from a few tables and chairs, what? There is no hard currency. Of course, there is no need to worry about Haidilao executives. After all, Zhang Yong and other smart people actively cashed out more than one billion at the most critical time last year, and announced with great fanfare that they were going to retire… If it is really at a critical juncture, I am afraid the executives. We ran faster than anyone else.


By zhiwo

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8 months ago

How could it be…Where is Haidilao strong? Strong in service? Think service is the key, so don’t open chain restaurants. Service is an important part of a restaurant, but service must never become the core of chain restaurant business. Because the service is uncontrollable. Dozens of people in your store can hardly guarantee that everyone has a good service attitude. There are thousands of Haidilao stores. How do you manage the quality of service? Larger chains do not have services, only rules and procedures. Because only mechanical management can break through the differences between people. From this perspective, Haidilao’s service is good enough, and their service process is seriously surplus. The strength of Haidilao lies in the catering supply chain. First of all, restaurants like hot pot naturally need a supply chain, and they are also naturally suited to engage in a supply chain. Without complicated processing, just boiled in several types of soups, the quality of the ingredients can be directly expressed, and there is no way to hide them with high temperature methods such as compound flavor and frying. Why is the yellow braised chicken hot? No matter how bad the aged frozen chicken is, it can be tasted through high-pressure cooking. What you eat is the sauce. Moreover, the hot pot dishes are small and the consumption is stable, which is also suitable for starting standardization. There are just a few things in the hot pot back and forth. There are a few really delicious mutton shabu-shabu restaurants in Beijing’s Nancheng, relying on knowing a few good mutton suppliers, which can be opened for ten years; if you change to a Lu cuisine Huaiyang restaurant, the chef has to research and order new dishes every quarter. , Even if it is great for purchasing to find the right supplier in time, there is no time to deepen the supply chain. Shuhai Company, which is in charge of Haidilao’s supply chain, has been operating independently since 2007 (and companies such as Yihai). Your shop can easily guarantee the quality of the ingredients. If you have one in Beijing and Shanghai, you will start to catch the blind. In 2007, Haidilao’s national shops had a chaotic supply chain for a while, so Zhang Yong went to Yum to learn from (the parent company of KFC Pizza Hut, but the catering industry mentioned Yum to mention their supply chain department), and came back to start Haidilao’s own business. The supply chain is operated independently. In the past 14 years, Shan Shuhai has its own cold chain logistics centers in 22 cities, with more than 200,000 square meters in multi-temperature areas, and more than 2,000 cold chain vehicles and normal temperature vehicles. JD Logistics is already very sturdy in its cold chain. It has reached a level where it can compete with SF Cold Transport. The total number of JD’s fresh food warehouses has just exceeded 400,000 square meters last year. Relying on this foundation, Shuhai claims to be able to make tens of thousands of ingredients and dishes, managed by a special SaaS system, and can also provide loan support to upstream supply companies such as farms and meat factories. service? what is that? When your opponent is able to lend the supplier of this piece of beef, the game is over. In a war, you have to buy bullets, and people invest in bullet factories, charter cars and warehouses for storage and transportation, manage systems, and even write instructions for the bullets. Shame. In a local war between several stores in one or two cities, other hot pot restaurants can rely on the local foundation and Haidilao to see. Few of the national hot pot markets are Haidilao’s opponents, because even the standardization of ingredients cannot be guaranteed. Xiabuxiabu may be even more hopeful, after all, they have their own three-level distribution warehouse. In fact, many food and beverage brands have long since chosen to rely on Haidilao, and Shuhai now supports the food supply of at least 600 food and beverage chain brands. This is the current industry competition in China. It is no longer a “one service, one explosive product” that can be a company. Without solid and systematic support, micro-innovation can only bring short-term benefits. Then he was quickly plagiarized, and then he was beaten up with an improved version supported by the powerful system. The goal of Haidilao is not to provide “quality service” or “word-of-mouth hot pot” at all. Haidilao is heading for KFC McDonald’s. Moreover, not only a mass brand that consumers can remember, but also a basic construction of the catering industry. To achieve the basic construction of an industry, that is a century of trading, whether you like Haidilao or not, you will use Haidilao. Only the general environment can affect it, and one or two cases of negative news are meaningless. Fat friends, deepen your understanding of “giants”.

8 months ago

Soy products replace beef cubes. According to Haidilao’s usual gimmicks, there is a breakthrough for green ingredients. In addition, the tomato beef cube soup has never been Haidilao’s main marketing point. High-quality (exploiting) conventional services and value-added services are the key to his customer acquisition. I believe that after soy-based beef cubes are popularized, Haidilao will also start with small crispy meat, or the entire hot pot restaurant’s large market, due to cost issues, it will save expenses through the exchange of various soy products.

8 months ago

Service is the core competitiveness of Haidilao.

The rising prices of selected products in the market are not just for his family. Competitive products of the same kind will also face such pressure. At that time, everyone will play similarly, increase revenue and reduce expenditure, and adjust food ingredients.

However, Haidilao is slack in its services, which is equivalent to losing its core competitiveness, and what is waiting for it is word-of-mouth backlash.
On January 10 and January 11, 2021, I ran into service problems in two Haidilao shops in Huangshi, Hubei, a fourth-tier city. Consumption at the Yellowstone Moore City store on January 10th. The store will start trial operation in October 2020. As of January 2021, it has been almost 3 months. But value-added services have not kept up. General services ensure that Haidilao is qualified, and value-added services are a bonus item for Haidilao. Unfortunately, in terms of game interaction, as of January 10, I have been there 3-4 times, but I haven’t experienced it. In contrast, on January 11, the first time I went to the Huangshi Wanda store for trial operation to make purchases, the manager would be very happy. Because of the accent, I quickly made a small pear soup. The sisters in charge of the game also let me experience three games.

8 months ago

I don’t know, but I really like to go to Haidilao, order tomato soup with beef cubes, or boil the noodles with water, and then add a little beef cubes when making a bowl of hot and sour noodles in a spicy hot pot. It’s really fragrant, and you can experience the joy of cooking. Now I have suddenly changed beef cubes into soy products. Although the shape is similar, the taste may be similar, but in fact, I feel that it is a lot worse in my heart, and maybe the happiness will be reduced a lot. And the tomato soup has lost its soul. I believe that there are many people who feel like I have a lot of feelings of loss. Although the price of beef products has increased significantly recently, the cost of Haidilao will definitely increase, but Haidilao’s daily turnover is so high and the water is so high that it really can’t support beef cubes. Is the price increase? If because of the change in beef cubes, many customers order fewer dishes or stop eating Haidilao, wouldn’t the loss be more than the price increase of beef? Of course, I only answered this question from the perspective of a customer, and I believe many people will answer it from a professional perspective. Alas, should I bring my own beef cubes when I go to Haidilao?


8 months ago

It can only be said that the more eager to get, the easier it is to lose. Haidilao was founded in 1994 and has grown from a small shop jointly run by a husband and wife to a listed company with a market value of more than 300 billion yuan. In the final analysis, people are paying for their services. The founder Zhang Yong once said a word that has been regarded as a standard by many catering practitioners. “If you want to survive, you can only have a better attitude. What guests want faster, and if they are dissatisfied, they have to accompany smiling faces.” The Haidilao-style service that he pioneered has become a target of emulation in the restaurant industry.

8 months ago

What is Haidilao-style service? When ordering, the waiter is almost ready to watch, and he will remind you that there is enough food here and there is no need to order too much. During the meal, you will be prepared with glasses cloth, apron, and a transparent sealed bag for your mobile phone. If you are a frequent visitor to familiar guests, you will often send out a variety of surprises, remember your personal habits. I used to be a loyal user of Haidilao, and I like to go to Haidilao whether it is for meals or family gatherings. An ordinary and welcoming restaurant can at best make you feel at home. A restaurant with specialties, which is the first cut for you when roasting whole lamb. Only Haidilao can make the sound of gongs, drums and firecrackers. It seems that most of the previous mediocre life is a remarkable thing.

8 months ago

Just went to Haidilao last night, a second and third-tier city. The beef cubes are so big that they are delicious when paired with a pork belly health pot and a layer of beef cubes in the soup. But to be honest, after a meal, there is no memory point. What is the real feature of Haidilao? Service, as for the second and third-tier cities in the north, how can the service be? There is really a gap between it and the South, except for manicures, handguards, a free photo, a small fruit for you, and a toy for children. In terms of eating characteristics, there is nothing to remember except for beef cubes.

8 months ago

By the way, I was really embarrassed by the birthday scene where a bunch of people were holding a light sign to celebrate the birthday. To be interesting, in order to challenge the waiter’s service, we ordered the cantaloupe 5 times (the waiter was asked to dice) because one of them was inconvenient with braces. Finally, before leaving, I asked if I could pack a copy, and the answer was yes. Do you feel guilty at this point? But three people (2 girls) basically see the dishes for half a serving, cost 450, 150 per person. You say what to eat, in fact, most of the cost is served, but the waiters are enthusiastic, and everyone feels embarrassed. In fact, you can basically eat better quality dishes in other hot pot restaurants. This is why Haidilao has no special features except for the service. If the beef cubes are eliminated, it will really be Haidilao, basically you can’t get anything. The service of some stores has become a formality. The waiter agreed, but his reluctance was already out of words. And basically started to be enthusiastic, and began to perfunctory in the second half, paying attention to the turnover rate? The appearance of some stores, but an intuitive feeling of mine!

8 months ago

Our 18th-tier town has also opened, anyway, business is not as good as the third and fourth-tier cities. In fact, there are vacant seats inside, but there are still many people sitting at the waiting table outside, I don’t know if they are not allowed to sit on purpose. The queuing should not be enough. And the service is really not good. I just beckon it, but now I have to crane my neck to look around. The waiter actually said that I am embarrassed to be too busy… Haidilao, a first- and second-tier city, is absolutely cost-effective. In an 18-tier city like ours, it is worth considering

8 months ago

Tomato soup without beef cubes has no soul! ! I don’t know if the Haidilao near my house has been changed. I have to go to see Haidilao some time ago. Hot search said that it launched a shampoo service. I said that it is better to invest the money for the shampoo service on beef cubes! After all, everyone came to Haidilao for dinner! Some small services are good, but if you can’t satisfy even the basic catering services, why not quit so many other services? Isn’t the cart before the horse? Will Haidilao change its business direction and become a hair salon one day?

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