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I once patted my forehead and wanted to open a maid shop, and then I started a national maid shop tour and inspection project. I ran a lap in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and the result was that they were half dead. The only general impression was that Beijing star. Meng, but the place is hard to find. I found it in a mall building that was not very popular. Later, when I arrived in Hangzhou, I read online information about a chain of maid stores in Hangzhou, only to find that it had closed down. I found the original boss’s contact information and added a WeChat chat. He has already switched careers and partnered with others to engage in training courses. He is a rich second-generation, and he opened a shop with a shot of his forehead. As a result, he lost 8 million in a few years, using his original words. Say “You don’t have to raise a cow if you want to drink milk…” (Manually, there have been several maid shops in my local area, including maid coffee, maid board games, etc., and all of them have closed down. One of them It’s actually a maid’s Japanese food. The quality of the girls is very high. Especially the girl I saw for the first time was amazing, and the service attitude was also very good. And the level of Japanese food is not bad and the price is not expensive, even if I don’t have it The maid, who eats Japanese food alone, is also more affordable than ordinary Japanese food stores. But every time I go to the table, I am almost the only customer at the table. After a while, I find that the dishes are less and the taste is worse, presumably The original chef ran away, and after a while, the shop was gone. To sum up, I think it is not suitable to invest in this project in China now. Adding maids on the basis of a good Japanese food shop, the cost has gone up, and the cost has gone up. But it was counterproductive, and many people did not dare to go in. The main consumer group of this grade of Japanese food is not the Azhai. If it is a young couple who has a meal appointment, even if the man is an invisible house, I am afraid that he usually dare not ask his girlfriend to go to the maid. Shop, family dinner will not choose a maid shop. You can imagine how embarrassing the scene of the seven aunts and eight aunts at home casting a spell on a plate of omelet rice moe moe kyun =w=


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7 months ago

This set has no future in China, because we are a nation that dislikes it very much and is not easy to “get into the show” in front of others. If you insist, it will be embarrassing. You go to a movie theater in the United States to watch a movie, and the performance is wonderful. A group of people yells and yeah comes to yeah. I heard that India is more exaggerated. When singing and dancing are performed, they just get up and dance. It is said that Indians dance when they go to the cinema. Indian movies must have singing and dancing. East Asians are more introverted, but Japanese have a special quality, that is, as long as they are given the context, rituals, and rules, they can enter the show with confidence. This is the basis for the existence of a maid shop. They seem to presuppose that here you can really temporarily “become” the master instead of just “playing”. The employees also expected this in their hearts. And this kind of psychological expectation cannot be established here. Most of us can only play ticket-style acting at best, generally just like the monks and Taoists who are paid in the temple. This is true even for religious sites with a thousand-year tradition. What else can you ask for the newly established commercial stores? We can accept dressing up. You can dress up well and act like everyone is happy, but if you really “become” that role when you dress up and act according to certain rules, we are not happy. Look at the maid. Store employees also feel unnatural in this way. It’s hard to forget, and we don’t like to let go of our usual self-awareness. We don’t know how to play, but it’s easy to be in a place where no one is around. You can read books, movies, and play games alone. However, it’s quick to come back when you are crazy. Occasionally, someone is stunned by a fantasy thing, and everyone will laugh at him, or even though they are worried, they don’t agree with him. Unless he is stunned by certain realistic propositions, such as “We are too weak” and “We are united” in the “Ark Bible” a few days ago. This can be done, but only if it is out of nature. So when it comes to talking about any restaurant concept that can be compared with maid shops in mainland China, I would think of red-themed restaurants such as “People’s Commune Canteen”. However, as far as I can see, most of them are posters and posters. To play revolutionary music, at most, clothes imitate the style of that era; if you have to set up rules, teach customers to really switch themselves to that era and eat in, first ask for instructions and report when you enter the store, and then the whole store staff up and down sing on the spot every day Quotations and songs dance loyalty to the word dance, it will definitely not be able to continue. It’s better to operate as a normal restaurant. The same is true for themes with such a social foundation, not to mention the maid.

7 months ago

Many years ago, out of love for the second dimension, curiosity about part-time jobs, and spent the boring time after resignation, I worked as a part-time maid in a maid shop. Most part-time maids are students, from junior high school students to old aunts like me, as long as they pass the test, they are accepted. It doesn’t feel very picky…Of course, there are a few full-time maids in the shop. The boss is a bit fat, a greasy young man of about 25-30 years old, always holding an alien, and bringing some friends, friends and foxes to the store to play games. Dressing is very artistic, leaving a little braid, it doesn’t look like a second-generation fan, I guess it is a rich second-generation, entrepreneurial play. After about an hour of training, I have basically mastered the main work content: 1. Open the door. When you open the door, you should say in Japanese that the host welcomes back. It’s boring to keep standing by the door. 2. Lead the seat, use ipad to place an order for the customer. 3. Serve dishes and water. 4. Add water, take paper towels and the like in response to the needs of the guests. 5. Charges to accompany guests to play board games. After playing for more than a month, I didn’t want to play it anymore. It was completely different from what I thought. Most of the guests are normal three-dimensional guests, only to rest, drink, eat, chat, party, and even business negotiations. Few people really understand the second dimension. This is also normal, after all, the boss is not a second-dimensional person at all. The maid service in the whole store, except for wearing a second-dimensional clothes, the service comes with two sentences in Japanese, and the omelet is painted with a cat’s head in tomato sauce. Others have nothing to do with it! The essence of Japanese maid shops is not this good or not! But… if you really do it so full, I guess it will scare the three-dimensional customers who account for the most in the store, right? right now? The shop closed early. My thoughts: 1. For a maid shop to succeed, first of all, your city must have enough two-dimensional dead house culture, and this group of people must be rich enough to be able to support this shop. According to my observations, perhaps only Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou are ideal. Even Hangzhou, where I am located, is difficult. You can imagine other cities. 2. Making money in a niche culture requires love. Without love, just to make money, it is better to open a regular coffee shop. 3. There are indeed many beautiful girls in the maid shop. In my life, all the girls with 8 points or more except actor idols are in the maid cafe. 4. But what about many beautiful girls? I have seen an 8-point girl first. Tianshang went to work with 4 male classmates who gave her a commission for consumption, and they all looked handsome. Ordinary customers should stop thinking and just look at the girls. the above.

7 months ago

Coordinates in Chengdu, has been to dozens of cities in China and Japan, close to 200 maid shops. Chengdu currently has more than 20 maid shops open at the same time. Only two accompany to play without charge. In conclusion, there are more and more maid shops now, because the people facing them are wider, and the development and market are better. However, it is inevitable that something deviates from the original essence. (This point is not inconsistent with other respondents. Meituan can find that the number of maid shops in the past two years is the highest in history.) Basically, it is a maid shop, not a maid cafe. Same as the time when the maid culture was the most popular, everyone saw business opportunities, more and more stores were opening, and the pressure of competition was also greater. If the cake is almost divided, there will be more cases of poor management and bankruptcy. There are fewer and fewer stores that can continue to operate for many years. Orthodox maid cafes, such as Chengdu’s Seventh Heaven, Guangzhou’s Caviar, Hangzhou’s Little Red Riding Hood, Chongqing’s Deep and Warm, have also ceased operations. There are fewer and fewer maid cafes such as Shanghai Meng Jam, Beijing Xing Meng, Wuhan Meng Gongfang, etc., which have been operating for many years. (Of course there are still a few new shops that do maid culture, such as Guangzhou, Nanjing, Guizhou and some small towns that have not been visited, but the proportion is really very small, and I will visit if I have the opportunity.) In fact, most of the maid shops that have emerged now are 18 years old. The kind of accompaniment clubs that began to emerge in Shanghai are the kind of maid shops that require admission tickets, maid accompany play and private rooms by the hour. It’s not like the original “maid cafe”. In the beginning, it mainly focused on maid cafes, maid culture and catering. ACGN and idol culture, where customers are mostly niche cultures and good exchanges or houses. Now the maid shops are more diversified, and the nature of catering and related cultures is relatively different. So important. (But the same is true in Japan) This article is longer, and I will discuss this topic later. In short, the general trend in China is the traditional maid cafe-ACGN theme restaurant-maid board game shop-maid companion play shop. In fact, in Japan, as in the articles I wrote before, now the maid shops are fiercely competitive and have fallen a lot. Everyone tastes fancy after all. In the most traditional British maid cafes that take care of housework and ordinary cute maids, as well as general various themes such as Warring States, fairy tales, magic, Europe, foreigners, pseudo-girls, arrogant, trembling s, vampires, etc. When the maid cafe cannot satisfy the guests, such as maid studios, LIVE rooms, bars, massage parlors, shampoos, car wash shops, gyms and even other gray industries have emerged. ) There are similar reasons in China, especially in the past two years, more possibilities have emerged. In addition to cafes and restaurants, there have also been maid shops that include board game script kill bars, video games, movie cafes, cat cafes, e-sports halls, VR, party halls, etc., or simply add maid-related elements to operate. That is, the maid board game script kill, the maid video game hall, the maid movie cafe, the maid cat cafe, the maid e-sports hall, the maid VR experience store, and the maid party hall. There are even similar maid massage and walking services in Japan.

7 months ago

Last time I went to play script kill with my friend, I saw that the maid board game ranked second, and I had never experienced that kind of atmosphere, so I went by car with my friend for an hour. After the end, I regret it. First of all, I wanted to feel the beautiful girls surrounded me cutely, cleverly, and proudly shouting “Master” to me! They called my young lady, what’s the point? Secondly, to choose a maid, you need to pay for her accompaniment and the cost of her script killing. And our maid did not give me any feeling of being served during the whole process. It’s as simple as bringing a friend. (She doesn’t call the master what I can hope for) In the end, the maids and sisters are not very attractive. It’s not even as good as my friend who is not facing the sky. I might as well spend a few hundred to buy a maid outfit for my friend to wear and play with me. Although there is indeed a plot surrounded by maids and sisters, they surrounded us and let us choose. I did not experience the feeling of the emperor choosing the concubine but a grand oppressive feeling. They are all around me. I’m so afraid that if I don’t order them, they will beat me up. Generally speaking, very disappointed. However, the maid outfit and all kinds of garter stockings are really good-looking.

7 months ago

I heard from Tianjin friends: There was one in Tianjin, but it was closed.
But I always feel a strange feeling in my ears:
A dozen of bamboo boards, coffee with garland, barking dog Xiu Jinsama, do you want to be great, American style is very hard, kaboo oil is too big, high-end zipper is called mocha, blossoming sweet tooth, backing Salted garlic doubles with gà, spicy oil duǐ black tea, puffs sěi a little bit old pop three is a goofuli bag smashed.

7 months ago

Several shops opened in Shenzhen in recent years have gone bankrupt. This thing is definitely not comparable to Japanese maids, and the quality of the maids is also uneven. The maids must have nothing to say, they are basically all qualified, but the part-time maids below are not necessarily A few years ago, a maid shop that has closed down is where I used to chat with my friends. A maid on duty and her boyfriend (maybe the boss laughs to death) were sitting in a row of chairs in front of me, and I showed off. The maid shop in Shenzhen summed up: the time when the boss and his friends soaked up the maid is when the shop closed down

7 months ago

Why does this question go to the home page of Zhihu? Instead of asking the maid shop, ask what the main restaurant/experience shop is now. Taking into account the recent closures of various scripts, these types of stores are probably not so good now. No one thinks a maid shop is that kind of custom shop. No matter how involved in the industry, no matter how role-playing is done, it won’t get involved with the maid shop. Baidu Maps searched the surrounding areas, and now most of the maid shops are accompanied by board games, and there are almost no restaurants (causes of the epidemic). To imitate Japan, where there are so many rules and regulations, one of the purposes is not to play and set a threshold. This is originally a niche, but you can’t get out of the circle at will. It is absolutely not allowed to play, the circle is so big, if you just go in for early adopters, I am embarrassed, you will be very playful, and the experience will be very poor.

7 months ago

This ghost. It’s easy to hit the street. I’m from Guangzhou, and I don’t know now. I was adolescent from 2008 to 11 years ago. I was in second grade. A maid shop just opened nearby, so I went to play with my friends. First of all, the maid shop’s consumption is too expensive for juniors. At that time, there were 200 spending a month. The maid’s shop was about 40 for a drink and 50 for an omelet rice. Anyway, I drank a drink and flew away with heartache. Secondly, interacting with the young lady [normally] is actually nothing fun. Might as well actually ask some young ladies to go to the board game store or something. Finally, and most importantly, we often hear that there are a total of 4 maid shops that we understand, all of which are on the street within a year. First of all, the profit cannot support this group of young ladies. Secondly, and the main reason for rushing to the street, it involves selling silver. Does the maid really go to the holy place for a tour? Not all for all kinds of sexual cues. Suggestions come and go, young ladies who can’t stand the low wages naturally rely on this resource to get more wages. 2K per night~ This is the price I found out. Later, they all rushed to the street. You know. Recently, I discovered that a board game shop I used to visit has changed. It used to be two periods of time, a period of 39 per person, including a drink and board game. It is now a maid board game shop, 80 per person per hour. Anal theory, I’m 30 now and I have a job, so I can’t afford 80 per hour. But I am really not interested. I haven’t seen anything, there is no need to pay money to go in and see.

7 months ago

It’s not that Chinese men don’t like looking at girls’ ass. But I don’t like being labeled as a slicker, and then looking at the girl’s butt at an expensive price. With this little money, go to the night market to go to the music festival to see the little girl’s butt, doesn’t it smell? A group of unfamiliar young people release their hormones, under the cover of dark night or noisy music, both men and women can seduce each other as much as they want. Even if they don’t have the courage, they can empathize with the atmosphere. what is this? This is the happy atmosphere of the atmosphere of young men and women* before the Zhou Dynasty. (According to textual research, this is how Confucius was pregnant.) This is the joy of hormones hidden in the genes. What about the maid shop? With the lights shining, a group of ugly or beautiful girls wearing cheap skirts made of polyester bring you bad coffee and snacks, and then I will say to you, “Does the dog show Jinsang?” Men in mainland China have suffered from childhood. It is the education of equality between men and women, spending so much money to experience the experience of this crude capitalist master, not to mention the quality of service, this mentality is too embarrassing. The social fears really have this free money to reward the anchor. The anchor is more beautiful and speaks nicely. You can also enjoy the pleasure of crushing other men. If the cashiers have this spare money, they go to the music festival to twist their buttocks, and seduce each other’s eyebrows. That’s interesting.

7 months ago

I made a mistake. I thought that this question was about the current development status of the industry in the mainland, but after looking at it for a long time, I found that I was actually talking about the maid shop’s current experience. If you want to talk about this, then I won’t be sleepy. Except for a few shops that are just entering the business or where the boss must die, everyone imagines that when they enter the door, a row of maids in black and white skirts bow and shout “Hello, master” “You are home” in a Chinese maid shop , Basically you don’t expect to see it. This thing is too persuasive. Like idols and akb, the reason for their localization in China is the same. Have you heard of the Seine? It is SNH48. A good-looking Japanese national women’s group, its branch in China, is directly Waterloo, relying on such things as girls, vitality, singing and dancing, it almost went bankrupt for itself ten years ago. Finally, relying on a group of little girls to scribble on mc, they sucked the first big wave of hardcore fans, and finally developed and survived today. The maid shop is also of similar nature. Once you enter the door and give you such a set of class oppression, if you are a guest, Should I be embarrassed or not? The original answer said that the interests are related: the owner of the top 1 maid board game shop in Nanjing is my brother’s girlfriend. I know her maid shop as if I were going home [hope my sister Duo don’t see this answer This kind of collective bowing and shouting to the owner is not a ceremony at all, but a very high level. The tricky plan that you need to put forward when you make a reservation is often a regular customer to bring a friend over. When you make a reservation, please give me a thousand warnings [Remember to give me Here’s a set, I’ll use it to have fun] Then I arrived at the scene, and the acquaintances sat down peacefully. The friends I brought along suddenly saw so many girls appearing and they were wearing maid outfits, so they were a little at a loss. I bowed in a row and shouted [Hello Master XXX, welcome home] It’s a source of embarrassment and happiness at the death scene of a social animal. As for what to do in the maid shop, I don’t know anything else. The maid shops in Nanjing are basically all. It is a [Maid Board Game Shop], which is mainly engaged in the operation of board games, as well as video games and script kills. In addition, there are [Maid Bar] and [Maid Cafe/Dining Bar]. The former is easily involved in the legal red line, while the latter is relatively difficult to survive. I don’t know the details, so I won’t go into more details. [Maid board game shop]. If you are one or two people, basically play swtich, ps4, or play patchwork in the private room. This kind of basic two-person board game is really easy to be embarrassed after all. If it’s not for which maid girl is special to cheer, or new I saw it on the Hakka Meituan. I came to visit a shop. There are very few other things like this. Basically, it is mainly based on the party. The crowd is suppressed. Find a big bag to start the script or the werewolf. This is the maid shop now. In fact, my own feeling is that the maid shop has been resurrected on a large scale in Nanjing in the past two years-that is, after the end of 19th and early 20th, there have been an overwhelming number of maid board game shops. If you don’t believe it, you can open the public. For comments, search for [Maid] in [Nanjing], or [Board Game], you can find more than ten or twenty stores doing this-most importantly, because of the popularity of scripts and werewolves, these two social games It avoids the embarrassment between the guest and the maid that they don’t know what to talk about. In fact, many maid shops have no service at all, and they have no special features. It is just a [there are a lot of beautiful DM script kill shops with fancy dresses] Don’t say, whether there is a good-looking girl hosting DM, in fact, it attracts old customers quite a lot. There is also a very strange market situation that I can’t understand. The third most popular game besides the script and the werewolf needs to be booked in advance. Otherwise, it’s the fucking mahjong Yueyue who has no place. It’s my best friend. My girlfriend, the owner of the maid shop, has torn down the two cute and lovely private rooms that were originally pink, and replaced them with a few automatic mahjong machines. I actually don’t understand why so many people like to come to two maids to rub mahjong. Rub from dawn to dark in one rub? Not only do guests like maids, many of them are eager to try to hear that guests come to play mahjong and they are rushing to participate or even after work, but they are not too addicted to stay in the store and work overtime just to come back. If you ask me the most representative of Chinese characteristics What’s the scene in the maid’s shop? I’ll tell you [pink wallpaper, huge bear doll on the side of tatami, maid costume in black and white plaid skirt and cute beast ears, cute two-dimensional BGM in the speaker, and then four Individuals-two guests and two maids, sitting attentively on the side of the automatic mahjong machine, their sleeves rolled up, and their eyes are red.]

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