“In order to learn English, students and parents spend a lot of time and energy. But with economic and social development, is English really so important?” Xu Jin, a member of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and member of the Central Committee of the Jiu San Society, suggested reforming English in compulsory education. The status of compulsory courses.

“In the compulsory education stage, English and other foreign language courses are no longer set as main subjects equivalent to Chinese and mathematics, and the proportion of quality education courses is increased; English (or foreign language) is no longer set as a compulsory subject for the college entrance examination; compulsory education stage students are prohibited Take various unofficial foreign language exams,” Xu Jin said.

He pointed out that in the United States, college graduates usually master 30,000 to 50,000 words. In our country, you can pass CET-4 if you master 4,000 words. In order to attend key middle schools, many elementary school students have obtained an English test certificate equivalent to CET-4 or higher. English teaching hours account for about 10% of students’ total class hours, but English is only useful for less than 10% of college graduates. The application rate of the results is low, and the curriculum is not inclusive.

Xu Jin found through research that the translator can now provide oral translation services in multiple languages including English, food, clothing, housing, transportation, etc., with a level of not lower than Level 6 of college English, and the technology is very mature. The translation software provided by smartphones is more problem-solving than the English “Teaching Objectives” that runs through the entire process of compulsory education. In the era of artificial intelligence, the translation profession ranks among the top 10 professions that are about to be eliminated.

“The low proportion of quality education courses such as music, sports, and fine arts “three elementary subjects” is a practical problem faced by schools at all levels. English courses are no longer set as compulsory main courses, which will solve the problem of lack of time for quality education. Schools should Use sufficient time to cultivate students’ independent thinking ability, practical ability and innovative ability, and promote students’ all-round development.” Xu Jin said.

Therefore, Xu Jin suggested reforming the current situation where the state invested in compulsory education and all students must learn English (foreign language).


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

Abolishing the status of the main subject does not mean abolishing English. This is to reduce the weight of English. It does not mean that you can not learn English in the future. Instead, you give students the right to choose, and those who like to learn English can continue. However, it is debatable that the college entrance examination is not a compulsory subject. It may not have the same status as Mathematics English, but if it is not a compulsory test, no one will learn it. If the interest is not suitable for eating, this will inevitably reduce the English quality of the entire country. So many years of work have been done in vain. As the saying goes, “Ten years of trees, 100 years of people”, English in compulsory education is still necessary. If you don’t lay a good foundation, then there will be too few English learners. When you reach a higher level, such as scientific researchers, you will need a lot of English. If this group of people who study English books and documents abandon English since they were young, it would be tantamount to cutting off their future progress ladder, and it would be tantamount to restricting the advancement of talents in disguise. Therefore, English can be not set as the main subject, and the weight of English can be reduced. Refer to these sub-subjects of politics, history and geography, but it cannot be a compulsory subject for the college entrance examination. Experts see that less than 10% of the people use English, but these A small number of people must lay the foundation before they can use it. This can’t be given up. This may be the key.

7 months ago

Resolutely oppose the cancellation of the popularization of English before Chinese journals reach the world’s top level, otherwise English papers and English books on the frontier of science will become exclusive to a few people, and wealthy and knowledgeable parents will realize the importance of this. Actively let children participate in extracurricular English learning, so that money and the power of academia will completely cut off the way for ordinary people to rise through scientific research channels. Of course, I personally think that it is almost impossible for Chinese to replace English through scientific and technological strength. Either force a simpler artificial language (similar to Esperanto) or develop artificial intelligence translation.

7 months ago

Not to mention how many people with good science disciplines fell apart because of English. Not to mention how many people have not used English in their entire lives, but they have exhausted many years of learning English. Not to mention whether this is practical or not, at least the mathematics we use for grocery shopping. I support the CPPCC’s proposal, but I also think that necessary English learning is also very important. (Moreover, the proposal is also placed in a non-main subject position, not for non-study.) Because the cultivation of talents is never unilateral. Because there are many academic papers and other aspects, the position of English is more and more important. But these are actually specific to learn, it is not impossible, I think. But I think this is a slow trend, after all, ten years ago, we worshiped others, ten years later, we are self-confident and self-reliant. In the future, everything can be expected. PS·Voice is most likely to be learned from an early age, and the effect is the best. But it still doesn’t affect countless people, and only later started to learn, and eventually he was still proficient. Time doesn’t only start to matter after eighteen years. In many days before eighteen years, it was also important.

7 months ago

First clarify two main points: 1. Abolishing the status of the main subject is not to not learn. 2. Only in elementary and middle school. . Let me talk about my point of view. I think that the current university still requires a grade four or six, such as undergraduate studies, studying abroad, and resumes to find a job in the society require grade four and six grades, etc. This proposal is under the premise that such systems are still retained. The feasibility is open to question. As for talking about the ascending channel being closed from the perspective of scientific research and top talents, the view that the class has been opened again is purely XX. What really affects the upward path is the behavior of getting your graduation certificate and resume that are mandatory in these existing systems. If these existing systems are gradually cancelled, then the importance of English will disappear. For real top scientific researchers, learning English is not that difficult. The problem now is that all students and all majors have to be forced to study this subject which accounts for 150 points in the college entrance examination. However, the performance of the subject of English, the gap between different people is still very large, and has a close relationship with educational resources. The reality is that many students in remote areas cannot keep up with the English level in developed areas. However, the college entrance examination has to compete on the same track (for example, Chengdu 479 (basically equal to the English level of Jiangsu and Shanghai) and students in Liangshan Prefecture). It is the real unfairness. Do you think they have a huge difference in talent? The reality is that the majority of students cannot rely on their own ability to use English when they enter university or even work. Everyone asks yourself, how many times have you used translation software when you really read the literature? Workers, do you really use English after you go to work? However, now we have to take an exam. Even with these existing systems, we have to pay attention to English, so there is no way. My point of view is that high-tech talents can choose to learn foreign languages ​​to increase their knowledge, while universities and work units spare the majority of ordinary people and don’t use English to stigmatize us. This is the most ideal result. Anyway, I didn’t say not to learn, step by step.

7 months ago

This time I want to support it, so that my future son can be forced to choose less painfully in the future, thank his father for following his heart and bravely expressing his feelings for English! One is the question of whether it is usable or not, and the other is the question of whether you like it or not. Moreover, this proposal is only to abolish the status of the main subject, not to never learn again. You can choose whether to learn according to your situation, but it is no longer mandatory. This is not very good, just like the previous science can not choose history. Yes, I’m really not good at it! It is the status of the main subject. It is not just a proposal. The specific implementation details will definitely take into account the academic English and international exchanges that everyone speaks. It is impossible to change without considering the actual situation.

7 months ago

First of all, my English is bad, so bad that I can’t stand it myself. Second, I support the strengthening of English education. We are not the strongest, nor should we sit and watch. At least for now, it seems that English is still the universal language of the world. Especially for science and technology, we cannot bypass it at all. We are currently developing rapidly. It is not because of how many high-tech talents are produced, but the biggest reason is the popularization of compulsory education, which has cultivated a large number of people with elementary and advanced education, which is the backbone of society.

7 months ago

Supports the abolition of pathological subject measurement standards, but does not support the abolition of the status of English as the main subject. Because ordinary children can start from scratch, but they must not be defenseless. Because I did not hear the original words of the CPPCC member, I dare not pretend to express my opinion on this. However, judging from the content published by the media, the two core arguments recommended for cancellation are: English teaching hours account for about 10% of students’ total class hours, but English is only useful for less than 10% of college graduates. The application rate of the results is low, and the curriculum is not inclusive. The translator can already provide oral translation services that are not lower than CET-6, and the technology is very mature. I will only talk about these two points. First of all, it must be admitted that English is indeed not required by everyone, and many people will not need it for a lifetime of learning. For many people, English is even a “dragging” subject. But English can let people see a wider world and bring more possibilities to life. It belongs to those who are willing to actively pursue their dreams. For such people, they don’t care if it is “required”, they only care if they can get the life they want. I am the most typical example. Because my mother is an English teacher, I almost grew up listening to English songs, watching English books and movies. Therefore, before English became a compulsory course in my school life, I spontaneously regarded it as a compulsory course in life. I have never regarded English as an exam-oriented course, and I have never thought about whether it is compulsory or not. I just like its rhythm, its logic, and the stories behind the language. These things that cannot be quantified by scores have really brought me growth. Only when we are fully aware of this can we truly make this language work for us. Having said the first point, let’s talk about the second point: Can a translator replace human wisdom to master the essence of a language? The answer is of course no. However, this kind of thesis just proves that there are serious problems in the English education we have received since childhood. Otherwise, how can one think that “translation” is all about learning a foreign language? Regarding the traditional Chinese English classroom, let me summarize the three major symptoms: Ignore language ability, over-exaggerate problem-solving skills, and few applied exams. Multiple-choice questions are popular. Ignore the strength of the mother tongue. Friends who have received compulsory education have more or less experience. Symptom 2 has caused the embarrassment that many people still cannot speak English after they have studied English for more than ten years. It also explains why many English teachers are not fluent in oral English, and even unable to carry out simple daily communication. And the last illness is true. Think carefully about it. Although I am an English teacher, I deeply believe that no country should choose to let a foreign language take precedence over the mother tongue. I even think that the strength of a person’s mother tongue determines the upper limit of his foreign language ability. Therefore, I think that when children are very young, more attention should be paid to Chinese education. On the premise of mastering the mother tongue, English can become an important tool for children to learn about the world and themselves on the way of growth. Regarding this point, I recommend that you read the article entitled “If the foundation of Chinese is not well laid out, a person’s thinking will not be profound” by the Chinese translator and international political expert Zi Zhongyun. Finally, back to my original point of view: In fact, what I expect to abolish is not “English”, but the abolition of those dogmatic, one-size-fits-all discipline standards. The morbid standard of measurement is bound to produce batches of tool people who cannot see the true meaning of language. Your child can start from scratch, but must not be defenseless. Welcome to follow my WeChat princess “Miss Zhan” (WeChat ID: missjzhan) to get more knowledge of English~ Also welcome to check my other answer: How to practice fluent English without going abroad? Which English usages are the most unfamiliar to ordinary Chinese students? Which sentences saved your English emails? How to use English to urge work progress gracefully? What are the impolite expressions that non-native speakers are not easily aware of in daily English communication?

7 months ago

In fact, when my son was very young, I resolutely refused to enroll him in any English tutoring classes. I think it was a waste of time. Instead of spending a lot of time learning English, it is better to let him develop freely and do what he really loves. So when other children were forced to learn English, he was drawing freely; he started to work in the illustration circle at the age of 11, and he just started as an assistant for people, and kept drawing and writing novels. It was only in the second half of high school that he suddenly started to study hard. After a year and a half, I successfully participated in the college entrance examination. I got a score of 474 and entered the general college. Then I started to learn English crazily in the freshman year. He entered the propaganda department in the freshman year, the sophomore propaganda director, and the sophomore participated in 400 candidates. 30 people were selected by Air China. Recruitment, three years of college graduation and two undergraduate diplomas, the first few graduation grades in the school, three years of university living expenses have not used a penny at home, all of which are earned by my own amateur illustrations; when other children graduate, worry about finding When he was working, he was already on his way to pursue his dreams; I was very thankful that when everyone was enthusiastic about enrolling children in English tutoring classes, I chose to give up. English naturally needs to be learned, but if it takes up a lot of time and energy, it’s If you have the conditions, you can set up elective courses in minor languages. In the future, minor languages ​​can increase employment opportunities;

7 months ago

I object. It is not because I am fond of foreigners, nor because I love learning English, nor because I have good English scores. English as an international language. It is the official language of 45 countries, which is the native language. 1/3 of the world’s population speaks English, 75% of TV programs are in English, 3/4 of emails are written in English, computer keyboards are English keyboards, any one The conference dare to be called an international conference, so it must be in English, and most scientific research papers are also written in English. The status and importance of English can be seen. If you don’t know why English is an international language, please take a look at the five historical periods of English development. If it is now proposed to abolish the status of English as the main subject in primary and secondary schools, it will inevitably cause some parents and students to relax in English learning. If you don’t lay a solid foundation for English learning from an early age, it will be more difficult to learn later. After that, how should we face the complicated and severe employment situation and the wave of globalization? Such people are bound to be eliminated by society. If cancel now. What about junior high school? What about the college entrance examination? For so many years, English has maintained the same scores as Chinese and mathematics. If you suddenly lower its weight, it would be unfair to many people who are good at learning English. I will ask you, can the college entrance examination reduce the proportion of English? If it can, it will inevitably cause even greater criticism. When many people have not realized the importance of English learning. Some foresighted parents will seize this good opportunity to increase their children’s English training. On the other hand, in poor rural areas, children’s English proficiency will become worse and worse, and their English listening and speaking skills will become weaker and weaker. This will inevitably lead to a widening of the education gap. And this is contrary to the intention of the members of the CPPCC. In fact, there should be no division of main and sub-classes. After the main and sub-classes are divided, the school often ignores the sub-subjects, such as physical education and English. In rural areas, in order to improve grades, all music classes in physical education have been cancelled. English has caused many people in remote areas to go to junior high school and don’t even understand music theory, and they don’t even know what the connection bar is? Is this really good? Is this really right? This is not the new type of talent that our country needs to cultivate! What we need is the kind of talents with comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, physical education, art and labor!

7 months ago

It’s not that English is useless, it’s that English is not taught as a backup language, so that many students will not dabble after taking the exam. Computers, import and export machinery, and even real estate English are a good springboard for employment. It’s a pity that learning is a waste of learning if you can’t use it. The real estate company I work for is working on projects related to the Belt and Road Initiative. Obviously, the cad label to the contract list is all in English, and I can only do domestic projects. The treatment is twice as bad. And 95% of those things in mathematics, physics and chemistry are less than 95%, and there are high numbers in universities.

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