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When I was in college, I trained in both the academy and the varsity team. The biggest difference was that the discipline of the academy was very loose, and the varsity team tried their best to learn to get a starting position. In the former, you don’t really learn much in training. When you play a game, you want to control the ball. If you pass it, your teammates have a higher chance of stopping the ball. The awareness of handling the ball is even worse. In the end, you are basically playing. Out-of-bounds tactics and long passes are the simplest and most violent tactics. After playing, they continue to squat back to their position to defend. But in the varsity team, the teammates have a higher level of water. Basically, you have assembled the best technical people of all the academies. Many times you don’t know what to do when you get the ball. You will suddenly hear someone who is not far from you. It’s so simple for a teammate to stand in the neutral position and ask for the ball, passing the ball to him. At this time, the football teachers usually play together off the court. Their years of playing experience can give you a lot of ways to handle the ball and get rid of entanglement. It’s just as if you can learn it well. Therefore, how does the European football environment compare to domestic ones? Each Chinese team stipulates that each team can only have 4 foreign aids. If you count the number of naturalizations, there are only six or seven. There are less than 60 teams in the first three professional leagues. The professional players add up to a thousand people, at least there are Bacheng is a local player. The environment is actually very closed. You have a lot of ideas, but your teammates just can’t realize it for you, or you encounter some scenes that you can’t handle, and you don’t have reliable teammates around you. you. In European teams, the foreign aid policy here is not limited to that death. There have been cases where none of the 11 starting players are local players, and the Football Association does not restrict them and let them develop freely. The result is that the local players are forced to fight for a breath. Rolled up a spot for himself and became the mainstay of the team. This is why I used to scold the U23 policy frequently. Some young talents will be kicked out at the age of 18 or 19 if they have the ability. He has an important tactical role in the team, and accumulating a lot of game experience is good for his future development. At that time, whether it is to stay or transfer to the team can bring considerable benefits to the team. Those well-known European black shops like to do these things. Millions of millions bought some potential stocks to come back to level up, and they learned to sell them at ten times the purchase price. These players are often under 23 years old, because the selling potential is better than Selling power is good to raise the price. A 27-year-old player with a combat power of 1,000 can only sell for a price of about 1,000, but a 22-year-old player with a combat power of only 500 can sell for a price of about 1,000. In fact, this Part of the premium is the value of the useful life. In the past, Hao Junmin and Zhang Xizhe, and now Wu Lei, although there are not many formal competition experiences in Europe, the learning on the training ground is not less than a second. As soon as today’s training is over, tomorrow’s starting list will be basically determined. Everyone knows your level. The process of driving is faster and faster than anyone who learns. If you are taken away by a Puado who is 7 years younger than you and of the same level, then you have to show a stronger performance on the training ground to convince the coach to convince you, even if you are replaced after 60 minutes of a starting kick, you You must also show enough expressiveness to let the head coach continue to rank you in the starting roster in the next game. No matter how much power the team owner has, it won’t protect you. Look at how Arsenal fans scold Xhaka and Mustafi. If the boss forcibly interferes with the head coach’s employment, it is tantamount to digging holes for himself. Therefore, in the Spaniard, every minute of Wu Lei’s chance to play is won by himself. This is why Wu Lei’s level is better than his teammates when he comes back from overseas.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

It’s normal. Zhang Xizhe didn’t even play a game in the Bundesliga that year. After returning for more than half a year, he was still standing out from the crowd. The way of thinking about holding and handling the ball is different from that of domestic players. Then I spent another 6 years in the country, and it is difficult to say what progress has been made. If he went to the German second team and stayed there for the last three years, the current midfield commander of the national football team would also be available. Now it’s even more difficult to study abroad in the five major leagues. 81-83-85-89-91-93-95-97… Now there are very few young players who can gain a foothold in the five major leagues, even the sub-level leagues of the five major leagues. Even if you don’t talk about the players’ hard power, just talk about the players’ willingness to stay abroad, I am afraid that very few people are willing to go abroad. Salary is definitely not as good as that in China. Even under the condition of limited salary, domestic treatment is still better; language is a big problem, unless it can be equipped with an interpreter; the pressure is huge, after all, it is “the hope of the whole village.” ; At the moment, we are also facing the epidemic, the entry quarantine and so on.

7 months ago

When playing in the Super League, Wu Lei’s skills far surpassed other players in the National Football Team. Wu Lei has scored in double digits since his first season in the Super League. Until the season before studying abroad, he scored 29 goals, won the top scorer in the Super League, and tied the best record. This is still in the case of basically not being able to get a penalty kick within the team. A team member’s overseas experience does not explain much of the problem. What China needs is a comprehensive overseas study. The simple truth is that the tide is rising. The reason why the Chinese team is now in such a situation where everyone is worried about playing is because the national football players play too few high-intensity matches. There were a few eye-catching moves on the field, and a few blind moves immediately returned the good situation, unable to continue to maintain a good state in a high-intensity game. If all 11 people on the field train or play abroad, the players will be confident and calmer on the field. One’s shortcomings will be immediately made up by others. Finally, I would like to say a few things that may be considered private goods. Guangzhou Evergrande has brought prosperity to the Chinese Super League for 10 years, but it has little benefit to Chinese football. The reason is that at that time, many international players gave up studying abroad for high salaries and chose to return to China. In the first few years they were still reducing their dimensionality, but later they started to lose their skills. Evergrande just wants to rely on football to build a reputation and make a better enclosure, but it has done a lot of harm to Chinese football. The development and progress of Chinese football depends on the football population and the quality of youth training for a long time. The short-term reliance is the number of people studying abroad.

7 months ago

First of all, Wu Lei has already performed as good as foreign players in China. Only on this basis can he have the opportunity to be favored by the Chinese-funded Spanish team. In addition, it is not so simple for Asian players to gain a foothold in Europe. The talent pool of European football clubs is spread all over Europe and even the world. It’s not that simple to compete for a starter in such a place. After the Bosman Act was promulgated, European countries generally have no quota restrictions on EU players, which is completely different from the domestic 3+1 foreign aid policy. On the one hand, Wu Lei has to compete with players of the same level throughout Europe and even the world, and on the other hand, he has to occupy a very limited number of non-EU players. And it is impossible for him to become a Spanish citizen like Messi, and China does not recognize dual citizenship like Argentina. In addition, he is almost 30 years old, and it is difficult for him to be sold to major European teams at high prices like those little monsters. Many European clubs have a mentality for Asian players unless they have absolute strength or potential. Otherwise, I might as well buy an African or Latin American demon of the same level. There is no language barrier for players in these places. Naturalization is more convenient, and it does not prevent them from wanting to play for their home country. They can also bypass the quota of non-EU players. This is not good. It is very convenient to go back whether it is for own use or reselling. Foreign clubs are not youth academies. What they want players over 23 years old is that they need at least a few games to become instant combat power instead of trying to teach something that the echelon should know.

7 months ago

This is the same as playing a game. For example, if you play lol and play the silver game with your own dash every day, it is estimated that you will not be able to make gold for a lifetime. But if you buy a few diamond numbers, earnestly sum up experience in the rankings every day, get abused, and don’t care about teammates spraying, play for a month or two, and then play your own account. Nothing else, most people can do the last gold. Done. But if you have the king’s level and play abusive food every day, you will find that your skills are getting worse and worse. For example, a silver and gold can be perfectly integrated in Da Sima.

7 months ago

In fact, the biggest improvement of studying abroad for Chinese football is the level of technical application under pressure. The reason for work is that the Wolves team in the Premier League is ours. I had a business trip with some staff from the Wolves team and talked about Chinese players. The subject of “ball skills”, in fact, the technical level of Chinese players is not low. Therefore, in many cases, Chinese young players can often achieve good results abroad (the youth competition itself is not fierce), even if it is an adult team player, in foreign scouts, it seems that many training levels are not low (of course, this Among them, some people and my shareholders are polite), but realistically speaking, China’s top-level players still have their own characteristics. For example, Chinese and South Korean overseas players tend to have good speed. But the problem for Chinese players is that once they are in confrontation, they cannot complete the level of training in confrontation, and the discount is still very large. For example, if you look at Messi, Marcelo, etc., during training, you can stop the ball on the sidelines and play tricks. In the game, under high confrontation, people can basically play it. It means that the level of his training can basically be brought to the game without discounts, but for Chinese players, you can stop the ball or other flowers without pressure. He can, but once there is a high-intensity resistance to oppression , The ball just stopped one or two meters away… so the real problem lies in this. The root cause is still the training method and the intensity of the competition. So you will see that we have selected better players, and the improvement is still obvious after studying abroad, even if it is not the top league or the main player. Wu Lei’s confrontation ability has obviously improved. When playing in the Philippines, there was a scene that was obvious. Near the sideline, the opponent directly rushed up and hit him. He didn’t hit him, but it was wiped away. Players like Wu Lei and Zhang Xizhe, if they can reduce the extent of their technical ability discount in high-pressure confrontation, their improvement will be obvious. On the one hand, it improves the thinking ability under pressure, and what method is used to solve the problem in the most concise and effective way. On the other hand, it improves the completion of the action under high pressure and the movement not deformed under great psychological pressure. Ability. This is also very obvious from Yang Chen back then.

7 months ago

La Liga can be regarded as one of the ceilings of world football level. The level of the Chinese Super League is not as good as that of La Liga. Only under a high-level environment can progress be possible. Wu Lei’s experience proves this. So no matter how difficult it is to go abroad, I don’t want him to return to China. Wu Lei already has almost all the honors in the Super League, the league championship, the local golden boots for many years and the league golden boots that have overwhelming all foreign aid, even if they come back and give them to SIPG. How many champions can help him personally, how much help to the Chinese national team? Wu Lei’s performance in these two games has proved himself, he is the real thigh of the national football team, and his efforts abroad have not been in vain. I very much hope that the national football team can go further, but for the moment, the top 12 is still possible. Going forward, at least two or three players with the level of Wu Lei are needed. Wu Lei is relatively strong, but he is not Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi. He is as strong as Melo. He is often helpless in the national team. Football is a team sport, and no matter how high the individual level is, the problem cannot be solved. In the fight against the Philippines, I can only say that the result was won, but a game played better only twenty minutes after the start of the second half. The first half was even more horrible. He frequently fell in the backcourt, set the ball indiscriminately, and made a bunch of nonsensical mistakes. This level and attitude would not make it into the World Cup.

7 months ago

Well, because after all, Wu Lei has also been in the Spaniard for a long time, and the influence of this kind of technical team is of great help to Wu Lei, because after all, he is compared with other players who went abroad before. , The environment is to be better. It is that he has more access to this kind of good training method in the overseas training environment, and there are more opportunities for competition, so he can really improve his actual combat level. Then, from a technical point of view, because after all he has been training overseas for so long, it is normal to be able to meet such requirements. After all, many training aspects in China are not particularly systematic, and then he can step onto the big stage and withstand the pressure. At the time, many players become technically deformed because of this tension, but Wu Lei is very rare. So, I think from the current point of view, Wu Lei can achieve such superior conditions and environment than domestic players. It is also his own efforts. He has overcome language barriers, very large psychological barriers, and the ball. Team integration and communication, including some rhythms of training, etc. Therefore, when these players are willing to go overseas to fight, in fact, he will definitely gain a lot.

7 months ago

Not only those mentioned by Tie Zige’s press conference (probably meaning that the training level of the top five European leagues> the level of the Chinese Super League) before Lippi, I remember that I also said that Wu Lei came back from overseas and knew that he was quick to serve out-of-bounds. Which one knows the plan now? Someone downstairs said that Zhang Xizhe, when I watched football, was generally famous for Zhang Xizhe, Hao Junmin, Zhang Yuning and Wu Lei. Other Wei Shihao came back a long time ago, like Shao Jiayi, etc. are already at the end of his career. Zhang Xizhe, I was from Wolfsburg intending to ask him to return to Guoan. I followed the news all the way, because those years happened to be the last 10 years. At the peak of Wolfsburg, before De Bruyne went to Wolfsburg, it was revealed that he was learning German. As a result, the German language at the press conference had problems with its flat tongue, accent, and pronunciation. A person who has studied German for 1 week can read ich bin xxx, Mein name ist xxx, and sch with a relatively standard pronunciation. The pronunciation is completely pinyin. Secondly, the injuries in the midfield of Wolfsburg during a season are terrible, and Zhizhe can’t make it to the big roster. The German stubbornness and the factors of Xiaozhe make him come back to sell cars? It was still in the third-line combat situation. Due to his language personality and strength, Xiaozhe was too introverted. At that time, many people in China and Germany said that he had too little communication with his teammates and lacked communication. However, after he returned to China, he clearly became the midfield leader and midfield commander of his generation. This is brought to him by the experience of studying abroad. So it’s a pity that he had this experience. He didn’t know the picture and struggled in the second German second. Compared to Xizhe, Wu Lei has done a lot better than Xiaozhe. The first thing to do is to bear the brunt of language. As you can see, because of his strong language ability, he even If he can’t play the game, he still fits into the team. Being on the same channel with teammates is also a celebration. For Wolfsburg’s German Cup, Xizhe is an outsider, and to celebrate the successful upgrade of the second team, Leizi is happy from the heart. Celebrating with his teammates is the next step, determination and perseverance. In this regard, I think he is better than his predecessors. With Wu Lei’s ability, after the Spaniard was relegated to West Second, he returned to the Super League, and the proper income was sky-high. There is not one of the well-deserved leaders of the national football team. The endorsements are soft but Brother Leizi is such a very pure person. Under the background of the epidemic, he can’t play the ball and has no position. He just stood up for more than a year. At present, the main force of many European national teams is in the five major leagues. At the level of the secondary league, many Chinese players have the ability to play in West Second, Bundesliga, and Serie B. However, the low exposure, low wages and uncertainty in the starting position make many Chinese players not want to be practical. In the past two years, with more and more information on the Internet, we can conclude that the strength of Evergrande is in the five major leagues and the other leagues can only be outside the third league. This is not only a problem of strength, but also the second of the five major leagues. The playing concept of the first-level league and the level of players is close to that of the top-level league, far from being comparable to Evergrande relying on foreign aid

7 months ago

The question has been changed, and writing so many changes and answers is beyond what I asked. Because there are so many people in China, there are many people in the business, and some people are holding them. It is too comfortable and comfortable. Just like the showbiz, there are a lot of bad movies. TV dramas rely on boring plots to lengthen the time, forcing users to use double speeds because they are too comfortable and comfortable. If you don’t work hard to improve your business capabilities, you can mix well, and your room for natural growth will be small. Sending out is different. If you don’t work hard, you will retreat if you don’t advance. You must train hard and take the opportunity to play in order to get recognition and playing time.

7 months ago

This question is like Wu Lei was originally a rubbish, because he went to Spain to become a better talent? Didn’t he have a chance to go to the Spaniard by far surpassing other players in his own strength? Before Wu Lei went to the Spaniard, he won the Chinese Super League championship at Shanghai SIPG and won the 2018 Chinese Super League Golden Boot and Golden Globe Awards. How many of the current domestic players can do this honor? Some people don’t think that the Spaniard’s boss, Chen Yansheng, is doing charity, right? Can’t you even if you are not strong? There is a general among the short ones, who thought he could become stronger if he released all the short ones out of the country? To put it awkwardly, some players are not strong enough, and others don’t want you for the money, and they think you are occupying the spot.

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