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This year, the 618 koi lottery on an e-commerce platform, a netizen from Henan @ Dubbing kk, was hit by a 1.6 million good luck, and he enjoyed a prize worth nearly one million. After learning that he had won the lottery, the Koi said in an interview that he would take this surprise as his encouragement, would not quit his job, did not want to break his peaceful life, and did not want to be a “second believing little fool.” @ Dubbing kk called herself “Koi Carp” in the interview. She said that she came from Zhumadian, Henan Province and had been working for many years. This time she participated in the Koi event, but she did not expect surprises to fall from the sky. “Before this, the biggest prize I had won was 200 yuan lottery ticket.” “I will not quit my job, I prefer a down-to-earth life.” She said that she would not quit her job, she didn’t want to be a fool, nor would she change the trajectory of her original life because of this lucky surprise. Life can remain as it is, and I hope that this winning prize will also bring luck and success to the work in the second half of the year. Related reading: A hot search on “Xin Xiao Dai Status Quo”, saying that he had a bad time for National Day in 2018. A lucky draw Weibo made Xin Xiao Dai, a 26-year-old IT engineer, the most popular “koi”, a gift list. It includes hundreds of brands of clothing, food, housing and transportation, with a total value of hundreds of millions of yuan. It is envious of others. After winning the prize, Xin Xiaodai resigned quickly and invited a friend to travel around the world. On June 1, 2018 “Chinese Koi” winner “Xin Xiaodai” talked about the status quo on his personal social account. She said that the prize seemed worth 100 million, but it was actually a lot of coupons, and the prizes were mostly one-time consumption. Traveling abroad for food, clothing, lodging and transportation is all at her own expense. For this reason, she spent 200,000 and maxed out her credit card, and she was exhausted. Xin Xiaodai said that he was in IT before, because after playing a lap, he fell behind too much, and the job search was not smooth. Now he has no money and no work. For a while, I shut myself up at home and didn’t want to do anything. Later, I was diagnosed with depression. Xin Xiaodai said that finding out of depression was a wake-up call for herself. After that, she made up her mind to get a teacher qualification certificate, hoping that she could find a job smoothly. Netizen: Like the little girl! What do you think is important to know what you want?


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This way of providing prizes jointly by multiple sponsors can drive traffic without overburdening the awarding party. For the winners, it is only icing on the cake, without financial freedom. In other words, Xin Xiaodai’s gifts also belong to this kind, and I don’t know who gave him the courage to resign and travel the world. No matter whether he is really depressed or making marketing gimmicks, countless cases have been shown to us. The vast majority of people who have won big prizes have undergone major changes in their life trajectories. , Carefree, but after a short period of high light, using a stupid way to let people walk into the trough, it is the kind of typical roller coaster to play a good hand of cards. Winning a lottery is an extremely rare event, falling on an ordinary person who is not rare. Just because the amount of money is very prominent, it makes people think about future plans, the weight of this matter is infinitely magnified, and affects people’s decision-making. In fact, once the decision is distorted, any amount of money can be squandered quickly, and it is impossible to sustain a person’s long life. Once you get rich, there are almost no scripts that will work for a lifetime. The reason why decision-making is distorted is that most people’s expectations of life are nothing more than “do whatever they want”, “do whatever they want”, and “free themselves”. Work is forced to livelihood and helpless. They don’t really want to make money. They desperately want money, just because they want to spend it. From a larger perspective, those who staked in Tencent 20 years ago, real estate 10 years ago, Bitcoin 5 years ago, Moutai two years ago, and even practitioners in the Internet industry and the financial industry, how can it be? Isn’t there a certain degree of luck? You have to admit the existence of luck, even the background depends on luck, which is the womb lottery that Buffett said. Therefore, some people will choose to lie flat and collect rents, and some will quit their full-time stocks after a big bull market. It is because they are in a vortex of luck and are prone to confidence bursting. They mistake luck as their own strength and easily give up other options and use All The posture of in is betting on luck. Not evaluating the merits of these motives, for a long life, this type of behavior is a high-risk decision. Because luck is rare and random, and it often follows the law of conservation of energy. The money earned by luck can easily be lost by strength. For example, we often say that the richness is only three generations, and it is almost squandered in the second generation. A liar like a mad bee and a butterfly. The dubbing KK student said that he would not resign, nor would he change the trajectory of his original life because of this lucky surprise. This is a very mature attitude towards life. These two completely different attitudes may be the reason for the disparity in life. The lottery is essentially just a marketing activity to enhance brand recognition and customer stickiness. It is neither a charity fundraising or fate change activity nor a campaign to rob the rich and help the poor. Winning a lottery is just the spice of life. You can’t write it into your resume and jump to a higher-level company, and you can’t become famous, top-notch, and big V. Its use scenarios are very limited, and its effects are very limited. Persistence is not strong. Even Li Jiaqi can’t sit back and enjoy the bonus. Who would dare to slap his chest and say once and for all? The only way to keep “luck” is to make one’s own strength worthy of one’s luck, use luck to improve one’s core competitiveness, build a moat, increase one’s own bargaining chips, expand horizons and communication, improve decision-making ability… after all, tap Small rules, the probability of doing a series of small events right is much higher than betting on an extremely scarce big event.

7 months ago

Stop, don’t take things out of context and refuse to be maliciously trampled. The girl’s original words: kk was hit by a 1.6 millionth of good luck and enjoyed a prize worth nearly a million. After learning that he won the prize, Koi said in an interview that he would take this surprise as his encouragement, would not quit his job, did not want to break his peaceful life, and did not want to be a “second believing little fool.” Literally speaking, girls have a good mentality and a clearer self-awareness. A few days ago, Xin Xiaodai’s incident just passed, and the new koi storm started again. “The child favored by the goddess of luck” broke the defense in an instant when everything was lifted and the moon was seen, becoming “the Koi kidnapped by 100 million prizes.” But who would have thought that Liu Yuning was the final winner! The child just wants to be a fish in the pond of brother Yuning ‍♂️Win a big screen with the brightest support for brother, yyds

7 months ago

I particularly like a sentence recently: Victory, don’t be overjoyed; defeat, don’t be discouraged; those who have thunder in their chest and face like Pinghu, can worship the general! (Avoid controversy, delete the source of this sentence, hope for your understanding) We can tentatively understand: don’t be too happy if you win; don’t be too discouraged if you lose; only big things can happen if you have big ambitions in your chest but don’t show up. This sentence is very suitable for this girl. Maybe we all remember that the Alipay Koi “Xin Xiaodai” won the lottery, but she didn’t expect her beauty to disappear at this moment. In the final analysis, he was dazzled by temporary luck, forgetting the fleetingness of this halo. Perhaps it was Xin Xiaodai’s experience that gave the new Koi a reminder, or the girl herself is a down-to-earth person. Regardless of the reason, it is commendable to be sober in the face of such great fortune. I believe that most people hope that they have good luck similar to this Henan girl, but the pie is not every day. She told us with her actions that being down-to-earth is the only secret to maximizing luck. Know what you need most, and keep moving towards what you want in your heart. Don’t expect to make a fortune or be upset about bad luck. So the unexpected gains from time to time make up your daily luck. So looking around, your life is full of luck. Congratulations to the koi girl, you deserve this luck, and you deserve even greater luck.

7 months ago

She shouldn’t become a silly little fool. She should quickly take advantage of the hot attributes of Koi to build up her popularity and attention. Sign a contract with a team to maintain Koi’s personality, and increase publicity to become a “big v” since the media era. There are countless people under the wind rushing to get a share of the opportunity to make money easily by just bringing goods and advertising endorsements, who will give up? Many people use three kinds of abusive methods, money and sex trade, to fight to eat such a mouthful of Dongpo meat. Now that this opportunity is vain, why should she wait and see? The real life is cruel, I advise her to take the wind and bring the goods quickly, alas

7 months ago

Why are the winners always young women?
Is gender equality still in mind?
Is there still a law? Is there still morality?
A certain company is really stinking, making people tremble with anger when they read this news, and the whole body is cold in sweat and hands and feet are cold on a hot day.
Such a company is still praised? The hell is really empty, the devil is in the world.
Tears flowed down, and the world could be better.

7 months ago

There are two interpretations of “I don’t want to be a little fool”. One is to keep a real low-key, not to hype and not to be commercial, and to enjoy all kinds of free bills and discount coupons in this event. The other is to continue your original life. It’s not like Xin Xiaodai who resigned directly and used the traffic of Koi to enrich his sideline while working, and started from the media. I personally prefer the latter one. After all, how could the media let go of the natural traffic pool of Koi, we commonly call it forced to operate. If you make good use of this exposure opportunity, you can also set up an image of an independent and active woman who works hard during the day and works hard to manage the self-media after get off work. Work and sideline do not conflict at all. Platforms like Zhihu, most of us respondents They are all part-time workers. When they are free, they talk about the codes and words, and work hours are no different from ordinary office workers. I don’t want to be a little fool, but I can be a sunshine koi without depression. No matter what, I hope this girl can live the life she wants.

7 months ago

There is a saying that what is earned by luck will eventually lose out by strength. Becoming rich overnight, neither choose to resign nor hope that the peaceful life will be broken. Many people may not quite understand the statement of the winner of the Koi Grand Prize. After all, it is something that many people dream of. But in fact, what she said: I don’t want to resign, I don’t want a peaceful life to be broken, and I don’t want to be the “second believing little fool”. Because for ordinary people, although they live a peaceful and ordinary life, they are positive, work hard, and struggle for the future with expectations for the future. Suddenly very rich or very likely to become the next Internet celebrity. This is unimaginable in the past. But this will make it easy for people to lose themselves and find their future direction. Most people will give up work. After all, after being rich, it is difficult to endure not earning much and working very hard every day. After all, the money is too little compared to what you have. So being able to stay sane after winning the jackpot is indeed worthy of admiration. In contrast, the Koi girl before, Xin Xiaodai. From ordinary girls to the koi girls who won the grand prize; and then to Weibo to increase their fans by millions. Resignation travel. After spending all my savings, I couldn’t find a job because I had been out of touch for many years. Of course, I might not be able to tolerate ordinary jobs. Then I started to work as a travel blogger. But because of the lack of professional operational capabilities, as well as the professional skills that can be obtained. Eventually overturned on Weibo. So the decision made by the Koi girl this time is more convincing.

7 months ago

Do you really think that when Xin Xiaodai won the prize, he didn’t think about the same thing? Xin Xiaodai originally worked as an IT company in a state-owned enterprise. After winning the prize, because the time limit for the prize is only one year, Xin Xiaodai resigned quickly after absorbing nearly 600,000 live fans, and immediately began his travel plan, and was also preparing to shoot his own Vlog (short video), and formed his own team , Ready to do from the media to receive advertising and embark on the pinnacle of life. Then Xin Xiaodai followed the tutorial designed by Ali step by step. Look at this one again. All kinds of VIPs in 1988, are you tempted? Be tempted, buy it? Isn’t it a loss if you don’t buy it? Anyway, providing vip will not lose money. I guess this sister is planning to hire someone to do the purchasing agent. Whether or not this kind of thing is more important. It doesn’t matter what you think or not.

7 months ago

I just want to know, why is a young woman winning again? In the past, Wang Sicong did a Weibo lottery, and it turned out that 99 of the 100 people were young female Weibo users, mostly related to makeup and travel. The man who was left was also found to be a female blogger afterwards. At that time, there was a lot of doubt. Even if the male activity on Weibo is low, it won’t be a League of Legends winning lottery with all 100 young women, right? And now, I am curious again, why is a young woman becoming [koi] again? Why is the so-called “koi”, the young girl who chooses to be the signature of the young girl, invariably? Is it impossible to be older? Is it impossible for men? Is it impossible to have a low appearance? ? Is it just a young and energetic girl? Is God a girl?

7 months ago

The fourth major illusion in life: I can prostitute this wave for nothing. After all, you are not real money, but a hen who eats golden rice and lays golden eggs. Whether you will make a profit or lose is still undecided, but it won’t be long before you know whether it’s the chickens supporting you or you supporting the chickens. Do you think you can count as an actuary who wins the investment and financial management of insurance banks? Do you think you can get money from the Internet’s top players? Do you think you can read this reply and leave without liking it?

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