According to Japanese media reports, 1.24 million AstraZeneca vaccines provided by the Japanese government arrived in Taiwan on June 4. In response, Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe announced on the same day: “800 Japanese in the city have been included in the vaccination list” and said that in order to thank Japan for providing valuable vaccines in such a life and death situation, priority will be given to those in Taiwan. The Japanese are vaccinated.

However, an employee of a Japanese company based in Taiwan said with a gloomy expression: “The vaccine produced by AstraZeneca has reported serious cases of side effects. For the Japanese here, it simply treats us as a’testing drug.’ Character’.”

A Japanese who had been in Taiwan for more than 30 years was also frightened. He said: “Did not Taiwan choose to vaccinate the AstraZeneca vaccine originally stockpiled at the beginning? It is because of the outbreak of this epidemic that medical practitioners are anxious. I rushed to get vaccinated. It is not thankful to give priority to Japanese people living in Taiwan. I will not vaccinate this kind of vaccine that has not been used even in Japan! Do you treat us as experimental guinea pigs?” The Japanese said that many Japanese in Taiwan who knew him also avoided vaccinations against AstraZeneca.

Previously, media from many countries had reported on the side effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine. On June 10, the Russian Satellite News Agency reported that British researchers found that the adverse effects of the AstraZeneca vaccine include mild thrombotic symptoms, which lead to bleeding. The survey results were also published in the “Nature” magazine.

Japanese media pointed out that although results have been achieved in terms of entry quarantine measures, a sudden outbreak of the epidemic occurred in Taiwan in May this year. Japanese Foreign Minister Toshimitsu Motegi stated at the Senate Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on June 3 that the Japanese government will provide vaccines to Taiwan.

Japanese media admitted that although Japan has obtained enough AstraZeneca vaccine for 60 million people and approved it for use last month, due to reports of thrombosis after vaccination overseas, Japan does not plan to Immediately use it for public vaccination programs in your country.

According to a Japanese report, Taiwanese media said that although Japan has provided vaccines to Taiwan, the responsibility for adverse reactions needs to be clarified. But now, the attitude of the Taiwan authorities has changed to create a welcome atmosphere. The above-mentioned employees of Japanese companies in Taiwan stated that only providing vaccines with side effects for people to choose from is to deceive people in a great sense.

The Japanese company employee said: “If it is elevated to the height of the so-called’Japan-Taiwan friendship’, it will be difficult for (Japanese in Taiwan) to refuse priority vaccination. Mainland China’s two proposals for free provision of new crown vaccines have been rejected, but the reality is On the previous page, Taiwanese close to the mainland are secretly traveling to the mainland to receive the new crown vaccination. To be honest, we Japanese also want to be vaccinated in China.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

The epidemic in Japan has been spreading for more than a year, and this statistics can be said to be no better than Taiwan, which has burnt eyebrows now. But up to now, the vaccination rate in Japan is only about 4%. In order to forcefully promote the Olympics, the Japanese government even had to use the “National Self-Defense Forces” in Tokyo and Osaka to accelerate the promotion of vaccines for high-risk groups of people over 65, in order to reduce the mortality rate, so that Japan’s epidemic data during the Olympics Look better and avoid panic and accusations from the people. And this is still the case when Japan has two safer vaccines, Pfizer and Modena vaccines. It can be seen that the Japanese people are not afraid of the intensity of the epidemic, and their unwillingness to inject vaccines stems from the nationality of Japanese people. And now AstraZeneca, which is like a gem in Taiwan, has not approved the vaccination in Japan at all. It is an obsolete product that was given to Taiwan at the request of the Democratic Party authorities because of fear of expiration. Do you want Japanese people who are unwilling to get vaccinated to take the risk of developing blood clots to vaccinate Taiwan with an AZ vaccine that is not approved in their own country? Do you think they will accept your sentiments and eagerly beat them? Based on what logic do you generate this confidence? Is this a question that requires brainstorming? Or do the politicians of the Democratic Party have been glamorous to the point of no brainer? Could it be possible that licking the “virus” of Meimei-Japan will affect the intelligence level of the “infected”? Fortunately, with the exception of a few “public knowledge” in China, most people have been immune to this “virus” for life, which is really a risk…

7 months ago

In view of the fact that I have been immersed in the Japanese website and the Taiwan provincial network all the year round, based on my understanding of the provincial network media, this article is likely to be fake news. False news. But the conclusion is only half right. There are indeed not many people in Japan who want to fight AZ, but no one wants to fight Chinese vaccines. Japanese media have never positively promoted Chinese vaccines. A little problem can be reported for two or three days. The adjectives linked to Chinese vaccines are “inefficient”, “fake”, “vaccine diplomacy”…and a series of negative words. It can be said that the two vaccines in the mainland have been hacked in Japan far more than Taiwan Province. The AZ Japanese are naturally unwilling to fight, otherwise they would not give AZ to Taiwan and Vietnam. Regarding acting or the Japanese acting skills are good, the Japanese network is very touched, what kind of Taiwan-Japan friendship, repaying 311… the leftovers that I dare not eat, the leftovers that are about to expire, are you repaying your benefactor like this? There is nothing wrong with the bend, but the latter act is too much. After all, not everyone is a dog licking, and they still have their brains.

7 months ago

First of all, we must make it clear that whether it is called “vaccine diplomacy” or not, there is absolutely nothing wrong with using vaccines to make a fuss about propaganda diplomacy. The most important thing is attitude and method. People who have been immersed in American culture for many years must have a “save the day” concept in their hearts. Generally speaking, the Stars and Stripes will never fall. The overwhelming space seems to block the arrival of helicopters from the sky, with a confident smile, sunglasses and extraterrestrial equipment. Troops descended from the sky, the surplus firepower of the missile machine gun turned the evil power into dust, and the surplus materials were scattered like raindrops. The exquisite field hospital was camped for hundreds of miles. Famine, plague, and dictators swept away, and everyone lived a happy life. life. I don’t know if this classic concept comes from five loaves and two fishes, but it has been staged again and again after World War II. From West Berlin to Haiti, they don’t care about saturation rescue, but save the day, saving the world. Always bind to the above image. China has indeed constructed a corresponding concept called saturation rescue. In 1998, 2008, and 20 years, it has become an important picture of shaping cohesion. This cohesion supports the dirty water baptism of subjectivity and the reverse construction time and time again. A show operation. However, China does need to promote this concept to the world, but how to promote it and how to not stimulate the “Ning and Friends” that started in its genes is a very test of means. There are several main aspects: 1. Rescue can be unconditional. , But can’t negative conditions. 2. You must create a top-down posture, even if you lean down, it must be based on the result of the other party actually lying on the ground. 3. The timing of rescue is more important than itself. As a disaster progresses over time, the people being rescued will have different psychological states according to the extent of the disaster. The timing of the United States is very accurate, and it can achieve “ensure that all those who survived by my favor are alive.” The degree of “gratefulness and morality” also needs to be learned in this respect. I believe that if we show the willingness to achieve the above standards, internal opposition will be reduced to a considerable extent. This is the most basic requirement.

7 months ago

I should be qualified to talk about this! Some time ago, a Japanese friend of mine who had not been in contact for a long time suddenly asked me about vaccines in mainland China on Facebook, such as how can foreigners get vaccines in mainland China, and whether foreigners can get vaccines in mainland China. Sometimes, You have to ask 3 or 4 times a day. However, I don’t know, because I haven’t played until now. I did not fight because I was worried about the Chinese vaccine, nor did I not want to fight it. It was because I was lazy to fight. For this, I was scolded many times by my parents, my wife, my father-in-law, my sister and my brother-in-law, and even my 4-year-old nephew, because the whole family except for my nephew, I was not beaten. Back to this Japanese friend! Anyway, for a while, he asked me every day about how to vaccinate China. Then I couldn’t bear it, so I asked my wife to reply to him. After all, I really didn’t know, and then the Japanese friends stopped for a while. Later, my Japanese friend told me that he was going to Taiwan to get a vaccine from the mainland. I asked~ “If you want to get the vaccine from the mainland, come directly to the mainland, and what do you do in Taiwan. Besides, you may not get the vaccine from the mainland when you go to Taiwan.” He replied~ “Your wife said there are so many mainland China. There is a shortage of medicine in places, and it may be a little difficult to get it, especially for foreigners. As long as I go to Taiwan, I will definitely get the vaccine from the mainland. After all, your mainland will not ignore Taiwan.” So after this happened, I asked specifically. Regarding the opinion of a Japanese friend, he said this: “I came to your Taiwan to be able to get vaccines from the mainland. If you give me the vaccines aided by Japan first, why should I go all the way to Taiwan? I just stay here. Is my country bad? I have to vaccinate your mainland just because I don’t want to die.” Don’t comment on the bar. My side is a lack of vaccines. Don’t just say that China is bad. My family played it because they finished it in April, and there were not many people playing it in April. After the virus mutated in India, the Chinese people panicked and rushed to fight.

7 months ago

I think Taiwan Province is sincerely grateful to Japan, and sincerely for the safety of the Japanese in Taiwan, it gives them priority to fight. The Taiwan Provincial authorities really didn’t have the intention of using Japanese people in Taiwan as guinea pigs, they just licked them in the wrong posture. The reason I am so sure is because for so many years, apart from daring to be cruel to the mainland, Taiwan has been kneeling and licking against any other country. Like the bear children in the family, they lie in their nests and go out to counsel.

7 months ago

The AZ vaccine that Japan does not want is fed to Taiwan as garbage. Taiwanese people say that Japanese people in Taiwan should eat first, but it’s weird that Japanese people in Taiwan can’t take their mouths. As for the other party’s saying that they want to be vaccinated from the mainland, it may be that Taiwan, which sees the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, thinks that there is a mainland vaccine in Taiwan, after all, Taiwan even has AZ. It must be the Japanese who didn’t expect it. He didn’t expect that Taiwan would not eat the food of Shoulai, but only the shit of Shoulai. There are not many cities in the mainland with sufficient vaccine supply. Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai are sufficient, and Guangzhou is in short supply. Many cities are in a state of vaccine shortage. I am more optimistic about what er wrote. It is common to make appointments and line up. It is very common to line up with vaccines. In this case, watching the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council say that vaccines will be sent to Taiwan again and again, I have the same doubts as the Taiwanese. Don’t A Gongzi really have any conspiracy?

7 months ago

Regarding the Taiwan epidemic, this question is too entertaining. Regarding the Taiwan epidemic, the judgment in my previous answer is to strengthen the centralization of power, seek independence with the epidemic, and use force to resist reunification of the Trinity. Just saw a very exaggerated video. [“So intimate”! The Taiwan authorities used “Taiwan’s lives” in exchange for the American Blackwater Company to make money! -Bilibili] After watching this video, I confirmed my judgment, but when it came to this, I still did not expect that the American elites in Taiwan would be unified subjectively and objectively, and the Taiwan authorities deliberately let the virus Spread it so that you can experiment with Taiwanese. Since it can be done in Taiwan, why can’t it be done in the United States? However, I am still curious about the question I asked myself last night. If you can buy a normal vaccine, you will definitely not use the Taiwanese vaccine. Even if it is a third world country, it is not necessary to use it if it is not desperate. Desperate countries have too many lessons to make up. There is no need to offend mainland China to use Taiwan’s vaccines. The vaccines used by the whole people are of little use. What’s more, there is the time difference between neighboring countries, and herd immunity is not calculated according to the country. Therefore, I really do not understand the operation of the Taiwan authorities. Could it be that the so-called vaccine company is just a pretense that Heishui Company is using Taiwanese to conduct biological experiments to prepare for biological warfare against the Chinese? However, in the case of Chinese Americans and even Asians, survival can only be based on the fact that China has not been genocated. So, what I thought of was still what I thought of before, and I still don’t understand.

Last edited 7 months ago by loveyou
7 months ago

The Taiwan authorities knelt and licked the United States and Japan. They could not develop vaccines and did not use mainland vaccines. The reactionary nature was fully exposed. Regrettably, the Taiwan authorities have the right to speak on the island and have not seen any signs of stepping down. Why can mjd be in power? There are still people who support it. Taiwan compatriots don’t expect the mainland to rescue you, as long as mjd is removed from power, gmd can still be discussed.

7 months ago

As the saying goes, the west is not bright, the east is bright, and the sun always rises in the east and sets in the west! Oops, the Taiwan authorities gave an excellent demonstration of how to slap a horse on a horse’s leg, which is worthy of praise. The Taiwan authorities really never expected that the Japanese no longer trust their own vaccines. This is also true. After such a long time, I can’t control it at all, and I can’t control it. Of course I don’t believe it. You say yes. The Taiwan authorities believed that even if the master fart, it would be fragrant, so he must quickly put it in a bag so that he can enjoy it at any time. There is another one. Why do Japanese people need our vaccine? Because we are in good control, others can’t solve things that took a long time, we just solved it for him, and the time it took was much lower than others. Since we have controlled it well, of course they believe in our vaccine. But they didn’t know that the reason why we controlled it well was because we paid enough attention to it. At the critical moment, the whole people participated in the war, not pursuing the so-called “freedom”, and not looking at the darker and darker lighthouse, even though they could do their own thing and light up the lighthouse that belonged to them. There is also that, made in China, it has attracted worldwide attention, and everyone can use it.

7 months ago

Haha, the hot face is cold~~ Some time ago, the island’s epidemic broke out. The Taiwan Affairs Office of the mainland said that it could provide the people on the island with a new crown vaccine. The mainland committee on the other side responded within two hours, saying that the mainland “do not have to be kind to the other side”. Later, the Taiwan Affairs Office said it again, saying that it could send epidemic prevention personnel, and the Mainland Affairs Committee on the other side responded quickly, saying that the mainland was a “united front division operation.” This scene is a bit hot and cold~~ Now, due to safety issues in Japan, the AZ vaccine has been stopped. The island authorities said that it is necessary. Japan has sent 1.24 million doses. The island is grateful to the island. Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe It was announced that they would vaccinate Japanese people in Taiwan, but some Japanese people in Taiwan refused. Obviously, this scene is also very hot~~ Japanese in Taiwan enjoy the treatment of big brother, and we treat Taiwanese, Penghu, Jinma people, Also a bit~~

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