A video of a female player complaining that there are too few roles for a rice wife to become a male has become popular. How will the discussion on this topic affect the original player? Will it affect mhy’s decision?

The essence of this appeal is not gender opposition. Rather, I see that there will be many female characters in the future, such as Linghua, Xiaogong, Thor, Yaeko, Zaoyou, Crane, Yunjin, Yaoyao and so on. The only male characters are Mano (his friend is not sure if it is a new character), Goro, and Ayato who doesn’t even know what he looks like. Atractylodes macrocephala and skirmishers are even more distant. Therefore, such a question was born. In addition, the young ladies in the video didn’t mean to hate female characters. They also took Bennett as an example. I personally think this example is quite appropriate and interesting. Taking the existing eleven male roles, there are four adult males, and Xingqiu Bennett is all voiced by female voice actors. And there are often male players who describe Wendy Xingqiu as a female with a picture, or say that the male does not smoke. All phenomena exist objectively. But there are many players around me who like male characters, such as Zhong Li and Mandrill. The original god can make a male character with such a unique style and character, which will also bring a sense of substitution to male players. So it has nothing to do with gender antagonism. And I think this is precisely because of the affirmation of the original God game, this appeal will appear. Yuanshen was not optimistic at the beginning, but it is undeniable that this mobile game-based game with a well-painted style and excellent map that can be played on all platforms is unique in China. The legendary mission of Wendy and Zhong Li was particularly impressive. One of the main characteristics of the original gods I understand is that they lay the groundwork in the seemingly plain plot. After you realize that something is not right, there is a knife. I was dragged into the pit by my male classmate and started playing in mid-November. He has abandoned the tour very early and I am still logging in every day to look forward to new plots. At that time, I liked the light and breezy look of Ningguang’s body, as well as the elegance of her magnifying moves; I like the maid because she looks cute and introverted, but in fact, she wields a big sword to fight monsters. Mona feels that every detail of this role is just right; I like Zhongli because he is a god who has no intention to compete but cares about the family and country of the world; he likes Mandrill because he is incomprehensible but suffers the erosion of karma alone. I don’t have a prejudice against a character just because he is a male or female. It’s like I didn’t have any feelings for my son Di Luke Abedo when I started playing. But this does not mean that as a female player, or as a player of the original god, when the male and female players see a serious imbalance in this game, they cannot have a reasonable demand for male characters (especially adults).


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

This is the case, because mhy is very cautious as a male character, especially an adult male character, and it will definitely take a lot of effort to polish it. The reason is actually player acceptance. Beautiful sister, sister and daughter, who doesn’t like it? Both male and female players will like cute female characters. I have not encountered a female player who only smokes men (well, I encountered it in the comment area). Therefore, there is no problem for mhy to be a female character airborne. The story of Keqing has not been flashed, and there is no legendary mission that does not prevent her from becoming popular. But there is a problem with male characters (especially adults)-many male players have no feeling for handsome guys. Generally, the attraction of men to men is not at all in the appearance of the other party, but in the psychological identification of the other party. At this time, mhy can’t make the background of the story casually. If the Otome is too heavy, it will easily lead to disgust and cannot get the support of male players. On the whole, among the adult male characters in the game, Grandpa Lu and Zhong Li are more popular among male players, especially Zhong Li, who feels like you are a close old friend. The son is not favored by men because of the taste of the plot Otome game. Although there are quite a few females who push their fans alone, most people skip the previous Gongzi pool.

7 months ago

Mihayu’s male characters are generally better in design and setting than female characters. In addition, there is really no male character recently. There is only one Shinri Aya in the Cheng male satellite. It can be seen that the ratio of male to female in the future is completely out of balance. Now if you don’t speak, you can’t make it up in the later stage. Just the video said that people don’t like the little boy. I recognized it as a teenager. ps mhy is more serious because there are too few 4-star characters, rice wife and a bunch of 5-star airdrops, the rarity is not right.

7 months ago

The two-dimensional mobile game is indeed a selling point with female characters as the mainstay. This should not be disputed by everyone. And I don’t understand why it is said that the male character is motherly. Sissy, refers to a male holding a male body doing very feminine movements (non-punching). Baijing and delicate, refers to the common paper male roles nowadays. According to my mixed post for half a year, I discovered that everyone’s attention to male characters is on character creation, so the son has always been controversial, and a group of people scolded him for his deeds. Similarly, Ruo Tuo only played for an hour in the legendary mission, and everyone was shouting to hurry Ruo Tuo to land. This is not the relationship of the character shell. Not to mention the Kunjun model is considered handsome in the npc, compared with the Zhongli model next to it, the precision is completely different. I want to say that the task of Gan Yu legend is really bad. I have been a secretary for so many years and have been entangled with those things. If you are afraid of the immortals, even if the Liyue people are so respectful to the immortals and entangled in their blood, you can’t understand it. Let’s not talk about the shell of the person, regardless of the male and female roles, everyone believes in the strength of Mihayou. In the male role pv, there are often “decent people who smoke men”, “Don’t smoke men, wait for xx, she is astringent.” This kind of comment comes up after watching the fire although it is a playful tone. The strange thing is that men who smoke men will be teased about gays but no one will say anything when women smoke women. Yula, the girl in the group and I were blown away by pv and talked about rushing, and then I crooked her to guarantee the bottom. Everyone in the group sympathized with us and said, “Come on, cheating money game.” So no one said we were female bronzes? Someone in the group got the son of a son. A group of people said, “Men, lose the warehouse.” Speaking of which, nowadays, people think of men and men, women and women, and men and women directly imagine that only love is boring. When I did not say anything in the same people. A female character, a shell character, a plot, and an intensity can be sold smoothly. For example, the low flow is because everyone is basically crooked (? How come I haven’t carved a master yet, and no one uses my green sword. Come on.). Keqing: I’ll take you all sharks when it comes to the Moon Chasing Festival. Yula, I can understand what kind of character he wants to create, but his mission is a bit pull, isn’t it still selling well? As for the male role, these three points must be accounted for at least two or even three to be able to sell well. Otherwise, look at Master Zhong before strengthening, do you like it? like. Handsome? Handsome. Is the plot good? ,it is good. Do you smoke? Let me see if it can be strengthened, just a little bit. Mandrill (this up’s xp is not a teenager, I’ll give you an example), all three points are occupied. Isn’t this directly Yabaikakuyi? If you don’t say being a male, it’s so difficult to have a male role, it’s definitely less, but since there are satellites, it’s proved that there is only a long time, and if you will always wait for Brother Tuo to be that kind of masculine body, there must be a group of men straight. Hu: Finally a macho, can’t draw Thunder Hammer, can’t I draw Brother Tuozi?

7 months ago

To be honest, there are actually more male characters than female characters. However, in terms of the overall male-to-female ratio, male roles are really far lower than female roles. Especially in the four stars, there are too few male characters. And, the real refugees should be female players who like Zhengtai! (For example, myself) Now there are four Lolita characters in Qiqi Keli Cat Yuzu! But there is no role as a wife! One! One! All! No! Have! Compared with the demands of adult male characters, the role of Zhengtai should be appealed more! Add! Now the little boy characters are all teenagers! He is the same boy as the girl like Gan Yu Carved Sunny Walnut! But Li Qiqi is the kind of loli! What I want is also that kind of body type grandma! Add one more! A lot of people talk about Timmy. To be honest, if Timmy packs up and puts on a set of non-npc clothes and enters the card pool, I can indeed! Really really want the character of Zhengtai QwQ

7 months ago

I think mhy should learn “Overwatch” in terms of roles. What’s wrong with non-human characters who don’t look like humans? Winston, Zenyatta, Bastion, Orisa do not have a full backstory and passable strength. What’s wrong with the character really being mentally ill? Junkrat, Sigma, although the role modeling may be thin, but at least it can be allowed to exist. What’s wrong with the fat character? The Roadhog at the end of 2016 can be used by Ms. Maomei. Later, although it can only be used as a power bank, at least some people still play it. The world view of “Original God” is not a pure high magic world, and what the so-called “god” is is disputed in the plot. Take a look at those relic guards. The power source obviously does not come from any elemental force. The description of the dropped materials says that this kind of thing is great, but the principle is no one can understand. Take a look at the Chuqiu people. A series of plots about Ella Musk prove that they are not monsters like the Knights of the Westwind. Not to mention Kanria and the Abyss Cult. Why did Kanria, a godless country, incurred Tianli and the Seven Gods to take action five hundred years ago, and it couldn’t be completely eliminated? Not only did they come up with automatic robots like the Ruins Guard series, they also mastered the control method of elemental force by relying on the ground veins, and they are more likely to have “overstepped” the realm of God by means other than elemental force, such as creating life or wisdom. . In this way, in this worldview, there are several inhuman characters, such as the awakened wise and miniaturized new type of relic guard, overcoming the curse by some chance and coincidence, and the Qiuqiu people who have learned the lingua franca of Tivat. strange. The Soldiers of Fools escaped from control. It is not strange to become a character, and I think there are several Fools series that are born with this potential. It is not surprising that characters who use elemental powers in a special way or use powers other than the existing elemental powers will appear one day without even the eyes of gods or evil eyes. Many characters actually have an unknown side based on their current status. Later, new character forms can also be created as powerful new five-star characters, such as Evil Eye Diluk, Kanria Prince Kaia, Demon King Armed Change Dadalia, Awakening Lisa and the like. For mhy, now “Original God” is no longer a 9+ game, but a 12+ game. It’s time to add something deeper in the role, and even something that can touch the essence of the world of Tivat. As for the actions, the turnover is in the billions. It should also be possible to set a new set of actions for each character separately like the “Overwatch”, instead of just a few sets of templates.

7 months ago

Reminder before viewing: I feel that the son of the prosperous age, Bailian, is free from the respect. I feel that Di Luke’s prosperous beauty is free of respect. I think that only male player ky has no quality suggestion to go to Weibo to see how the girls in the fan circle are smashing the fan circle with the game characters. 1. Yuanshen, like most games, there are far more male players than female players. 2. Female characters have their own male and female characters. Straight girls like female characters far more than straight men like male characters (see XP only). 3. Female characters are generally more pleasing than feminine male characters, so the character design of male characters is more difficult than female characters, and it is easy to be disliked by male players. 4. Wendy eats all men and women because he is like a woman and has human rights to gather strangers. Zhongli’s design is so perfect that many people ignore the intensity at the beginning. It is true that men and women eat all. Mandrill eats all men and women because of strength. Including Diluk is also because of the intensity, anyway, I can’t get what Diluk is so good-looking. 5. The sons do not eat all men and women, and Abedo does not eat all men and women. The four-star teenagers are basically stronger than Yan Fan (but I like teenagers). 6. Why has Keqing been humiliated, but his popularity has not been low? Moreover, the government has also used Keqing for many advertisements, and even released a macho keyboard because she is good-looking. Why does the walnut feel very bad and the water is not low? Because of its high strength. Why is the intensity of Corrie not very high and the flow is still high? Because she eats both sexes (referring to parent fan). 7. For these reasons, designing a female character that is unsuccessful in certain aspects is far less expensive than designing a male character that is unsuccessful in certain aspects, but Mihayou certainly cannot guarantee that every character will be flawless. Dao Wife is just starting out, and she definitely requires stable output rather than winning in danger. Which of these three female characters is not called a wife, and there are many female players who are calling wives. At least when Wanye broke out, I saw a lot more “men don’t smoke” than the “women don’t smoke” in Shenli Xiaogong.

7 months ago

No matter how you look at it, you can find that the characterization of the original god male character is really much better than the female character. What kind of sweet rain, walnuts are good-looking? Good-looking, but the character is completely official telling you what they are like, what is in your mind. Gan Yu is a half-fairy who works hard overtime, looking for his own home. Walnut is a strange and strange hall master, who was once alone. Going to find grandpa in a place where life and death are wandering, he has a very clear personality, but it just feels like there is no bright spot, and he looks very plain. The male characters are different. Needless to say, the two gods are the best part and the core of the plot. Mandrill is a beautiful and miserable saint of demons. He has endured karma for thousands of years, and his comrades died one after another, and they were all alone, waiting to be corroded by karma. The son is very contradictory in personality, cruel to the task and gentle to his family, which highlights the charm of the evil faction. Master Lu is a young adult with amazing talents but suddenly encounters family changes, brothers turn against each other, and set foot on the road to find the truth alone. Like the magic dragon Doulin, both are alchemy products of Golden Rhinedot. The son of the most advanced chalk has a deep connection with the snow-capped mountains. He knows that he will lose control at any time, but there are still this pair of Keli, Alice, etc. Family love. Kaia has a bizarre life, carrying the expectations of his homeland, but also in love with his new home-Mond, falling into the choice of fate… Each of the male characters hides deep secrets, and they all have deep stories behind them. The thread is hidden, and most of the female characters feel that they are soy sauce. For example, Keqing Qiqi is not expected to have much drama. In addition to the concept of birth and death that may be behind the walnut, there is also the story of Xiaogong. Li and Alice, the past of Jin and Gunnhild’s family, the plot of Lisa and the Sumi Church ruins in the restricted book area, others have nothing to play, they are all dull, and the four-star male characters are mysterious, such as Lei Ze and The lines of the north wind knight Fargar and the wolf king, as well as Bennett, have the same hair and eyes color as the character in the country of fire in the pv. They are all with white hair and green eyes. According to Winnessa, the people of the country of fire are all With red eyes and red eyes, it is obvious that there will be a big scene behind, plus the strange unlucky physique, it is really possible that it is the former Vulcan. In short, the male characters give me a small but refined feeling. Most of the female characters are charming, but they are more contrived. The mission image is also much worse. I hope that in the future, Yae, God, and Thor can really do more detailed portrayals. .

7 months ago

Let’s talk about myself. As a former goddess player, I really don’t have a pool to play recently. I smoked a 70-round up pool, and now I don’t even dare to get a four-star. It is estimated that the new four-star can only be sighed. Nothing to download, after all, I’m on the twelfth floor and I don’t even bother to fight. The holy relic is up to 16 and everything is fine, a five-star weapon? Why don’t I smoke characters? Recently I even took the rough stone to pump the pond. You know. One is entangled with 30 rounds on hand, up to seventy, and a small guarantee can bet. One is that the next pool really has no desire to draw, three new five-stars, and even the out of Thor, I don’t really want to draw. , I can even make a big guarantee during this period. If two re-enactment pools are inserted in the middle, I can save two big guarantees. I don’t even know what to expect, there is no model to come out for me once a day, firm belief

7 months ago

Don’t think about it, everyone, Mihayou XP is a little boy. Look, Wendy, Mandrill, Bennett, Xingqiu. There are not only many little boys, they are also strong, all of them are at the level of God of War. what? You said that the XP of the majority of female players is an adult? Game companies need to be considerate of players? but. You need to know that Miha’s tour is free. Back then, when Yuanshen opened the service, the order of the pools was: Wendy, Keli, Young Master, Zhong Li, did Abeduo see it? A second game with mostly male players, just opened the server, the first five pools, four of them are male pools. There is also Keli, who can only be raised as a daughter, not a wife (fbi’s dragged it away directly). Therefore, after Gan Yuchi is opened, there will be the stalk of “Jiuhan meets the sweet rain”. If you don’t have a concept yet, let me say it again: this game will be launched in September 20th, and Gan Yuchi will be launched in January 21st. That is to say: a second game, the server has been opened for nearly four months, and there is no wife role! What a freedom this is. In fact, male players also want to create excellent adult male characters, such as the peak of this tourist’s personality: Mr. Zhong (you know that I am the chef of the old Zhongli after reading my historical answer). Mihayu is free. If he wants to make him no longer free, then we can only “unite”

7 months ago

It’s numb, how many versions are the main push men, a rice wife’s pie man started again after a few… To be honest, it is indeed understandable, after all, playing a game is of course looking forward to the official content that you like. Let alone the fact that the ratio between men and women of the original gods is good, the five-star is basically half and half, and the four-star female characters are slightly more, but the strength and playing rate of the four-star male characters are good for your conscience? And on the plot aspect. Since Wendy and Zhong Li are male characters, the plot mainly revolves around them, not to mention that there are legendary missions. To be honest, the male characters are portrayed in the plot. At least for the moment, I think the pen and ink is used There are quite a lot of them, and they haven’t even reached the part of telling female stories. (Why don’t I think that the female story of the original gods is very lacking? So far, the condensed engraving of my xp, Qing Gan Yu Youla, etc., has no long description ??? Fortunately, Gan Yuyoula has a similar legendary story, then the others are all based on voice modeling. Personal design, Dao Wife, Dao Wife telling some female stories, what’s wrong? Please let me Look at the story of beautiful women engaged in career, don’t you have to be fragrant beautiful women?) So in fact, the original god is not very crooked in terms of male and female roles. In contrast, it is almost a crusade against the official attitude of begging for men. ky now. From the standpoint of an XP is an ordinary player who prefers to watch female stories, there are demands, you can make trouble regardless of occasion, no. Please you guys really affect the community experience of other players. Regardless of the official blog, you can see the brushes below. There are some irrelevant blogs in the announcement. Even if you have any comments, you can mention it. The player is playing the game… But the female character’s pie and the female character’s surroundings are underneath. It’s all about men. Do you respect the characters and other players in this part of the people? Not to mention the female characters. In the eyes of some people, female characters can’t be regarded as humans at all, and because there are fewer adult males, they put little boys in the role. The derogation is worthless? Good guys, do you guys love to be able to scroll inside the male players? Even if you have a good tone, you just click on the comment and the good mood disappears immediately if you have a bad tone. Also, many players don’t want too many male characters not because of their opinions about male characters, but more because the increase in male characters will inevitably bring some irrational groups. This part of people… To be honest, there is someone in the second circle. Some people are too similar to the operation of the rice circle, which really corrupts the gaming community experience. They tear up their treatment and position in the game like chasing stars. They fight for the privileges of men in the electronic world, and there are endless Lalangs (not mentioned Lalangs) It’s not good to say that the Lalang demon is so shocked that the officials are still attacking everywhere). When there are more such people, whether it is under the official blog or in the super chat, it is really numb to quarrel every time (Zhouyou is real next door) Experience) I didn’t see every day because a certain female character has more plots, less PV, and early pool, and more peripheral lines are appropriate and inappropriate. This is actually innocuous and noisy, and I haven’t seen anything like it. Pray for men to urge female characters with such intensity, obviously Yuanshen is also in short supply, just like Zhong Li, to create female characters with a lot of pen and ink in the super awesome plot? From a personal point of view, the atmosphere of the player community will greatly affect my views on male characters. For example, the son, the original plot and personality are okay, but some chefs and cp fans really annoy me, so Now it’s directly related to Da Ya, and Mandrill originally liked it very much. Because some Mandrill’s chefs are extremely corrupt, it directly makes me lose my favor with Mandrill. jpg, Mr. Zhong Li is because my love for him allows me to ignore the degree of excitement of cooking. Better (but I rarely see Mr. Zhong’s extreme chef, probably because the character set is not so B). The male characters that allow me to look at the plot purely are Bennett and Xingqiu. They are really cute. As for Skirmishers, I started to get annoyed before it went online. It’s just the kind of annoyance of being brushed up every day… 1.5 When the rice wife puts cakes in the live broadcast, I have not seen such a high-intensity urge to the rice wife role, which only represents an individual Views, accept reasonable discussions, and those who are sitting in the right place should not be stunned.

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