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I remember that I didn’t like to watch Henan TV when I was young. Stanley’s compound fertilizer advertisement, the “dumb and mocking” Liyuanchun, and the martial arts wind that shook the mountains and rivers are all my impressions of her. My understanding has changed in early 2021. From the “Tang Palace Night Banquet” in the Spring Festival Gala to the current “Dragon Boat Festival”, the life scene of the ancient palace seems to have been reproduced. I was surprised and surprised: the old home still has it. This kind of elegant style is really ignorant, but there is a little pride, so I wrote this text. Cultural self-confidence is the major theme of the times, but what is culture? How can you be confident? I think culture is by no means the celebrity lace news on the hot search list, it is definitely not the entertainment carnival on the live broadcast platform, nor is it the ugly screening and disguise hidden in short videos… So what is culture? When every TV station and video software are busy shooting water-injection dramas to make quick money from fans, when exaggerated variety shows emerge in endlessly. Henan has already begun to take a different path, to explore the excellent and splendid traditional culture of the Chinese people that can truly intoxicate the people of the country and make the world amazing. As soon as the “Chinese Character Dictation Conference” was launched in 2013, it quickly set off an upsurge of national attention to the writing of Chinese characters. What many people don’t know is that before it, Henan Satellite TV has already launched “Chinese Character Hero”. In addition, I think Chinese Character Hero is more interesting. The judge, Yu Dan, will tell the audience and the contestants how this rare character came from and how it changed step by step. Simplified Chinese as everyone knows it now. The “Dictation Conference” is all about memorizing the dictionary for the sake of memorizing the dictionary, paying too much attention to the contestants and the game rather than the Chinese characters themselves. In the pursuit of beauty, Henan Satellite TV has an attitude, and Henan Satellite TV is serious about cultural output. To release the cultural confidence of the Chinese nation in the most accessible way, Henan Satellite TV is the most responsible. When night falls, the tourists disperse, as the sound of Jiahu’s bone flute sounded, the historical picture scrolls slowly unfolded. They awakened from their dreams of sleeping for a thousand years and traveled to the present, leading the audience to embark on a beautiful journey and lead the audience to understand the Chinese tradition. Culture belongs to the traditional culture of the Central Plains. I believe that everyone, like me, is surprised at this beauty and uniqueness.


By zhiwo

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7 months ago

In an interview with Xinhua News Agency, the performer He Haohao and the creative team said: The entire underwater dance shooting process must be done by holding your breath. It takes about 50 seconds to change your breath and enter the water more than 200 times a day. Cold to nosebleeds. I really hope that in the future, I won’t see the celebrities who don’t have masterpieces say how difficult they are and how bad the showbiz is to men/women. If you really work hard, I don’t believe that a masterpiece will not come out. In any industry, in any profession, whether you work hard, how much work you put in, the result is really telling. Pay tribute to all types of practitioners who uphold the spirit of craftsmanship.

7 months ago

Thank you, my little blue elephant, for letting me know what it feels like to cry when the United States cried. The materials, shooting, lighting, setting, the relaxation and intensity of the movements, the fusion of the underwater dancers and the water, and the unique thinking. After the Tang Palace night banquet, it is amazing to go out again! Although the language is incoherent, it is right for my family to brag about it! (Slightly excited). The idea is really novel. Really amazed! The most moving thing is the core of cultural inheritance. The beauty of history and culture has been embodied in this form in modern times. It is an extension of culture. I was really too excited. I wanted to sleep a little bit, but suddenly saw it, and then turned on the loop mode. Really, really, beauty, novelty, culture, shock, strength, softness, dynamic and static combination, fusion, really stunning! Harm, or suffer the loss of no culture, it will only be so exaggerated. I think I didn’t like watching my own TV back then. I was really young and frivolous and ignorant. Now it seems that the little blue elephant is really low-key (look and feel) luxurious (intent) with connotation (program). Hope Satellite TV will get better and better! In the end it must be a beautiful photo!

7 months ago

Following “Tang Palace Night Banquet” and “Paper Fan Scholar”, Henan Satellite TV has released a new product-“Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour” program, the underwater “Pray” Luoshen dance, which is absolutely beautiful. Is there any visual master in Henan? This aesthetic is too awesome. The live-action dance just jumped out of the CG-like beauty that violates the laws of physics

7 months ago

Two words are absolutely impossible. A series of dances with the theme of Feitian, I also watched a lot in the dance area at station b. But those, focus on expressing people. It is easy to focus on the delicate makeup and beautiful figure, but it weakens the dance, not to mention the artistic conception. But this time, I was a layman who really felt the charm of dance itself and the cultural artistic conception behind it. As if going up against the river of time, to feel the cultural heritage of this land. The blood of the descendants of Yan and Huang was inspired at this moment.

7 months ago


Before the Tang Palace night banquet, there is the Dragon Boat Festival “Pray” which is like a surprise, graceful like a dragon swimming underwater Chinese style dance “Pray” reproduces the famous “Luo Shen Fu” every frame is beautiful; from the Spring Festival Gala “Tang Palace Night Banquet” to From the Lantern Festival “Furong Pond” to the Dragon Boat Festival “Praying”, the outing of Henan TV’s Tang Palace Wonderful Night series is both accidental and inevitable. The Chinese civilization is rooted in Heluo. A history of Henan, half a history of China. In the land of Heluo, there are countless excellent traditional cultures. Under the current background of vigorously advocating cultural innovation, with the development of science and technology, a new form of Henan evening party has emerged, breaking everyone’s fatigue of the evening party in the past, allowing everyone to see the beautiful works while also inspiring the best The love of traditional culture. Henan is not the first and never the last to innovate in traditional culture. I believe that more excellent works will appear in the future to better promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture and show its charm. The major official media of “Qi” also praised the People’s Daily as if they were shocked and graceful as a dragon! Henan Satellite TV’s “Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour” stunning underwater dance “Pray”, dancers are transformed into Luoshen, stunning interpretation of the underwater flying into the sky. The water dances with you, and your clothes are fluttering. Do you like this Chinese style dance? Xinhua News Agency Henan Satellite TV’s “Dragon Boat Festival Wonderful Tour” underwater dance “Pray” is beautifully screened, the dancers are transformed into Luoshen, stunning interpretation of underwater flying into the sky. Behind the amazing is the hard work of the actors and the main creative team: the entire underwater dance shooting process is completed by holding your breath. It takes about 50 seconds to change your breath, and it is repeated more than 200 times a day. Cold to nosebleeds. But the hard work of dance shooting has not been disappointed! “Luo Shen Shui Fu” is beautifully out of the circle! Why not be successful if you have such a spirit? ! Tribute to such dancers, such hard work

7 months ago

I don’t know how to dance. I was annoyed when I saw dance shows before. I was too lazy to watch it. The last time I watched the dance show was Avalokitesvara. This year is really an eye-opener. Now I find that it’s not that we don’t understand elegance, but that there are too few elegant works in our eyes.

7 months ago

It’s really excellent. Although the ad in the middle is a bit embarrassing, the opening is really full marks. Due to the inconsistency of underwater shooting, it is still a bit incoherent, but it has been enshrined. I suspect that there will be a lot of underwater photography projects to follow suit, so I first declare that we must pay attention to safety. And here is a person who has never paid taxes and wants to ask CCTV to give Henan TV the money for the Spring Festival Gala. Henan Satellite TV is really exploring traditional cultural performances. Looking forward to more excellent works.

7 months ago

This is an underwater performance project. It seems that the entire team is related to underwater performances. Therefore, the creativity of such a program is unlikely to be the result of the traditional TV station program group or even the general image creation team. The core “underwater performance” of this show must be the idea and creation of a team that is very familiar with underwater performance and production. Including lighting, including filming, including clothing, including action design. Maybe there are many others. Ordinary dance teams, ordinary stage entrepreneurial teams, can’t think of this, can’t think of this, and cannot do this. Furthermore, this form of expression is risky. Whether performers or photographers work underwater, there may be dangers. The performer also introduced that in order to achieve the ribbon flying and accurate movements, fishing lines and counterweights must be used, and safety officers must be present to accompany them. But fishing line cuts are inevitable. This team is probably a professional water project team, so it may be safer and luckier, but if a friend imitates it, accidents may occur. If it is transplanted to commercial performances, the risk factor will increase. Ribbons and fishing lines under water can be fatal within minutes. Speaking of imitation, in today’s environment, it is bound to appear. These accidents are my biggest worry.

7 months ago

This is a major cultural province, but in the four battles of the Central Plains, all the places of interest and historical sites have been wiped out in the war, leaving only a section of ancient legends for future generations to remember. First of all, as a major agricultural province, Henan was a major agricultural province. It’s too possible to take a fashionable and avant-garde variety show style. Because ordinary people are not in that mood or style to feel it. However, Henan Satellite TV is well versed in it and has been deeply cultivating local culture. With the Shaolin Temple, the martial arts style came out, and the story of Liyuan circulated in Luoyang gave rise to Liyuanchun. The Central Plains is a place of four wars, but it is also accessible in all directions. The local and world materials all pass through here, and the types of cultural relics left are not long and diverse, and there are many talents who appreciate cultural relics (this is my subjective judgment, in fact, if there are mistakes, please criticize it), so the gate of Huayu has been completed. Henan Satellite TV can have today’s explosion of money, and it is also the result of years of continuous deep cultivation of this multiculturalism, sowing the seeds of appreciation for Henan. Henan is still a major agricultural province, but the pattern is different from before. The rapid economic development of reform and opening up, and the advent of the Internet era have allowed more artistic entertainment programs to take root on Henan Satellite TV. Come on Henan .

7 months ago

The following is just my subjective evaluation. Of course, stunning is greater than my subjective evaluation, that is, the beauty is real, but as a dance, I might want to see the beauty of the continuity of the action. I feel that every picture of this dance is beautiful, but it looks like frames of paintings are input into my mind, and pictures are presented in my mind. It may require a little more continuous underwater work with multiple actions that cannot be reflected in the painting, not to mention dancing. Thank you for seeing this work. Without the continuity on land, there may be more immortal nature of “beautiful and graceful as a dragon” underwater. It makes me feel beautiful and amazing. Of course, it is the cooperation and superb skills of the dancers and the team that can present such works. I hope that more dancers and teams can try this style or similar styles in order to dance more beautifully and more technically. Superb… The above is the original answer. It is added: Underwater has added clothing to float and feels more immortal. This is not available on land, and there is no denying that it is underwater, let alone denying that it is underwater. Again, there are a thousand Hamlet for one thousand readers. Everyone feels different, but we cannot deny the success of the work.

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